Sucking Older Men In Rooming House Pt 3

Greg’s voice was beside my ear giving me advice on how to take a big cock up my ass and telling me everything would be okay. Inch by inch the organ traversed my anal sphincter and entered my bowel. There was an explosion of pain.

Part 2


After Fritz, my lover’s husband, nearly caught us fucking in the house, Greg and I did anything but cool our affair. Even though Fritz was retired and theoretically spent all of his time at home, Greg and I found plenty of opportunity when he was working outside or tinkering in the garage. We fucked in nearly every room of the house; on a few occasions, we had sex right on Fritz’s side of his own bed as he whiled away the hours playing pool in the basement or nailing wood together in the workshop.

We made other opportunities too. We sometimes hid in plain sight. One night at supper, Greg complained to Fritz about having to do the shopping all alone. He asked him to come along, but the old stick in the mud refused, just saying he hated shopping. We had planned on that. That was where I jumped in to volunteer to assist Greg.

“I can help with that, Greg,” I said, in front of Fritz. “I’ve got an hour or two on Thursday nights if you want me to come with you.”

Fritz’s expression didn’t change. I don’t know if he minded my meddling or if he was grateful he wouldn’t have to argue about it anymore with Greg. He just grunted.

“Well, thank you,” Greg said to me, spiting Fritz. “Nice that there’s one gentleman in the house.”

As that night was Thursday, an hour later this “gentleman” was banging Greg in the back of Fritz’s car. We did go shopping, but it didn’t take very long. We got back to the car in time for Greg to give me a long, sweet hummer. Fucking and shopping became our Thursday night routine. The beauty of it was that the shopping gave us an excuse to be together. We needed to get out of the house more to reduce the risks we were taking. After all, I was eighteen; my libido was out of control and Greg’s appetite for cock seemed endless.

There was never any telling when Fritz would want sex from his partner. He had a high sex drive for a man in his mid-sixties, falling on Greg usually three nights a week and doing it multiple times each occasion. No one could have said that Fritz was not fulfilling his husbandly duties. In his own way he was a good partner, but he held all the power in the relationship: the house was his and they lived on his savings and pensions. More than that, he was a naturally domineering figure. He insisted on having everything his own way.

Those were all good reasons to keep the affair secret from Fritz. Greg didn’t want to leave him and I didn’t want to be a home wrecker.

But we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We continued to fuck wherever and whenever we thought we could get away with it.

One of our favourite places to have sex was the laundry room in the basement. Fritz was an old-fashioned male and would have nothing to do with the laundry. He never went in there. He left all his laundry to Greg. As a boarder, I had an excuse to be in the laundry room as I had access to that amenity as well. I can’t count how many times Greg and I fucked on a pile of Fritz’s dirty clothes.

Eventually, the inevitable happened. We were careless just once too often.

When Fritz opened the door, I was laying on my back while Greg rode me. We both turned to watch as Fritz entered the room and our jaws dropped. Fritz watched as my shrinking, softening cock fell out of his younger husband’s ass.

To our credit, neither Greg nor I tried to sell Fritz the idea that this was not what it looked like. We were caught and we were scared.

“So, you’ve turned this young stud, Greg.” Fritz’s voice was cold.

“I haven’t turned him… I just seduced him.” I appreciated Greg saying that for me, even though our first encounter was actually instigated by me.

“So, you’re saying this was the first time?”

We hesitated. We had been fucking for several weeks. Did he know?

“Oh, never mind trying to be clever. I’ve known for a while. I just had to see it with my own eyes.”

“What are you going to do, Fritz?” Greg’s voice was charged with anxiety.

“Hmm… you haven’t turned him, eh?” Fritz said.

“Oh, Fritz, no, not that,” Greg said.

“Why not? He’s been using something of mine. Only seems fair I should use something of his.” I obviously didn’t know what he meant and Fritz chuckled. “Get your asses up out of the dirty clothes.”

We obeyed, standing naked and exposed before the betrayed husband. He looked us both over without pity or sympathy.

“Let’s all go upstairs,” Fritz said. Greg and I followed him up to the main floor and then up to the top floor where Fritz and Greg’s bedroom was.

“Now, let’s even things up a little. You two have both been getting a little extra at my expense. Now you will pay me back.”

“I’ll pay you back, Fritz, you know that,” Greg said. “Leave him—”

All Fritz did was hold his index finger up to his lips to shush Greg. Then he turned to face me.

“How about you, youngster? You haven’t said much for yourself.”

I was deeply ashamed of myself. I suppose this was mostly because I got caught but my shame did make me somewhat more cooperative with Fritz. He was right that I owed him, having usurped his marital privileges. How would he call in that debt? I hoped he wouldn’t call the police to enforce my eviction.

“You’ve been pretty free with my boy, haven’t you?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, Fritz.”

“Good, you don’t deny or fight the truth. That saves time and effort. Thank you. I accept your apology.”

I felt a wave of relief wash over me, but one look at Greg’s wary face told me that this wasn’t the end of it.

“But there’s still the matter of compensation. You’ve been banging my boy’s ass. You took that from me. There’s only one way you can repay it.”

I caught his drift at last. I wondered if maybe I was the one who should be calling the police. But how? My phone was in my room downstairs!

“I see you thinking,” Fritz said. “I’ll make it a choice: submit or I’ll evict you today. Now let’s add context to make it an informed choice: this time of the college year, no residence, no apartments and no rooming houses in the county, much less the town, have vacancies. If you leave here, you might as well pack up and go home to Mommy and Daddy in that little town you said you came from. Submit? Then you’ve got nothing to worry about. No eviction. Not even a rent increase. Everything goes along almost as before.”

“And what does it mean if I submit?” I asked.

Greg shook his head as if to say don’t do it.

“You know what it means, pretty boy,” Fritz said, leaning in so his face was inches from mine. I could smell his breath. A clothed gay male has a great psychological advantage over a naked straight male. I was intimidated and stepped back a half-step.

“It means, your ass is mine.”

“No,” I said firmly.

“You’re sure you want to choose eviction?”

“Can’t we talk about this?”

“Sure. You fucked my husband. Get out and fuck off.”

In truth, Fritz was right. I knew very well that this area had a serious housing crisis. There wouldn’t be a place for rent on my budget within fifty miles and I didn’t have a car to commute. I wondered… Could I do what Fritz was asking? Greg seemed to enjoy it well enough…

“Uh… okay, I’ll do it.”

Greg’s mouth fell open in disbelief.

Fritz just smiled. “Get on the bed.”

I obeyed. I went and sat on the bed.

“No, not like that. Get on your back.”

I did as I was told. I looked over at Greg. There was a worried look in his eyes. I was grateful he was here and glad of even his silent support.

“This is your last chance. You can still run away and look for a new home.”

“No,” I mumbled.

“Good,” Fritz said. “So, let’s be clear. You’re giving me consent to ravage your ass and despoil that virgin mouth of yours. Is that right?”


“Say it in your own words.”

“I consent to your use of my ass and mouth.” My fucking cock twitched when I said it.

Fritz saw it and laughed. “Oh, come on. Don’t get excited until I have my clothes off at least.”

He started undressing. He pulled his sweater over his head and discarded it on a chair beside the bed. Then he looked at Greg and said, “Why the fuck am I the one doing this?”

Greg knelt down and unbuckled Fritz’s belt, unfastened his pants and pulled them down. Fritz kicked them off. Greg pulled each of Fritz’s socks off, then stood up and helped his husband to take off his t-shirt. He was down to his boxers.

I took in the sight. While Greg was a youthful fifty, Fritz looked every one of his sixty-three years. His hairy man-boobs hung down over a protuberant belly which partly obscured the waistline of his boxer shorts. He had gone a little to flab where the arm and leg muscles were concerned, but he was still strong and he still looked like a powerful man.

My cock was afflicted with involuntary spasms. I looked at my penis and found that it was filling out and hardening. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, sure I was eighteen, but how could I be turned on by this? Sure, I’d had a lot of laugh banging Greg’s ass and mouth, but wasn’t I straight really?

Nevertheless, I was breathless with excitement.

Greg knelt before Fritz again. He took the boxers by the waistband and pulled them down.

There stood exposed Fritz’s eight-inch cock. It too seemed to spasm and stiffen as I watched.

“Okay, while you’re down there you may as well warm me up.”

Greg took the dick in his mouth and sucked. I could see Fritz’s cock going in and out of Greg’s mouth. As this continued, I remembered that talented tongue and the ministrations it had performed on me. How exciting to watch it happening to someone else! I had a full-blown erection.

Of course, Fritz saw it.

“Hold your horses, son. I’ll get to you soon.” Fritz was now holding Greg’s ears as he face-fucked him. This went on for several minutes. My wood did not wear off. Eventually, Fritz pushed Greg off his cock. “That’s enough from you for now, slut. Boy, it’s your turn.”

Greg ran to a bedside table and pulled out a jar of lube.

“Are you sure I shouldn’t just ram up there dry?”

I was terrified, but Fritz was not serious. Stern as he was, he wasn’t coming across as a sadist. Greg told me to lift my legs and pull them back to expose my ass. I warily obeyed and a drop of pre-cum ran out of the head of my cock into the downy hair on my abdomen. Greg rubbed lube all around my anus before taking the jar over to where Fritz stood. The soft touch of Greg’s slippery finger on my ass tickled slightly and I squirmed. Greg had Fritz’s cock lubed in seconds. His erection looked like steel. It made my own look soft.

Fritz knelt on the bed with a great view of my arse. For some reason, I retained the position Greg put me in when he was lubing me up. The way was clear for Fritz to enter my ass. I was afraid.

When his dick touched my anus, my cock twitched again.

Fritz leaned into me with all his weight, but so very slowly. His great cock inexorably sank into my ass. The pain hit me almost immediately as he forced his member forward up a hole that had always been used as an exit. My eyes were shut tightly. I groaned first and then I cried out. Greg’s voice was beside my ear giving me advice on how to take a big cock up my ass and telling me everything would be okay. Inch by inch the organ traversed my anal sphincter and entered my bowel. There was an explosion of pain.

Fritz pulled back before gently thrusting the penis back in again. He slowly found a rhythm and kept to it.

My pain receded eventually and being fucked in the ass became just a foreign sensation. Then to my surprise, there came a pleasant warmth in my guts as I felt him filling me again and again. I stated grunting in time to his thrusts. I opened my eyes and looked up at Fritz’s victorious face. All of a sudden, his confidence and strength lent him a strange beauty in my eyes. For the first time, I began to understand what Greg saw in Fritz.

Was this what Fritz made Greg feel when he was inside him? Was it what I made Greg feel when I fucked him? Why had I been so afraid of anal sex? Now that the pain was mostly gone, it was becoming unexpectedly pleasant.

“There, you see, Greg?” Fritz said.

“Yes, Fritz.”

“See… see… wh… what?” I had difficulty speaking as the pounding on my ass continued to increase in force and speed.

“You have a satisfied smile on your face. There’s a hidden queer in every straight man. You’re turning all the way to our side.”


And that was when my cock pulsed, blasting a massive milky load from my abdomen to my chest. Fritz laughed at me.

“When you come from having a cock up your ass, you know you’re not straight anymore. But just in case you’re in any doubt, I’ll warn you of this too. Once a man comes up your arse, you’ll never be straight again.”

“No,” I whined, holding on to my old sexual identity as if it was still mine. I guess I had gotten used to it.

“Come on, Greg, you like the taste of his stuff so much. Lick him clean.”

If the ongoing arousal of a cock hammering my backside was not enough, the feel of Greg’s tongue slowly traipsing across my abdomen was enough to propel me back to the edge. When Greg was done licking off my belly, Fritz told him not to swallow.

“Give him a taster!”

Greg, re-established in his obedience to his husband, leaned over and locked lips with me, flushing my semen from his mouth into mine with his tongue. It was the first time I ever tasted cum. Greg continued to French kiss me until I swallowed every last drop of sperm. In the context of the situation, it all just made me hotter.

Fritz was grunting now and I knew he was getting close. Instinctively, I pushed back against his thrust even as I remembered his warning: if he came up my ass, I’d be gay forever.

His pace picked up and he gave a triumphant yell that could have come from someone a third of his age. He convulsed as he came, whitewashing my bowels with his copious cum. I felt the alien sensation and sighed in resignation.

As soon as his orgasm subsided, Fritz withdrew from me and gave Greg orders.

“Let’s have some wine, all of us.”

Greg skittered away to fulfil Fritz’s command. It was obvious to me that he was much relieved to see me broken so I wouldn’t struggle with Fritz.

Fritz looked down at me and said I was pretty good for a first-timer.

But I was exhausted from the exercise. I mentally assessed the damage in my ass and decided nothing was the worse for wear. I was in some pain but I would be okay.

“Get in the middle of the bed and pull yourself up so your head is against the headboard.”

I obeyed.

When Greg came back, his priapic husband was face-fucking me, and the headboard was banging against the wall in time to our rhythm. The scene was so hot to Greg that he started rubbing his dick. Fritz saw him and told him to save it for my mouth.

I was astonished with my feelings. I had been a straight boy when I moved here. I had given in to the temptation of a hole to fuck and free blowjobs; what eighteen-year-old would not? Weeks later I had been fucked in the ass and it got me off. Now, a giant cock was in my mouth and I was pleasuring it to the very best of my ability. And as Fritz came closer and closer to orgasm, so did I.

Fritz shuddered as he deposited another load in my mouth. It was salty and bitter, but not unpleasant as it washed over my taste buds. I groaned as I once more ejaculated all over myself.

“Ha! Again?” Fritz said. He was delighted that I had come hands-free twice. He dismounted the bed and gestured for Greg to take over his position. Greg felt more tender toward me as his erstwhile lover. He was concerned for whether or not I could take it. Whatever reassurance he needed, he found it in my eyes. Now that I had crossed the straight-gay boundary, I wanted to reciprocate the oral pleasure Greg had so often given me. He straddled me at the shoulders and dropped his cock into the mouth of my immobilized head. My lips closed around his six-incher and I began to massage him with my tongue as he began to gently slide his cock in and out of my mouth.

I couldn’t see Fritz; my whole view was Greg’s dad-bod torso and his thin, delicious cock. I could hear Fritz though. He spoke between sips of his wine. He urged me on. “Suck that cock, faggot… You’re gay like us now… take his cum in your mouth and swallow, slut.”

It made me hot to hear those words out of the mouth of the man who had just fucked me, a man old enough to be my grandfather. I redoubled my efforts to make Greg come. I hummed and moaned to increase the vibration on his cock. I continued to knead his dick with my tongue. My lips were locked and my cheeks caved in from the suction I was applying. I rocked my head to left and right as much as possible in order to increase the sensation for him.

The tension built between our bodies and our breathing synchronized. The rhythms between my head and his cock became one. I saw his balls contract and felt the same sensation in myself. A second later, I spurted what was left of the cum in my balls over my belly once more to Fritz’s great amusement. Simultaneously, I felt the cock in my mouth pulsing, filling me to overflowing with Greg’s seed. He was the only one of us who hadn’t already come today. He withdrew his dick from my mouth, repositioned himself and kissed me full on the mouth so that in our kiss we swapped his semen. I sighed in absolute contentment.

“Don’t get too comfy,” Fritz said. “I need a little alone time with the missus.” He pointed at the door.

I got up, now conscious of my nakedness and the size differential between our cocks. I looked over at Greg, whose knowing look said everything would be okay. Greg told me later that Fritz would allow us to continue to have sex, but Fritz would sometimes want to participate and watch. I found myself with no objections.

A few minutes later, I was finally sipping my wine. I sat coping with some sexual confusion (or maybe it was mourning) for my straight identity. I was sitting in my main floor bedroom, exhausted, still naked, still crusted in jizz and listening to Fritz and Greg fucking passionately as the sound echoed through the ductwork of the house’s heating system. As I stroked my cock absently, I wondered which one of them I wished I was, the top or the bottom. Either way, when I heard them coming, I had another orgasm as well.

This was much better than eviction, I told myself.

Sucking Older Men In Rooming House Pt 4

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