The Best Feeling Ever

I’ve been straight my whole life. I’ve had plenty of girlfriends and have enjoyed all the pleasures a female body offers. I still consider myself straight.

I have always loved blowjobs. Oral porn was my favorite. I loved any flick where the chick made the guy cum in her mouth. Facials were great but through experience I’d learned that cumming in a girl’s mouth while she kept sucking was as close to fucking as you could get. That sensitive feeling in the cock head that occurs by continuing to stimulate the head after cumming? That almost-painful yet so exquisitely sweet feeling that makes you pant like a dog and try to pull out. For some men, it’s too much. For me, it’s the best feeling ever.

Watching videos of girls sucking thick hard cocks and making cum shoot in glorious spurts became such a focus that I began to seek out and fast forward to those scenes. I’d imagine those lips around my cock as I jacked myself off and edged myself.

I became so fascinated with blowjobs that, in my late teens, I began to fantasize about sucking a cock. At first it was through MMF videos. Two men fucking some chick – one fucking her mouth and the other fucking her pussy. Then I found videos where one guy was sixtynining the chick and his buddy started fucking her. The guy licked her pussy and then licked the other guys balls. Oh man! So fucking hot! Then his cock slipped out of her wet pussy and into the bottom guys mouth. I came buckets.

After that, I went to a porn shop a couple of towns over and bought a couple DVDs of dudes giving blowjobs. I memorized them over the years -even after I got married. After the internet happened? Fuck. I watched all kinds of porn but came about sixty percent of the time to some dude swallowing cock, getting facefucked, or eating cum. I was hooked.

But this was only fantasy. I told my wife and she played along reluctantly but that faded as the years passed. One day I got up the nerve and placed an ad on Craigslist. I got a few answers and finally agreed to meet up with a guy.

John said he was also married and curious about sucking cock. I was able to host him in my office. Neither of us was in great shape but we were both reasonably attractive. We met up privately, smiled awkwardly and stripped. I walked up to him, reached out, and I finally held another man’s penis in my hand. It was small and soft — about two and a half inches. I kept squeezing it in my hand, feeling the texture – comparing it to the feeling of my own cock in my hand. John did the same to my cock. I felt him start to get hard and decided to take the plunge. I wanted to suck a cock and I wanted to suck a soft cock and feel it get hard.

I dropped to my knees in front of John and leaned in to smell his penis and pubic region. It smelled faintly of soap. I rubbed by nose into his crotch and moved it around his penis. After his floppy dick ran over my face, I slid down and licked the top of the head, up his dick until I hit his root. I looked up into his eyes. I recognized his expression as he looked down at me. It was so strange being on my knees with a cock in my hand. It was so exciting though.

I backed up, wrapped my tongue under the head and slid a man’s penis into my mouth. I finally had a penis in my mouth. A PENIS IN MY MOUTH. I was sucking a cock!

I closed my mouth around it and pulled my head back. John Inhaled as his dick stretched through my tight lips until the head slid out. John’s cock was more that half staff now and about five and a half inches long. I opened my mouth and swallowed as much as a could before clamping my lips tight again. Then I tried to push even more of his cock into my mouth. I got most of it in and tried to resist the gag reflex.

John gasped “Ohhhh, Jesus! I thought you’d never sucked a cock before…”

I felt both proud and ashamed. I looked up to him and slid my tight lips off his cock. “I haven’t…This is my first.” I whispered hoarsely.

I moved down and licked his balls. I know that balls aren’t as delicate as girls may think and dove in with my tongue and pushed one ball and then the next. I reached up and slowly slid my hand down and up his cock as I sucked one ball into my mouth.

I felt John tense up “- Easy!..” he whispered nervously. I let his ball slip from my mouth and sucked his other one in to replace the first. I pulled away slowly, rubbing his trapped ball with my tongue while jerking his six-inch shaft. I moved in closer and fished for the first ball again. I wanted to cram them both into my mouth. Was this possible? Yes. Yes it was, I discovered.

With my mouth full of his scrotum, I began to massage his testicles with my tongue as I pulled away from him gently. John moaned and put his hands on my head guiding my mouth back in close. I let him lead and moved in and allowed his balls to slip wetly out of my mouth. I licked his shaft up to the head and slid my lips down his cock. I was shocked to discover just how soft his cockhead was. God! It felt so goddamned good in my mouth.

I slid up with my lips clamped tight and then slid back down. I did this again and again. The shaft felt so hard while the skin was so soft. The cock head was like one big nipple made for me to suck on.

I did just that. I sucked on his cock head and slid my hand up and down his wet cock. I was loving the feel of this cockhead in my mouth. I was like a baby with a pacifier. My hands slid up and down and I sucked and licked the fat rimmed cockhead. I looked up at John and again felt both excited and kind of dirty. I was on my knees sucking a strange man’s hard dick!

John began to push my head to move in rhythm with my hand and I allowed this. I bobbed my head together with my hand and slowly began to pick up speed. I realized that there was a different flavor and wondered briefly if he’d cum in my mouth. I didn’t really like it but it passed almost immediately. I kept bobbing and realized offhandedly that it was probably precum.

I’d fantasized many times about sucking cock and swallowing thick globs of cum. Now, with the slightly salty acrid flavor of the precum, I began to have second thoughts. Did I really want a man’s sperm — his bodily fluid — in my mouth? That was so fucking gay. And kinda gross too. And yet, I kept bobbing. This reality of a hard penis sliding in and out of my mouth was something I’d fantasized about too many times. I was really enjoying it. I’d deal with the cum later…

John had both hands on my head and pulled my head tighter to his crotch with each stroke. I felt his cock continually hitting the back of my throat. Each bump caused me to retch slightly. It was not unpleasant though. I’d done this in my mind so many times. John pulled on each downstroke and I heard myself making those blowjob sounds I’d only heard in pornos. I was being used. My mouth and throat were John’s to use. I was a cocksucker! My cock hardened.

“Agluh, agluh, agluh, agluh…” was the sound of me gagging on his cock as John forced his wet cock repeatedly into my mouth. His penis was slippery with my thick slobber and spit and probably his precum. I found that I had one hand on his ass — to simply hold on. The other was still gently fondling his balls. I felt the thick drool running off his cock and over his balls and my hand. It was so dirty and messy. I was so excited to finally be sucking a cock – no – I was getting facefucked! I was letting a man slam his hard cock into my mouth repeatedly! And I was loving it!

John pushed faster and began to basically shake my head around his cock. I looked up at him hoping to look in his eyes. All I could see was pubic hair and belly. Even that was blurry due to the speed of his hands on my head.

“Jesusah, jesusjesusjesus ohgodohgodyes yes yes YES Fucking Yeyes!” John yelled and — just like that – I felt cum in my mouth.

I though I’d feel spurts or shots.

I didn’t.

My mouth was suddenly filled with cum and it was getting pushed out by his cock. I thought I would swallow it but suddenly I was grossed out by the fluid and let it slide out around his cock.

John pulled out and began to jack his cock furiously in my face. I was panting and could feel cum and saliva dripping from my chin and only my legs.

It was so interesting to see his fist furiously surrounding his cockhead just inches from my face. A last cum stream and then another shot out onto my cheek and mustache. Surprised at first, I committed to memory the spurts and the warm feeling as they splatted on my face.

John was panting too and still held the back of my head — really a handful of hair – with one hand. He let his cock go and it sat in front of my face, shiny, wet, and pulsing as it started drooping.

I had to have it soften in my mouth – it was always a fantasy of mine. I opened my mouth and swallowed John’s cock to the hilt. It was softer than before and yet it seemed just as long. It was initially slightly cold due to the cum and saliva. I closed my eyes as John sighed and swore again. I literally sucked his softening cock for another five minutes till John politely pried me off. “I’m good, man. Sorry.”

I looked up at him as he moved away and began to get dressed.

“That…” John said. “That was fucking awesome.” He shook his head and pulled his shirt on. “First time? Really?”

I laughed and shook my head as I watched him tuck his floppy cock into his underwear. “You, my friend, are a pro.”

John was putting on his shoes. “We need to do this again. Maybe…ahh…you let me suck you, huh?

I was hoping he’d return the favor and suck me too. That was kinda what we’d agreed to. My disappointment must’ve shown. “Right now… you know… I can’t. You know… just came…”

I told him I got it. After I cum I lose that desire too.

John left and I jacked off and shot a crazy load – which I licked off my hand and swallowed pretending it was John’s. I promised myself I wouldn’t chicken out next time. I’d swallow all of his cum. I’d swish it in my mouth. I’d play with it.

After that, John and I met semi-regularly. Mostly I’d suck him off although he did give me quite a few awesome blowjobs. I did eat his sperm. I played with it in my mouth. I licked it off of my hands.

I eventually told him things I’d always wanted to try. I wanted to sit against a wall and be facefucked and I wanted to lie on a bed, on my back and be facefucked. I wanted to try to suck him and make him cum quickly with coordinated hands and mouth so I could keep sucking him until he got hard and make him cum again. I wanted him to cum on my face. I wanted him to shoot a load down my throat. Once after he shot a surprising load all over my face, I told him I needed more cocks. “Bring me your friends and I’ll suck them too!” I blurted out in a moment of passion.

John obliged and did fuck my throat. He did shoot his cum down my throat one time as he held my head pressed tight against his crotch. I had him film some of these moments with my own phone and often jacked off to the videos. I loved the various cumshots. I loved to see myself throat fucked. I was a cocksucker. I was a cum whore. I loved it.

After about a year of us sucking each other – or, in reality, mostly me sucking him, we met for “an appointment” as we’d refer to our meetings. As usual, I get there first and stripped. I got his text and he said he’d “be there in 5”. I got on my knees, played with my cock lightly, and waited to receive my cock to suck.

John came in and stripped. His cock was already hard.

“You ready to suck some cock, cocksucker?” John said as he wasted no time, walked over to me, and slid his cock into my mouth.

John had gotten into the habit over the past months of calling me “cocksucker” or “his cocksucker”. I didn’t mind it at all because, after all, I was a cocksucker. If calling me that excited him, what did I care. Plus, he sucked me too and there was some irony there.

John put his hands on my head and started fucking my mouth right away. I could now easily take him without gagging. He pulled out and ran his slobbery cock all over my face and began to beat me with it. This wasn’t new. We’d gotten to understand what we liked over the past months. I loved anything to do with a penis on my face or in my mouth. I loved his balls. I learned to enjoy cum and played with it when he cam in my mouth. I let him use me like that.

“You like to suck cock, don’t you?” John said as he slapped his hard dick on my tongue and face. Whapwhapwhapwhapwhapwhapwhap was the sexy sound it made.

John rubbed his balls on my face and I eagerly licked them and sucked them into my mouth. “Yeah, you like my balls, doncha? You like their cum. You like when I cum in your mouth? You like to eat cum, doncha cocksucker?” “Are you my cocksucker? Huh?” He pushed his dick back into my mouth and pulled my head to his pubic hair.

I slid off, grabbed his cock and began to jerk it. “Yes! Yes, I love your cock. I love your big thick cock. (Everyone loves to hear how their cock is big and thick). I love your cum. I love it when you cum in my mouth. I want your cum!” And I swallowed his cock to the base and savored the feeling. Then I slid up and down again with tight lips. I was quite a good cocksucker by now and knew exactly what John liked. I rotated my head and slid down and up keeping my lips tight against the hard shaft. I had become a true cocksucker. I really did enjoy it.

Wet, sloppy sounds of me sucking his cock filled the room.

“You fucking cocksucker! Oh God! You love cock. You want to suck me and swallow my cum? Then you want to suck more cocks, huh? Doncha? Don’t you want to suck some big fat cocks? You want to swallow some more tasty cum, huh?”

John continued as I slurped his penis greedily into my throat. Knowing he’d cum soon and yet afraid to make it happen so fast. John know that this talk of sucking cocks would drive me wild – it always did.

“Oh god! You- fuck yeah. Soooo gooood! God you want me to cum so you can suck some more cock? You want my cum so you can suck some black cock? Suck some big black cock? Oh god -yes! Sucker! Fucking suhhhhk!…”

I wasn’t really listening, but I did hear him. I did want to suck a big dick. I dark skinned cock would be cool too. Kinda taboo, I guess. At that moment, I thought, I’d suck off a group of guys!

John tried to talk but instead pulled my head to him and shot cum down my throat. I could feel the cum pulse once or twice through his dick. The pulsing coincided with his ragged panting.

John didn’t shoot his whole load down my throat. He surprised me by immediately pulling me back off him leaving a thick streamers of spit and cum attached to his cock from my mouth. He began to pump his cock with his fist. After a brief pause, thick spurts of cum shot across my face as John came violently.

Slowing his fist and letting go of my hair, John panted and stepped back.

“Bet you still want this cock, doncha. Bet you’d like even more cum, wouldn’t ya?”

“Yeah John, I want to suck more. I want more cum. Let me suck you again. Give me more. I need more cock! Let me make you hard again.” I said truthfully. I knew he liked to hear that and repeated what I’d told him many times before.

“Well, suck this then!” said a voice behind me.

I literally jumped back and cringed, shocked beyond belief. Since I was on my knees, I literally fell over on my stomach and instinctually rolled to my side.

“Whatthefuck!” I yelled.

Behind me was a man. Nude. And waving his long floppy dick at me.

And looked up at the man. “Whatthefuck? Who…”

I glanced up at John. John was laughing and flashing his palms at me — I guess to show me all was well.. Between laughs he said “Calm down, calm down. You said you wanted more cocks and more cum? Didn’t you? I brought you both. This guy came here with me. I told them that you’re a straight dude but love to suck cocks. He didn’t believe me. I told him to come and watch. I told him you’d blow him. You always said you wanted to suck another guy too!

He watched you suck me off just now. Don’t be fucking shy. You’ve got my cum all over your face. You were just beggin for another cock — for a black cock! Go on and suck’im off!”

The guy was grinning. His hands were up in front of him too. He stepped closer and flopped his penis at me. “John told me you suck him pretty good and that you wanted another cock or two. Well, here you go.” He stuck his cock on my face.

After a moment of stunned pause. I laughed a bit and looked up at him and then John. “Scared the living shit outta me, man.”

“Sorry dude” he said. John laughed and apologized too.

“So…John said you’d suck me off, that’s all. You gonna do it?”.

I laughed, feeling my heart slow down a bit after that scare.

I looked at this guy’s cock. It was right in front of my face. It was a dark brown — almost black — darker than the man’s skin which was much lighter. It was pretty big too – pretty thick and long. He was still flopping it up and down. His balls wee large and hung low in his scrotum.

I looked up at John, smiled, and muttered “you fucker…”.

Then I reached up and grabbed his cock. It was semi soft, about two inches wide and about six inches long. It felt so warm in my hand. It felt awesome — almost like holding a dick for the first time. It filled my palm ad the head was covered by foreskin. He was uncut. Wow. John was right; this was a fantasy of mine.

“What a nice cock” I said out loud but to myself. “What a great fuckin cock…”

“You wait, man. It gets nicer” he said.

I rubbed it along my cheeks and across my face. I smelled it and slid my face to his pubic hair and took in his musk. I felt my lust returning.

As I dragged it across my face, I let it pull across my lips. They parted and got a faint taste. I dipped my head to lick the balls and was surprised by their size.

“Holy shit!” I whispered. They were easily twice the size as mine or John’s balls — which were pretty similar. I licked them and began to stroke the fat shaft. I sucked one ball and was able to gently fit it into my mouth.

The man moaned. I looked up in his eyes. I felt his cock grow in my hand. I pulled my head up until the ball plopped free.

I looked up at the man and then at John.

“Suck it, cocksucker!” he said with a smirk.

I turned back to the cock and licked the skin hanging tightly around the head. It was gorgeous.

“Suck it, cocksucker” he’d said and I’d obeyed. I was commanded to suck an unknown man’s penis into my mouth and I did it. What a fucking slut. I was sucking a black cock. I was going to eat his cum! My cock stiffened.

The head was large and spongy beneath the pointy skin. I licked around the whole ridge before taking the head into my mouth.

The man exhaled.

I ran my tongue over it inside my mouth and savored the texture of the skin. I slid my mouth off it and tried to stick my tongue into the hole of the hanging skin. I held the shaft and was able to penetrate the foreskin with my tongue. I moved my tongue up into the skin and swirled it around the tip of his cock head. I pulled off and stared at it as I jacked him off. His taught penis head peeking out of the tip regularly now.

The cock was now about eight inches long and still about two inches thick. The head was pronounced and the ridge was thicker than the shaft. This was a cock to bring a woman to orgasm. What a fuckin cock!

I slid the foreskin down and licked the whole head and ridge again. The man shivered. I sucked it his dick into my mouth. I slid my head down to take more. I was able to get maybe two inches past the head into my mouth. I marked this line with my fist and pulled off. I looked at this great cock. I’d gotten about half of this monster in my mouth.

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  1. Joe Blow says:

    Oh yes yes sir this Sub will never forget getting fed my 1st mancock and never will forget getting fed my 1st bbc
    Oh yes yes and since my early teens I have loved every drop

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