Top 25 Gay Incest Stories

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Best Gay Incest Stories On The Web

Gay incest is sexual activity between male family members or close relatives and is one of the highest levels of cultural taboo. The mere thought of it sends powerful emotions down the spine. In fact, it is prohibited by law in many states and countries around the world. But the fact remains that fathers and sons, uncles and nephews and all sorts of closely related men engage in consensual fulfilling sex on a regular basis. The following gay incest stories are some of our hottest and most erotic. 

Dad Sucks Son’s Tender Cock

It’s really hard being a single gay father to a distractingly gorgeous 19 year old son. Seeing him in his boxers makes my cock hard.

My Step Brother Made Me Cum

“Shh.” He brought our hands above my head and slowly began to grind his hips into mine. That was when I felt him grow. He began to move faster, rubbing us together through the clothing of our sleepwear. I couldn’t help it, it felt so wrong and so good.

Gay Sex At Family Reunion

The tang of Tim’s hole combined with the bitterness of Ethan’s leaking fluid was perfect. When my brother shot his load I slurped it up fast.

Dad Catches Son Masturbating

While he was imagining his son jerking off, his son seems to have been imagining him jerking off, or more. He didn’t know how to feel about this. He felt wrong, so dirty. But deep down, something about this felt so right.

Uncle Jerry Makes Me A Man

My Uncle pushed his cock against my butt hole until he felt my anus start to open up. His cock head felt huge as it slid past my sphincter.

Getting to Know My Gay Uncle

“Deepthroat your uncle,” Alex told me. As I got to the base I felt Alex pushing his cock into my hole. I moaned on my uncle’s dick.

Gay Hookup Is My Brother

My brother posted pics of his monstrous, cut dick that was not quite 12 inches. I looked just like my own circumcised piece.

Sucking Dad’s Long Rod

I never dreamed I’d experience sex with my own father. Never. But it happened when I was twenty-two and he was forty-seven.

Brother-in-Law Shows Me His Cock

“I’m going to cum, baby.” he said and I reached down and fondled his swollen balls between our legs. He started fucking me harder, my ass hole felt like it was gaping open to get more dick inside of me.

Father And Son Share Black Cock

He opened his mouth and caught the first spray of his daddy’s seed. The second spray hit his nose and forehead. The third landed on the floor.

Sleeping Son Takes Dad’s Cock

My son’s ass sweat was smearing my dick. The head touched the tight pink hole and was lined up in position ready to cause mayhem.

My Macho Dad And Sweet Uncle

“You can really suck cock, can’t you?” I asked my Uncle while pushing his forehead back so we could make eye contact.

Submitting To Daddy’s Big Cock

I’d known that I was gay from the very beginning. Mama had known and been very accepting, so I didn’t grow up with a lot of angst about it. Daddy ran a horse farm.

Little Brother Sucks My Cock

Do you feel like a man now that you’ve made me suck your cock? Or is your masculinity intact because you didn’t want a guy on you who might enjoy it?

Step Dad Pops My Man Cherry

My Dad called and said he would be home in an hour and would be bringing dinner. I figured it was just us guys so I just put on my gym shorts and nothing else.

Daddy’s Cock Is 8 Long Inches

Daddy’s cock was buried in Casey’s tight pink asshole and ready to explode. The boy had been riding him for almost an hour, rocking his pretty little hips and bouncing his perky ass up and down on Daddy’s throbbing eight inches.

Teaching My Brother To Suck Cock

My body was made for this cock. My face born to be a hole to store it in. He was my older brother after all. Our DNA strains matched. They belonged together. Our bodies, our anatomy, our very existence, meant to complement each other.

My Cock Is Bigger Than Dad’s

Seeing dad’s cock made my cock rock hard. I wondered if he would let me suck the head but I was afraid to ask.

I Caught My Son In Panties

I caught my son wearing a G-string, suspenders and black stockings. My cock started pulsating in my pants.

Rubbing Cocks With Dad

He felt his father’s cock jump in his mouth and he took a deep breath and wiggled his tongue. He was already caught and clearly his father didn’t mind.

Dad Pushed It In Deep

“If it’s so sick then why are you getting hard right now? Don’t try to hide it. Here, come sit.” He sat on his bed and nodded for me to sit next to him.

Little Brother Has Bigger Cock

“Can I see your cock? I wanna see how big it is.” “Will you suck it if I show it to you?” “That depends.”

Caught My Brother Jerking Off

“Do you think maybe we could help each other out as brothers?” Tom said feeling bold. “How?” replied Jim. “Well I could suck on you and then you could suck on me.” “Would that be okay?”

Gay Initiation By Dad And Uncle

“Do you have a big juicy sausage like your dad’s?” “How do you know how big my dad’s dick is?”

Road-Trip With Gay Brother

Me and my brother were taking a road-trip to our family cabin and I couldn’t stop thinking about being alone with him for 10 hours.

Nephew’s Hole Is So Tight

I licked the crack of my nephew’s hot bubble butt. He reached back to spread his cheeks, exposing a tight pink butthole. I started licking circles around his hole and massaging his cock.

I’m His Favorite Uncle

“Wow Uncle Jake, your cock is so much bigger than mine.” And he started licking and sucking the head like an ice cream cone.

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