Taking Nephew’s Temp With Special Thermometer

Enrique was moaning into his pillow as his uncle fingered his hole and stroked his pole. His long, slim body writhed with new, carnal pleasures. Carlos was happy when the boy began to push back on his fucking fingers.


“Come on, Enrique, get out of bed! It’s late!” Carlos shouted into his nephew’s bedroom.

“I don’t feel good, Uncle Carlos.”

“If you think you can get away with this just because your parents are away, you’re wrong,” Carlos scolded Enrique. “Now get out of bed before you miss the bus!”

Enrique just whined and rolled over, pulling the covers over his head.

Carlos knew the eighteen year old boy was being lazy and stubborn. He couldn’t deal with that right now. Angrily, he headed back into the kitchen to finish off lunches for all of his other nieces and nephews. Their parents were away for the week. Carlos, 28 years old and between jobs, had elected to babysit the five children. Enrique was the oldest, and that made Carlos angrier. His laziness set a bad example for his younger siblings.

After Carlos had seen Enrique’s brothers and sisters off to school, he went back to the delinquent’s room.

“I’m gonna take your temperature,” he said, showing Enrique the thermometer. He also held a jar of lubrication.

Enrique opened his mouth and lifted his tongue as his uncle sat down on his bed.

“It’s not that kind of thermometer,” the man said. He yanked the covers off of his nephew’s teenage body.

The cute kid threw his arms down in front of his lean body, embarrassed at his sudden exposure. “Uncle Carlos!”

The man was a bit surprised to see the eighteen year old wearing a cute little pair of briefs. The revealing, orange-striped undies seemed outside a normal teenage boy’s sense of fashion, but Carlos wouldn’t complain. They were pleasantly snug on his slender frame, and the man enjoyed the sight. A strip of Enrique’s flat tummy was visible between the hem of his small T-shirt and the waistband of his briefs. What a sight.

But back to business. “Flip over,” Carlos ordered.

“What? Why?” Enrique rebelliously questioned.

“I said I have to take your temperature. Do as I say or I’ll drive you to school like you are. You want your whole school to see your cute undies?”

Blushing, Enrique rolled over onto his stomach. Carlos pushed the kid’s legs apart and knelt between them, pulling up on Enrique’s hips. The teenager’s butt was now propped up and in position. Carlos peeled the colorful fabric down, taking the boy’s nice, round cheeks into each hand. Opening up the fuzzy channel carved between his beautiful buns, Carlos spied the boy’s tiny muscle right in the middle. There was a slight musk, which was to be expected after a night’s sleep. Otherwise, Enrique seemed clean and tidy. He played a thumb over the teen pucker, lightly pressing on that secret button.

“What’re you doing?” Enrique asked, just the tiniest hint of fear in his voice.

“You said you’re sick. So I’m going to take your temperature. The old fashioned way.” Carlos didn’t intend his nephew to get away with his stunt without causing the kid some strife. He coated the little temperature device in lube and inserted it slowly into the boy. After a minute, he removed the device. The boy’s temperature was perfect.

“Hmmm,” Carlos hummed loudly, playing it up. As he stared down at that fine teenage ass, new ideas entered his mind.

“What?” Enrique asked, curiosity mixed with concern.

“I don’t like what the thermometer says. I’m going to have to check it out myself. He spread a glob of lubed out onto Enrique’s hole and began rubbing it with his thumb.

“Wh-what are you going to do?” the teen asked, worried. With his chest and shoulders pressed into the mattress, he couldn’t see what his uncle was up to.

“I’m just going to check you out a little to make sure everything’s okay.” He circled around that tight anus a few more times and it actually puckered out a little. Enrique was reacting, flexing his little hole. Carlos pointed an index finger right at the teen’s anus, pushing in ever so slightly with the tip.

“Push out,” he instructed and Enrique obeyed. Carlos’ fingertip eased inside the impossibly tight passage. He held it there for a moment, then continued. “Push out when you feel me pushing in. It’ll open you up back here and make it easy for both of us.”

Carlos felt the tightness wane and slowly moved more of his finger inside. Enrique would occasionally tense up and let out a small cry. Carlos would stop and let the boy adjust before pressing on.

“Almost there.” Farther and farther in he pushed until the knuckles of his other fingers were mashing against Enrique’s butt. He could hear the boy breathing heavily.

“Oh, yes, I can feel that you’re really warm down here.” Squirming his finger around made Enrique groan.

“Oooh, Uncle Carlos… what….what the hell…”

“Just relax,” Carlos cooed. With his free hand, he shimmied Enrique’s tight shorts down his thighs. The teenager’s balls came into view and Carlos cupped them in his hand. He tenderly stroked his nephew’s nuts while pulling back on his buried finger.

“Hooooohhh… How’s it g-going?” Enrique stammered as his uncle massaged his sack and rotated the impaled digit. “Am I sick?” His rectal muscles clenched and relaxed around his uncle’s finger.

“I’m going to have to take a closer look at your parts. I’m glad you stayed home today, buddy.”

“Is there really anything wrong? Is it serious?”

“I’m not sure yet, but don’t worry. I guarantee that when I’m done, you’ll be feeling much better.”

Once he had his finger free, Carlos lined up two digits and pushed his way back inside.

“Uuuunnnnfffffuuuck…” Enrique groaned, wiggling his cute little butt.

Although the passage was quite tight, Enrique was really opening up for his uncle. The teenager was panting, almost moaning under his uncle’s examining touch. It wasn’t long before he had taken two fingers completely inside.

Carlos moved his other hand past those dangling balls to grasp the teenager’s rock-hard cock.

“Oh, you’re burning up here,” Carlos said, squeezing his nephew’s cock. Enrique had to bite his lip to prevent himself from crying out at the unexpected contact.

He pulled his fingers almost all the way out of the teen’s ass, then back in with deliberate steadiness. In time with his ass pumping, Uncle Carlos’ hand glided along his nephew’s cock.

Enrique was moaning into his pillow as his uncle fingered his hole and stroked his pole. His long, slim body writhed with new, carnal pleasures. Carlos was happy when the boy began to push back on his fucking fingers.

“You’re doing great, buddy.” The man knew his nephew was ready. He retracted both of his exploring hands and opened the fly of his pants. “I’m going to need to probe deeper, though.”

Pulled out his mostly-hard cock, smacking it on Enrique’s buns a couple times. He pressed his dick into the boy’s fuzzy crevice. He sawed the flesh rod up and down along the surface of Enrique’s quivering hole.

“Is it okay if I use something bigger inside you?” He asked, rubbing the boy’s back while humping his butt. “I have a special tool here that’ll make you feel real good.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” Enrique said, as if in daze. “If you think it’ll help.”

“Are you sure?”

“I-if you want to, Uncle,” Enrique whimpered. “I can take it.”

Carlos’ dick was stiff as a board. He leaned back and moved his rod into position. The spongy, bell-shape contacted Enrique’s ring. Having obtained adequate consent, Carlos was ready to get up in there. “Okay, I’m inserting my special tool now.”

He pushed, and the head broke through into his nephew’s rectum. Enrique hissed and his tight ring of muscle clamped down right below the rim of Uncle Carlos’s glans.

Carlos coached his nephew to stay open. When he felt the boy finally relax, he nudged forward. Over the next few minutes, he watched the teenager’s anus stretch around his thickness, managing about half his length. The kid’s ass was tight as a clenched fist on his cock.

“You doing all right, buddy?”

“Mmm,” he moaned involuntarily. “Yeah. It’s just really big.”

“Do you want me to take it out?”

After a pause, Enrique replied, “No, don’t. Keep going. But it feels so big. Uncle Carlos? Are you sure the.. the ‘special tool’ is gonna, uh… will it be able to ‘examine’ me all the way? All the way up inside me?”

Enrique was playing along and that made Carlos’ dick throb.

“I can stop my examination anytime, buddy.”

“N-no, I think you need to keep going, don’t you? For a proper examination?”

“Yes, you’re right. I need to get nice and deep. And this is the perfect tool for this job. I’ll take it real easy on you. And we can stop at any time…” Carlos offered.

“No,” Enrique said again. “I think I can take it all. I want to.” His voice was quavering with desire. “It feels really good, actually. And, I mean, I need to be checked out, right?”

“Right,” Carlos agreed, smiling.

At that point, he dragged his cock back then pushed it forward again, fucking half his pole into Enrique. He reached around and felt his nephew’s cock, very stiff and sticky-wet with leaking boy-goo. As he worked on that tight hole, more of his tool sank inside. After a few more minutes, Carlos was easily sliding the entire length of his cock into the skinny boy’s grasping rectum.

“You did it, kiddo!” Carlos lauded, pushing himself in completely and holding it there for a moment. The kid’s rectum felt amazing wrapping so tightly around his seven hard inches. Enrique’s only response was a vocal utterance that could only be intemperate as satisfaction.

Holding tightly to Enrique’s narrow hips, Carlos slammed the teenager, filling him up, then retreating, then filling him again.

“Oh yeah, you’re doing great,” Carlos encouraged. “You like my special tool?”

“Oh, god! Yes, Uncle Carlos! Uh!” The kid grunted and moaned freely, occasionally swearing, all the while pushing his butt back to meet his uncle’s thrusts. “Oh fuck,” he gasped. “I want your tool so bad! Uhhh!”

The boy’s enthusiastic response coupled with the insane physical stimulation made Carlos’ balls churn. Enrique became louder and more aggressive with his backward thrusts. His hole clenched and released in quick succession. Carlos pounded that slim body, grunting loudly, emptying himself into his nephew.

Panting, exhausted from his intense orgasm, Carlos rested his body on Enrique’s back. He folded his arms around the teenager’s slim torso, embracing Enrique in a loving hug. Carlos felt a big puddle of Enrique’s sticky teen goo on the sheets underneath. The boy had cum without touching himself.

Both bodies breathed heavily, Carlos weighing down Enrique, and Enrique pushing up on Carlos. For these few moments, they were one, connected.

Pulling himself together, Carlos withdrew his sausage from his nephew’s hole and tucked it back in his pants. He slipped off the bed as Enrique turned onto his back.

Standing over Erique, Carlos said, “I’m going to have to check up on you several more times today to make sure you’re feeling okay. Does that sound good?”

Enrique smiled sleepily. “Sounds great.” The teenager’s boner stood up eagerly, bouncing with anticipation.

Carlos smiled back, drawing the sheets over Enrique’s spent body, letting the boy drift off to sleep.

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  1. Joe Blow says:

    Oh yes yes grandpa was several years yunger than Carlos when my boi pusdy temp was taken with older friends meat thermometer and for the next 70 years still love my pusdy temp taken with any meat thermometer 🌡

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