Teaching Coach A Lesson

“I bet you’ve wanted to suck my dick since I made the team” I taunted. He moaned in agreement while working my cock. “Take that dick coach. Suck out a load. You know you want it, want to taste it, want to swallow my juice.


I still can’t believe that fucking bastard pulled me out of the game. Team captain, my senior year, first game of the season, the fucking bastard.

Coach Red wasn’t in any position to argue now. I had the fucking bastard’s wrists taped to the weight bench. Securely taped. He wasn’t going anywhere.

The idea came to me last night after the game. I was at my friend Carl’s place. We were having a few beers and watching this new porn he just got hold of. The DVD came from his uncle or somebody. It started with a preview where a burglar breaks into a house while this couple was fucking in the bedroom. He ties them up and then the burglar fucks the girl in front of the guy. Pretty good stuff, but it gets better. After he bangs her for a while, he switches off and shoves his cock up the guy’s ass! Man the look on that guy’s face was priceless — pain and total humiliation. Normally I don’t go for gay shit, but this was good. The dude didn’t have a choice, all tied up and helpless. And the best part was his girlfriend starts fingering herself. She’s getting into this shit while her husband or boyfriend or whatever is getting pounded double time by this crazy burglar. Funny thing was, the guy’s dick started out soft, but got all hard the more he was fucked. He didn’t touch it or nothing. What a fucking pervert.

Anyway, that’s where I got the idea.

Coach Red and I regularly meet up on Sunday mornings in the weight room. He told me I was his special project for the year, going to give me extra attention and prep me for the pros. I couldn’t quite figure out how to work a girl into the picture, but I had a bigger dick than that burglar in the video. A straight hard fuck up his righteous ass would have to do. I couldn’t wait to see that look of humiliation on his face as I ground my fat prick all the way up his ass. Let him scream and yell, he had it coming, the fucking bastard.

I had his wrists taped perfectly. He was laying on the bench, on his back, arms above his head. He knew I had him.

“Jackson, stop! What do you think you’re doing?”

“Gonna teach you a lesson, coach. Pulling me from the game isn’t the smartest thing you ever did.”

“You were doing everything wrong out there, you weren’t listening to me. You were only thinking about yourself, you were hurting the team.”

“Yeah, well I don’t feel like listening to you now either” and searched around for something to jam in his mouth. I pulled off my sweaty t-shirt and shoved as much as I could get in into his big mouth.

I should tell you that Coach Red wasn’t really his name. Oh he was a coach all right, but his real name was Alfonso Jones. He didn’t even have red hair either. In fact he was black, dark black, around 40, stocky in a muscular way, and always walked with a swagger, with authority. Everyone called him Coach Red. He got his name from the red jockstrap he wore every day. Never a white jock or a black jock, always a red jock. He wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed of it and didn’t try to hide it. You’d catch a glimpse of the waistband or leg straps, maybe even the whole thing when he was changing in the locker room. It was pretty obvious to us guys. Funny thing was, no one ever asked him why he wore it, and he never volunteered an explanation. He was just Coach Red.

I had his wrists secured to the iron frame, taped above him, his chest and legs were free. He wasn’t thrashing about any, at least not yet. Most likely he was thinking what to say, to get me to let him free. Good thing that t-shirt was in his mouth. I grabbed hold of the legs of his workout shorts and yanked them down around his ankles. And there it was, that red jock, just like I knew it would be. I guess I never looked at it up close before, but that pouch was pretty full. He was a big guy and obviously had a big piece of meat bunched up in there. Didn’t really matter though, I wasn’t interested in that. He kept trying to say something, but it was just muffled noise.

I figured it was time to get started, and pulled down my own shorts and jock, letting my dick and balls swing free. Funny thing was, seeing coach all helpless and tied up like that half naked had made my dick hard, real hard. Didn’t realize what a pervert I was. Anyway, here I thought I’d have trouble getting worked up without a girl, but didn’t look like it was going to be a problem at all.

Coach Red’s eyes got all big and his mouth started working real hard on that t-shirt. He was probably getting a good idea of what was coming.

“Now you just play cool and don’t struggle. I’m going to lift up those legs of yours and teach you a lesson coach. You don’t fuck with Jackson Campbell. I’m the one that does the fucking around here.”

His head thrashed back and forth. I’m sure he was trying to say “No”. Too bad, soon he was going to be yelling and screaming “NO”.

I grabbed hold of his legs at the knees and lifted, pushing them back toward his chest. Damn his legs were heavy. He was packing a lot of muscle. Good thing he wasn’t struggling, though his head was still shaking back and forth. As I raised his legs, I got my first look at his butt crack, just coming into view between the red straps of his jock. I couldn’t yet see his asshole proper. His big beefy cheeks were in the way. My cock was pointing straight up, and was so hard it hurt. He was totally helpless all tied up like that, and I was going to enjoy every minute of this humiliating fuck, big time.

“STOP JACKSON!” he blurted out as the chewed up t-shirt popped out of his mouth. “I’m sorry, you’re right, don’t do this, please Jackson.”

“Coach I’m doing this. You got no choice.” Things had gone too far to back out now. I’d lose all respect if I stopped now. He was the one that needed to be broken, taken down a notch. “I’m going to fuck your ass long and hard until I get tired of hearing you begging me to stop” I growled.

“All right…all right Jackson, but if you’re going fuck me, please let me put some spit on your cock. That thing is going to kill me dry.”

He was probably right. Girls liked me to lube up my dick real good before they got fucked. They said it was too big, and Coach Red’s asshole was going to be a lot tighter than some slutty cheerleader cunt.

Putting his legs back down, I moved around to the side so that my hard dick was close up and pointing at his face. “Closer” he said. I got it right up there by his lips, but instead of spitting on it, the bastard stuck his tongue out and ran it around my fat cock head!

“What the fuck” I blurted out, but I didn’t move back. I kept standing there, unable to move, as he licked and lapped. I only had one girl that gave me a blow job, and it didn’t live up to my expectations at all. I thought either she was terrible or I just don’t go for oral. With Coach Red, the sensation was completely different, electric and exciting. He worked his tongue all around the head and over the slit, making it all wet. Damn, it felt good.

Coming to my senses, I fed him more. “You like that don’t ya coach?” His lips wrapped completely around my dick head. His tongue dancing all over it. “Oh yeah.” I moaned. “Never pegged you for a cock sucker.” He backed off, leaving my stiffy standing in the wind. “Don’t stop now. Just when you were doing such a good job. Here let me help.” I swung one leg over him, straddling his thick chest, putting my cock right in his face, shoving my balls up against his mouth, as he tried to lick them, work them over with his tongue. Satisfied, I backed up, waving my cock in front of him, keeping it just out of reach. Coach was practically begging for it, hungry for another taste of my cock. His eyes looking up at me, pleading.

“Now show me what you can do,” and I started to shove it into him. He took it, just like I thought he would. I worked more and more of my cock into his mouth, the shaft going in further with each push, until it wouldn’t go any further. My balls not quite brushing up against his chin.

“I bet you’ve wanted to suck my dick since I made the team” I taunted. He moaned in agreement while working my cock. “Take that dick coach. Suck out a load. You know you want it, want to taste it, want to swallow my juice. You fucking cock sucker.” He picked up the pace, man it felt good. This definitely wasn’t his first time. I closed my eyes, focusing on my cock and how he worked it so well.

But wait, I panicked. I’m supposed to fuck his ass. That was the plan.

Pulling out my hard wet dick, and getting ready to move back down to his legs, a new idea came into my head. “I bet a cock sucker like you can do a decent job of eating ass too.” I never had this done before or even tried it on a girl, but I’ve seen it done on video. Personally it seemed kind of nasty, but I needed to cool down for a minute. That way I wouldn’t cum too soon when I fucked him. Plus it would be even more humiliating for him.

“I could try it Jackson. Maybe if you untied my hands?” he suggested, weakly.

“Nice try coach. But my cock is going to end up in your ass, along with about a gallon of jizz” I replied. Turning around I put my ass right in his face. I didn’t feel anything, so I pushed back, wedging his nose up my ass crack. “Now eat that ass” I sneered.

Not needing to be told twice, his tongue circled around my puckered hole. Nice, real nice. I had my butt hole clenched tight, but he was doing a fine job. Occasionally he would force his stubbly chin up there, scratching across my hole. Making it tingle and burn. Then his tongue would slide over it, making it all better. I could get used to this. My cock liked it too. Still all hard from the sucking, little ropes of dick drool coming out the tip.

Sitting on his chest and facing his crotch, I could see for the first time how much he was getting off on this. “Yeah, I bet you been dreaming about that ass of mine too, you fucking ass eater. Work that hole.” That’s the thing about watching porn, you learn all the lines really quick. His cock that was just a bunched up mound a few minutes ago was now fully hard. So hard, the head had escaped from the pouch, poking out and laying up against his hip. There was a good five inches of exposed shaft, topped with one big fat cut head. The shaft was a good bit darker than the skin on his legs, but that big mushroom head had a pink twinge. It looked big, a whole lot bigger than mine. Part of the shaft was still hidden by the red jock, along with his balls. I couldn’t tell how long the whole thing was but it was big, and fat. The girls I knew could never take a cock that big in their mouth or their pussy.

Starring at the big cock of his gave me another idea. I could tease him, just a little. Not enough to get him off, but enough to torture him. Maybe make him squirm a bit, make him beg. I took a finger and ran it along his exposed black cock shaft. He let out a shocked moan and his dick twitched hard. “You like that don’t ya?” I teased and lightly ran my fingers back and forth. I had never touched a man’s cock before. It was a lot hotter than I expected, and a whole lot harder too. As I teased, he plunged that tongue of his right up the center of my hole. I tried to squeeze it shut, but his tongue managed to find its way in. As I ran my fingers from base to tip and back again, his tongue would work its way in and out of my ass, speeding up, slowing down, in rhythm. Man it felt good. I had never experienced anything like it before. My head was swimming.

As I played with his cock, more and more of it seemed to find its way out of the red jock. My strokes became longer, and a tiny clear drop of liquid formed at the tip of his cock head. Curious, I touched it with my finger, and rubbed it around sensitive head. This must have drove him wild, because it felt like his entire tongue had jammed its way into my hole, almost bucking me onto the floor.

I stopped working his cock for a moment, playing with his mind, seeing what he’d do, helpless like he was. He quickly stopped working my ass, panting “Please Jackson, Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” It felt good to hear him beg. I wondered how far I could take him.

With one hand I grabbed his fat black cock, throbbing and hot, hard and alive. With the other I held on to the pouch of the red jock and pulled the entire length of his shaft out into the open, leaving just his balls hidden by the jock. I put both my hands on his shaft, one on top of the other. I gently tugged on the big thing as he moaned. Without realizing it, I muttered “That’s one fucking big cock.”

“Oh yeah, jack that thing. You’re driving me fucking crazy.” I could feel the blood pulsing in the shaft. The skin seemed so thin, the muscle so hard. My right hand would work its way down till it was up against his few curly pubic hairs and the ribbed fabric of his red jock. My left hand would work its way up till it was just touching the rim of his cock head. He must have been serious about going crazy, because the more I jacked the big thing, the more he squirmed around on the bench and the harder he worked my hole, violently pushing his way inside, driving me crazy as well.

A clear little liquid bubble came oozing up out of the tip. Dizzy with my power, I bent down and licked the wet head of his cock, just like he had licked mine, tasting the salty sweet liquid and feeling the heat of his mushroom head.

“OH FUCKING YES” he screamed and convulsed as I ran my tongue over the head.

I bobbed down again to take another lick. That full pink head was hot on my tongue, the liquid slippery. I pointed my tongue and pushed it down the deep slit while tugging on his shaft. He moaned loudly while his body shook with spasms. I had complete control over my muscular coach, tied up and helpless. It felt good, real good.

For a long time I played with him, taking my mouth away from his leaking cock, letting him wonder if I’d lick it again, waiting for him to beg, then bending back down and taking another lick while giving his big dick a double fisted pump to keep him squirming while he worked my ass. The poor guy was moaning something terrible. I hated to stop, but figured I better change positions and start the fucking before I got so worked up I’d blow a load all over his chest. Or coach might blow a load too, if I wasn’t careful. I wondered if he was a big shooter. I didn’t want to get that stuff all over me.

As I got up to reposition myself, my mind hit upon something that I figured would really cause the bastard to moan and beg. I knew it was cruel, but I couldn’t stop myself. I was having too much fun.

Straddling his chest again, with my dripping dick pointing at his face, I backed up, positioning my ass directly over his cock. “This is what you want worst of all, isn’t it?” I reached underneath me and took hold of his big cock, pointing it upward, aiming at my asshole.

“Every moment of every day” he exhaled with hot breath. “Ever since the first time I saw you 3 years ago as a freshman” he pleaded.

His cock was so long, I had to get up on my tip toes to keep above it, as I lined up that pink head with my puckered hole. “You’re so close, only an inch or two away” I teased. “If only you weren’t tied down, you could do something about it.”

“Please Jackson, PLEASE!” he pleaded. “Let me just touch it. Let me just feel the heat.”

“No chance coach.”

But then I thought, what’s the harm, it might be a little gay, but it wasn’t like I was going to let him stick it in. Plus I could probably get him to agree to anything at this point.

“On second thought, maybe I’ll let you touch it, just for a moment, but first you have to agree that I’m the starter for the whole season, no matter what.”

“Agreed” he replied quickly.

I lowered myself further, letting his big cock head brush against my butt cheeks and push them apart slightly.

“OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK” he loudly moaned as the tip nudged up against my wet puckered hole.

“OWWW! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I screamed. The fucker had just bucked his hips off the bench. Knocking me off balance, off my toes, forcing me back down to my feet, my ass lowered right on to his cock. A couple of inches of fat dick slid right up my wet slippery asshole. The bastard had tricked me. I tried to untangle myself, regain my balance, while I struggled he managed to lodge another inch or two up my virgin butt.

“You’re going to pay for this” I yelled as I worked myself free.

“Jackson, I couldn’t help it. I’ve wanted you for so long. Your perfect ass, your beautiful body. I’m sorry.” Coach Red tried to explain.

I was furious, pacing around the bench, my rock hard cock swinging back and forth.

“I’m so pissed right now.”

“I know you are Jackson. I’m pissed too. You’re the best athlete I’ve coached in years, so talented, so competitive, so much potential. Certainly more talent than I ever had at your age. I’ve waited years to coach a player like you, one so gifted.”

“You sure don’t treat me that way.”

“Jackson, all the extra sessions, our Sunday morning workouts, I’m trying my best, but you need more than talent, you need to get your head in the game, I’m trying to get through to you, through whatever is holding you back. That’s why I pulled you out of the game, to get your attention. To get through to you.”

“Yeah right. Look where that got you.”

“Listen, twenty years ago I was you, team captain, the whole thing. I’ve been there, I know. You’re a lot like me, a lot more than you realize. Believe me. You’ve come a long way, but there’s more, you’re not there yet, there’s more you have to learn, more you have to do.”

I was listening, pacing the floor, but I wasn’t convinced.

“And what you were doing just then, what we were both doing.” The coach continued, “That was real. That’s how men can make other men feel. And it can feel damn good.”

Embarrassed, I looked away.

“I know you’re confused. It’s a lot to think about. Probably doesn’t matter anyway. Why don’t you untie me. Let’s just forget about this whole thing.” Coach said, lying on the bench with his hard fat dick hanging out of that red jock. “What was this about anyway? At least tell me that.”

“I saw this video…” I stammered, “with this girl and two guys, one was fucking the other… all tied up…and I thought…well, I wanted to get back at you. It’s kind of hard to explain.” Then after a few moments of silence, I asked, “Why did you say it didn’t matter?”

“I just thought maybe…maybe you don’t want it, maybe weren’t enjoying it as much as I was, maybe I was wrong about you.”

I was really mixed up. I knew I wasn’t gay, but yet I had more fun with coach in the last half hour than with any girl I had ever been with. My cock was never that hard before. Of course I was still mad at Coach Red, but inside I knew he was right, he had been helping me. He knew so much about the game and had spent so much time with me already, working with me on his own time. He wasn’t doing that with anyone else. And that stuff that just happened, it did feel good, really good. Funny thing was my ass didn’t hurt, not even after he poked his dick head up it. Maybe that guy getting fucked on the DVD was just acting. This was all so confusing, I didn’t understand any of it, but I knew I didn’t want to stop, not now, not yet.

“Jackson, could you untie me now?” Coach interrupted my thoughts.

“Hold on,” I said, trying to stall, sort it out, make it all make sense. “Coach, I’ll untie you, but… could we keep doing some of … some of what we were doing?”

“Nothing would make me happier. I know you’re thinking a thousand thoughts right now. That’s OK, believe me. I’ve been there. I was you once. Listen to me, let me show you what it feels like, two men, and how good it can feel.”

I looked down at his muscular body, covered in sweat. His throbbing rock hard cock jutting out of that stretched red jock. My own aching dick drooling juice. It only took a moment to cut the tape and free the coach’s hands.

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  1. Rob says:

    I’m SO Thankful for turn in the story. All I could think in the beginning is. This not my kind of story. But, I was So Wrong!! Perfect Ending!

  2. SteveSucu209 says:

    OMG please keep this story going. I was and am hard just reading it. I knew I would blow if I touched mine. Wow this cock sucker is a fan

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