Sucking The Velvet Head

I knelt on the floor before him, naked. His pants were open, his cock was full but not hard. I scooped up his balls in my right hand, his cock in my left and ran my tongue under the velvet head. I slipped it into my mouth, sucking a little, lapping a little. How had I gotten here?

I was in the mega bookstore and the books about sex were just around the corner from the self-help books. I was trying to figure out why my marriage had failed. I wasn’t looking for books about sex, but I stopped to read the titles. He was there looking also. A glance, too long? and I wonder what he is looking at. He is about my age, my size.

Books for women about how to get the most sex out of their lives. We are both looking at the same book. “Just say yes would have worked.” He said that? He is thinking the same thing that I’m thinking. I was married to a woman who gave up on sex and metered it out to control me.

“Are you talking about that?” I point at one of the titles that promises women more orgasms if you just follow the author’s diet and exercise plan.

“No, that one.” He is pointing at one that the path to better orgasms is through connection with the inner guide, whatever that is. I was always ready for sex and she used that to control me.

“Sounds like we could sing the same song about sex in marriage.” A shot in the dark, was I right?

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” A pause. “Married?”

“Not any more. You?” He isn’t wearing a ring.

“No, she needed a change of scenery, so she is married to a guy with red hair who could be my brother. Go figure.”

“Sorry.” That is all you can say.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m free now.”

Free? Free is a failed perception. “How is that ‘free’ thing working out for you”?

“Pretty good. Free your mind, and your cock will follow.”

Now that was a little funny. He was smiling at me. “Good one.”

“Want to get a beer?”

Beer? I don’t know this guy.

“You look like you could use some ‘free’.”

What could I lose? He got closer to me.

“Have you ever been naked with a man?”

Naked? With a man? I never even told my wife about my fantasies. When our sex life dried up, I turned to jerking off, and the visions that really got me off was having sex with a man, really having sex, like being a total cock slave. Being on my knees while he used my mouth, then getting face down on a bed or floor or sofa or just standing up against the wall while he pounded my ass.


“But you think about it.” Man, he could read my mind.

“You are one of those ‘in-control-of-myself’ people, but wish there were times that some one else would take over and drive for a while?” Jeez, that was me in a nutshell.

“Maybe we won’t need that beer.” Did I just say that?

So, in short order, he took me back to his place, stripped me while french kissing me, and pushed me to my knees. And I had his cock in my mouth. And it was getting hard. Really hard. I loved it. I wanted this cock to fuck my mouth and cum deep in it.

His hands were on my head and he rocked back and forth slowly while I did my best to keep up. His legs were spread and I slid my hand back and my finger tips found his anus. I pressed lightly and he responded by driving deep into my throat. Too deep. I gagged. My other hand kept him from going too deep after that, but his hands gripped my head more firmly and he started to make groaning noises.

His legs flexed muscularly and I could feel his power, power that was being controlled by my mouth on his dick. He needed me to get off. He wanted me and I wanted him to feel good when he came. I squeezed a little tighter with my hand, swirled my tongue more around the swollen head of his cock and pressed on his anus.

“EEEE-yah!!!” Yeah, he came. I was ready for it, I thought, but that proved not to be the case. I ended up with cum on my face from where I didn’t catch it all. I took all of his after-cum shots, where he twitched when I licked his cock and then a little more would come out, slurping greedily.

“Goddamn, baby, where did you learn to suck cock like that?” He pulled me up so we were face to face and was kissing the cum from my face. He hugged me. “I refuse to believe that is the first time you ever sucked cock.”

“Ummm, yeah, it was.” I was proud of myself. I know what it is like to get a good blow job, and if he liked it, that was good. His hands were on my naked ass, squeezing my cheeks. My cock was full, but not hard.

“What can I do for you?” I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know if I could ask for it directly.

“How about if we take a shower and then we can roll around while we are nice and clean?”

“Oh, man. I like showering with a man. Prepare for the shower of your life.”

And it was. The shower of my life. He had a shower that we could both fit in and warm water, soap, skin on skin, we were both fucking hard. He took over my body, washing, kneeding, stroking, soothing. I liked it when his hands slid over my ass, spread my cheeks and thoroughly washed my crack. I think he had ideas about what he wanted to do there after we got out of the shower.

And we got out of the shower, wrapped in big soft towels, sat on the bed. He leaned over to kiss me, his hand found my cock and it was getting hard again. He spread a fresh towel on the bed.

“I am going to make you feel good.” I hoped so, and I wanted him to feel good also. He led me to the towel and all I wanted to do is not fuck up. I was on all fours and he pushed my head down and my ass was up. He spread my legs. I knew how I looked because I had seen my wife in this position. His tongue flicked out and licked my anus.

“Ummf!” I was surprised and excited by this new sensation. No one had ever done that to me before. I wanted more. One thing led to another and he had me in a state that I would have pulled a train for the football team if he had asked. I wanted his cock. He started by tonguing me, then added soft stroking of my cock and legs. When he started to lube me up, I think I started pushing back on his fingers. One, two, when he had three fingers in me, I knew that this was for real and I was a little scared.

His fingers left my ass and he moved up to my head. I looked up and he was holding a condom. “How about doing the honors?” I rose to my knees and took the condom package. His cock looked huge. How would that big thing get into my little ass? I opened the package and licked his cock head before putting it on, getting rewarded for my efforts with an uncontrollable twitch from his central nervous system.

He moved in back of me again. “Just relax as much as possible and you will really enjoy this.” His fingers in my ass again, and now he was going to fuck me. His cock, my ass. Gentle pressure against my anus, and less. Pressure, and less. He was very good about pressing, but not too much, and then releasing. After about ten cycles, I could feel myself start to open up. I wanted him to be in me. But he knew what he was doing. Then he was in and he froze.

This was new. Soft but hard, burning, itching. He was out. His fingers, more lube. His cock again. Head in, gentle pressure, no backing out now. Easy in out, in out. I wanted to be fucking, but his hands on my ass controlled me.

Then he was in. I felt his cock hair on my ass. My ass all stretched out. I pushed back and let the hair really grind in. All the way out, then all the way in again. Goddamn. That was good. And then he stared to fuck me.

And a good fuck it was. The head of his cock found my prostate and when it did, I would push back against him, without thinking about it. I felt like I was an extension of his cock and wanted my cock in an ass or pussy. I was being turned inside out. I wanted to cum and I wanted him to fuck me into cumming.

He was doing that all right. Long strokes that were maddeningly slow, short quick strokes that took my breath away. But I noticed a change in his breathing. He was getting into it and I could feel that. Then he pulled out and I felt really empty.

“Ride me.” With pleasure. For both of us.

He was on his back and I straddled him, guiding his cock back to my ass. I slid onto it and it felt so damned good. I rode at my pace, squeezing his cock. He almost whimpered. I liked the look on his face as I was doing this. It was torn between pleasure and torture. He reached up and started to stroke my cock. I was getting it all now, all the nerve endings were firing. I didn’t know if I could take it for much longer. I was riding and twisting, riding and twisting up and down.

“Let me get on top.” Okay, face to face, him between my legs. He put a pillow under my ass and positioned himself between my legs. His cock was at my anus and slid in with one push. My legs were around his back and he was in a sort of push up position as he hammered my ass. My legs would pull me up to meet him and the sweaty slap of our flesh on flesh filled the room.

My legs squeezing and pulling me up to him were having an effect on my ass and I was milking him. He breathed hard and started making tortured noises. I didn’t hear them all because I was doing the same thing. We both let out our primal grunts as he pushed in deep and came in my ass.

That makes it sound tame. There was nothing tame about the frenzied thrash of our bodies and he slammed into me, grunted and shot, bang, shot, bang, shot. My ass was spasming and my cock soon followed, shooting cum between our sweaty bodies as he collapsed into me.

It took us a while to disengage, because every time he would pull out a little, my ass would grab him and he would push in again and spasm a little. But then he was done and he slid out, rolled off me. He leaned over to lick the cum on my chest.

“Your cum is salty.” We both cracked up. We rested a while before heading back to the shower where he gently washed my ravaged ass and then went down on me and I came with the water flowing over us both.

And that was our first time together.

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  1. Jim says:

    So hot, makes me wish that I could get my wheels spun off, which never have been, yet, still waiting for the right one!

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