Sucking Older Men In Rooming House Pt 5

Greg and I did not kiss often, mostly because that seemed too gay for me, but now I leaned in and took Greg’s face in my hands. Our tongues met in a tangled pleasure.

Part 4


It was a memorable day.

Fritz outed his recent conquest, my fellow boarder, Simon, in the living room in front of Greg and me. We had suspected up until then that Fritz had designs on Simon, but when he directed the boy to suck his cock by gesture alone, Simon had obeyed. Greg and I had some history and as we watched that lithe handsome young man worshipping the cock of that virile old troll, we both got hot and hard. In a minute, I had Greg sitting on the love seat next to his husband, Fritz, as I pulled out his dick and copied Simon’s example. Simon, who had thought he alone in this house had been seduced to our landlords’ homosexuality, was grateful for the company.

So there we were, on our knees, serving our elders. We would occasionally look up at each other just to reinforce the heat of the moment and exchange understanding smiles. When I first came to the rooming house, I was straight but one night when I was drunk, I seduced Greg and got into his pants. It became a secret affair. When Fritz found out that I was having sex with his husband, he broke me the way he broke Simon, though he never made me call him “Daddy” as Simon did. Fritz also didn’t mind Greg and me carrying on with each other as long as we didn’t shut him out.

I usually took the dominant role with Greg, topping him. It was unusual for me to be the one on my knees giving head to anyone (except occasionally on demand from Fritz). But seeing Simon on the floor so willingly polishing Fritz’s knob had turned me on and I was felt hunger pains for cock. Greg was the beneficiary of my arousal and he was cooing under my ministrations.

Fritz looked pretty happy too. Since he was usually an old grump, this was a distinct improvement.

After several minutes of diligent cocksucking, Fritz ordered us all to retire to the bedroom. The parents of our little family led the way and we obedient children followed. Children! Simon and I were both nearly twenty in fact.

In the bedroom, Fritz ordered everyone to get naked. We all shed our clothes where we stood, shucking off t-shirts and sweaters, pants and socks, shorts and briefs. When we stood as plain as nature made us, Fritz commanded us to undress him. This we did willingly. As Fritz’s husband, Greg moved forward first, followed by Simon and myself. Greg understood what Fritz wanted: to be undressed slowly. Greg lifted Fritz’s extra-extra-large t-shirt over his head and off. Simon unbuckled Fritz’s belt and slowly lowered his pants while I removed his socks. When he stood in his underwear, Fritz told Simon and me to pull the boxers down together. We complied, each taking a side and tugging it down below his protuberant belly, past his magnificent cock and balls and over his knees. He stepped out of the boxers in his full glory.

I’ve described Fritz before. He was sixty-four and looked it. In addition to the hairy, sagging man-boobs, he had a huge belly. His arms and legs had gone a bit to flabbiness, but he was still fast and powerful. His genitals were majestic, with his eight- or nine-inch cut cock and his furry balls. His head was capped with a silver brush cut.

“Alright, bitches,” Fritz said with confidence as he lay himself down in the centre of the bed. “Bath time.”

I didn’t know what he meant and neither did Simon, but Greg did and he went straight to work. He began licking at Fritz’s feet. He popped toes into his mouth and sucked on them. He didn’t even stop working on Fritz when he gestured with his eyes for us to do the same for the rest of his body. My penis shivered at the thought of running my tongue all over anyone’s body and by his solid boner I could tell that Simon felt so even more strongly.

We tucked in to our work. Simon went straight for the crotch, that cocksucker. I watched him a few moments as he licked the inside of Fritz’s thighs. The old man’s erect organ bounced against the side of Simon’s head but Simon persevered. Within minutes, Simon was licking at Fritz’s cock and balls and matting his pubic hair in saliva. He was beautiful to watch, an angel of tongue worship.

I started with Fritz’s upper torso. Before long he was laying with his hands behind his back as I tongue bathed his hairy armpits. I’ll give him credit; he was fresh for this encounter. I tasted only a trace of manly sweat and I could still smell the residue of his body wash. When he was satisfied with the work we had done on one side, he turned over and showed the other. Greg licked his way up Fritz’s legs while Simon dove right into Fritz’s asshole. By Simon’s reaction, Fritz’s ass was as clean as his armpits. Surprisingly, Fritz had a fairly skinny, bony ass. I traipsed my tongue up and down Fritz’s back for a while and then I licked and kissed my way down his arms. I took his fingers one by one into my mouth.

When he judged our efforts to be sufficient, he told us to stop.

He instructed us all to make out. Greg and I did not kiss often, mostly because that seemed too gay for me, but now I leaned in and took Greg’s face in my hands. Our tongues met in a tangled pleasure. Our hands roamed freely over each other. Greg and I snuck looks at Simon who was now sitting on Fritz’s lap and Frenching the old satyr. Simon too was fondling his lover. The sight of the angel and the troll tonguing each other was almost too hot for both of us.

“Switch,” Fritz said.

Greg reacted faster than I did, quickly ending our kiss as Fritz pushed Simon toward him. Instantly, their tongues were entwined. I looked past them where Fritz beckoned impatiently.

I didn’t keep him waiting long. I climbed onto his lap. He received me gently enough, but I was no sooner settled than his tongue was in my mouth. I wiggled back with my own but his muscle easily outmatched mine. As in all things where Fritz was concerned, I took a passive role, not using but used.

And loving it.

Fritz’s penis wriggled under my ass, tickling me, maddening me like a welcome visitor who stands at the door knocking when he ought to just come in.

As Fritz’s tongue dominated me, I enjoyed the ease with which I could slip into surrender. It felt good to give in to a more confident, more mature and even somehow superior male.


I was ejected from his lap. I fell over on the bed beside Greg and Simon. Greg had withdrawn from their kiss. Now he did something that surprised me. He reached toward Simon and me and put his hands on the back of each of our heads to draw us together. For me, it was a little like seeing Simon for the first time. I saw past him being naked and good-looking; I felt like I was seeing into his soul. It was just a feeling, but it added to the soft spot I had for the young man.

Greg’s suggestion was enough for me. I initiated the kiss with Simon, starting with little pecks on the lips but it soon turned into a very serious make-out session. As we knelt facing each other, our erections touched for the first time, giving us both a visible shiver.

I noticed that Fritz was sitting with his back to the headboard. Greg was reclining against Fritz. The old man had his arm around his younger husband. They were watching the show Simon and I were putting on with enthusiasm and soon began to cheer us on.

Our knees were sinking in the mattress and we were having a hard time keeping our balance, so we lay down on the bed and began to roll around in each other’s arms. Our lip-lock remained sealed. I began to really notice Simon’s hands on me touching me everywhere he could reach, easily finding my erogenous zones. The way he shuddered, I was sure I found some of his hot spots too. We were breaking out in a sweat from our exertions and I began to smell his peculiar male musk. It acted on me like an accelerant. I broke our seal and a long thin string of saliva hung between our faces for a few seconds. My mouth was on his ear, on his neck and his throat. He threw back his head and accepted my reverence willingly.

“That’s it,” Fritz told me. “Lick your way down.”

I needed no urging. My tongue wasn’t dry from all the tongue worship, so I dragged it down Simon’s back, savouring the little quiver he gave in response. I put my hands on his shoulder blades and leaned him forward as my tongue swished a way down to his ass. He trembled as I pulled his butt cheeks apart and ran my tongue up and down the length of his crack. When I inserted the tip of my tongue into his anus, his tremors were more than noticeable. I gave the area my full attention for a minute or two before rolling the malleable young man to one side so I could tongue-wash his perineum. I soon found myself looking at Simon’s balls.

Greg said, “You know you want to!”

Damn right I wanted to. I opened my mouth and engulfed one hairy ball. I rolled it in my mouth like a candy that would melt. I sucked on it lightly. There was a sharp intake of breath above me.

“He loves it,” Fritz said.

I continued turning Simon over for easier access. He was fully cooperative, submissive to my lead. At this angle, I was looking directly at his cock.

“Do you think he wants it?” Greg asked. I didn’t know if he meant Simon or me.

“If he wants it, make him beg for it,” Fritz said.

Simon was lying on his back now. I licked and nuzzled his balls and made direct eye contact with him.

“Do you want it?” I asked Simon.

“Yes, please,” Simon said. In the heat of a possible gay blowjob, there are suddenly no straight men.

“How bad do you want it?”

“That’s it,” Fritz said. “If you blow him, what will he do for you?”

“I’ll suck his cock,” Simon said.

“I was thinking maybe I’d like to plough your dirty cocksucking ass.”

“But that’s only for Daddy!”

“That’s sweet,” Fritz said. “But you can give your ass to anybody you want. If I want some, there’s plenty here to go around.”

“So how about it?” I asked.

“Please, Daddy! Make him blow me!”

We all laughed at that.

“I’ll give you my ass,” Simon said, surrendering. “Please blow me!”

But I already was blowing him. I devoured his cock like it was the last one in the world. I sucked it with passion and zeal. I plugged his asshole with first one, then two, then three fingers and I set them vibrating against his anus. My tongue lingered on the most sensitive part of his cock, the glans. I created a vacuum in my mouth as I sucked him, jacking off the remainder of his cock with my other hand. I bobbed my head faster and faster. He just moaned and groaned helplessly all the way through it.

It was—no, I was—a force no man could withstand for long. I think Simon lasted nearly five minutes.

I let him come in my mouth. His copious cum ran out of my mouth and made a little puddle in my chest hairs. I’d lost my fear of eating cum thanks to lots of mandatory practice with Fritz. The gay couple applauded my achievement and told Simon it was time to pay the piper, a particularly apt turn of phrase in the circumstances.

I hovered with my head above Simon’s. Fritz ordered him to open his mouth. When he did, I dropped his full load out of my mouth into his. Fritz and Greg enjoyed this immensely. It wasn’t Simon’s first taste of sperm, but he coughed on it anyway. Before he could swallow it, I took his body in an embrace. Then I leaned down and kissed him. We opened our mouths and swished the cum back and forth between us. My hands wandered and I was soon squeezing his buttocks. Even with jizz in his mouth, he couldn’t contain a moan of pleasure.

I dragged myself out of the kiss. I was very horny now and I wanted what was promised to me. I positioned myself between Simon’s knees and lifted his legs up on my shoulders. Fritz called my name and threw a jar of lube at me. I applied the contents liberally to Simon’s ass and my cock.

“Take him,” Fritz said.

“Fuck him,” Greg said, raising his head from his task. At some point, he had gotten excited and started giving Fritz head.

I fell into Simon with a will. As I pushed my way in, my greased pole pressed the lube farther up Simon’s ass. Fritz had already broken him in and Simon took my full length quite easily. I began sawing my cock back and forth in Simon’s hairy hole and he groaned loudly. He soon began pushing back toward me, matching the pace I set.

Fritz and Greg cheered as I fucked my fellow boarder.

Before long I was really hammering his ass. A gossamer thread of pre-cum hung off the tip of his cock. His breathing followed the rhythm I set in his backside. When I made eye contact with Simon, I saw something in them that I had never seen before. Submission? I blushed when I realized it was a different kind of surrender. It was… affection? I knew that Fritz would always command Simon’s devotion as, in fact, Fritz also would always command mine. But that light in Simon’s eyes was something forever outside of the control or ownership of another person.

It was love!

I thought to myself, you silly bastard, you were just turned out gay this past week and you’re already in love with a man? And yet, I couldn’t deny my own growing reciprocal feelings.

As I grew near to my climax, I don’t know why, but I was deliberately cruel. “Eat my cum, you fucking faggot!”

That tipped me over the edge and I shot my load inside him. The pleasure didn’t end though because Simon was doing something with his sphincter? It tightened and released around my cock as spurt after spurt of my cum filled him. Then I realized the spasms were caused by Simon’s own orgasm. Was it triggered by being called a faggot, or was everything just too overwhelming? He came all over his belly and chest. He wept in pleasure. He thanked me. He thanked Daddy.

Fritz and Greg applauded as I pulled my rod out of Simon’s back door. We were both exhausted.

“We knew you two would be good together,” said Greg.

I thought this was the strangest kind of matchmaking I had ever seen, but we’d all had our kicks and nobody got hurt, so it was alright.

The next day, with my urging and Fritz’s permission, Simon moved his things to my room. It was large enough for two and we wanted to test our new bond by sharing a bed for more than sex.

Fritz and Greg continued enjoying their passionate nights three times a week, but Fritz still commanded Simon and me to perform for him from time to time, he continued fucking Simon once a week and I continued humping Greg regularly. And the rest of the time, Simon and I were going at it. We’d all found a nice balance and everyone was happy.

Fritz had a plan that might alter those scales. He explained that since Simon’s room was now actually empty, he would have to look for a new boarder. We all laughed. What would happen to this one?

“We’re going to need a bigger dining room table,” I said.

“We’re going to need a bigger bed,” Greg said.

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