Ultimatum: Come Out Or Get Lost


Jeremy spun his head at the voice, spotting yet another scantily clad server, and yet another bunny tail and set of bunny ears.

“Meat eaters on the left of the tray, and vegetarians to the right,” she instructed.

“Definitely a meat eater,” Jeremy quipped, as he removed a beef pastry from the tray, adding, “Plus I have been known to munch on a good cock from time to time.”

The server chuckled as she moved on to other guests, leaving Jeremy all by himself. He pondered over his predicament. There were now about fifty to sixty guests mingling in the hall, all with masks on and at least half of them males. He scanned them all quickly but was still no closer to unmasking Alex than he was when he’d first come in.

“Your turn.”

Jeremy took hold of the joint again, placing it to his lips and inhaling deeply. He was really starting to get a good buzz. He then passed the joint and scanned the growing crowd yet again. Of the thirty or so males, only about fifteen had the height and build of Alex. All wore shirts, so the color of their chests and arms could not be determined. Jeremy remembered that Alex’s hands were not tanned, and so trying to pick him out based on his bronze tan skin color, was not going to be an option. He decided that the only way to perhaps uncover which guest was the heartthrob Alex, would be to chat with all fifteen one by one. He was certain that the voice he would be able to recognize.

“Your turn again.” Jeremy listened carefully to the joint holder as he passed him the joint back. The voice seemed muffled and disguised due to speaking through the mask. Perhaps trying to identify Alex by his voice might not work so well after all. Trying to speak through a mask pressed against once mouth, would definitely tend to camouflage one’s true voice.

Jeremy took yet another generous inhale and noted that the room began to spin, and the masks of those that passed by, begin to change in shape and texture.

“Your turn again.”

“Ah, no thanks,” Jeremy managed. “That shit’s really wild. Everything’s starting to move, even the walls.”

Jeremy mingled through the crowd, chatting freely and being encouraged to take on more wine and pastries with almost each step. The pastries he ignored, but the wine he snapped up with uncaring abandoned. It was really turning out to be a great party. The atmosphere was amazingly jovial and upbeat. The music had now shifted to a nifty modern disco he wasn’t sure he recognized, while out stretched hands were being positioned to greet him at every turn. He made sure that he worked the crowd systematically and methodically, listening closely to the voice of each tall, well built male. If any of them were Alex, they weren’t letting on. He had, however, upon an hour’s worth of closer inspection, narrowed the list of possibles to four candidates with the identical height and build of Alex.

Three of the four had long flowing shoulder length hair like Alex, while the other one had his hair color and length hidden under his all encompassing mask.

Since the party had been in full swing for almost an hour and a half, Jeremy had to assume that Alex was already in attendance, and therefore among the four. The first was sporting a giant lion’s head, and had, on his name tag, the inscription, ‘The Lion Of Chaeronea,’ with the following descriptor. ‘This lion was set up to commemorate and guard the tomb of The Thebans, defeated by Philip of Macedon in 338 B.C.’

Jeremy’s cock was now fully at attention and he himself was so unbearably horny, that he was about to start serious fucking everything and anything that might make an offer to come his way.

Jeremy now glanced across the room at the second most likely candidate, whose broad shoulders, and rippling muscles under his T-shirt, conspired with his tall, impressive frame and long flowing black hair to give the definite impression that he was indeed, Alex in the flesh. He felt the need to be further fortified, and pulled yet another glass of red wine off the tray of a passing server, draining it off in one long gulp.

“Hi, I’m The Sphinx,” Jeremy offered, his hand outstretched.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Sphinx. My real name is Mike, yet I myself am not named after a person, or a God,” he replied.

“I can see that,” Jeremy confirmed, noting that his mask resembled some type of statue in a circle. He read his name tag, almost reverently. ‘Dodona,’ the oldest oracle in Greece.’ “Even older than Delphi’s own,” Jeremy added.

“You seem to know a lot about it,” Mike said. “What else can you tell me? I find the whole topic of Greek Mythology quite fascinating.”

“The oracle of Dodona was dedicated to Zeus, and originally its priests were men. When Plato came on the scene, those serving were changed to priestesses.”

“Wow, you seem to know quite a bit about Greek Mythology, don’t you. If I didn’t know better I’d swear you were professor Wilkins, the guest of honor.”

“That’s me, guilty as charged.”

Mike began to laugh uproariously. Jeremy recognized at once that the laugh was not that of Alex.

“Excuse me,” Jeremy offered, feeling deflated, having originally been sure it was Alex whom he’d been speaking with. He walked over to the next man on his list of four possibles.

“Hi,” Jeremy said.

“Hi. Sphinx? I can’t say I know what a sphinx is. I myself am sporting the face of Hermes, although I can’t say I know much about him.”

Jeremy glanced at his name tag. “Hermes, an Olympian God, and the son of Zeus.’ It then dawned on Jeremy, upon closer reflection, that the man masquerading as Hermes was probably an inch shorter than Alex.

Hermes began looking over Jeremy’s shoulder. “Ah, I believe the fellow behind you is trying to get your attention.”

A voice suddenly rang out from behind Jeremy. “Care to dance?”

Jeremy turned away from Hermes, looking in the direction of the voice, and recognized that it was coming from the fourth possible on his list of four. The name tag read, ‘Hercules, an Athenian blessed with enormous strength by the Gods.’ “Would love to,” spat back Jeremy, fabulously excited that he had probably finally found Alex. Jeremy stared at the giant bulge in his pants and was impressed with the fact he also had the correct height and weight. It certainly seemed like a perfect match for Alex. He also waved a glass of wine around in his left hand as he swayed to the music, and Jeremy was even more encouraged, remembering that Alex was indeed, left handed.

“I’ll bet, that under that mask, you’re just as handsome as Hercules.”

“That I am,” he replied. “I’m really hot, if that’s what your asking, professor.”

“How…how did you know who I am?”

“It’s not hard. You have a slight limp in your right leg, and you are five feet ten with a medium build. Also you are blond with a bald spot on the top of your head. I’m not the only one that noticed it,” he said. “There were a lot of whispers that the guest of honor had been spotted.”

Jeremy blushed sheepishly. “Why is it that everyone else can guess who I am under this mask so very easily and yet I can’t guess the true identity of even one person here? I’m looking for a friend of mine, Alex.”

“It’s a wonderful party,” he offered, trying to change the subject. Jeremy would not be deterred and continued his train of thought. “You look remarkably like him.”

“Like who?”

“Like Alex.”

“Come now, professor. You know the rules. No trying to guess the identities of the party goers.”

Jeremy laughed. “Oh boy, that’s a little hypocritical, don’t you think? Everyone speculating, then finally guessing who I am, but nobody willing to let me do the same thing.”

“Well, I suppose. Still, I’m not telling anyone who I am. I might be Alex, but then again I might not be. I’ve always admired you though, professor. I love hooking up with brainy types. It excites me. Makes me hot.”

“Hmmm. Well if you won’t admit to being Alex, what should I call you, then?”

He pointed playfully at his name tag. “Why not Hercules?”

“Okay. Hercules it is.” Jeremy was suddenly on fire, and so unbearably horny he thought he might explode.

His giant steel hard cock did not escape Hercules’s notice. “Whoa, down boy. That giant bulge in your pants tells me you’re really, really, really hard.”

“It’s been about six months since I’ve fucked anybody. I’ve been dating Alex but he’s consistently and constantly refused to fuck me unless and until I ‘come out of the closet.’ Well now that I’m out, I fully expect him to fuck my brains out.”

“And if I’m not Alex? Will we still get it on? I don’t want to spend my night coming on to you if you’re just going to leave me not fucked when you do find I’m not Alex behind this mask.”

“Alex has told me he believes in us having an open relationship unless and until we get married. If I were to spend the night with you and if you did not turn out to be Alex, it would not affect the relationship he and I have.”

The hand of Hercules suddenly rubbed against Jeremy’s cock as he pulled him closer. “I really like you,” he offered. “I am in your class and have only been to that first lecture, but I’ve always found, that for whatever reason, my profs always turn me on.” Jeremy didn’t believe him. Instead, he was now convinced more than ever that it was indeed Alex, masquerading as one of his students.

Jeremy kissed his neck passionately. Hercules responded, continuing to rub his cock with one hand while gripping the left side of his head with the other, his warm, moist mouth working feverishly on Jeremy’s neck as well, to let him know he was also turned on and ready to make love at the drop of a hat.

The music suddenly slowed down, and a love song began to seductively blare away. The two men now drew closer, their bodies starting to sweat and grow impossibly hot and bothered. Six months worth of pent up lust began to take it’s toll on Jeremy, as his hands roamed freely over the rippling muscles of a truly herculean frame, before they settled against his rounded, impressive bum cheeks.

“I wish you were naked, Alex,” Jeremy uttered, half panting.

Hercules was now, also incredibly turned on. Jeremy seemed so outlandishly horny that Hercules was convinced he would probably turn out to be the best fuck he’d ever had. Also, he knew that being able to say that he humped the professor would be a definite feather in his cap amongst the other students. He wondered if he shouldn’t just reveal his true identity and hope Jeremy would want to still fuck him regardless. He supposed it was worth a try.

“My real name is Steve,” he offered.

“No, your real name is Alex. But that’s okay. You can pretend to be whomever you like, Hercules, or Steve or the man on the moon. I’m just dying to get into your drawers, that’s all.”

Steve eyed him carefully. It was hard to know what his facial expression behind the mask might be. One thing for certain, was that the joint Jeremy had smoked, was really starting to take effect. Being rational for the rest of the evening, was certainly not going to be one of his strong suits. Steve now wondered if he shouldn’t just pretend to be Alex and be certain to get into his pants at once. But what if Jeremy should insist he remove his mask? Steve downplayed the idea. Honesty, after all, was still the best policy.

The slow song finally stopped and the two men reluctantly parted. “My dorm room is just over at Innis College, across the street,” Steve offered.

“I’d rather go to my place,” Jeremy asserted. “It’s just a short drive from here.”

“You’re in no condition to drive,” Steve insisted.

“Nonsense. As a matter of fact, what I actually need is another drink,” Jeremy countered, almost losing his balance as he sauntered over to the bar.

Alex opened the large glass door to Woodsworth College. Arriving two hours late had been a calculated gamble on his part. He had hoped that Jeremy would have talked to each and every partygoer in a vain attempt to find his boyfriend beneath the mask. Arriving in the knick of time, so to speak, would undoubtedly make Jeremy’s sense of anticipation more heightened.

Alex nodded to the doorman who glanced at the mask of ‘Zeus,’ and the descriptor that read, ‘Zeus, Roman name for Jupiter, who was the supreme God of the Olympians.’ Alex walked the long corridor and took a deep breath at the door of Kruger Hall. He was certain that on the other side was the man he now loved with all his heart, soul and mind. He was determined to tell the professor exactly how he felt, and even more determined to make heart stopping and earth shattering love to him before the night was over. He pulled the door open, determined he would also propose marriage to Jeremy the moment he laid eyes on him. He quickly joined the crowd, not realizing his supposed foolproof plan of coming two hours late had backfired. Jeremy and Steve had left a mere two minutes earlier.

Their walk across the street to Innis College was brisk and subject to new falling rains that pelted their masks and drenched their clothing through to the bone. Once inside, the elevator whisked them quickly to the third floor and Steven’s dorm room.

“This is definitely not Alex’s room,” Jeremy acknowledged, adding a sigh.

“I never said it was,” Steve replied softly, pulling off his mask. “I’ve been telling you all along that I’m not Alex, whoever that is.”

“So you have,” agreed Jeremy, disappointed, but equally stunned at just how amazingly handsome Steve was.

“I’ve got to get out of these wet things,” Steve asserted, pulling his t-shirt off over his head. Jeremy was astonished at how fabulous his body was, and allowed his hungry eyes to savor the mouth watering chest muscles and rippling abs.

“You’re gorgeous, absolutely fucking gorgeous,” Jeremy asserted.

“And you’re drunk, absolutely fucking drunk, or stoned, or both,” Steve added with a chuckle.

“I guess I am a little tipsy at that,” he admitted, not stopping Steve from planting a moist, warm kiss onto his wildly horny lips.

“Careful,” Jeremy warned. “I haven’t been fucked in six months. I’m getting so horny right now, I might just fuck you silly before you even know what happened.”

“Sounds yummy,” Steve teased, planting yet another warm, moist kiss onto his trembling lips. Only this time the meshing of their mouths was prolonged and dangerously provocative. He pulled off his wet trousers and let his underwear swish around his ankles as well.

Jeremy feasted his eyes upon a massive erection that didn’t seem to want to stop growing. “Let’s fuck!” His two hastily chosen words were precise and to the point.

“What about your boyfriend, Alex?”

“What about him? He never showed up as far as I could tell. There were only four of you guys in there that could possibly have been Alex. None of you four were him.”

Steve moved closer, his mouth pressing hard against Jeremy’s lips, while he unzipped his trousers and let them fall to the floor.

Jeremy kicked them off and felt his iron hard cock press upward into Steve’s gorgeous rippling abs. The room began to spin as the effects of alcohol and LSD laced marijuana kicked in.

The two men lay on the plush carpeting and began to stroke each other’s impressive cocks as they kissed feverishly. Six months of pent up lust now surged through Jeremy’s unstoppably horny body.

“It’s still not to late to back out,” Steve whispered. “I know you’re really hung up on this Alex.”

“I already told you we have an open relationship. I also told you I’m certain he never bothered showing up. Plus, I have needs. I need a man in my arms just as much as the next fellow. For six long months he’s strung me along.”

“Are you sure that’s not just the grass and booze talking?”

“You’re spoiling the mood,” Jeremy retorted. “I’m holding you close so you can fuck my ass off, not talk my ears off.”

Steve had heard enough. It was time for action. Time to either fuck the professor for all he was worth, or cut him loose immediately, sending him away high and dry, with his balls still swollen with six months worth of cum.

Steve suddenly chose the former, plastering his mouth more fervently onto Jeremy’s hot and bothered lips. Their chests meshed, and sensual sweat began to roll over their bodies. Jeremy coaxed Steve onto his side, wrapping his arms around his ribs as his steel hard cock stretched Steve open wide. Both men moaned at once, at the exhilarating pleasure thundering along their spines. Both men also knew there would be no going back. Jeremy was finding Steve to be just as handsome and hunky as Alex. Steve could sense this, and reached behind himself to pull the bum cheeks of Jeremy closer, so he might thrust deeper inside, encouraging the professor to pump harder and faster. After about twenty minutes, Jeremy stopped to rest, and Steve turned to face him.

“I fall in love very easily,” Steve whispered. “Your cock is so on fire and amazing. What if I start wanting you every day?” Steve tightened his fingers around his cock, stroking the already sensitive skin back and forth.

At first Jeremy didn’t answer. He had taken a rest so as not to orgasm too quickly. He wanted the night to last. “All I know is that I don’t want tonight to end,” Jeremy managed.

“It doesn’t have to,” Steve encouraged. “Not ever if you don’t want it to. I prefer older men like yourself, anyways. You really excite me and I’m not seeing anyone right now. I could be yours to go steady with if you’d like.”

Jeremy lowered his excited mouth to Steve’s giant stiff cock and began to suck. At first he moved his skillful lips up and down slowly, but later faster and all the way down the shaft until the giant cock head tapped against his throat. The pleasure was mind numbing for Steve and after half an hour of his amazing sucking, he was suddenly on the verge of exploding.

“Oh shit…oh shit…stop now or…or…”

“Go ahead,” Jeremy insisted, gripping the shaft on his cock tighter while sucking on its head more feverishly.

Steve groaned at the exquisite pleasure, entangling his trembling fingers into Jeremy’s blond hair as he filled his throat.

Chapter Three

The sun rose lazily, its golden rays filtering through cracks in the heavy brown drapes. Alex opened his eyes slowly, turning his face away from the slivers of blinding light. He had hoped to have Jeremy in his arms and his heart ached wildly that the morning was bringing such emptiness to his shattered hopes. He glanced sideways at the pair of gold engagement bands sitting on the dresser. There would be no reason to slip his onto his finger if Jeremy were not wearing his own. Alex had wanted to show his appreciation for Jeremy ‘coming out’ by proposing marriage. But he had stupidly arrived at the party too late. Alex glared at the ceiling, his mind racing in a thousand directions. Just where the hell was Jeremy?

Alex sighed at his own stupidity. He had refused to make love to Jeremy unless and until he had ‘outed’ himself. Then, when Jeremy had succumbed to his outrageous demand, Alex had not bothered to even stay at the first lecture long enough to personally congratulate Jeremy on his ‘outing.’ In addition, he had shown up two hours late for the ‘outing’ party, no doubt frustrating Jeremy to no end.

Alex suddenly realized that he had taken Jeremy totally for granted. Everything in their six month relationship had been done his way and to hell with Jeremy’s feelings. For the first time, Alex now saw that things were beginning to turn around in a way that might not be favorable to him. Jeremy had played the role well of being wrapped around Alex’s finger, but all that was starting to change. Alex began to think the worst again. What if Jeremy had brought someone home with him, from the party?

Alex tried phoning Jeremy’s place repeatedly but there was no answer. Obviously he wasn’t home. So just where the hell was he, and with whom? Alex next began dialing his cell phone.

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5 thoughts on “Ultimatum: Come Out Or Get Lost

  1. Michael P. says:

    I Agree, But I Really don’t know if I could take either of them back… I think I would just start fresh, with someone new and less deceiving then either…Even though Alex May love Jeremy… I didn’t like the Games He played and He deserves to get Hurt , just like He hurt Jeremy.

    • Steve R says:

      Ok lots up and downs but Alex won’t be there in a couple of years and Jeremy will be hurt again and Steve is a typical young guy like so many others that will have sex any time and any where I guess I old fashioned I don’t believe in open relationship just me

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