Two Boys In The Shower

His cock erupted all over me and my cock, but he kept humping. The feeling of his warm liquids running all down my cock made me explode as well, blasting him with my cum, mixing with his own.


I was eighteen and away at a summer camp just for the heck of it. I enjoy keeping my body in relatively good shape. I was no jock, but I had a slim build with subtle pecs and average arms, and camp was the best way to keep my shape.

It was getting late one Thursday, and the campsite had good water pressure and temperature in the showers, but consider the unexpected increase in students this summer, it ran out quickly. This led our camp leader to had some of us take showers at night, before bed.

About twenty of us stood in line as the camp leader counted us off to go into the showers. It got down to me and Noah, a sort of shy kid I only talked to a few times. He was devilishly attractive with sandy brown hair and green eyes, juxtapose to my black hair and brown eyes.

“Jack,” the camp leader said to me. He poked his head around at the other showers, noticing they were all full. “Crap. Well, there’s a handicap shower outside and around the corner. You two will just have to make due in there.”

Noah looked stunned. “Wait. You want us to shower together?”

The camp leader poked his head at the other showers again and then back at us, clearly distracted. “Yes. You’re both guys. Who cares. But be quick about it. The water shuts off at nine, and I need to make sure I can account for all of you back at the camp dorms.”

I laughed. “Noah, it’s cool. Let’s just go in and out.”

Noah sighed and we grabbed out bags of shampoo and soap and made out way out of the shower room and next door into the handicap showers.

To our surprise, the shower was shower was incredibly small, made even smaller with a seating area in the corner. It was clearly only meant for one person.

I grabbed Noah’s bag and put both of ours on the sitting area and began to undress, starting with just my shirt and pants, keeping my underwear on.

After turning the water on, I turned to him. He stood there with just his jeans on, looking a little embarrassed.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I… well, we were swimming in the lake in our underwear, so when I got out, I quickly took them on and put my pants on to rush to the showers. I didn’t know I would be showering with another guy.”

I laughed again. “So you have no underwear on?”

“No.” He glanced his green eyes to the corner of the room.

“It’s cool. Just take your pants off and we can both be nude if that’ll make you less subconscious.”

I instantly pulled my boxers off before he could reply, exposing my flaccid penis and balls.

Noah glanced at it a second too long and reluctantly pulled his pants down. It was interesting to see just how similar he was to me. Same build and our penis and balls almost looked like twins!

We both stepped under the hot water, each facing the opposing wall, trying our bests to keep a gap between our butts. It was impossible. He would try to grab his bag, elbowing me in the body. We stood there, laughing at the oddness of the situation.

“Should we just take turns?” Noah asked.

“It’s almost nine, though. Which of us is going to risk not getting a shower! Tell you what. I’m sure it’ll be weird, but how about you lean into me and I’ll quickly wash you, and then we switch places and do the same? That way no one has to wait outside of the shower?”

Noah nervously laughed, but his voice seemed to get stronger and confident the more we found ourselves in the situation. “You’re right, that is weird. But it’ll be faster. Where should I stand?”

I turned myself around so that I was not facing Noah’s back and he was facing the shower head. Watching the water run down his bare back and over his tight butt made me shake my head, unsure what I was feeling.

I grabbed his shoulders and told him to just step back so I could reach around him. On cue, he pushed his body against mine, his butt pressing hard against my still flaccid dick. My nose burred into the back of his head. He smelled like a mix of man and the lake he had just been in.

“We’ll start with the shampoo, I guess,” I said. I reached for his bag and pulled out his shampoo bottle, squirting some in my hand and lathering it in his hair.

We couldn’t see each other’s faces, but I assumed his had his eyes closed, trying not to think about our bodies touching. However, I couldn’t manage that. The pressure of his smooth butt pressing against my dick made blood rush to it, slowly perking it up, but not entirely. I just tried to keep my mind focused.

After washing his hair, I grabbed his body wash and poured some into my hands and reach around him to rub it into his chest. That nearly killed me. His body rocked back and forth with the pressure of my hands. My dick went hard without warning, stiffening up.

“Sorry,” I said, becoming the shy one now. Without speaking, I just readjusted my dick so it pointed up and rested between his cheeks. He didn’t seem to protest.

My hands reached his stomach, gliding over his skin and closer to his pelvic area. I wanted to get it over with quickly, so I awkwardly grabbed his dick and balls and rubbed the body wash into them, making sure they were clean. He tensed up, probably thrown aback by my move.

“Okay,” I said, “Done.”

“Do you want to switch places now,” Noah said, quitter this time.

“No, wait, I need to wash your back. Bend forward some.”

He did as command, leaning forward and bracing himself on the shower nozzle. He didn’t have far to lean, so the sudden shift in weight pushed his but far into my groin, pushing me back into the water. I didn’t let it bother me. I lathered up his back, this time moving my hands slowly down his spine. His back muscles were electrifying to touch. His ass cheeks moving around my penis almost made me explode right there, which would had been embarrassing.

The shower water was the only sound in that room.

“Okay, face me so I can quickly wash your ass.”

Noah stood back up and faced me. His eyes locked with mine, full of a type of passion I hadn’t ever seen in something. Glancing down, his cock was hugely erect as well. I wasn’t sure how to react or what to do. Was he also turned on, or was it just the fact that he was being touched by someone?

I didn’t think any further. I pulled him in closer, pressing our dicks together while I massed his ass muscles.

He looked into my eyes again. Our lips inches apart. Silence.

We stood like that for a minute. I didn’t stop the momentum of squeezing his ass, making his body push into mine, our dicks rubbing together. By now it was getting painful. My cock felt hard as stone, and so did his. Without thinking, I ran my middle finger over his asshole. He gasped and closed his eyes.

There were still no words between us. I continued to play with his ass hole, and he returned the favor by wrapping his arms around me, hugging me, using my body to push himself against it. He slowly humped my body, our dicks making out and dripping in precum.

Noah said, “I’m gonna—”

With one final movement, I stuck my finger inside of him feel the burning of his rectum. His head fell back in ecstasy, lightly moaning under the drum of the water.

His cock erupted all over me and my cock, but he kept humping. The feeling of his warm liquids running all down my cock made me explode as well, blasting him with my cum, mixing with his own.

Silence remained between us, except for our heavy breathing in unison. We pulled apart, our semen sticking between us. We looked at each other and laughed.

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8 thoughts on “Two Boys In The Shower

  1. Alex says:

    What a hot story. I see this doesn’t say part one, which usually means no part two. To bad! Could have taken this so much further.
    One year while at camp, my age 7 or 8, a camp counselor crawled into my sleeping bag and made me suck his dick. Poor guy. I’m sure I wasn’t very good. I never thought anything about it, so I never said anything about it. Blocked it out until people started talking about rape, in the eighties. When I brought it up, my brother who spent about 8 summers at camp said I was lying. Of course the homophob brother. I’d be interested in hearing others thoughts.

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