Teen Convinced To Wear Red Satin Panties

“You want to cum, don’t you babe? Your dick looks ready to explode,” Roger Wilbur said before going back to just letting the underside of the lad’s cock slide along his tongue, knowing that any second his ejaculations would be shooting into his open mouth and down his eager throat.


Kyle Bryce turned off the shower in the cheap motel room his new benefactor had gotten for them to stay in, and the teen had to admit that after a couple of days on the road it felt good to be fresh again.

The shower was Mr. Wilbur’s idea, although Kyle was going to take advantage of the facility anyway, because the way this cross-country trip was going he had no idea when he could take another shower.

Mr. Wilbur – which was all Kyle knew him as – was a distinguished looking businessman type who Kyle guessed to be in his sixties, and right from the start after picking Kyle up just outside of Utica, New York he made it clear what he was looking for.

“I adore cute boys like you,” Mr. Wilbur had said before the car even got up to speed, and when Kyle told him that he wasn’t a kid but 18 going on 19, the older man grinned as his hand came across the car and onto the hitchhiker’s lap and groped around until he found what he was looking for, “All the better.”

Kyle was used to getting hit on by men like Mr. Wilbur, mostly because of his boyish good looks and wholesome appearance, even though when it came to sex the sweet young man was every bit as nasty as the predators were.

After Kyle got out of the shower, drying his long blonde hair briskly with the threadbare motel towel, he immediately noticed that his clothes were gone. The teen knew that Mr. Wilbur had come into the bathroom while he was showering, and apparently the purpose was to take his clothes.

What was left was the one now-soggy towel Kyle was using and one other thing, something that Mr. Wilbur had placed on the sink. A pair of red satin panties. The teen picked them up and smiled as his fingers rubbed the soft satin, realizing that while he had done a few kinky things in the previous promiscuous year of his life, this was new for him.

Drying himself thorough, Kyle gave his modest-sized penis a couple of tugs before stepping into the panties, which were very snug and left nothing to the imagination after he finally managed to squeeze into them.

After running his hands through his still moist scalp to put a little order into the mop-top look, the teen took a deep breath and turned the knob of the door, wondering what else was in store for him out in the motel room.


Roger Wilbur sat patiently on the edge of the lumpy bed, waiting for the sweet lad he had picked up to emerge from the shower. Little Kyle was so cute and innocent that he didn’t realize how lucky he was to have been picked up by someone as nice as he was, given how many genuinely nasty men were out there.

Not that Roger Wilbur’s thoughts about the boy were pure. Far from it, but he would never harm a fly, and although he hadn’t said it yet he was fully prepared to drive the lad most of the way to his destination – almost 1400 miles away – and was going to make sure he caught a bus for the rest of his journey.

That would mean at least a couple more nights in motels with the lad, and Roger chuckled at the prospect of that, mumbling to himself “It’s a dirty job but somebody has to it,” just as the bathroom door opened.

“Beautiful,” Roger heard himself whisper as the lad appeared in the doorway, and although the panties should have been a size larger their snug fit outlined everything that was underneath.

Hard to believe Kyle was almost 19, and while that was what the lad had said Roger didn’t believe him, and his brief examination of the lad’s private parts as he groped him while driving hadn’t altered the senior citizen’s opinion.

After checking the boy’s wallet while he was showering the old man learned that Kyle Everett Bryce of Averill Park, New York would indeed only be 18 for 5 more weeks, making the sight of the nearly naked lad not only visually appealing but legally right.

Kyle stood nervously in the bathroom doorway as the steam crept out from the shower and gave the dimly lit room an eerie look to it, and that look was amplified by the elderly man who had picked the hitchhiker up and was now sitting on the very edge of the bed.

Mr. Wilbur was naked except for a pair of black socks which went up to his ankles, and his tall and skinny body looked ghostly pale as his grandfatherly face broke into a broad smile at his young protege’s entrance.

Kyle’s attention was drawn to the long, slender cock that hung lazily between the old man’s thighs and the low-hanging balls that swung behind the uncircumcised organ, with the tapestry of veins that ran much of the length of the flaccid hose giving it an even more imposing look.

“Come here son,” Mr. Wilbur called out to Kyle, extending his arm outward to the nervous lad, and as Kyle walked across the threadbare carpet the old man leaned even closer onto the end of the bed, caused his dangling cock to sway like a metronome briefly as he parted his legs to guide Kyle to step between them.

“I see you found the undies,” Mr. Wilbur said as he had the young man stand between his legs and lean back against his bony knee, and as his weathered hand came up to stroke the soft slickness he added, “I should have given you a larger size since you seem to be a bigger fellow than I thought.”

Roger Wilbur had the same panties in several sizes waiting in his suitcase, but since they wouldn’t be on much longer he decided to wait until tomorrow night for those. Instead he let his hand slide to the front of the panties, where the slim outline of the lad’s penis was starkly visible as it was pressed horizontally to the left.

“Oh!” Roger sighed when it seemed that the cock his fingers was stroking was rigid. “You have an erection?”

“Yeah,” Kyle said as he squirmed in place, the prickly hairs on the senior legs ticking his bare skin. “My dick is really squished in these panties.”

“That it is,” Mr. Wilbur noted, smiling when he saw a little wet spot appear at the end of the bulge, and as his hands went lower to rub the balls outline below it he noted. “Your penis is so hard, and I’m bet you cum real good, don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” Kyle said, his body shivering as the man’s touching got him more and more excited and the wet spot got more expansive in the satin.

“And I’ll bet that if I kept rubbing your stiff prick like this, you would probably have an orgasm really soon too, wouldn’t you honey?” the kindly senior suggested, and when Kyle nodded vigorously Roger Wilbur nodded and stopped rubbing.

“Do you like the way the panties feel against your skin?” Roger asked the lad.

“Yeah I guess, but they’re really tight,’ Kyle said as he leaned back against the senior’s inner thigh and put his hand on his bony knee

“Forgive me but I want to take a peek at what’s inside these pretty red undies before you make a mess in them,” Roger commented. “You don’t mind, do you son?”

“No sir,” Kyle said, and with that Roger took the elastic top of the flaming red undies and pulled them outward while peeking down at the lad’s privates, smiling when he saw the pale prong in the cramped confines.

“Oh my, look at you,” Roger said approvingly before letting go of the elastic. “That seems like a rather long penis you have there, especially for such a little fellow like you.”

“Not near as big as yours is mister,” Kyle mumbled as he glanced down at the limp brown cock swinging lazily in front of the edge of the mattress.

“Well I don’t know about that, but you didn’t get cheated, that’s for sure, and I bet that all of this playing around I’ve been doing makes you want some relief. Am I right?”

“Yes sir,” Kyle said as the man’s hand went back to his bulge.

“Well I remember when I was 18 and I could have orgasms pretty much non-stop,” Mr. Wilbur recalled. “But I think we’ll have a look at the rest of you first. Was the shower refreshing?”

“Yes sir,” Kyle replied as the old man’s long wrinkled fingers came up from the panties and onto his stomach.

“Mmm… your skin is so soft. Soft and so smooth,” Mr. Wilbur noted as his hand caressed the lad’s nicely toned upper torso which looked as pure as the driven snow, with none of the garish tattoos many of his generation fancied.

Just creamy white skin, only broken by the rather plump dusty rose nipples, and as the old man’s arm reached around Kyle’s slim body to rub his left nipple Mr. Wilbur leaned over and kissed the right one.

“Do you like that?” he asked as the lad’s chest began to heave noticeable, and when the boy nodded Roger wrapped his lips around the bud and suckled on it passionately, his eyes darting up to see the lad’s reaction as the nipple stiffened in his mouth

“I can see you like it honey,” Mr. Wilbur noted as he glanced down and saw that the bulge in Kyle’s red satin panties seemed to have grown a bit more, along with the wet spot which was still expanding. “Oh my. How I wish I could still get that hard.”

Mr. Wilbur felt some of the tension beginning to leave the boy, perhaps in part due to the fib the old man had made about the lad’s endowment, as he stayed in place between his thighs. The senior citizen let his thumb ride once more over the pulsating dick trapped in the panties, the bulge about ready to explode through the satin, before returning to examine the rest of the lad’s treasures.

“Mmmm… you smell so nice now,” Mr. Wilbur said as he nibbled around Kyle’s nipples, causing Kyle to sigh and put his elbow on the senior’s shoulder to balance himself. “And what’s this then?”

After Kyle had raised his arm up Mr. Wilbur’s attention was drawn to Kyle’s exposed armpit, and the little pocket was creamy and smooth save for a few golden hairs that sprouted from the center of the gentle hollow.

The old man breathed softly under the boy’s arm, causing the hairs to flutter in the breeze. Nothing like the thick tufts under his own arms but looking more like a blonde Daddy Long Legs was resting in the creamy hollow, and after the senior kissed the fine hairs Kyle shivered and giggled.

“Did you like that?” Mr. Wilbur asked, and when Kyle nodded and giggled again the old man buried his face under the lad’s arm and kissed him some more, but when the old man pulled his slender arm up higher and the kisses turned into licks the giggling stopped.

“You like that too, don’t you babe?” the senior added, and as he looked at the hairs plastered by his saliva against the pale skin he mused about how the young man would feel about having them gently plucked out – maybe the next night when they knew each other better.

“It felt – I dunno – tingly?” Kyle suggested, and Mr. Wilbur nodded.

“You have some hair down there too I noticed?” he asked, nodded towards the red satin panties which were mostly crimson now thanks to the lad’s dripping dick.

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I think it’s about time we got these panties off of you,” Roger observed as he moved Kyle around so that they were directly facing each other. “Have you worn anything like these before?”

“No sir.”

“Did you like them? Do you like the way they feel on you? Does it make your prick excited?”

Kyle blushed a little and hesitated before shrugging his shoulders and nodding, mentioning, “Guess I’m weird.”

“No son, you’re perfect. Perfect in every way,” Mr. Wilbur exclaimed, leaning forward and kissing the lad’s chest before beginning to coax the soggy panties down.

“My, they are snug,” the senior exclaimed as he struggled with them, managing to get them down far enough to expose the modest nest of golden curls. “It’s a wonder you were able to get them on at all.”

“Don’t want to hurt you,” Roger Wilbur said as he was forced to wipe the sweat from his brow as the elastic of the top of the panties pulled Kyle’s erection down with them, exposing more and more of the pale shaft before the lad’s manhood sprang free almost into the old man’s face, bobbing and twitching as it was able to arch upward after being set free.

“You’re even more beautiful than I had imagined,” Roger Wilbur almost sobbed as he managed to get the panties down and off the lad while his eyes stayed focused on the slim six inches of hard flesh which was so stiff that the organ actually curved back up towards the lad’s belly, exposing a perfect pair of balls wrapped in a hairless wrinkled pouch.

It was Kyle’s balls that the old man’s hand reached for first, rolling the modest nuggets in his palm as the rigid circumcised dick twitched madly above them. The skin of the lad’s penis was so taut that the underside of his manhood looked like piano wire stretched out and the pinkish bell-shaped glans looked almost translucent.

Roger Wilbur’s tongue flicked at the cleft under that glans before licking around the bulb, his hands now holding Kyle’s buttocks and lightly kneading them as he made love to the lad’s magnificent organ.

“Ohhhh!” Kyle groaned, his hands squeezing thee old man’s shoulders as Mr. Wilbur let his tongue run flatly along the underside of Kyle’s cock, only once letting his lips slide down the throbbing dick before letting the organ rest on his tongue like a plane on the runaway. “I can’t take it. You’re gonna make me squirt!”

“You want to cum, don’t you babe? Your dick looks ready to explode,” Roger Wilbur said before going back to just letting the underside of the lad’s cock slide along his tongue, knowing that any second his ejaculations would be shooting into his open mouth and down his eager throat.

“Yes,” Kyle almost cried. “Please. I can’t hold it back.”

“Then make it so,” Mr. Wilbur said a second before a rope of semen flew out of the lad’s prong and right down to the back of his throat, and after the jerking dick spurted a couple of more times into his open mouth the old man took the twitching prick in and let his lips go down to the base while the boy kept cumming and cumming until both he and his weapon went limp.

Kyle’s body was still shaking as his orgasm ebbed, and Roger kept sucking on the lad’s manhood even after it deflated, his lips unwilling to let go as they stayed attached to the base of the spent stem as the cloud-like pubic hair caressed his face.

“You liked that, didn’t you honey?” Roger said after finally letting the lad’s cock out of his mouth while still savoring the taste of the nectar that remained.

Oh man, you suck dick even better than Mr. Gregg,” Kyle exclaimed as he looked down at the kindly old man.

“Is that so?” Roger asked, pausing to give the dripping bulb a swipe of his tongue so as not to miss a single drop. “And who might Mr. Gregg be?”

“He was my soccer coach back in high school,” Kyle explained. “He used to keep me late after practice to help me work on my defense, and then we would shower together afterward.”

“Oh,” Roger said. “Well, while I don’t necessarily approve of such a thing, I think that it would be hard to resist such a treasure like you. Did you and Mr. Gregg do anything else?”

“Yeah,” Kyle said. “You know – stuff.”

“Did you suck on the coach’s penis?” Roger asked, and after Kyle shrugged and nodded he continued. “Did you like doing it?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think I did it very well.”

“Well, I bet you did just fine,” Roger suggested, unable to resist leaning forward and taking the lad’s limp noodle between his lips and stretching it out before releasing it. “And did he do anything else to you?”

“Come on, you can tell me,” Roger said, cupping his hand around Kyle as the lad giggled and blushed. “Tell me – did his put his penis in your bottom?”

“If I tell you, you won’t tell anybody will you?” Kyle asked. “I wasn’t supposed to tell what happened.”

“I promise,” the old man swore, having no idea who would care besides old perverts like himself.

“Yes, he did. He made me bend over in the shower and touch my toes, and then he pushed his dick into my ass.”

“I see,” Roger said as he squeezed the firm buttocks that the horny soccer coach had beaten the old man to. “Nothing to be ashamed of honey. The important question is did you like it?”

“Not at first, but after a while…” Kyle admitted, his voice trailing off.

“Then that’s all the matters,” Roger responded as he cupped the butt cheek in his palm. “So tell me honey, do you think you will let me do that to your bottom too?”

“I dunno,” Kyle said as he cast a wary eye down below. “Your dick is way bigger than Mr. Gregg’s.”

“But it’s not erect yet,” Roger offered. “Who knows, maybe mine gets smaller when it gets hard.”

“Does it?”

“Only one way to find out,” Roger declared as he scooped up the lad’s panties before he rose from the bed, and as he stood up he eased Kyle down to his knees on the cheap motel carpet.

Roger looked down approvingly as the teen’s hand lifted up the flaccid tube, and after a few brief seconds of wrestling with the rubbery snake the older man suggested he use both hands to better control it.

“That’s it honey,” Roger sighed as Kyle’s mouth took in the tip of his uncut hose and managed to get his lips down to just below the ridge of the head which now glistened under the saliva on his foreskin, the old man’s right hand running through Kyle’s shaggy light brown curls while his other hand rubbed the satin panties. “Suck Daddy’s cock – make it big and hard for us.”

As Roger’s manhood began to get longer and stiffer the lad found it easier to handle, and as his lips started to reach his fist Roger brought the panties down and had the teen hold his cock over the satin so that the panties slid up and down his rigid tool along with Kyle’s fists.

“Oh yes,” Roger Wilbur groaned as his manhood became fully engorged. “Daddy loves the way your panties feel on his cock.”

“Oh man,” Kyle gasped and he pulled his lips off the veiny monster long enough to take a breath. “Mister, your dick didn’t get smaller. It’s freaking huge. It’s as big as my arm.”

“You like Daddy’s big cock son?” Roger asked, and when Kyle looked at him with a confused expression Roger let the panties fall back to the carpet and rubbed the lad’s cheek. “You don’t mind if I say that do you? Saying I’m your Daddy I mean?”

“Don’t know my Dad,” Kyle said as he held onto the old man’s cock with both fists and felt it throbbing.

“I’d love to be your daddy, even if we’re just pretending,’ Roger said softly. “Okay?”

“Good honey,” Roger said after Kyle nodded, and then the old man reached down and pulled Kyle up to his feet, and after putting Kyle on all fours on the mattress the senior knelt down and took in the view.

“You look so beautiful honey,” Roger said, almost sobbing at the tender orbs hanging down loosely in the wrinkled sack and the arching prong that still looked almost painfully erect as it bobbed, and when his weathered hand gently caressed the pouch Kyle groaned in response.

“I know you want to cum again honey,” Roger noted as he rolled the nuggets in his palm, giving Kyle’s ball sac a little twist and he tugged it downward. “And you will. Daddy’s going to make sure you cum so good and so often, but first I want to look at your boy pussy.”

With that the old man let go of Kyle’s balls and used his hands to grab the lad’s buttocks and spread them apart so he could look at the tiny pink puckered ring which looked so pure that it was hard to believe anything had ever gone in or out of it.

“What a gorgeous anus you have son,” Roger said, letting go of the one buttock to wipe the sweat off of his brow before leaning forward and burying his face in the lad’s ass crack.

Roger suddenly realized that he had forgotten to show Kyle his tongue, a rather long muscular hydrostat – the term Roger never forgot that the doctor who Roger’s mother had brought him to had described it when she had first noticed it – which was something he liked to exhibit to young fellows before using it on them, but Kyle was going to feel it first instead.

“Ooh!” Kyle howled when the old man’s tongue first began swabbing the taut opening. “What are you – Mr. Wilbur – you’re licking my bottom!”

“Don’t you like it honey?” Roger asked before ducking his face back in to the steaming crack. “Didn’t Mr. Gregg do this to you?”

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