Top 10 Gay Teen Sex Stories

10 Of The Best Gay Teen Sex Stories On The Web

Gay teen sex stories are one of the most popular forms of gay erotica because the stories involve the introduction of gay sex at a tender and influential age.

These stories are important because they examine the early stages of gay men’s feelings, attitudes and experiences about having sex with other men. They help men understand their sexual desires because they are told from the perspective of a gay teenager. 

Abundance of Gay Teen Sex Stories

There is an abundance of gay teen sex stories because gay men enjoy writing and reading about their early experiences. Some men use these stories for masturbation, fantasy, reminiscing or catharsis. They are enjoyable because they are usually raw and capture the intensity of those early sexual experiences when men are driven by passion, lust and hormones.

The Quality of Gay Teen Sex Stories

The internet has played an important role in the increasing availability of gay teen sex stories, making them readily available to a larger and more discreet audience. The problem is that many websites do not have editors that regulate the quality or quantity of the content that gets published and distributed. 

At Udatz, our team of editors read all submissions and decide if the material meets minimum quality standards. Here are 10 of our most popular gay teen stories based on editor selection and reader feedback. For more gay teen sex stories please click here.

Straight College Boys Fall In Love

His dick flopped around in his shorts. I kept noticing it moving and wondered how big it was, but I also found myself admiring his body, his tan, his blue eyes, and his short blonde hair.

He Always Knew He Was Gay

“I’d like to press rape and assault charges against all three of these men.” There was a dramatic silence and then pandemonium broke loose.

Curious Friends Explore

The sounds of a boy pleasuring himself are unmistakable and highly erotic. My own cock swelled as I listened to the soft rustle of the blankets and the low long breaths of my companion.

Road-Trip With Gay Brother

Me and my brother were taking a road-trip to our family cabin and I couldn’t stop thinking about being alone with him for 10 hours.

Paper Boy Gets A Fat Cock

“Collecting for the paper.” I stated in a friendly but business-like tone. “Sure, come on in.” he said opening the screen for me. On entering I got my first clear view of him. He was a good 10 inches taller than me…

Caught My Brother Jerking Off

“Do you think maybe we could help each other out as brothers?” Tom said feeling bold. “How?” replied Jim. “Well I could suck on you and then you could suck on me.” “Would that be okay?”

We Find Out We’re Both Gay

When I told my best friend that I’m gay, he pulled out his cock and told me to prove it. I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock so good.

I Fell In Love With Best Friend’s Father

I knew I had strange feeling for him. But I didn’t understand until I peeked into his bedroom and saw him masturbating. My cock grew hard, my asshole puckered and my mouth started watering.

Older Man Teaches Curious Teen

I’ve never kissed another man. I never dreamed of kissing another man. But his hand gripping my cock and his lips pushing against mine brought a wave of dizziness and euphoria.

Hairy Boy With Big Uncut Penis

His big uncut cock popped out of his underwear. I tried my best not to look but I wanted to suck it. The other boys were to fascinated with him to notice me drooling.

He Kissed My Cum-Covered Cock

I had felt an electric charge all around my cock. It was growing of its own accord. My mind wouldn’t stop bringing up images about him taking care of himself, pulling out his cock and stroking it. What his cock might look like hard and full. How much cum might pump out of it.

Four Buddies Explore

Four 18 year old high school students experiment with their bodies and learn to suck and take cock before and after school.

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  1. Benny W says:

    I read every one of these gay teen sex stories and they are the best on the web. Super hot and extraordinary detail. All seem true or at least believable.

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