Turned Out By A Bear

In the way he swallowed that meat, there was hunger and desperation, and a great deal of dedication. He was pretty good, swallowing the whole length, and Rand felt the back of his throat and moaned with admiration.


The pub/restaurant was half full, and Rand fought to keep up with the client’s orders when Ethan came in through the main entrance and waved at him. He waved back, quickly making notes and nodding to the clients, one, a businesswoman wearing glasses, and the other, probably her husband. They seemed in a hurry like everyone else was in their lunch break. The woman wasn’t a regular, and would probably complain about the food, but there was nothing that Rand could do about that.

“It will be coming right up,” Rand said and walked away.

He went behind the counter and gave the recent orders to the kitchen staff and looked around, for his friend. By the bar, Ethan waited for him, looking at his cellphone and with a piece of cheesecake that was always his order on a plate ready for him. Smiling, Rand grabbed a spoon and sneakily took a piece of the cheesecake.

“Oh, come on,” Ethan said. “Get away from here.” But he laughed as he said it, and pulled his food closer, protecting with an arm.

“I can’t help it, you make it too easy,” Rand said. “What’s up, man? You look gloomy.”

“More than usual?” Ethan said. “Too much to do and not enough time.”

“Ah. So, the same as everybody else. But you’re still up for tonight, right?” One of their friends was a musician. His band was to perform tonight in a club, and they promised to show their support.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll pick you up.” Between the two of them, it was Ethan who owned a car. He had a generous father. As if he could hear Rand’s thoughts, Ethan said, “Listen, my father asked you to come by today if you can. He broke his computer and I don’t know how to fix it, and he said, and I quote ‘Call that nerdy friend of yours, the one who meddles with this stuff.'”

“Nerdy?” Rand said, abashed.

“Yeah, he’s not wrong, no matter how much you try to hide it.”

“How does he even know that anyway? You two talk a lot about me?” Rand didn’t have much of a bright future, he didn’t go to college like Ethan, neither did he want to, but he was studying computer science because he enjoyed it. He had his family business, the restaurant slash pub, to work on and get some money and didn’t need much more.

“He must have heard we speak sometimes,” Ethan said, defensively. “You’re not such a hot topic.” His cheeks changed to a shade of red.

“Oh, but I am,” Rand said, and grabbed another piece of cheesecake, and ate it sensually, provoking a small giggle out of Ethan. “Tell your dad I’ll be coming as soon as I finish my shift.”

“Thanks, bro. You’re the best.”

At that moment, as Ethan looked at him with a big smile on his face, some customers called for him, and he moved away. Before he could say goodbye, Ethan was waving at him as he left.

As promised, when his shift ended, Rand hopped on his bike and went to Ethan’s house. He didn’t bring anything with him because, as it usually was the case, people who thought they had broken their computers needed only a few easy step-by-step guide to reset them in the right way and not repeat the same mistake.

Hank opened the front door and welcomed Rand inside. Ethan’s father was tall and resembled his son very little, with his mustache, dark eyes, and long hair. He was wearing a sleeveless white shirt and sweat pants, and, by the thick arms and long shoulders, showed that he took very good care of his health. Rand couldn’t help but be intimidated by the bear of a man. In contrast, Rand was small and slender with not much space for fat, but neither his muscles were as big as he wanted. That an older man worked harder on his appearance than Rand made him feel very self-conscious.

“I don’t know what I did,” he explained, as he guided Rand towards his room and to his laptop. “But now, everything is sideways, and my son was as useless as me.”

Rand laughed. The problem had nothing to do with what he studied, as he knew it would be the case, but a simple matter of hitting the wrong shortcut.

“No worries. I’ll show you, it’s very simple. I could’ve even told you by the phone.”

“Oh, damn. Sorry for bringing you here, then.”

“It’s okay, really,” he said and sat down by the computer. He was about to show how it was done when the house phone ringed and Hank excused himself to quickly answer it.

Alone, he waited a moment and then decided to just do it without the man. He could always show him later. So he fixed the computer, and to be through, checked some apps to see if they were working properly. When he opened the navigator, though, the first page was a gay porn site.

He was so surprised that he didn’t even realize that Hank had returned. Ethan’s dad shoved down the laptop and muttered some excuses, while Rand stepped slowly away as if he could outrun the revelation. He felt so bad that words failed him, and at the same time, he didn’t process what he had just seen.

“This is not what you think,” Hank’s secure voice said. “I don’t know how… I…” He shut up. He wasn’t even angry that Rand had invaded his privacy, only really ashamed, his face as red as a strawberry. That reminded him of his son.

“It’s okay.” It was all Rand managed. “Uh, everything is fixed now… I’ll be going now.” But he didn’t leave, just waited for a confirmation. As sweat dribbled down Hank’s face, the huge man fought to catch his breath.

“Don’t tell my son,” he said. Then he knelt, his hands grabbing Rand’s legs, almost pulling down his pants. “Please, I’ll do anything.”

“I won’t tell anything,” Rand said. He didn’t know whether to panic or to stay and try to calm the huge man. Weirdly, he put a hand on Hank’s head, patting him as if he was a dog, trying to relax him. But as he did, he realized how weird it was, how very condescending and, crazily, sexual. Hank looked up at him, his dark eyes shining with fear, and he seemed helpless now, not intimidating at all, but like a puppy who needed protecting. “It’s okay, sir. Don’t worry.”

As he said those words, his cock grew full hard, and he was unable to hide, but the way Hank looked at Rand’s erection made it grow even more, if that was even possible, because the older man, clear as water, was more than interested. His eyes shone now, and his hands pressed Rand’s flesh as if making great effort to hold himself, and he looked up at Rand.

As insanity took over, Rand grabbed his erection, and Hank watched as he showed his hardness through the print of his pants.

The older man bit his lip hungrily and looked up even more hopefully, so Rand took his erection out, watching Hank open his mouth and come closer, his pale cock showing blue veins that pulsed, and the rosy head almost touching the older man’s lips. Rand let the older man eat him up, as he closed his eyes.

In the way he swallowed that meat, there was hunger and desperation, and a great deal of dedication. He was pretty good, swallowing the whole length, and Rand felt the back of his throat and moaned with admiration. He watched for a moment, confirmed that the man really was Ethan’s father, and closed his eyes again.

The older man was going to suck him dry. No girl had ever done that with such passion. He tried not to think anymore about Ethan as his friend’s father swallowed his whole cock. And suddenly, Hank was exploring more of Rand’s body, going through the length and the balls with his tongue, sticking his face so deep on his balls that his mustache prickled him. Rand could only moan, growl, and he even called Hank a filthy cocksucker.

He felt bad, later, but couldn’t apologize because the older man seemed to enjoy even more after being called that.

It messed Rand up. He cummed so hard that life seemed to be going out of him, and his jizz went all over Hank’s face. The older man loved that. Proudly, he licked his own face for Rand’s cum and then cleaned the head of Rand’s cock with pleasure, and Rand saw that the older man had been jerking himself all along, and, on the ground of his bedroom, there was a great deal of his own cum.

After it was done, Rand pulled up his pants and walked away, slowly. Hank stayed in place, knelt by the bed, a bit of realization coming to his face, and worry, because Rand was his son’s friend, and so many things could fuck everything up.

“I won’t tell anything, sir,” Rand said again before turning around and leaving the house.

Rand’s head felt funny for the rest of that day. He locked himself in his room, the mess of it completely reflective of his state of mind, dirty clothes thrown everywhere and coffee mugs half empty, windows locked and covered, not allowing any sunlight in.

He lay in bed and thought about women. Well, he tried to, he tried so hard. But he couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened between him and Hank, his friend’s father. God, Ethan. He couldn’t face his friend later that day and, cowardly, decided to call him.

“Hi, Ethan. Man, I don’t think you should come pick me up today,” he said and faked a sneeze. “I am dead, man. Sorry.”

“Oh,” Ethan said. “That’s too bad. But it’s fine. Anyway, thank you for helping dad today.”

Shit. Did he have to remember him how he had helped his dad?

Your dad who knelt for me. Your dad who licked my balls. Your dad who moaned while eating my cum. Your dad who put my cock so far inside his mouth that I could feel the back of his throat. Your dad who was probably thinking about my cock right now.

“Of course, dude. Anytime.”

When he turned off, his cock was hard and he wanted to die. He waited for his erection to go away and then, trying to erase his memory at least temporarily, he studied. His family had accepted that he didn’t want to go to college. But computer science could lead him somewhere even if he didn’t. Rand opened his computer and took his notebook, but he stared blankly at the screen, as if waiting for it to open his textbooks on its own, but since it didn’t, he shrugged and opened the gay porn site, looking for older man sucking cock, and then he jerked off all day, until his cock was sore and red, and his blood boiled inside of him, and he wanted to scream.

It’s okay. Tomorrow it will all be over, I’ll just let it out of my system today. Tomorrow, everything is back to normal, you’ll see.

It kind of worked. Rand woke up the next day and didn’t have any urge to think about men sexually, he didn’t want to be sucked or fuck their asses. He just wanted a shower, and go to work. He would avoid meeting with Ethan’s father, but also wouldn’t tell anything because it wasn’t his business. Great. So he got to his work at 7 am and wrote down orders like any other day. Life was normal.

Then, Hank showed up on the entrance, the glass reflecting his bear-like body even before he came in, and Rand stared open-mouthed at him, causing a stir on the old man who was trying to order a nice coffee cup.

“I’m sorry, it will be right up,” he said, and left, ignoring Hank. He tried not to look but after some minutes he had to go to the table where he sat and ask for his order. Hank, Ethan’s father, looked up with his dark puppy eyes.

“Hi, Rand. How are you?”

“What are you doing here?” Rand said, whispering, but still alarmingly rude. “You can’t come here?”

Hank seemed offended beyond belief.

“What? I come here all the time, boy.”

“Seriously? You’re gonna call me boy?”

“You are a boy. Now, I don’t know what’s going on in your head, but I’m here to get a cup of coffee, which you will bring to me, boy. And do it quickly. I don’t care about your insecurity. What happened yesterday is over, I know you won’t be going around telling people, so I don’t have anything to fear. Do you?”

Rand swallowed, looking Hank in the eye.

“Fine,” he said. “Keep pretending you’re not here because of me. Your coffee will be right up, sir.” He made sure to keep all the venom he could muster into those words.

Thankfully, Hank wasn’t paying attention to Rand, otherwise, he would see how much being ignored hurt his pride. You fucking cocksucker, he wanted to say. You sucked me dry yesterday, and now you’re trying to act all mature and superior. Fuck, but everything came racing back to his head now, all the beautiful sounds Hank made putting his cock way down that thick throat, and the warm wetness around his length. His balls had never received that much love. And now Hank wasn’t even looking at him.

Maybe it was for the best. But no, fuck it, it was such bullshit to be treated like a kid, he wasn’t a kid, and that old fucker surely didn’t think so when he was milking him for his life.

Hank finished his coffee and, after paying for it, he left without a second glance for Rand. Man, not a kid. He was 20 years old, and he was far from a kid. Rand probably had murder in his eyes when he went to get the order from a guy who wore glasses and had a kid by his side, the man almost left without eating at all. But Rand didn’t care. He just needed… He just needed a bit of release.

After his shift was over, having made sure that Ethan was out and busy, Rand took his bike and went to Hank’s house. All the way, he tried to convince himself to turn back, that this was a point of no turning back. But there was also that side of him who wanted to try it out, to defy everything he had ever learned about himself, to give no fucks about society, to be a hundred percent controlled by his wild, uncaring, vulgar side. He wanted to be free of shame, or rather, be so drowned in shame that he would be immune to it.

He knocked on the door, and the older man opened it, his dark eyes taking in so much of Rand that he forgave Hank completely for provoking him so much back at the restaurant. That man wanted Rand, so much that he was willing to risk everything just to go see him.

“Ethan is out,” he said, stepping back slowly, letting Rand come inside. He was shirtless, and his sweat pants let show a print of his growing erection, that was a full hard-on when Rand was inside.

“I know,” Rand said. “I called him. I just came here to… I just…” Rand’s words got lost forever. Hank was already on his knees, and touching Rand’s crotch eagerly, pressing his nose and sucking in the smell of his cock.

Rand was pushed against a wall, and Hank took off all his clothes, not hiding anything of his hairy body, as he opened his legs on the ground, showing his bubble butt, so big that he wondered how he had never suspected that Ethan’s father liked to take it up there.

It was like he was doing his best now to show how much he was eager, how much he wanted Rand, how far he would go to please him, to be his bitch, and Rand didn’t doubt that he could fuck that ass whenever he wanted. Right now, if he was up to it. Rand didn’t think he was, though. Not because he was against it, but because Hank’s mouth was too much, he had already opened up his zipper and took it in his mouth Rand’s thick, hard cock, and saliva hit the floor by the second as Hank, like a thirsty dog, drooled all over Rand’s crotch.

“Oh, man,” Rand said. It was the only thing he could say. How could someone resist a blow job like that one? It felt like the best thing ever. Hank’s mouth was loving and gentle, and rough and violent, all at the same time. Rand grabbed the older man’s long hair hard between his fingers and thrust his cock right in, relentlessly and mercilessly, which appeared to please Hank.

He had to come. He had to.

His jizz exploded inside Hank’s mouth, and he didn’t complain, instead, doing his best effort to clean everything, then he concentrated on Rand’s balls for minutes, sucking them gently, almost caressing them with his tongue, which allowed Rand to recover his breath, but still made him go a little crazy. Nobody could like cock that much, or balls. But Ethan’s father did.

“You’re okay?” Hank asked from below, and Rand looked at him, nodding. “Okay, come.”

Still naked, Hank got up and took Rand’s hand, pulling him through the house, his tight hairy butt appealing Rand in an almost funny way. He never in his life thought about hairy butts like something good, but now, looking at that one in front of him, he wanted to bend the older man over and give him a good time. Damn, but he was hard again.

Hank brought him to the couch, where he and Ethan had spent long hours playing video games before, and they sat side by side. Hank, his cock bulging and bursting, hugged Rand and started kissing his neck. At first, it felt weird and invasive, but Rand let it happen and enjoyed more and more. Then, the older man took hold of Rand’s cock and begun a nice jerking off session that lasted many minutes. With eyes closed, Rand enjoyed both the hand on his cock and the mouth on his face, licking him, whispering in his ear, telling him how hot he was, how big, how fucking amazing he was. He enjoyed that very much.

So he turned his face around and kissed the old man, and he could feel the taste of his own cum inside that mouth, still he kissed him for so long that it probably was the longest kiss he had ever had, the pleasure he took from that kiss was something scary, and he pushed the thought aside, concentrating only on the good part, the wet stickiness, the nice friction of his hand, the pleasing torture of his balls twisting and getting ready for another shot.

He opened his mouth wide, then, to moan loudly as the orgasm reached the edge, but even then, Hank pushed his tongue inside, so inside that his moan was drowned and he only let out a pained sound coming straight from his throat. But his cum spilled all over his belly like he hadn’t cummed the first time, it was more, it made him feel truly empty, his balls tiredly gave up after producing so much jizz.

“I can give you this, and much more,” Hank whispered in his ear, making him shiver.

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