Ultimatum: Come Out Or Get Lost

“In that case I’ll take my time,” Jeremy countered, adding a chuckle as he rose out of the sand pile and brushed himself off. “I just love sucking that giant, delicious cock of yours.”

Alex drained what was left of the champagne bottle. It was his third tall glass. He yawned as he put his feet up on the ottoman, staring at the front door. The two would have to come home some time, and when they did, Alex was certain he would be ready for them. It never dawned on him that they had gone around back onto the beach, and were now splashing each other playfully in the water. He supposed they had gone into town, perhaps shopping for souvenirs. He supposed wrong. He also mistakenly supposed he could handle three tall glasses of champagne without falling asleep.

When Alex finally awoke, a quick peek towards the window told him it was dark outside. He was amazed that Jeremy and Steve had still not yet returned from shopping in the city or wherever it was they had been.

The sand was still hot, casting dancing shadows as the Reggae music blared seductively. A bonfire for toasting marshmallows and roasting chickens roared seductively, as a hotel clerk tended a makeshift bar, passing out drinks with wild abandon.

Jeremy was half sloshed, frolicking through the sands with his hands on Steve’s hips. Steve’s hands were attached to the hotel guest’s hips in front of him, her long blond hair dangling in the seductive moonlight. The human train was about eight people long now, with partygoers swaying sensually to the loud music. There were about twelve hotel guests in attendance, laughing and singing along to the DJ’s records.

Alex listened to the music and laughter as it drifted through an open window. A light bulb suddenly went off in his head. What if Steve and Jeremy had not gone into town? What if they had been on the beach the entire day, and were now among the evening partygoers? He glanced at his watch. It was almost midnight. The half bottle of champagne he drank had knocked him out for a full eight hours. A full eight hours! He was still exhausted after the plane ride, having not slept the night before. He had worried about the consequences of Jeremy running off with the young, incredibly handsome hunk Steve. Yet here he was, in their room, still worried.

The music turned slow now, a definite love song, and Alex tried to imagine what

they might look like, if they indeed were on the beach, swaying in each other’s arms, kissing and pawing over each other like a couple at a prom. A part of him wanted to rush out onto the beach to see if they were really there, in each other’s arms, perhaps with only swim trunks on, their cocks stiff and ready for action.

“Who are you? What are you doing in our room?”

The voice came from behind Alex, startling him, making him also rise and turn, where a tall red headed woman stared at him red faced and perplexed. “What are you doing in our room?”

The man she was with was short, fat and balding. He seemed both awkward and frightened at the intrusion.

“Actually, I was waiting for a friend of mine. I was told room four was his room. His name is Jeremy. Maybe you’ve seen-“

“This is room six. You have the wrong room. You shouldn’t be in here,” she reiterated, clearly furious at Alex’s presence. “I’m going to call the front desk.”

She picked up the phone in the hall, but Alex walked by her quickly, clearly mortified. “No need to do that,” he assured her, wondering how it was possible for him to have been so stupid to enter the wrong room. “An honest mistake. I’m leaving right now.”

“I hope you didn’t touch anything, or steal any of our stuff,” she demanded.

“No, nothing,” he promised. “A hotel clerk told me that four was Jeremy’s room. I must have entered six by accident. I’m leaving now, sorry…so sorry.”

Alex slipped out, swinging the door shut behind him. She put the phone down, swinging her head from side to side to see if anything might be missing, as he left the room.

“That bastard’s drunken our champagne!”

“It was warm. We weren’t going to finish it anyways,” the man said, trying not to show that Alex had terrified him. “Just forget it. You heard what he said, he was waiting for a friend and must have gotten the rooms mixed up.”

The night air was not refreshing, but rather sticky and stifling. A million stars lit the sky in a way Alex had never seen before. Back in Canada the stars never shone so brightly. He suddenly wished that it was he alone with Jeremy under those stars, and that he could take Steve’s place.

Alex was suddenly filled with uncontrollable jealousy. He began kicking himself. Why hadn’t he looked behind the Inn, on the beach, to see if Jeremy and Steve were there? He sighed at the thought, knowing the answer to his own question. He was unsure of what to say to Jeremy when he did find him. What the hell would he say? How the hell should he act? How would he justify flying out to invade his privacy?

Then it dawned on him that the logical answer to all those questions was simply that he was a man in love. A man whose heart had been stolen lock stock and barrel by a professor twice his age. Alex no longer doubted what he would do. He would simply march out to that party on the beach and see if Jeremy were there. If he was he would pull the engagement ring out of his pocket and ask Jeremy to marry him. Simple as that! There were only two possible answers, yes or no! Even if Jeremy couldn’t answer him on the spot, the seed would be planted. It would be much harder to keep making love to Steve if he knew Alex was ready and waiting to make love to him as well.

Alex past the gently swaying coconut trees and marched determinedly towards the blaring music and makeshift bar. He was still too far away to make Jeremy out, but thought he could spot him weaving his way through the sand with Steve in tow, the two of them cheek to cheek. A love song serenaded the guests, as they hoisted glasses and pushed their marshmallows deeper into the fire.

Suddenly, he heard the red haired lady’s voice from directly behind him.

“That’s him! There’s the one that broke into our room. He was probably going to steal all our stuff, but we got back just in the knick of time.”

A security guard stopped Alex from moving any further by latching onto him with an outstretched arm. “You’ll have to come along with me sir.”

“I just want to speak to my friend first,” Alex pleaded.

“We’d prefer you didn’t speak to anyone, sir. We don’t want you bothering our guests. You’ll have to leave the property grounds at once or I’ll have you arrested.”

Alex tried to break free so that he could at least let Jeremy know he had come to Jamaica, but the security guard’s grip was iron like and unbreakable.

“Fine, fine, I’ll leave right now,” Alex managed dejectedly. “I guess I’ll just have to wait to tell Jeremy how I feel when we’re both back in Canada.”

Chapter Six

Robarts Library soared fourteen floors into the sky, its crisscrossed slabs of concrete supplemented by intermittent squares of glass. University of Toronto students referred to it affectionately as “The Stacks.” The library was the biggest of the forty-seven libraries sprawled across campus. In all, almost twenty million books graced their shelves. Steve stopped at the ninth floor and got out, interested in obtaining some reference material on the history of Canadian Labor. As a doctoral student in History, Steve had over a hundred possible books to choose from to complete his thesis. His job was to narrow the list down to ten, and then get them approved by his supervising professor.

“Hi Stevey.”

The voice stunned his senses. It was Tom Mallory, his old boyfriend, and the love of his life. Tom had dumped him a year earlier but Steve had never quite gotten over him.

“Tom, you’re looking good.”

“That’s what you always used to say. Same old Steve.”

“And I meant it when I said you are still looking good. Same old Tom.”

“It’s nice to see you again Steve.”

The bristles on Steve’s neck suddenly stood up and his heart suddenly thumped a hundred miles an hour. Ever since their breakup, Steve had longed to hear those words, but was certain that day would never come. “You really mean that?”

“Would I say it if I didn’t mean it?”

“Hmmm…something doesn’t quite smell right. When you dumped me you called me a ‘loser,’ if I recall, and then said that if our paths ever crossed again, you wouldn’t remember who I was in a million years because I was just so damn forgettable. Do you remember saying that Tom? And we did bump into each other on campus a couple of times and you did keep your word, ignoring me like I wasn’t worthy to breathe the same air as you, and now you’re saying that it’s nice to see me again?”

“A guy can have a change of heart, can’t he?”

“I suppose. But you and I are all water under the bridge, now.”

“What if I were to tell you that I think dumping you was a mistake.”

“And what if I were to tell you that I was already taken. Yeah, you were the love of my life, but I’ve since found someone else. I never believed I would ever get over you, but like I said, I’ve since found someone else. He and I just came back from Jamaica yesterday.”

“Oh, you mean like that grey headed professor of ancient mythology? He’s even older than those tenth century characters in his lectures.”

“He’s incredibly nice, whether twice my age or not, and we’re quite serious right now.”

“He’s not really what you want. You’re just settling, aren’t you?”

“If you mean settling for the best, then yes, I guess I am settling.”

“He’s not even good looking.”

“He’s not as handsome as you, perhaps, but he’s not bad looking and I find him irresistible.”

“There was a time when you used to say the exact same thing about me.”

“Yeah, but that was before you dumped me.”

“I know your still crazy about me.”

Steve eyed him cautiously, his heart beating ferociously. He had never quite gotten over Tom. His hair was brown with red streaks, spiked and his neck tattooed with unicorns and dragons.

“You love the bad boy in me, don’t you?”

Steve didn’t answer, but the swelling cock in his pants told Tom the whole story.

“I really make you hard, don’t I!”

“What if you do? Big shit! You hurt me bad last time. Broke my fuckin’ heart in about a hundred pieces, and then just laughed in my face as you walked away.”

“That was then and this is now.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean? That out of the blue you suddenly have the hots for me again?”

“Damn right I do.”

“You shouldn’t be saying those things, fucking with my head. It took me months to get over you and I’m still not over you yet. Why fuck with my head again unless you really mean it?”

“I mean it.”

Steve grabbed his face between a thumb and index finger, squeezing his cheeks together. “You’d better not be fucking with me. It’s not fair!” He glared at Tom, and found himself suddenly unable to resist his full, lush lips. He had two piercings, one in his lip and one in his nose. Usually he didn’t like how they looked on a man, but they seemed to fit Tom’s face remarkably well.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me,” Tom teased. “I know you want me.”

“We both know I’m dating someone else right now,” Steve offered, not managing to sound convincing.

“Again with the grey haired professor. I’m sure he can’t kiss you like this.”

Tom launched his lips with skill and deadly precision, tantalizing Steve’s mouth against his will. For so long Steve had dreamed of finding Mr. Right. Jeremy was shaping up to be too good to be true, and yet…and yet…and-.

The kiss was mind blowing, unraveling his willpower and igniting a blazing passion within him. Before Steve knew what was happening, Tom was pulling both their shirts off over their heads. Steve glanced at Tom’s nipple rings, and the giant heart tattooed onto his left bicep, with an arrow through it and the three letters ‘mom’ scrawled across it. Tom next tossed off his trousers, allowing nothing but a black leather brief to stand between his cock and the temperature controlled air.

“Here? What, do it here?” Steve’s words were frantic as his face spun around in all directions. The library had just opened, and as such, was fairly quiet, but there were others on the ninth floor, some at desks, some in the glass enclosed private study rooms and some walking the countless aisles of books.

“Isn’t that what makes it so fucking fabulous,” Tom Whispered. “Taking chances that someone might see you, almost like stopping in between floors in an elevator.”

“But…but someone’s bound to see us,” Steve whispered.

“Let ’em,” Tom dared. “That’s all part of the fun, isn’t it.”

In mere seconds Tom had Steve’s pants off as well, and the two men kissed wildly, their roving hands running over each other’s body with wild abandon. Steve was now on absolute fire, and the thought of taking such a chance in a public place was turning him on beyond measure.

“Let me fuck you,” Tom whispered.

Steve turned to face the book shelves, feeling the hot chest of Tom pressed ever so sweetly into his back. He reached down his hand and gripped his massive, fiery cock, steering it towards his ultra horny bum cheeks.

Steve turned his head and kissed his face wildly as he was suddenly stretched open wide, a burst of formidable pleasure rocking his body.

Tom reached around his side with his right hand and gripped Steve’s cock tightly. He began to jerk it back and forth wildly, while his left hand tried to suppress the fierce groans coming from his excited lips.

Within minutes Steve could feel his whole body shiver to pieces as the greatest orgasm he’d ever had now took irrevocable hold, causing his glazed eyes to roll into white as spoonful’s of hot spurting semen found their way onto books and the freshly cleaned floor. A few seconds later, he groaned afresh as Tom unloaded deep inside of him.

Alex was only a few feet away, hiding behind a trolley filled with books, his cell phone recording all the action. His fellowship had finally come through and the five hundred dollars he’d offered Tom had been enough to persuade him to fuck his ex flame Steve just one more time for old time’s sake. It wouldn’t be long before Alex would be sending Jeremy the footage anonymously. Steve would soon be cast out of the way. Alex smiled at the thought, knowing that it also wouldn’t be long before the only man he ever truly loved, would finally be making love to him for the very first time.

Chapter Seven

Alex stepped briskly through the front doors of number five Bancroft Avenue, which housed the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. The chair of the department, Harold Fitzgerald, had asked to meet him at noon in his office.

The elevator whisked him to the third floor, and after a few steps, the receptionist let Jeremy know that he should go right in.

“Harold, good to see you. I got your message earlier today about stopping by, and so I came right over. I suppose you want to see me about maybe expanding the class again? I think that would probably be a good idea. Both the Fleming and Stanford buildings have classrooms that can accommodate as much as five hundred students, and-“

“We’re dropping your class as an NMC offering,” Harold interrupted. “After this semester, we will no longer be twinning that course with the Department of History. From then on it will strictly be a History course.”

“You can’t do that,” Jeremy objected. “It will gut enrollment.”

“I’m well aware of what it will do,” Harold said. “And, seeing as how your course will no longer be related to The Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, then your office here will have to go to someone else and your name will be removed from the faculty list.”

Jeremy was dumbfounded, his face reddening in anger. “What the hell are you talking about? Why would you want to get rid of one of your most popular courses?”

“This is why,” Harold answered, slapping a copy of ‘The Woody’ newspaper down on his desk.

Jeremy glanced at it briefly, noting that it was the latest copy of Woodworth College’s newspaper. He shrugged. “So?”

“Look closely at the front page picture.”

Jeremy held it up to his face and saw the familiar words he had scrawled on the blackboard. ‘Professor Jeremy Wilkins, and I am gay!’

“One of your students obviously snapped a shot of it.”

“Are you saying you’re dumping me because I’m gay?”

“Not at all,” Harold asserted. “If you’ll recall, we knew you were gay when we hired you. We just helped you keep it a secret, that’s all. But you’ve detracted from the subject material by causing students to focus on your sexual orientation. There are also pictures inside the paper of a so called ‘coming out party,’ where the guests all dressed up in masks. I find it highly inappropriate to use sacred course subject matter in such a fashion. It sends a message we are not comfortable with. As well, some of the party goers got drunk and rowdy and vandalized some buildings on campus. They were arrested. That incident is on the front page of last Tuesday’s Toronto Star, with a circulation of over a million readers. It sends the wrong kind of message we’re trying to project.”

“I haven’t seen that paper, I’ve been away.”

“Oh yes, that’s another thing, gallivanting off to Jamaica and abandoning your class.”

“That’s no reason to get rid of me and my class. I don’t care what you call it. It’s prejudice pure and simple.”

“No, it’s business pure and simple. One of our biggest benefactors, Margary Wilson threatened to cancel her five million dollar a year donation to the department unless we took such action. In fact, my phone has been ringing off the hook all day, faculty members and alumni feeling that our department will no longer be taken seriously in the academic world.”

“You can’t do this it’s-“

“It’s already done is what it is. I’m sorry Jeremy. You’ve no one to blame but yourself.”

“I wonder if York University would feel the same way?” Jeremy’s words were ominous sounding, and left hanging in the air like a slap.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just what it sounds like. You’ve never had much competition from York when it comes to a Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. I know for a fact they would love to expand their department into bigger and better things. I do have over ten years experience here, understanding the inner workings. There are some other professors here as well, who like me, might find a change rather uplifting. Perhaps it’s about time I had a chat with some of them.”

Harold said nothing, but merely let his reddening face speak for itself.

Jeremy discerned the coloring to be one part anger, one part frustration and one part fear. He decided to quit while he was ahead. “If your mind’s made up Harold then I guess there’s nothing much left to be said.”

Jeremy rose and walked calmly down the corridor, leading to the elevator. He suddenly didn’t like the air he was breathing. Still, there was a sense of exhilaration flowing through his veins, an odd sensation of accomplishment. He mused over the strange feeling, supposing he was starting to see things differently.

‘Coming out of the closet’ had brought out the worst in a lot of people around him.

Yet, he sensed that it could prove to be a valuable opportunity to advance his career, and set his life in order. Why settle for scraps? Why be hiding all the time, worried what people might say or think? If people were uncomfortable with him, his lifestyle, or the people he associated with, too bad! Let them fuck themselves!

Jeremy exited the building remembering that Alex had earlier in the day, emailed him pics of Steve getting his brains humped out by some student punker in the library. At first Jeremy thought how nice it might be to finally get back with Alex, but now, his weary brain was working overtime. Why go with Alex? Why stay with Steve? Why have to commit oneself to only one guy, unless and until it was really the man of his dreams? There were lots of gays on campus to meet with, date with, fuck with, chat with, drink with, eat with, be lovers with, or just share laughs with. Why rush headlong into commitment if it were only going to end in heartache or catastrophe?

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5 thoughts on “Ultimatum: Come Out Or Get Lost

  1. Michael P. says:

    I Agree, But I Really don’t know if I could take either of them back… I think I would just start fresh, with someone new and less deceiving then either…Even though Alex May love Jeremy… I didn’t like the Games He played and He deserves to get Hurt , just like He hurt Jeremy.

    • Steve R says:

      Ok lots up and downs but Alex won’t be there in a couple of years and Jeremy will be hurt again and Steve is a typical young guy like so many others that will have sex any time and any where I guess I old fashioned I don’t believe in open relationship just me

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