Two Strong Men On Jupiter Pt 2

“That’s it?” I asked.

“It’s everything you need to know at the moment. You have the job, so congratulations. Pay won’t be amazing, but this is Ganymede after all. See you on Monday, nine in the morning please.” She finished.

“Thank you.” I said, getting uncertainly to my feet. It seemed like there should be more of, I don’t know, an interview process? Maybe this was normal. I pushed the chair back and stepped past it toward the office door.

“Cheyne?” She called from behind her desk. “Can I ask you something, perhaps, rather personal?”

I gave her a curious expression. “Sure?”

“Are you, friends with Deacon?”

“Yes, we’re actually roommates at the moment. He basically took me in after my apartment got wrecked. He’s a good guy.” I said, letting a half smile curl one side of my mouth.

“He is.” She agreed. “And… everything is going well with him?”

My eyebrows knit together. “I’m not sure I understand?” I responded.

She shuffled some papers on her desk. “After everything he’s been through, I know it’s been hard on him. Lately his mood seems much improved, I hope that’s something that continues.”

I digested this new information. “What has he been through, exactly?” I asked her.

She looked ruffled but only briefly. “It’s not my place, clearly he hasn’t said anything about it. Please disregard my comments.” She said dismissively.

“Uh, okay.” I said hesitantly. “See you Monday?”

She nodded and waved me out of her office.

I found Deacon on my way out of the building, he was brewing coffee in a little break room off the main reception area. I strolled into the room and he gave me a grin when he saw me.

“How did it go?” He asked enthusiastically.

“In spite of my best efforts, she gave me the job.” I replied.

He clapped me on the shoulder, it almost stung. “That’s great news! Good for you!” He exclaimed.

“Thanks, yeah, I guess so. It sounds like I only got it because of how highly she thinks of you.” I explained.

“Well, you’ll do fine. I know you can do it, it’s not hard work, it might be boring.” He admitted.

“Oh, it definitely will be boring, but, I’m sort of excited about it.” I said, surprising myself.

Deacon pulled a small flask out of his jacket and poured some of its contents into his coffee cup.

“You’re allowed to drink at work?” I asked, giving the man a concerned expression.

“Helps take the edge off. I can keep it in check when I’m on-duty.” He said.

I sighed. “If you say so.”

“Well, I got stuff to do around here, you good to get home?” He asked.

“Yeah, dude. I think I can find my way home from here. I just changed my clothes, I didn’t actually become a different person.” I said slowly, as if he was dumb.

“Alright, no need to be a smartass.” He growled, and then added. “I’ll see you tonight. You still up for…?” He gave me a questioning look.

“Like you need to ask.” I chuckled.

The rest of the day found me wandering main street, poking into shops and humming a tune I had heard somewhere. As I was rounding a corner next to a store on the corner I nearly ran into a man I had taken to bed on a couple occasions before.

“‘Scuse me, sorry there.” He said politely and moved around me before heading on his way.

He had looked me in the eyes, albeit briefly, but didn’t recognize me. Did I look so different in these clothes? Did it bother me? I decided that it didn’t. I felt good about myself, actually proud of starting a new job. I think there was even something of a strut in my step. Granted, it was Deacon that really got me the position, but if he felt strongly that I could do it and succeed, well perhaps I could.

As early evening rolled around I decided to meet the marshall at his work and walk home with him. I sent him a message to make sure he wasn’t somewhere else. I was leaning against a large sign pole when he left the station and hustled over to me when he saw where I was waiting.

“Hey! So you’re walking me home now, huh?” He asked as he trotted over holding the bag of clothes from earlier.

I gave a shrug. “Well, you live in a pretty sketchy part of town. I wouldn’t want anything to happen.” I joked.

He burst out with a laugh. “Well aren’t you thoughtful. Got your clothes here.” He added, lifting the bag.

“Thanks.” I said. “You hungry?”

“Of course.” He replied.

We stopped by a diner on the way home, nothing fancy, and got a couple of burgers and fries. Deacon told me he had hamburgers planetside once, when he was young and they were fantastic, these were garbage by comparison.

“They taste okay to me.” I said, now disappointed.

His face became unhappy. “Oh no, these are fine! They’re just different, and my memory probably made those other ones out to be better than they were.” He added hastily.

I laughed. “It’s fine, I’m glad they were. I can’t wait to make it to Scabareth, or Earth, or Mars or Titan. Food from those places must be amazing, right?”

The marshall gave me a kind smile. “You bet, kid.”

When the check came I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had allowed him to buy me new clothes but I could at least pay for dinner. I explained that it was my way of thanking him for getting me a new job. At last he relented, then thanked me for buying him dinner.

“Kinda feels like we’re on a date, doesn’t it?” He asked while we were sitting after the meal, contemplating leaving or staying a while longer.

“I mean, it sort of is a date, right?” I pressed.

Deacon gave me an unsure look. “Well, I mean, a friend date.” He corrected.

I forced a smile. “Yeah, obviously.” My heart sank, but I made sure not to spoil the mood. “You want to get out of here?” I asked.

“You bet!” He answered eagerly. “Ready to have a little fun tonight?”

When we reached the apartment, I should have been struggling to unbuckle his belt, kissing his neck, trying to urge him out of his clothes faster, but my mind was elsewhere. For whatever reason my mind kept returning to what Chief Holden had said, about everything Deacon had been through. Did she mean the accident that left him scarred? Maybe she had meant the drinking, I couldn’t be sure. Was now the time to ask him, would he even want to tell me? If I was his friend, shouldn’t he want to share that with me? He surprised me by moving up behind me and placing his hands on my waist and rubbing my butt through my jeans.

“I honestly thought you’d be the one making the first move when we got back.” He said into my ear.

He pressed against me, I could feel his stomach against my back and his hot breath tickled my rounded ears. Suddenly I wasn’t distracted anymore and my mind became centered on the strong man behind me. As we stood in the living room of our apartment he slid his rough hands to the front of my jeans, simultaneously rubbing my crotch and under my shirt, stroking my tight stomach.

“You feel amazing.” He whispered.

“Thanks, so do you, it feels so good the way you touch me.” I purred. My tail wound itself around his side and pulled him closer.

Deacon struggled to undo the buttons on my shirt from behind and I helped him. The shirt was lifted over my head as the big man rubbed my chest and began to softly rub and play with my nipples. He tugged lightly at one of my earrings with his teeth. I moaned into the still air and reached back to fumble with his belt. It became too difficult so I turned around to face him. We began to undress each other, our heavy breathing the only sound. When he was down to his plain t-shirt I reached down to his belly to lift it up but he gently stopped me.

“It’s not pretty under there, I don’t mind keeping it on.” He assured me.

“I’ve seen them, remember? It’s not a turn-off for me, I think you have a great body.” I said truthfully.

He appeared ill at ease and told me so. “You don’t need to say that, I know how I look. Just, let me keep the shirt on, okay?”

“Okay.” I replied hesitantly. I realized it was more for his own comfort than mine and so I didn’t make more of the issue.

I traced the outline of the tattoo on his left bicep, now that I could see it up close it appeared to be a large bird with red wings. It almost appeared to be on fire. “What is this?” I asked.

Deacon looked down at his arm. “Back when I was doing military service I got that done. My unit, well we came back from this mission once that none of us should have survived. It was something of a miracle honestly. On our next leave we all had these done. It’s a phoenix.” He explained.

“A phoenix?” I inquired.

“Bird of resurrection, every time it dies it comes back to life. Just something stupid I got when I was younger, it doesn’t mean anything.” He said.

“That mission, is that when you got hurt?” I asked.

“Cheyne,” He said, giving me a serious look. “I don’t want to talk right now, I want to have fun with you. Let’s focus on that.”

He was right, and I resolved to keep my trap shut on the subject. I wanted the marshall to feel good, so I let my hands trace down to his cock, which was tenting his briefs against my stomach. I pulled them down to his knees as his fat cock popped free and he reached down to do the same with mine.

“What do you want?” I asked him in a seductive voice.

“Just want to feel you, and have you touch me.” He replied huskily.

One of his hands wrapped around my prick and began to softly stroke me. He watched my maleness move in his hand with great interest. I reached down and began to do the same for him, loving the look and feel of his thick member. It appeared that I had a slight length advantage but he was so fat, I couldn’t make my fingers and thumb connect around the girth. His other hand cupped around my ass, letting his fingers dip into the warm crevice between my cheeks and tail.

“This feels great.” He whispered.

I was so turned on, I wanted to do more. I leaned up to his mouth but just before I reached his lips he turned his face just barely away.

“What is it?” I asked, a little dismayed.

“Sorry Cheyne, maybe I should have said something before. That’s too, intimate for me.” He frowned.

“It’s alright.” I lied. “It’s a rule for me too, I don’t let men kiss me on the mouth when we’re together.”

Deacon nodded with understanding. “I see, I just, I’m excited to be with you, I am.” He said awkwardly.

“But you don’t want it complicated, nothing beyond the physical.” I finished for him.

“Y-yeah… pretty much.” He agreed ultimately.

I made myself smile. “Let’s just feel good tonight.” I told him. Inside I could feel my stomach wrenching.

Deacon smiled. “Sounds good!” He lifted me in his bulky arms easily and walked me over to the couch, as I wrapped my arms tightly around him. He swept his piled clothes off the sofa with one arm and laid me on my back, with him climbing on top. He returned to jerking me with one of his calloused hands, with the other he poked around my ass. I reached under to gently rub him too.

“Would you suck me a little?” I asked. It was strange, asking a man to make me feel good, it was almost a foreign concept but Deacon wasn’t paying me, this was mutual.

He gave me a concerned look before saying, “Sure, but uh, just tell me if there’s anything I can do better.” He said.

He moved down and knelt on the floor next to the sofa, licking his lips before ducking his head to take me into his mouth. He was awkward at first, but he found a steady motion we both enjoyed. I could feel his bushy moustache tickle the top of my cock as he pushed himself down my length. He kept his eye locked on mine and I reached down to gently run my fingers through his short greying hair and guide him back down my pulsing prick. I loved the way his moustache whiskers teased my dick as he slurped his way up, then back down. He let me bob out from between his wet lips so he could sniff my testicles, giving them a taste before he began sucking them one by one into his hungry mouth. I felt his tongue wash over each one and explore them gently. It felt incredible. I arched my back in response, I didn’t even know how sensitive my balls were until now.

After several minutes he released them and climbed back over me. “Good?” He asked earnestly.

“So good, oh that felt wonderful.” I breathed.

“Well, I’m glad, that was my first cock.” He said with a shy smile.

“What?” I almost wasn’t sure I had heard him correctly.

He nodded. “Yeah, you’re the first guy I’ve done this kind of stuff with.” He admitted quietly.

“Really?” I asked, still surprised by his admission.

“Yes, Cheyne!” He said loudly. “I’ve been with women before now, but I’m a curious guy, I’m willing to try new things, and I trust you.”

No wonder he hadn’t wanted to kiss, or actually date, or anything beyond what we were doing now. I had wanted so much more than just a fuck buddy, but I had been with plenty of curious guys before now, I knew the score. They’d test their limits, see what felt good but wouldn’t get involved emotionally.

“Would you… can I fuck you?” He asked, startling me out of my thoughts. I looked down and could see his big dick dripping precum onto my thigh.

“I want you to, badly.” I told him. “But you’re really thick, I need time to loosen up, okay?”

He gave an eager grin and his eye sparkled. “Yeah, of course, we’ll take all the time you need!”

“Hand me my jacket, there’s some lube in the pocket.” I instructed.

Deacon quickly bounded off the couch and bent over to pick up my jacket from the floor where it had been shed. I admired the shape of his round, hairy backside. My erection bobbed as I surveyed his mostly nude, sturdy frame.

“You always carry lube in your pockets?” He asked as he moved back to the sofa carrying the small tube.

“Force of habit from my, previous vocation.” I said carefully.

“Handy.” He admitted, then after a moment added, “Um, do I uh, need anything? Protection?”

I gave him a knowing look. “No, Deacon. There’s nothing scabarethen can catch from humans sexually, and my device says I’m perfectly healthy. Checked it this morning.”

He nodded. “Oh, okay, I didn’t know. I’m in pretty good health, all considered.” He smiled.

I rolled over onto my stomach and spread my legs for him. “Coat your fingers, start with one and open me up.” I told him as I began grinding my pelvis into the cushions. I needed to feel him inside me so badly I felt like I was in heat.

I moaned as he started to push one thick, slimy finger inside. I pushed back against it and he rubbed the small of my back with his free hand. It wasn’t too long before a second finger joined the first and I eagerly shoved against it too.

“Damn, you feel so hot inside.” He murmured.

After what seemed an eternity I could feel four of his thick fingers moving in and out of my slippery backside and I believed I was ready.

“I think I’m there, take your time, but go for it.” I told him.

The bulky fellow adjusted himself on his knees between my legs, lifting me by the hips and stomach until his maleness prodded into my loosened hole. He pulled my thighs up to his belly and his cockhead slipped into my entrance. I cried out, but it was not from pain.

“Is this okay?” He asked in a concerned tone.

“Very much so, keep going.” I whispered.

Deacon pushed, and all at once I could feel his entire cock fill the void his fingers had left. I pushed up from the couch on my hands as his girth stretched me wide.

“Good god, Deacon! You feel amazing, don’t stop!” I exclaimed.

The big man needed no further encouragement from me as he leaned over my back and began to thrust fully inside. I could feel his belly against the small of my back. The couch creaked and bumped with each of his powerful pumps against my ass. I think my tongue was actually lolling out of my mouth in lust, I couldn’t remember ever feeling this satisfied by a man. He held me by my stomach and found my oozing cock with the other. He stroked me in time to his bucking but I had to reach down to slow his jacking, otherwise I wouldn’t last long.

“I’m gonna cum soon.” He warned. “It’s been awhile and you feel too good!”

It was disappointing, I wanted more, I wanted this to last all night until our bodies collapsed from exhaustion, but then, I knew this wouldn’t be the last time we had sex together. I grabbed his hand that was pumping me and sped up the timing of his strokes. He bumped and collided with my backside more quickly, his breathing coming out in ragged gasps. Within a few more thrusts I knew he was at his exploding point.

“Cheyne! Aw fuck, I’m cumming!” He bellowed as he pushed in all the way to his balls and began to flood me with his juices.

There was so much, it began to spill out of me, dripping down my seam and onto my sack. The feeling was so exquisite that I was orgasming myself before I even realized. The combined sensations of the two of us cumming forced me to stand up on my knees and lean against his barrel-shaped body. Deacon still thrust, slowly, as he held me tightly to his front. He slowed his stroking to my cock even as I still spurted across the sofa. He watched my fluids fly through the air and roughly kissed my neck.

I didn’t want to move, I was so content in this moment, feeling Deacon’s arm around me, his warmth against me and deep inside.

I felt his breath against my ear. “That was something else, thanks Cheyne.” He said, stroking my chest tenderly.

I reached up, holding his hand over my heart. “Sometimes good things happen in the universe.” I replied.

He chuckled. “I’ve never been told that before, what does it mean?” He asked.

I shrugged my shoulders and felt a smile turn my lips. “It’s like, sometimes everything falls into place. Like right now, everything is amazing. I don’t know, think I heard it somewhere.”

“Well, you were amazing, I had a really good time.” He said as he rubbed my front.

“You too Deacon.” I assured him.

He slipped out from behind me and I begrudgingly let him go. “You want first shower or me?” He asked.

“Maybe we could shower together?” I asked hopefully.

“It’s probably too small, and, I’d rather just be in there by myself.” He said. I watched him head to the kitchen, sweat glistening on his body as he found himself a drink.

“Well, let me go first, you’re already dripping out of me. No point in getting even more on the couch.” I suggested.

He put his hands on his hips and surveyed the sofa. “We really should have put a towel down or something. Whoops.”

“Next time.” I winked at him as I pushed off the couch and headed to the washroom.

While I bathed under the hot water I reflected on the night’s passion. It had been great, felt amazing, I loved the man’s body and he seemed to enjoy mine well enough. What then was this pesky feeling that crept into my head afterward? There was a good chance that my crush on the marshall was metamorphosing into something more. That would be stupid, there was nowhere to go from here, he had expressed that quite clearly. It should be enough, I reasoned, that I could spend time with him, share my body and live here with him. This was an amazing situation in which I found myself, no more risk of getting beaten up by random tricks, new job, a shared apartment where my rent essentially got cut in half and a friend on whom I could rely. Even without the marshall’s sex buried inside of me, there was an emptiness forming that I wasn’t sure how to fill.


Time passed, as it always does. Some things change and most seems to stay just the same. I started my new desk job under the watchful eye of Chief Holden. It was interesting, just from all of the transcribing and filing how much I learned about working with the police and also about protocol and job-related language. I worked countless hours at a small desk in the corner of a small office in the back of the building with a little pyramid of boxes, full of papers and files and an old computer. Thanks to work I now had steady income being transferred into my accounts every couple of weeks.

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  1. Robbie says:

    Wow, it’s getting complicated and at some point it’s all going to come to a head and I hope their growing love survives it.

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