Sucking Is An Adventure

A few years ago I had a memorable experience. I saw a guy online who had a very simple request…he wanted his cock sucked to completion. I liked his stats, he was 24, 6′, 160, large cock, so I messaged him, saying that I really wasn’t into young guys but I did enjoy sucking a big dick. I got an immediate reply with a phone number, so I gave him a call. He had a really unusual voice with an accent that I couldn’t place and he told me that he really needed to have his cock sucked, he preferred someone who swallowed, that he was straight so he didn’t reciprocate and that he had a really big dick, over 8 inches long. The whole set up sounded perfect so I got his address and hopped in the car.

When he opened the door, I already felt I had hit the jackpot. He was extremely handsome, dark hair and light beard, broad shoulders, hairy muscular chest. He was only wearing a towel around his waist and there was a sizable lump tenting out the front.

He again emphasized that he was straight and lived with a girl friend who was at work. He said he just occasionally liked to have his cock sucked by another guy, especially an older guy, because they gave the best head.

I noticed that he was using a cane and he told me that he’d been in a motorcycle accident and was still recovering and showed me the long scars that ran down both legs. I replied that as long as his cock still worked and he was ready to feed it to me, we’d do fine, so he said we needed to go upstairs to the bedroom where he could spread out.

We started up the steps, him leading the way, and I was already getting hard from the view. With every step he took, his short towel would ride up and expose the bottom of his more than outstanding ass. He had a smooth, firm melon shaped butt and even though I hadn’t glimpsed his cock yet, I was impressed by the big sack of balls that I could see from behind swinging between his legs

We finally got to the bedroom and he climbed onto the bed, leant against the headboard and pulled away the towel. I was even more impressed with the full package. His cock was long enough that in its soft state, it hung down from his crotch over his balls and a couple of inches rested on the bed between his legs. Even though his chest, stomach and legs were so hairy, his balls sac and what I could see of his ass crack were smooth and hairless.

“That’s a big dick,” I said and he laughed and picked it up and flopped it around a few times, then said, “I told you it was large. It gets bigger.”

I couldn’t wait to find out. I stripped out of my clothes and crawled up between his legs. I started to suck on his soft cock and noticed blue markings on one side.

“Is that from the accident?” I asked.

“No, it’s your name.” I looked at him and he grasped his cock and turned it sideways. Badly tattooed in blue ink were the words “your name” running up the shaft.

“I use it for bets. Say I go into a bar, I tell somebody ‘I bet I’ve got your name tattooed on my dick’. They always take me up on it and I bet several guys for drinks. When I get enough guys betting, I pull it out and show them ‘your name’ and drink for free.” I wondered why I never got to go to that kind of bar!

I licked the tattoo, then sank the length of his cock into my mouth and started sucking it while he laid back and watched. It slowly lengthened and thickened until it was a fat 9 inches long, thicker at the base. The head was perfectly shaped and smooth and there were thick veins running down each side of his hard shaft. I grasped the base of it and flicked my tongue back and forth over his piss slit to taste his pre-cum and watched him squirm.

“Suck my balls.” he said, and I ran my tongue over them , licking them and ran my tongue up under the sack where they met his body, licking that especially sensitive spot. I sucked one big ball into my mouth, then the other, then both of them at once. I pulled his ball sac out from his body and let each ball pop slowly between my lips and watched his body jerk with pleasure.

“Fuck, that felt good,” he said. “Make my dick feel like that.”

His cock was rock hard and I went to work. I bobbed my mouth up and down on it, using my tongue on the up stroke to add sensation and massaging his clenched ass hole. I went into that special cocksucker zone of consciousness where the only thing you’re aware of is the big dick you’re sucking on. He’d grab my head and press down to bury full length in my throat or he’d hold my head up so that he could fuck a few inches at a time into my mouth and I must have worked on his cock for a good 20 minutes before he said, “I can’t cum. It must be all the meds I’m taking. I keep getting close but I can’t shoot.”

I pulled his dick out of my mouth and asked, “Is there another way you like?”

“Let me fuck your mouth. I get off better fucking,” he said. He turned me around so that my head was toward his feet, then stuffed several pillows under my shoulders so that my head was flung back. He got on his knees over me and fed his cock into my open mouth, then leaned forward over me and started to fuck my throat. I managed to open my throat and take his full length and was rewarded with the dual pleasure of his big ball sac banging against my face and the sight of his tight puckered ass hole inches above my eyes.

He plowed his dick down my throat for a good five minutes, till tears were running out of my eyes, before he sat back on his haunches with a loud “FUCK!”

“I still can’t cum,” he said. “I keep getting so close.”

“Let me eat out your asshole,” I said. “That usually works.”

He got a really funny, apprehensive look on his face and said, “No one’s ever eaten my ass out before.”

“Then I guarantee it will work.”

I moved the pile of pillows up under my head, then directed him to squat over my face. His virgin ass was perfectly smooth and as I licked the sides of his crack I could feel his whole body tremble. I moved my tongue down to the beginning of his crack and slowly licked my way upward till I reached his tight hole, then ran my tongue over it with light licks. He actually gasped, then slowly lowered his weight onto my face. I licked his hole and when I slid my tongue between his ass lips, he rocked back on my face and bounced up and down.

I reached up and felt his cock which was standing straight up and gave it a few strokes while tongue fucking his asshole. He pressed his ass down harder on my face and pushed my hand out of the way and started jerking his dick himself. I reached up and pulled his ass cheeks further apart so I could fuck my tongue deeper into his ass while he beat off.

After only a minute or two, he started groaning and I heard him say, “I’m going to cum!” He raised his ass off of my face and rammed his cock into my mouth just as the juice started squirting out of his piss hole. I sucked his cock in deep and swallowed at the same time and made sure that every delicious drop went down my throat.

After his cock slowly went soft in my mouth I said, “Do me a favor. Sit on my face again.”

He seemed a little uncomfortable with the idea, but he complied. I lodged my tongue back up his juicy hole and started beating my own dick. It dawned on him what I was up to and he started saying things like, “Eat my asshole, fucker. Get your tongue deep in my ass. Did you like the taste of my cum? Do you like the taste of my ass?”…all of which was enough to make me shoot my load all over my stomach. He slid off of my face and scooped my cum up off of my belly and fed it to me with his fingers.

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