Sugar Baby On The Bottom

I woke up after I felt something rubbing against my lips. As soon as I opened my eyes, the most magnificent cock presented itself in front of me in all its hardness. I opened my mouth and licked the tip of the cock as soon as consciousness hit me.


It finally happened. Now I have to live out of my car. I had heard from an old friend that a gym membership could be helpful for proper shower and storing some valuables. So I decided to sign up for a good gym the first day of my new life.

It was when I was signing up in the gym when I saw him. Well, he recognized me first. With what he had done to his hair and what he was wearing, it was almost impossible for me to recognize him at a glance.

“Rick!” I heard his familiar voice. “Hey dude, it’s been so long. How’ve you been?”

The voice was coming out of a slender blond man. Recognition hit me slowly. It was Seth Martin, one of my old high school friends. We used to be pretty close in school; but drifted apart after graduation. The first thing that struck me was that his hair was dark. And he didn’t have to tie it up in a band before.

“It’s me dude,” He thought I didn’t recognize him. “Seth from high school.”

“Yeah,” I was still too shocked to say anything. “How are you doing?”

“Oh it’s been so long.” He started hugging me. “We can work out together from now on.” Then he commented on my body odour, telling me that I needed a shower. I hesitated to tell him about my situation.

He practically pulled me to the restaurant close to the gym and ordered dinner for two. It’s when Seth straight up asked me what was wrong when I truly opened up to him. We were pretty tight when we were young; so talking about my shitty situation seemed normal to me.

“That’s messed up.” Seth paused for a moment. “You can come over and stay with me for as long as you want.”

“No I wouldn’t want to be a hassle for you.” I felt shame at the thought of getting help like that.

“It won’t be a hassle at all.” Seth tried to reassure me. “I live in a huge penthouse apartment all by myself. A little company would be great for me.”

“How can you afford to live in a place like that?” I blurted out the question without thinking twice.

I remember Seth’s family was not rich. And he didn’t even go to college.

“Well, I don’t own the place of course.” Seth mentioned. “It belongs to my sugar daddy.”

“Oh!” That completely explains his looks along with some other things.

“I have the place to myself for the whole year.” Seth continued. “All I have to do is look good and maintain my figure for him. He only comes by 2 or 3 days every few months. He hasn’t visited me in more than five months. And when he stays here, I have to …”

“Yeah, yeah I get it.” I stopped him. “You have to perform.”

“I just have to be available, that’s all.” He finished for me.

“I don’t know. I’m not gay dude.” I hesitated.

“You don’t have to be gay. He’s not even here man. Just stay as long as you want.” Seth paused for a moment before mentioning. “I wasn’t even gay before I met him, I think.”


“Daddy convinced me to the lifestyle.”

”Being gay is not a lifestyle dude.’

“Of course not. I meant the sugar baby lifestyle.” Seth corrected himself. “Daddy showed me how good I can have it.”

The guy isn’t even here. Yet, Seth still calls him daddy.

“So, how long have you been … living like this?”

“More than two years I think.” Seth started talking. “Don’t laugh at me. but I’ve been treating it like a job. You see, there’s a good chance of daddy getting bored of me. Then what? So I have to stay fit and… be eager… to serve.”

“That sounds weird.”

“You can probably figure out the relationship dynamic. But that’s enough about daddy. What I want you to know right now is that there’s plenty of space for you to crash. He doesn’t even have to know. And even if he comes by, I can convince him to let you stay. You might … hear some things. And that is all.”

Now I had the option of going out to my car, and sleeping in the back seat. Or I could go to this luxury penthouse apartment. Sure, I haven’t even talked to Seth for more than three years. But I didn’t want to experience the homeless lifestyle, given the alternative.

Seth then told me to follow his car. He had a driver that was waiting outside the restaurant. Seth introduced me to the man and we exchanged greetings. When we drove to the skyscraper that Seth was living in, the same driver came up to me. He asked for my car keys and told me that my car would be taken care of. I took out my suitcase with my clothes and handed the keys to the driver.

Seth was questioned at the entrance about me. He told them that I was a guest for his daddy. I didn’t correct him and just smiled at the man when he looked at me.

Then Seth led me to a private elevator that only led to the 48th floor of the building. Both of us were quite throughout the elevator ride. The elevator music sounded a little peculiar to me at first, but I got used to it by the time we got to the top.

When we reached to the top floor, there was a small corridor that led to the apartment.

My jaw dropped as soon as the main door opened up. The great room was bigger than my parents’ entire house. I saw the large balcony where it seemed like there was a Jacuzzi. Seth showed me around the dining area. He talked about the chef that prepared meals for him every day.

“Of course my meal plan is fixed by my daddy,” Seth mentioned. “I can eat out whenever I want. But I have to eat what the chef has prepared for me. It’s mostly vegetables and shakes. Of course if you want something else, you can tell me and I can see if we can convince the chef.”

“Breakfast lunch and dinner is all I need.” I didn’t want to be an added burden. “I don’t care what I eat.”

Seth kissed me on the cheek and told me I was being too nice. I wanted to tell him how nice he was being with me by literally saving my life.

Seth then led me to a corridor that had three door leading to three bedrooms. He told me that only one bedroom actually had a bed in it. And the other two rooms were play rooms. I didn’t ask anything else.

There was another area with the master bedroom at the other side of the apartment. I was told to just stay away from the place. I still could not believe the luxury in front of my eyes.

I was then show to the only bedroom I could sleep in. it was completely pink with a huge heart shaped bed in the middle. There was a wardrobe at one side, completely pink. And there was a television hanging on the wall. And it was also pink!

It sure felt weird to me, but I didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The washroom attached to the bedroom was also completely pink. I quickly showered and dried myself with the pink towel. I didn’t wear the pink bathrobe though. I wore my own t-shirt and shorts.

As we started our dinner, I heard some music playing all around the apartment. It was slightly similar to the elevator music, but louder. I didn’t comment on it and kept eating. Seth slowly walked with me around the great room, sipping milkshake and told me that he was so happy to meet me. I told him, between sips, that I was grateful to have met him. He let out a low moan in response.

He then walked over to the entrance of the master bedroom and told me to get some rest. I went over to what would be my room. the sheer pinkness felt too bright for a while. Once my eyes had adjusted, I laid down in the middle of the heart shaped bed. The background music sounded a little louder in my room.

But that didn’t bother me too much as exhaustion got a hold of me pretty quickly, and I fell onto a deep slumber.

When I opened my eyes, I was greeted by Seth looking down on me. My mouth was completely dry and I started licking my lips.

“I know you’re tired and all.” Seth said. “But you need to like, eat food and all man. Get up now.”

As I got out of the room, I realized that it was already afternoon. I had slept for sixteen hours. Seth was ready to go out for the gym again. He told me to hang out around the house.

After my late lunch, I gawked at the view from the apartment for a while. There was a huge TV screen in the great room that I was tempted to touch.

But then I slowly walked over to my room. I looked at the two locked doors before walking inside the pink room. I wondered for a moment about what really was inside those doors. I assumed there were no beds inside. Maybe Seth had been inside the room, to play with people.

Then I looked at the pinkness all around me. And I wondered if Seth had been inside this room, for playing as well. He must have been. The faint music was not faint anymore. I realized that it was always playing all over the apartment. It’s just a little more prominent inside the pink room.

Walking closer to the television, I noticed that it was actually turned on. I found out only after the screen seemingly flashed once. Getting even closer, it seemed like some texts were floating around, but I could not make any sense of the pink text on pink screen.

I felt like taking a shower at the moment and properly cleaning myself. There were a lot of cleaning products available in the washroom and some products that might be for feminine usage.

Anyways, I shampooed my hair properly before shaving my armpits and al pubic hairs. I just wanted to be clean if I am to live in a place like this.

I took my time in the bath. After a while, I heard voices coming from outside of my room. I wore the pink bathrobe and walked outside to see what was going on.

“I don’t have any problem and you know that,” Seth was talking to the driver. “But I have to hear it from daddy, that’s it!”

The driver noticed me first. Then Seth turned to see me. he practically ran towards me to give me a hug.

“You look so pretty, Rick.” Then he made and exaggerated smelling noise before saying. “And you smell so good too. Just like a rose.”

Then he brought his phone out and read a text. I could also see what it was.

‘Go for it, Stacey.’ Was what the text said.

“That was it Green.” Seth turned to the driver. “Daddy said go!”

The driver silently walked towards the corridor and unlocked the door to the room next to mine.

Seth kissed me on the cheek before saying, “See you in an hour or two.”

“I walked into my room to check on my friends and family on my phone.”

You’d think the walls would be thicker for a place like this one. But no! I heard everything that happened in the next room.

I heard the driver announcing his imminent orgasm three different times. I heard Seth begging him to finish inside him twice. The third time Seth was only making gargling noises.

The slapping and squishing noises were prominent all throughout. The driver sounded like he had been patiently waiting for the opportunity for quite some time. and now he was fucking Seth like there was no tomorrow.

And from what I heard, Seth was enjoying the rough treatment way too much. There was no way of drowning out the noises. The TV had no remote. Closing my eyes only made the noises even louder. So I just gave into it and eagerly heard the sounds of unmistakable pleasure.

Once it was over, I heard the driver telling Seth that they could do that every day. Seth then reminded the driver to be a good boy and obey the masters. Then daddy might allow it again.

That night, I met the chef during dinner. After dinner, while sipping our shakes, I asked Seth about the remote to the TV in my room. He said he didn’t know anything about it. then he told me to use the TV in the great room. I didn’t want to overdo things, so I told him that it was alright.

The next day I woke up early. Seth told me that he would be going out for shopping. He then invited me and told me about his credit cards with no limits. I could not say no to him after all he had done for me. I tagged along and went to a mall with Seth.

Surprisingly, Seth shopped for clothes mostly for me. He picked tight fitting clothes that were mostly light coloured. My existing clothes had gotten pretty old in the first place.

I was not used to wearing what Seth was choosing for me. but who am I to judge him. He had already spent more than a thousand dollars on clothing. So I went along and posed for the clothes. What he picked for me did feel nice on my skin.

We had lunch outside. Then the car dropped me off in front of the apartment. Seth went over to the gym after that. The driver that fucked Seth for two hours’ yesterday acted like nothing happened.

I entered the building alone, both hands filled with shopping bags. The guard nodded at me and pointed me towards the private elevator.

As I was walking towards the elevator, I thought for a moment about why Seth was being so generous. I looked at the almost feminine clothes I was holding in my hands. A part of me thought about how I was slowly changing into someone else so quickly.

I looked behind me, at the main entrance of the building. The building manager got up from behind his desk and walked up to me. He asked me if I needed any help carrying the bags with me. I just told him I was fine and walked inside the elevator.

I closed my eyes and tried to think about what my plans were when I was thinking about living out in my car. The door opening to the 48th floor pulled me out of my head. I just saw what was in front of me, and walked inside the apartment.

I walked straight to the pink room, dropped the bags on the floor, drew a bath and soaked myself for an hour. I felt really relaxed when I got out. So I started trying out the clothes Seth had picked out for me. I decided on wearing a purple trousers and light blue t-shirts for the night.

That night, Seth kissed me on the lips before dinner. I didn’t say anything, as I knew he was just expressing his emotions.

And after dinner, we watched a movie together in the big TV in the great room.

A few days after that, the chef showed something to Seth right before dinnertime. After dinner, as we were having our shakes, Seth gently caressed on my inner thigs before pulling away. That night Seth went to the room next to mine, with the chef.

They had sex until midnight. This time, I masturbated to all the screaming, dirty talking, moaning and groaning. I came all over my hands and proceeded to eat the semen.

The next day Seth told me that he didn’t want me to get bored around the house. He told me to join him in the gym. I thought it was a wonderful idea. I could spend some time outside with some physical activities.

We went shopping again that day. Seth bought me a bunch of tight fitting shorts and crop tops.

I was so grateful to him that I put my old clothes in a garbage bag and discarded them that night.

After seeing what I had done, Seth kissed me on the mouth again. This time, he stayed there a little longer.

We started working out every day after that. It was three days of cardio, three days of stretching, and one day of intense leg workout.

My appetite also grew after starting the exercise routine. I started consuming more of the special protein shakes. A few days later, Seth shared with me his personal workout music playlist. He told me I was ready for it.

My days were going great after I got used to the routine. But the only problem was that I was completely sexually deprived.

Seth was getting dicked down once or twice every week. Mostly by the staff around the building. There was this one time, a man walked to the master bedroom area with Seth.

I wondered if it was Seth’s daddy or not. It was a big shot for sure. But he was not our provider.

I had started masturbating to the noises of Seth getting fucked. It made our movie nights much harder as I would get horny just by looking at the half naked body lying next to me. Seth kissing me all over the face didn’t help either. He would do it without restraint at any opportunity, even in front of other people!

It had had to come to a boiling point and one moment or another. And it happened a month after I had started working out with Seth.

That day was for stretching. Seth touched me in all of the sensitive spots during the session. The car ride home was also filled with sexual tension. My entire body felt like it was burning up. It was the first time that I started caressing Seth’s legs. Seth didn’t waste a moment to straddle my lap after that.

We started making out on our way home. Both of our faces were smeared with saliva when felt the car stop. we didn’t even bother cleaning each other’s faces as we go out of the car.

We received a few weird looks and some smiling approvals as we walked over to the elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, I grabbed Seth by the neck and pushed him against the wall. We made out all the way to the top. Seth kept grinding his crotch against mine all the way.

My penis was burning for release. But my brain never wanted this ride to stop. I wanted to stay on the edge of orgasm forever.

“What do you want to do?” Seth asked me after we reached our floor.

“I don’t know!” Was my honest answer.

“I know what I want.” He said as he pulled my shorts down and exposed my hard member. “I want you to fuck the shit out of me.”

We didn’t even make it inside the apartment. We did it in the small corridor floor.

Seth got on top of me and fucked himself for a couple of minutes. He then got up and got on all fours. I mounted him and came in less than five minutes. It has been so long since I’ve had sex that I felt like I was losing my virginity again.

I don’t even remember when was the last time I got laid. And frankly, I didn’t even want to think about getting it on with another woman.

Both of us walked inside the apartment, naked, and holding hands. We walked inside the pink room together, and Seth commented that it had been so long. He looked at the ceiling of the room for an abnormally long period of time. We then walked inside the pink washroom and showered together.

I was hard again when Seth started washing my crotch. I wanted to return the favour and got down on my knees to wash him properly. I just witnessed the most bizarre thing at that point.

So far!

Seth’s penis got significantly larger than before. But it was not hard. The thing was still flopping around even after it was seemingly six inches long. I looked up at his smiling face.

“Isn’t it great?” Seth asked.

“What?” I didn’t even understand the situation at that point.

“My dick! It never gets hard.” Seth explained. “It was a gift from daddy.” Then he started fondling his malleable penis. “I can get so much pleasure from this thing, you won’t believe.”

“How … he just did it?”

“Oh no … I wanted it. I was asking for it. You know, it has been my desire for so long. I was walking around, alone in the night, hoping somebody would find me and take advantage of me.”

A part of me felt like what Seth was saying was wrong. But that intrusive part of me was getting quieter by the moment. And I was rock hard.

“And daddy had found me.” Seth continued. “I am so lucky he was the one to fine me and change me into what I am today. I’m his Stacey now.”


“Yes Stacey! You’ll get used to it. We’ll find a suitable name for you too. Soon enough, don’t you worry.”

I was trying to figure out the exact tone Seth had at that moment. But I didn’t have too much time to think about it as Seth/Stacey soon got down on his/her knees and started sucking my dick.

Stacey had me drink some special medicine and stayed with me in the pink room that night. That night, it felt like I could see the stars from just laying down on the bed.

The next morning, when we were showering together, Stacey showed me a better way of removing hair. She just handed me a bottle and told me to apply the gel all over my body. I was being so silly before, like using razors and stuff, so dangerous!

Our routine changed so quickly after that, what can I say. We were having so much sex; so Stacey had been giving me some extra protein shakes. She was so nice. Like my penis was getting hard all the time. Stacey was literally so nice to take care of me; when we were alone of course.

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5 thoughts on “Sugar Baby On The Bottom

  1. Steve says:

    It was ok but I will never understand why you like to have to Male sex but you have to change them in to grils with a penis the sex was hot the brain washing wasn’t it was good but tacky to me some people like it

    • bottomNbriefs says:

      I can’t stop thinking about this story. I get so hot thinking about it at random times during the day. the part about the chef is the best. I’d totally be a sun for a rich man in my hot pink jockstrap anytime!

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