Three Months In Isolation Pt 4

We played around every day, occasionally twice. We didn’t fuck every time, but Neel had finally overcome his fear of touching my dick, and reliably finished me off any time I sucked his cock or let him fuck me.

Part 3


Strangely, this biggest shift in our dynamic seemed to go smoothly. Over the coming week it was like we’d just discovered sex for the first time, and wanted it constantly.

We played around every day, occasionally twice. We didn’t fuck every time, but Neel had finally overcome his fear of touching my dick, and reliably finished me off any time I sucked his cock or let him fuck me.

I had never been so horny, even in my teens. It was an awakening.

Between sexual encounters, we were getting along like old mates now as well. We had a lot in common, and truly enjoyed each other’s company. My research was coming along well and despite the amount of time I was spending on sex, the report almost seemed to be writing itself.

Despite that, my bed felt very empty each night. Our physical intimacy aside, Neel seemed to draw the line at sleeping in the same bed.

And, as I learned after an awkward failed attempt whilst he was fucking me, kissing seemed to be off the table as well.

The land around us had changed entirely since we’d first arrived. The rains had brought out lush, colorful vegetation everywhere you looked, and the wildlife were ever present, desperately making the most of this precious fertile time, before the long, hot, dry returned in a few months.

I’d grown to love the place, and its inhabitants. Having spent so much time out in the bush, it seemed a part of me now. I loved to spend time outside in the cooler evenings, to watch the goings on around me.

The waterhole was frequently visited too, the cool water washing away the sweat and dust, and giving an instant escape from the sometimes oppressive humidity.

One afternoon, we lay on towels on a cool, flat rock in the shade of a gum tree. Cockatoos screeched in the tree above us, and the cicadas gave a constant background hum.

We’d swum through the afternoon, naked as was our habit, sometimes splashing and wrestling, sometimes floating quietly in the cool water.

Neel had followed me to the edge as I headed for my towel, stopping me in the shallows with a hand on my back. Knowing what was to come, I’d melted into his touch, both of us dropping down onto our knees on the soft, sandy bottom of the waterhole.

I leaned against a rock before me, the water lapping at my waist as Neel’s hand slid slowly down to play with my arse.

His arms locked around me, and with one hand stroking my cock, he fucked me gently in the shallows, the birds in the surrounding trees watching our strange mating ritual.

I came with him inside me for the first time, my quivering hole dragging him over the edge as well, as I ejaculated into the clear billabong water.

We had made our way somehow to the towels laid out in the shade and then collapsed, the hot breeze drying the water from our naked skin as we slept.

As I lay listening to the cicadas, Neel turned on his side towards me, his head resting on his hand.

He seemed hesitant, unsure how to say what he wanted to say. I waited, patiently, giving him time to find the words.

“What’s it like?” he finally got out, leaving me entirely perplexed.

“What’s what like?” I countered.

“Getting fucked.” He said, blushing once again. “You seem to really like it, and…well…I wonder what it feels like.”

I laughed. “You think you might be missing out on something?” I knew that he was but didn’t think he’d believe me somehow.

“Well…” he hesitated. “It’s something I’ve never tried, and never even thought of before, but that’s probably the same for you, I guess, and you seem to be enjoying it. I just wondered why is all.”

I thought about it for a while before replying.

“Think of the best orgasm you’ve ever had, how you felt it in your whole body, right?” I looked over at him, watching his eyes go distant as he remembered. “Well, it’s kind of like that, but it just keeps on going. You don’t just feel like that when you cum, it’s the whole time you’re fucking. If you’re in the right spot, that is.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed you sort of shift around a bit until you find it.” He nodded.

“And then when you do cum,” I continued, “It’s like it’s multiplied a hundred times. Your whole body tingles. It’s fucking amazing. I seriously had no idea before. I’d never let anyone anywhere near my arse, but I’m telling you, even just playing with my arsehole feels great. It’s a whole other side to sex that I just didn’t know about.”

“So the gays have had it right all this time, you reckon?” he looked skeptical.

“All I can say is, don’t knock it till you try it.” The words hung between us like smoke. I could see the contemplation on his face.

I lay my head back down on the towel, convinced the conversation was over now.


I looked up suddenly as I heard him speak.

“OK what?” I asked, incredulous.

“OK, I’ll give it a try.” He replied, as if he was switching ham for pastrami on his regular sandwich.

I was genuinely shocked. I thought he might be having me on, but his face was dead serious. He laughed at the look on my face and rolled back onto his belly on the towel.

“Are you coming over here, or am I going to have to fuck myself?” It was clear he wasn’t kidding.

I got up quickly from my towel, my cock already hardening at the prospect. My mind raced. I knew that I needed to make this feel as good as possible, or this was going to be a one-time prospect for me.

Suddenly glad at my foresight, I went over to my backpack and pulled out the bottle of olive oil that I’d chucked in in case we fucked while we were out. I never expected that I’d be using it in this direction.

I came over to him, trying to appear calm and nonchalant, all the while longing to be able to slide my cock into his tight hole.

I stood over his naked body, straddling him. From a height, I drizzled a stream of oil across his back and slowly down to his arse. Knowing how the massage had relaxed me that second time, I was determined to reproduce its muscle loosening effects.

I set the bottle down and knelt over his body, my balls resting comfortably in the crack of his arse. My cock already pointed skyward. With firm hands, I massaged his warm skin, squeezing and kneading the muscles beneath. He gave a quiet moan of pleasure.

Not wanting to spend too much time in case he changed his mind, I quickly moved down to his lower back and arse, knowing how good it felt when he had his hands on me.

Neel’s body spread out before me. His muscular, broad shoulders topped a perfect triangular torso. His arms were folded under his head.

His arse was nearly hairless aside from a scattering of dark hair running deep in the cleft. It gathered between his legs, covering his perineum and spreading onto the back of his balls.

His glutes were firm, his tension showing through beneath my massaging hands.

I leaned forward again, running my hands slowly up to his shoulders and down his sides to his arse. The oil slid smoothly beneath my hands, mixing with the salty sweat on his skin.

I stroked his body back and forth, trying to match in time with his breathing, slowing him down and releasing his tension. I could feel his muscles begin to loosen beneath me.

Each time I leaned forward, my hard cock pressed against his arse. I was already leaking, and the clear fluid began to smear over his cleft.

I returned my hands to his arse, his muscles now feeling softer beneath my touch. My thumbs centered on his crack, I slid my hands down, venturing deep into his crevasse, slowly approaching his hole with each stroke.

As he had to me, I pushed my knees between his legs, spreading them to allow me access. Grabbing a hold of his hips, I pulled him up onto all fours. His muscular body displayed before me; a curious mixture of masculine strength and quiet submission.

I parted his cheeks with both hands. His hole stared back at me, a puckered pink muscle, the scattering of hair around it somehow leading me to it.

Kneeling there, Neel’s arse splayed before me like this, I was amazed to find that I felt nothing but desire. I had always viewed male bodies as something to be jealous of, or an object of comedy. But here, a part of the body that I had always been taught to view with revulsion, was making me salivate with a raw hunger.

Without thinking further, I held his buttocks with both hands, and leaned forward, pressing my face hard up against his naked arse. My tongue pushed past my lips, lapping eagerly at his tight hole, desperate to sample his forbidden regions.

Neel cried out, a strangled “What are you…” before his torso collapsed onto the towel beneath him, thrusting his arse up against my face. He said nothing further, the rest of the sentence dissolving into a low, guttural moan.

My nose buried into his cleft and I inhaled him deeply. My tongue circled his arse slowly, tickling the skin around his hole before darting back to his tight muscle.

I closed my eyes, losing myself in him as he moaned softly with pleasure. The sounds of the billabong were a fitting background to our animalistic writhings on the towel.

I’m not sure how long passed in that way, but when I opened my eyes again, Neel was making a soft, whimpering sound, his body coated in sweat.

I grabbed the oil bottle again and poured a thin stream straight into his cleft. His arse clenched as the cool oil trickled down, as if trying to take in the fluid. I heard him exhale a long, slow breath.

With one hand holding his cheek out of the way, I ran a finger around it, circling slowly, massaging the oil into the sensitive skin. My face rested against his other cheek, tongue gently lapping at the skin beside his hole.

“Is this ok?” I asked gently.

“Don’t fucking stop.” Was all he said, before spreading his legs a little further apart.

Happy to oblige, I pressed my finger more firmly against his tight hole. My fingers were slick with oil now. I pressed and rubbed the hole rhythmically, my finger parting the muscle a little further with each go.

Fluid ran down my own cock in a slow, clear stream. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Slowly, slowly, I watched as my finger pressed through Neel’s lubricated opening. I heard him gasp as he was entered, but the tight clench of his muscle soon relaxed again, and I pressed slowly deeper still.

The warmth of him felt good against my finger, squeezing me and relaxing as he accommodated to this new invasion.

As I entered him slowly, I ran the fingers of my free hand around his lower back, his arse, and down between his legs, brushing his balls and the inside of his thighs. He moaned softly, the stimulation driving him wild.

My finger advanced all the way, my fist pressing against his arse. Moving inside him, I searched for what I knew must be there. The pleasure spot that had driven me so wild had to be there somewhere.

Finally, I felt it. A rubbery walnut near the base of his cock. I pressed against it gently, watching as Neel’s eyes flew open at the new sensation.

Confident I had found it now, I began to flex my finger, tickling and stroking the newly discovered G spot. It drove Neel wild.

With one finger, I had him writhing on the towel, moaning like a porn star, totally oblivious to the world.

His arse pressed up against my hand, trying to make me go deeper. I soon slipped in another oiled finger, his hole quickly accommodating to the extra girth.

I knew that the time had come. I stroked my cock a few times, smearing it with oil and spreading the copious pre cum that was leaking from me along the shaft. I pulled my fingers from him, quickly pressing the head of my cock against his open hole.

“Do you want this?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Oh yeah, baby, put it inside me!”

He pressed himself back against my hard cock, his hole opening and giving little resistance. His arse slid back over my cock like a sleeve, squeezing it tight. I let out a moan, finally something other than a hand on my cock after all this time.

I gripped his hips, sliding slowly back and forth, driving into him with a smooth but persistent rhythm.

I pulled him up against my torso, my arms wrapped around him as I angled my cock towards his G spot.

He cried out again as I found it and pressed my cock against it again and again.

His head was tipped back against my shoulder as we fucked. With one hand I stroked his nipple, as I’d seen him do himself. With my other I reached down and stroked his cock, rock hard and slick with precum.

I could tell that we were both close.

I pulled my cock from him, his protest cut short as I rolled him over onto his back. Pushing his knees up to his chest, I slid back inside of him, pressing my pelvis firmly against his.

I looked down at him, our eyes locked, as I fucked him, my cock driving into him again and again. With each thrust, a grunt of pleasure escaped his throat, the sweat beading on his forehead.

My balls slapped against his arse with a wet thwack and his cock rubbed against my belly as we both neared climax.

He gripped my chest with both hands and wrapped his legs around me, pressing his feet into my arse and egging me on.

“Oh, fuck, don’t stop.” He panted as I slapped against him. “Oh God. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!”

I felt my own orgasm rising to meet his as his eyes rolled back and his muscles clenched. His whole body seemed wrapped around me as he came, holding me for dear life. His cock hosed cum onto our bellies, and it smeared between us, the warm fluid enough to tip me over as well.

With a guttural cry, I rammed home into him again, as if trying to get as deep as I could. My cock contracted and erupted deep inside him, filling his hole with my cum.

With that, the power seemed to drain from my muscles and I collapsed into his arms, my cock slowly softening, still inside him.

He wrapped me in a tight embrace, slowly catching his breath.

The birds gave raucous chorus around us and the cicadas still chirped, oblivious to our carnal activities.

Finally, I lifted my weight and began to extricate myself from Neels body. He reached out as I did and put both hands on the side of my face, pulling me down into a passionate kiss.

Rolling to the side, we lay like that until the sun set.


It was as though a threshold had been passed. Neel’s aversion to intimacy seemed to have dissipated. We walked back to the house as the sky darkened, Neel’s arm around my shoulder.

He stopped me at the door and turned to me, pressing his lips against mine in a surprise embrace.

“Thankyou.” Was all he said as he walked into the house.

I stood a moment on the doorstep, a smile on my face, then followed him inside.

We cooked dinner together that night, moving around the kitchen with a new synchronicity. Neel put on some music and we danced as we cooked, the beers flowing once again.

I was happier than I’d been since we’d arrived. For the first time in a long time, I was content.

The storm clouds that we’d seen gathering before the sun set finally approached, and the bright flash of lightning followed nearly immediately by a loud crack of thunder showed it was just at our door.

A few heavy drops of rain hit the roof, almost teasing us, before the true deluge fell.

Neel sat up quickly in his seat, looking back at the door.

“Fuck!” he said, a sudden realization hitting him. “I think I left my laptop out on the deck chair in the yard.” He got up and rushed for the door.

“Wait!” I yelled. “You can’t go out in this!”

He seemed not to hear me as he raced out the door.

I shook my head, surprised at his rashness, waiting to see him walk in through the door dripping wet.

Another crack of lightning and thunder, much louder this time, seemed to shake the foundations of the house. The storms didn’t seem to be slowing down as the wet season slowly passed us by.

I looked again at the door, surprised that he was taking so long. A worry settled into me, like a heavy stone in my stomach.

I got up slowly, and made my way to the door, half expecting him to rush in and laugh at the anxious look on my face.

I peered out into the darkness, lightning occasionally illuminating the courtyard.

The deck chair that he’d been sitting in earlier was out of my view, down lower in the yard, near the boundary fence. He still wasn’t back, and the worry was growing rapidly.

Grabbing my coat and a torch, I tried to cover myself as best I could against the torrential rain. Already rivers were running through the muddy soil, channeling their way down to fill the waterholes around us.

Feigning a confidence I didn’t feel, I stepped out into the storm, heading down the yard, looking for the huge gum that sat beside the deck chair.

The skyline looked wrong. Something had changed. I knew it before I even saw it.

There, lying across the deck chair, a huge branch had come down crashing onto the ground. I called out, running over to it, dreading what I would find.

Neel lay on the ground, the heavy branch crushing down against his legs. I dropped down beside him, shocked to see his eyes closed. Was his chest still moving? Half-remembered first aid courses ran through my mind.

I called his name again, slapping his cheek and trying to rouse him.

He opened his eyes. My heart leapt.

His face twisted in pain.

“Don’t move!” I implored him, a hand resting on his chest.

He could barely speak. “My legs! My fucking legs!”

I looked down at the branch that was crushing him, hesitant to see the degree of damage. He was held down by a heavy redgum branch, the wood pressing his limbs into the softening mud.

Instinctively, I tried to lift it. Neel screamed. I could barely lift it more than an inch or so, not enough to get him out.

I knelt beside him again.

“Don’t move. I’m going to get something to help.”

I raced over to the shed, my mind racing. I longed to call the emergency services, but knew that it would take too long to fly someone out here to help in time. I was on my own for now.

I looked around the tool shed, frantic, hoping for something to catch my eye.

There it was, in the corner. A large jemmy bar.

I picked it up, along with a big old metal sign that had once graced the fence of the property and raced back out to where Neel lay trapped.

The wind whipped in the trees around us. I looked anxiously up at the remainder of the gum above us as it swayed ominously back and forth.

Determined, I slid the metal sign as far as I could under Neel’s body and knelt beside him again.

“I’m going to lift the branch with this bar.” I had to yell over the sound of the storm. “It’s going to hurt. I’m sorry! When I do, you need to pull yourself back up onto the sign behind you as quick as you can. It’s heavy. I won’t be able to hold it long.”

Neel looked at me, fear coloring his expression. His lips were a tight line. He gripped my forearm and squeezed it hard, nodding quickly.

I quickly positioned the jemmy bar under the branch, the tip finding a rocky surface to push against. I looked down at Neel, bar braced over my shoulder, ready to lift it with my whole body.

“Ready?” He nodded.

Summoning all of the strength that I could find, I pushed up against the bar, lifting the heavy branch as much as I could. I grunted loudly, holding the branch steady, watching as Neel pushed himself back away from the branch.

Pain gripped his face as he dragged his damaged legs through the mud. Finally, he collapsed back onto the sign, just as my own strength gave out and the branch came crashing back down again.

I collapsed onto my knees in the mud, panting. The coat was useless. I was soaked to the bone.

I looked up at Neel. He lay on the sign, just clear of the branch. His legs twisted at an odd angle. Both clearly broken.

The tree above us creaked and I knew we needed to move again. I looked around for the closest safe option. The tool shed would have to do. There was no way I could get him up to the house.

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  1. Bill says:

    Beautiful and moving story… all tops should ocassionally bottom to experience the exquisite pleasure of having a cock in the ass massaging his prostate. There is absolutely nothing like it in the world!

  2. Pen says:

    Looks like Neel finally got his desire met. Now he knows the feeling to be rode and bred. 🔥 🥵 story. ❤️ 😍 💖 it

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