Two Strong Men On Jupiter Pt 2

He moved into the kitchen and whistled. He rubbed his hand over the clean counter surface.

“Geez, Cheyne, you did a real nice job!” He remarked.

His praise felt good.

“I did the washroom too.” I added.

He headed back across the apartment and moved into the small room, flicking on the light as he did.

“Damn! Looks great!” I heard him call.

When he reappeared in the living room he had his hands on his hips and was nodding appreciatively.

“I don’t know the last time I came home to a clean place, this is really something.” He smiled.

I blushed. “I was just bored, and figured if I was staying here too, couldn’t hurt to tidy up right?”

He came over and sat next to me on the couch. He patted my knee. “Well it was real nice of you, kid.”

I liked the feel of his big hand on my leg although he removed it all too soon.

He reached into his jacket and produced a keycard. “As promised, had another one coded today, so you don’t have to feel like a prisoner.” He handed it to me.

I chuckled. “I don’t feel like a prisoner, Deacon.”

“Well that’s good at least. I’m pretty sure I’m a terrible host.” He joked.

I rolled my eyes at him.

“Talked with Ford today. He wanted to charge you rent while you weren’t staying there. Such an asshole.” Deacon grumbled.

“Well, is he?” I asked.

“No, I sort of, persuaded him not to.” The marshall said, pleased with himself.

“Did you threaten him?” I asked.

The big man gave a shrug. “I just reminded him that I stopped two criminals on the premises and that it was probably illegal to charge someone for a place that’s not fit to inhabit.” He informed me.

“That was nice of you.” I said honestly.

“It’s nothing.” He said.

Deacon searched through channels as he made himself comfortable in his weathered-looking chair. He had brought home a few new bottles, one of which he now opened.

“Drink?” He asked.

“I’m good.” I replied.

“Come on, don’t make me drink alone.” He insisted.

I gave the man a thoughtful look. “I’m really okay, Deacon.” I repeated.

He frowned. “Okay then.”

He found one of his shows, this one seemed to be featuring a wedding between the man and woman from the night before. Deacon quickly changed the channel.

“You want to watch something?” He asked.

“It’s your place.” I responded. “You should pick.”

He tossed the small black remote to me. “I’m not gonna make you watch this crap, at least, not all the time. Find something.”

I shrugged and picked up the remote, scanning through the options. After a few minutes I found an old documentary about Earth. I switched over to that, expanded the screen into three dimensions and leaned back on the sofa. The program showed the natural beauty of the human homeworld, the way it used to be, animals that used to cover the globe and fantastically tall trees.

Deacon shifted in his chair. “Why’d you pick this?” He asked.

I didn’t turn around and kept watching the screen. “I don’t know. I like seeing outside, I mean, nature and stuff. We don’t have much of it here so it’s always interested me.” I explained.

“It’s just trees and stuff, it’s not that great.” Deacon said matter-of-factly.

I looked at him over my shoulder, giving him an earnest look. “Yes it is. It’s life, it’s really pure life that just, quietly does its own thing. It doesn’t try to hurt anyone else, it just grows and coexists with everything around it.” I said.

Deacon ran a finger over his moustache. “That’s a nice thought, huh?”

I looked back to the screen where a camera was panning through an extinct grove of trees called redwoods. “It is to me.” I said.

We had a simple dinner and watched some more shows as it grew late. Deacon started to snore quietly in his chair while I cleaned up after the meal and washed the dishes. He had drained the bottles he brought home over the course of the evening so I put them in an empty bag near the door. I set them down beside the box of my belongings. While I had been cleaning most of the day I had somehow neglected to unpack into the bedroom. I carried the box in and set it next to the bed. Over the next hour or so I took my clothes out and folded them into the closet. I had expected to have to make room but none of Deacon’s clothes or belongings were on the shelves or rack inside. I hung up my extra heating jackets and folded my shirts, pants, socks and underwear onto the narrow shelves. I pulled my sketchbook out and traced my fingers over the cover. It brought a smile to my face that it hadn’t been damaged downstairs. I carefully slid it into the alcove by the bed alongside Deacon’s framed pictures.


Ten days had passed since my apartment had been torn apart and I was forced to move in with the marshall upstairs. I wasn’t ruled by worry and fear anymore and left the apartment sometimes. I did all of the marshall’s laundry and mine. He was grateful but asked if I wouldn’t mind leaving his clean clothes on the end of the couch.

I should have been looking to pick up some men to make a little extra money but I wasn’t super excited by the notion. I was anxious that my new friendship with Deacon was sending my brain mixed signals. I wasn’t stupid, I knew that I probably had a crush on the first man to look out for me. I needed to clear my head and for that I needed a good fuck.

I hung around the docks during the late afternoon as a few freight and mining ships arrived and began unloading. I unzipped my puffy jacket to expose my firm chest and stomach underneath. I waved timidly at a few of the workers moving freight around. Most pretended not to notice although I finally caught the interest of a short, burly guy with a patchy dark brown beard. He showed me to a toilet stall in the bottom of his ship, careful to lead me there when none of his shipmates were around. The stall door was barely shut behind us before his heavy work pants hit the floor and his belt buckle made a loud clank. I followed suit, pulling my tight-fitting pants down to my ankles.

“Turn around, bend over.” He ordered in a gravelly voice.

I pulled a small tube of lubricant from one of my jacket’s inner pockets and squeezed some liberally onto my fingers. My tail lifted itself up over my back as I reached down to slip the cool gel around and into my exposed asshole.

“All ready, stud.” I purred as I parted my legs and leaned against the wall on my forearms over the toilet.

The short fellow gripped my butt cheeks hard as he lined up his fat little prick to my anus. He leaned into me and I felt him pop inside. I clenched my jaw, I wasn’t that loose. It still hurt at first, every time, when I wasn’t able to fully prepare. He rammed into me at full speed after only his third thrust. I bit my lip and was repeatedly shoved against the wall as he hammered into my ass. He pulled my tail upwards hard. I let out a yelp.

“Just wanted to see your hole.” He said. Not much of an apology, I thought.

He banged me into the filthy wall of the toilet stall again and again until I heard his breathing begin to speed up and I knew he would cum soon. He reached up and wrapped his fist in my hair, before tugging it forcefully. I still had my hands on the wall even as I was suddenly jerked backward.

“Ouch! Fuck, man, take it easy!” I cried out in pain.

“Here it comes, you little bitch.” He grunted into my ear.

I could feel his testicles lift as he emptied them into my guts. He licked and sucked at my neck as he came, I didn’t care for the feel. When his climax had diminished, he flopped out of my asshole and gave me a rough shove. I wasn’t prepared for the sudden push and I bashed my forehead into the metal wall. It was enough to hurt but not daze me.

“What the fuck?” I said angrily as I turned around.

The husky man shrugged. “I like it a little rough, don’t get bent out of shape.”

I stopped myself from spitting in his face. “Pay me so I can get out of here.”

I charged him a little extra for the abuse treatment. He had gotten annoyed by that, but in the end agreed to terms. My head felt like it was going to bruise which would make it challenging for trying to attract any other men in the short term. I might be able to hide it with my hair if I brushed it partially over my face.

On the way back to the apartment I stopped by the grocery store. I had a little extra money and wanted to treat myself, and Deacon too. He had been nothing but decent to me in his gruff way since I had been staying with him. We always ate cheaply and it was never something we relished. I hoped he would enjoy the surprise, I knew he would. It made me feel good, thinking about doing something to make him happy. I bought groceries that would last the two of us at least a few days. I considered buying him more booze but didn’t like the idea of encouraging his obvious alcoholism.

Back in Deacon’s apartment I started cooking up some food. It was still more or less instant but this stuff was made with actual pronounceable ingredients and tasted much better. There used to be a time when people could prepare meals using meat from animals they had slaughtered and vegetables harvested out of the ground. This was not a luxury one could enjoy in space. Food had to be able to travel and have nutrients infused often after the fact. To get the rest of the vitamins necessary to stay healthy everyone was on nutritional supplements, taken every morning. It wasn’t that much of a hassle honestly, just something we all did by habit.

The meal was ready and when I heard the familiar sound of the keycard at the door I started to move it from the oven onto plates. Deacon pushed into the room and shut the door behind him.

“Hey, something smells good!” He said, sniffing the air.

I moved around the counter holding the plates in front of me. “Thought I’d do something kinda special, had a few extra credits. Anyway, this should taste better than what we normally eat.” I said happily.

He carefully dropped the bag of bottles he had brought home onto the counter.

“Come here.” He said.

I walked over and cocked my head to the side. “What?” I asked.

He took the food from me and set it on the counter beside us. He pulled me closer by the arm until I was nearly against him. I felt my heartbeat quicken with the proximity.

“What the hell happened to your head, Cheyne?” He asked as he pushed some hair out of my face.

“Oh that, well, I hit it I guess.” I tried to distance myself from him but he still held me firmly.

“You guess? That is a serious bruise. How did it happen? Tell me the truth.” He said sternly.

I let out a long sigh. “I was with some guy, he got a little rough. It’s not a big deal.” I tried to sound reassuring.

He let my arm go and gave me a serious expression. He almost looked angry. “Dammit, kid. I work to keep the folks of this station protected and you go out and get paid to let assholes beat you up?”

I shot him an offended look. “He didn’t beat me up. He fucked me and then shoved me a little. I got paid extra, it’s fine.”

Deacon’s face reddened with anger. “It’s not fine, Cheyne! You think I like seeing you hurt? You think I like the thought of strange men fucking you?” His fists were balled up now, it made me feel nervous.

I was confused and somewhat taken aback by his reaction. “What the fuck do you care? This is my life, I can make whatever stupid decisions I want!” I shouted back at him.

He pounded his fist on the counter next to him, causing me to jump in surprise. “I care, alright? You’re my friend, of course I care! How can you think so little of yourself, huh? You’re smart and funny… you think you need these men to make you feel good? That’s bullshit!”

I opened my mouth to respond but there was nothing there.

Deacon continued, but his face had softened and his tone had calmed. “It’s not my place, but, I don’t want you to do this anymore. It’s not safe, it scares the shit out of me that something’s gonna happen to you and there won’t be anything I can do.”

“You’re right, it’s not your place. You’re not my parent, you’re not my boyfriend, it doesn’t really concern you at all.” I shot back.

He gave a sort of sad, defeated expression. It made my heart ache to look at him.

“Look, Cheyne, I worry about the people close to me, okay? What if I could find you another job? Would you try it out? Please?” He pleaded.

I moved uncomfortably in place, my tail switching behind me. “I-I guess. It depends on the job.” I answered uncertainly.

“Good. Thank you. There’s a desk job at the precinct. It’s just filing and making schedules on the computer and maybe some dispatch work, it shouldn’t be anything too tough for you. If I put in a good word I can probably get you an interview at least.”

I really didn’t know what to say. “I can check it out.” I managed.

“It’s not a sure thing, and it doesn’t pay real well, but it’s honest work and I can stop worrying about you.” Deacon said.

“You don’t need to worry about me, Deacon.” I said, looking into his face.

He gave a modest smile and put a hand on my shoulder. “Someone needs to worry about you.”

My heart pounded again.

The marshall turned back to the counter and picked up the plates. “Now let’s eat before it gets cold!” He said enthusiastically.

We ate while watching more of Deacon’s reality shows. I still wasn’t much of a fan but I was beginning to see what he got out of them. He was interested in the human drama, even with its gross exaggeration. I had come to learn that he quite liked people, getting to know them, finding out what made them tick. It was probably part of what made him a good marshall. Though in the time I had spent with him he never mentioned any friends or significant others in his own life. I wondered, not for the first time why he let me into his little world. It seemed like he had taken a paternal role with me, wanting to take care of me and make sure I was safe. He did make me feel safe, it was not something I could remember ever feeling. When my dad had been around he had never taken much interest in me or my life, he had just been present, and even that didn’t last.

During a lull in the program, Deacon mentioned to me: “Talked with Ford again today, about your apartment.”

“Oh?” I responded.

“Really slow going, don’t even think maintenance has made it out for their initial inspection. You’re stuck here for a while longer.”

“Enh, you’re not so bad, I can tough it out.” I smirked at him.

He nodded and gave me a smile. I found it hard to meet his gaze when he smiled like that.

“Dinner was real nice. Thanks for doing that.” He said.

“Hey no problem, glad you liked it.” I replied.

“Keep taking care of me, cleaning up around here, I’m not sure I’ll be able to let you leave!” He laughed.

I felt the start of a knot forming in my stomach. “Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.” I responded.

After Deacon had passed out drunk in his chair I headed to my room. Though it was late and I should have been tired, I couldn’t quite fall asleep. Deacon telling me he liked having me here, in his own way, kept running through my head. I sketched for a time, read a chapter of a book on my smartscreen and tried to lie still and shut my eyes but sleep wouldn’t find me. I decided to go out to the kitchen for a drink of water. I quietly opened the bedroom door so I wouldn’t disturb Deacon, although he was not a light sleeper by any means. As I moved through the small common room my eyes swept over the large sleeping man on the couch. He was on top of the blanket again wearing only his eyepatch, briefs and white t-shirt, straining to hold in his round gut and massive chest. Below his belly, tight grey briefs had rolled up his muscular, hairy thighs, making his cramped genitals look even bigger. I stopped walking and unconsciously moved closer to him for a better view.

“Damn.” I whispered appreciatively into the still room.

I knew I should get my water and go to bed, that had been the goal after all, but here and now, this was the first opportunity I had gotten to really take in the big man’s body. As I watched the bulge between his legs I noticed the material begin to tent outwards as he started to become aroused in his sleep. Staring at his growing erection, my own cock had stiffened painfully in my underwear. I knelt down beside the snoring man and moved closer to his side. I was nervous he might wake up at any second and yet, I was unwilling to move away. My tongue moved across my dry lips as I leaned my face close to his maleness. I could smell him in the air, I was so close I could see the shape of his full cock and even the crown of his swollen head. I dipped my nose down and gently inhaled, just barely letting the fabric graze my nostrils. The scent his body produced, especially here, was nearly overpowering me. My own underpants now sported a widening wet spot from the precum oozing out of me.

I was dizzy with lust. I had wanted this man on some level since that first day when he saved me from my attackers and brought me into his home. My body was actually shaking with nerves and excitement as I gently, painstakingly, pulled the front of the cloth fly open. I could see the warm pale flesh of his cock as I nervously pulled the fly further apart and lifted. He was too big and bent up under the waistband. I pushed my fingers through the opening and slowly hauled him out. Deacon was large, even bigger than I had fantasized about. I had been with numerous men in my young life but he was easily one of the girthiest. I stroked him slowly, and as softly as I could manage, still terrified of waking him. With my other hand I dipped inside the fly to feel his heavy, hairy balls. I moved my face over him again, standing up on my knees. I inhaled deeply again but allowed my tongue to slip out and take a furtive lick of his hot manhood. I felt a shiver down my spine as I finally got my first taste of Deacon’s sex. When I moved slightly up his body to take his fat cockhead into my mouth I thought I might die from my heart exploding in my chest. My body trembled with excitement and fear of being discovered but I would rather be caught and thrown out of the apartment than not experience his body, at least, that was how I felt in the moment. I sucked down his chubby dick and swirled my tongue all over, delighting at the taste.

Deacon moved slightly in his sleep and let out a low groan. “Uugh, mmm.” He murmured.

I froze with his thickness halfway down my throat. I waited like this until the snoring began again. I continued my ministrations, gulping my way down his length until I barely succeeded in getting his entirety into my throat. I forced my face all the way down to the wild greying pubic hair over his crotch and pushed my tongue out to lap against his hairy sack. The gentleness of my sucking had been replaced with my need to drain him into my hungry mouth. I made him fuck my face as I forced him into my throat repeatedly. I could taste the early flavors of his semen as it seeped from his piss slit across my tongue. I pulled my own underwear down in a swift movement and jerked myself in a frenzy. I would make a few quick strokes then let go completely, I knew I could cum at any second. So focused on my task was I that I hadn’t noticed the snoring subside.

“Eilie?” Came a groggy voice to my side.

I looked up to Deacon’s face, my mouth full of his bulging dick. His eye was red and cloudy from drink and sleepiness. He looked at me but still seemed to be miles away, unfocused. I continued to suck him, also using my hand to caress and knead his heavy balls through a leg opening. I watched his face above his stomach as I blew him for all I was worth. He still watched me drunkenly but said nothing more. Within another few seconds I felt him jerking spastically in my mouth and was rewarded with full shots of the marshall’s hot spunk. It covered my tongue and splashed into my throat as I struggled to take it all down. It was so thick, and the sheer volume took my by surprise. His flavor was salty and bitter and I loved every second. In my hand I brought myself to orgasm a moment later and shook as I squirted against the couch between my legs. I buried my face into his groin again as I was jolted by the concussive power of my ejaculations. I gulped and licked while I fondled his hairy, drained bag. I laid my head across his thigh as I lapped at the final drops that seeped from his rounded head.

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