Sucking Older Men In Rooming House Pt 1

I will never know where I found the nerve, but I leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips. Very soon he was kissing back. At last we let our hands rove over the bodies we had coveted for the past several weeks.


I was eighteen, off to my first year of college in a new town, and even more excited to be out of my parents’ house, on my own for the first time. I had made arrangements for a room off-campus since my application for a dorm on campus was floundering well down the waiting list. The student union was very helpful, providing a list of local homes renting rooms to college students. The first few I checked out were already taken or not suitable for one reason or another.

I was getting tired of looking by the time I went to check out the accommodations in the home of Greg and Fritz, an older couple who lived close to campus. Fritz was home alone when I came to see the place. The house turned out to be nice and I could have a large room with its own en suite bathroom. The cost was quite reasonable and I committed to the place there and then.

A few days later, I moved in. Fritz was not alone this time. He introduced me to his husband Greg. He was younger than Fritz, perhaps a little over fifty, carrying a few extra pounds very well. He was also a redhead and very good-looking for his age. Fifty was like a hundred to an eighteen-year-old.

Fritz was an okay guy, but he was a bit of a grump and a stick in the mud. Greg and I hit it off right away. He was good-humoured and pleasant, taking an unobtrusive parental attitude toward me that was tempered by a flirtatiousness that was so subtle at first that I barely noticed at all.

My classes began a few days later and between lectures, assignments and social activities with my new school friends, I spent very little time at my rooming house for a few weeks. Then of course I settled into a routine which balanced rest, work and socializing with the natural result that I found myself spending more time at home.

Greg’s forgotten flirtation resumed somewhat, though I didn’t take it too seriously as I was convinced I was not gay. I was young and I dove eagerly into the campus dating scene. I was soon dating a girl steady. Just the same I knew early on that Greg was attracted to me. After a few weeks, I began to admit to myself that the attraction was mutual. I thought of it as what would today be called a “man-crush”. I wanted a mature body like his; I envied his life’s experience.

I’d find myself stealing glances at my host as he did his household chores. My eyes would linger on his ass as he stood at the kitchen counter preparing dinner while I pretended to study or do homework at the dinner table. I’d ogle his crotch as he leaned over to clear the dirty dishes after the meal.

The girl I was seeing was not putting out, just teasing, and it had been months since I’d had sex. My frustration was increased by the frequent sounds of lovemaking that drifted to my ears through the house’s old-fashioned air exchange.

Fritz may have looked like a troll, but the old fellow evidently had the sexual appetite of a satyr. All too often I could hear the sounds of Greg and Fritz fucking, but these encounters seemed brief and it seemed to me that the majority of the groans of pleasure I heard came from Fritz. Greg could be heard grunting against the force of Fritz’s thrusts but I rarely heard him make the sounds issued in the throes of an intense orgasm. Still, the sounds gave me a voyeuristic thrill and whenever I heard them going at it I became terribly horny. At first, I’d pull at my rod, imagining it was me with some girl from school, or the girl I was dating, but eventually I began to imagine that it was me in there with Greg. I would come unusually quickly over fantasies of Greg.

This was strange to me since I was a young man culturally programmed to admire females and youthfulness. Greg was neither young nor a woman. The charms of the older man were working their magic on me for the first time. I had never been attracted to a man before and I toyed with these fantasies as if they were forbidden.

One Friday night, I returned to the house around ten o’clock, earlier than I intended and well in my cups. I was upset and frustrated. My girlfriend and I had quarrelled and broken up on the very night I thought I might actually get some sex. So I was horny too. Inside the house, all the lights were out except the main hallway, and the stairwell to the top floor, which were always left on at night. I wasn’t long in my room when I heard the all-too-familiar sounds of Greg and Fritz grinding away at each other. The sound echoed through the ventilation system right into my room.

Oh, great, I thought. Here I am, pissed and horny as hell… This was just what I needed to hear right now.

I decided to postpone going to my lonely bed. I undressed and slipped into my housecoat, grabbed a drink and plopped myself down in front of the living room television, hoping to find any distraction from what was going on upstairs.

Even with the TV on I could still hear them rocking the bed for a few more minutes. The sounds faded quickly as usual and I tried to lose myself in a re-run of “Magnum, P.I.”.

A few minutes after that, I heard a sound behind me and turned around. It was Greg, wearing a housecoat over nothing at all from the looks of things. He smiled and said hi, passing through the living room to the kitchen. I said hi back and watched him intently as he walked around the kitchen. The alcohol I had consumed earlier had weakened my inhibitions considerably and I openly stared at him, searching the seams, folds and openings of his housecoat for any view of bare skin I could get.

Greg was pouring drinks for Fritz and himself and since the glasses were on a tray, I guessed he was going to take the drinks up to their room. I started to stand up and realized that I couldn’t. God, I had a boner poking through the folds of my housecoat, a boner for my landlord, some thirty-odd years my senior!

“Can I get you a–” Greg never finished that question. I was just thinking that I should cover myself up with a sofa cushion or something when he spoke. My dumbfounded stare at my own erection must have looked comical and certainly drew Greg’s gaze to the opening in the front of my housecoat and my exposed penis at full-mast. I was mortified. I was afraid to look up at my landlord; I knew he’d be staring. It was like one of those strange nightmares about walking around naked at the mall, only it was worse and it was real!

Greg had put the tray down on the counter and walked over. I looked up at him helplessly, trying to keep some kind of dignity. He had a curious smile and his eyes were locked on my cock. He laughed softly. “It looks like you need a young girl to take care of you.”

The alcohol in my system and the obvious desire in my eyes made me answer boldly. “No,” I said thickly, “I need you.”

His jaw dropped in a pleasant shock as he realized that I was on fire for him. I stood up and our eyes locked. I will never know where I found the nerve, but I leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips. Very soon he was kissing back. At last we let our hands rove over the bodies we had coveted for the past several weeks.

Our passion was building quickly only, it seemed, to be extinguished by a hoarse shout from upstairs. It was Fritz wondering what was taking Greg so long with his wine.

Only with difficulty did he manage to extricate his mouth from mine. He shouted back to him, “In a minute, Fritz!” He pulled away smiling, and whispered, “I’ll come see you in a little while”. He winked at me, still smiling, and turned to go back to the kitchen for the tray.

This wouldn’t do! I was too horny, too hot for him now; given a taste, I had to finish the meal, even if it got me kicked out of this home. Hell, even if it got me arrested! Greg started to walk toward the kitchen, but he did not get far before I acted instinctively. I reached out and pulled him back against me, manoeuvring him so that I could embrace him from behind. He was surprised but he did not resist. I was holding him tightly, nuzzling his neck, nipping at his earlobes, meeting his lips with mine, and allowing my hands to explore his body while the strength of my arms restrained him against me. His eyes rolled back in pleasure and closed and he let out a few soft, long moans that told me that he was enjoying this as much as I was, that he needed this as desperately as I did.

My hands slid into his housecoat and cupped the slight man-boobs beneath. I massaged them roughly, flicking my thumb over the hardened nipples, still holding him in thrall with my deep kiss. One of my hands pulled free of the housecoat and slid down to the waist, giving a little squeeze. I used my body weight to turn us both toward the sofa. Greg positioned himself to kneel facing the back of the couch, his hands pressing against the wall above it. He was braced for me. I fiercely enjoyed seeing him like this, ready for me to mount him. I was clumsy drunk, but I was able to use my hands to grab the lower folds of his housecoat and fold them up over his back, exposing Greg’s bare ass. My erection twitched as it touched the bare skin of his ass for a moment, leaving a droplet of my glistening pre-cum. I gazed with appreciation on the ass I had been coveting. The asshole was still dilated and fully lubed from Greg’s session with Fritz.

“Hurry,” Greg said.

I pushed myself into Greg’s ass with a grunt of pure satisfaction.

In moments, Greg was grunting in unison with me. I was young and given over to my lust for this older man and I’m afraid I gave little thought to his pleasure as I pounded my way to glory. This was particularly unfair because I suspected that Fritz went to little trouble to ensure Greg’s satisfaction. As it turned out though, I needn’t have worried. Greg’s grunts began to take on the sound of ecstasy with my own, and after only about a minute of hard, dirty sex, we were both coming. My pulsing cock was gripped in the matching convulsions of his ass. The pleasure was so intense I might easily have failed to notice the squeal of joy that escaped Greg’s lips.

But Fritz noticed. The sound of bedroom door opening was followed by Fritz’s voice.

“Are you alright, Nina?”

We pulled away from each other and the mingled juices of our joining erupted from Greg’s arse.

“I’m fine, Fritz…” Greg said quickly. “I just… made a little mess, and our boarder is helping me to clean it up… I’ll be right up.” Greg knew his husband well enough to know that he would not come down to help him clean up a mess. Fritz was satisfied with the answer and closed the door.

“See the little mess you made,” he said, now standing to face me. There he was, a man in his fifties with his robe hanging open, showing a sagging dad-bod and a stiff six-incher. His ass oozed with the semen of two men; the liquid ran down the inside of Greg’s legs. He wagged a finger at me as if I were just a naughty child. Obviously, he wasn’t planning to charge me with rape. But the look in his eyes told me that he did have plans for me. I was still rock-hard in the presence of the older man I’d so long coveted. He reached out and grabbed the head of my cock and pulled me against him for a long, wet kiss. He gave me another little pull and said, “I’ll still be back to see you later.”

He went over to the counter and grabbed the wine glasses and with another wink and skipped up the stairs to his husband’s bed. I didn’t know then that I was beginning an affair that would last many years and lead to some of the best, if sneakiest, sex of my life.

Sucking Older Men In Rooming House Pt 2

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