Fuking My Dad’s Best Friend Pt 1

Noah wasn’t sure exactly how long that he’d been fantasizing about his dads best friend, he couldn’t really remember the beginning–he just knew that one day he woke up in the middle of the night soaked with sweat and cum, panting and confused about the thoughts running through his head. He was fresh out of high school, dating a girl that he really didn’t like to keep up appearances with his dad. He wasn’t ashamed of being attracted to guys, he just wasn’t really ready to face that conversation with his family and friends–and girlfriend. So he kept himself tucked away in a little bubble.

His attraction to his dad’s best friend was a minor inconvenience usually because it’s not like he actually hung out with the guy, spent time with him, or even saw him on a regular basis. He didn’t have to stare at his body every day because he was there so often, he didn’t have to commonly think about what he was doing or who he was with–and he had no way to find out anything that would give him any information on what he was doing or who he was with. He had it pretty easy, really.

He could think about the older man pinning him to the wall, his stubble rubbing against his cheek, the warm breath tracing his body and sending chills down his spine… and he didn’t have to face the man in the morning with the remembrance of what he’d thought of the night before. He never had to feel embarrassed about his feelings, thoughts or desires. Until he woke up to Benjamin Howell and his dad, Gerald Garner. He was used to his dad being home, he could tolerate that at nine AM. He could even expect it given that he’d been woken up by a knock on the basement door where his bedroom was.

His dad was wealthy, but he didn’t show it often. He was very modest in nature and kept things simple. He used his money to lavish his son with gifts and nice things and paying for his entire college education. He even bought him an apartment, much less modest than his own home. It was how his dad had always shown he cared, by giving him clothes, video games, books, whatever he wanted. He wasn’t hurt about it, it just disappointing sometimes because he wanted to hear his dad loved him instead of just saying it.

His mom was around too, she just worked a lot more than his dad and traveled frequently. She didn’t like being gone so often, but she loved her job and at his age, he didn’t really need them around as much as when he was younger. He knew how to drive, had a car, and worked at a convenience store on night-shift. He wasn’t afraid of being alone and he didn’t mind working all night, sleeping all day. He’d worked a double yesterday, and usually, his dad wouldn’t bother him when he was in bed. His dad let him live his life and he lived his life. It was an easy way to do things, really. The two had nothing in common and it showed whenever they talked, it was awkward and hard to do. They didn’t talk well, because they’d always been doing something on their own.

Noah started playing videos and reading a lot. He started getting friends and going out, and when he started driving he spent even less time with his dad than before because he didn’t have to ask him to take him anywhere he wanted to go anymore because he had a car before he’d even gotten the license.

He’d had a lot of privileges he knew that many people didn’t have, like a car at fifteen, a really nice room full of expensive clothes and things, freedom to do just about whatever he wanted, and parents that cared fully and completely no matter what. He was treated more like an adult by his parents than anyone else in his life. He liked it. He had his own door to his room, a car, money, and time to do whatever he wanted to do and he didn’t have to worry about bills or anything. He could do whatever he wanted, have privacy and freedom, and not have to pay bills.

He wouldn’t mind paying his own bills but his dad said that if he finished school, he’d take care of all of his bills until he graduated, and pay for his college tuition and food costs. His dad even told him he’d cover gas and stuff so that he wouldn’t have to keep working if he didn’t want to but he enjoyed his job even though it fucking sucked sometimes. He liked the time to think, and the fact that the money was his and his alone. He earned it, so he didn’t have to answer for it in the future or if something happened between him and his parents and they expected him to pay them back for everything nonessential.

He didn’t think they would, they weren’t really that kind of people, but they didn’t know he was gay yet. And while they didn’t openly support any religion, he didn’t even know what religion they were and he’d lived with them eighteen years already, so he was scared. While he had always wondered if they were religious, he didn’t know and they never really talked about it so he wasn’t sure. He felt like that made it harder to decide on telling them. He was so terrified because it could go either way and he’d never even know what to expect. It was anxiety-inducing.

“Huh?” he asked, clearing his throat as his dad coughed to get his attention. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was staring at, just looking off into space lost in thought. He was probably still high from when he smoked a couple of hours ago after getting off work and getting ready to go to bed.

“I was explaining to you that Ben would be staying here until he settles up with his wife.” His dad explained and he blinked rapidly, unsure how to feel.

“Settles up?” I croaked, shooting my eyes over to stare at Benjamin, confused. He and his wife had been together for years, Noah had never thought about the pair breaking up or anything. It wasn’t something he had seen coming, that was for sure. The two seemed thick as thieves for years.

“Yes, settles up. He doesn’t want to get a house until he finds out how much he’s losing in court.” Noah’s dad explained, picking up his coffee and taking a gulp. He made a face and pushed it away from him.

“Okay,” Noah said, looking over at the older man for a minute. For half a second he seemed obtainable, just a half-second. Knowing that he was single, made it seem just a slight bit more possible than it was before.

Benjamin was taller, standing at five foot eleven, he was in shape but not a bodybuilder, he was salt and peppered hair, with a stubble that he kept at the exact same length every day. He had beautiful green eyes with perfect teeth and the few times that Noah had gotten close enough to him to smell his cologne he smelled absolutely spectacular. Benjamin made Noah absolutely swoon, just with his sophistication and demeanor, and his looks combined with that made him just… undeniable.

Noah figured it was probably time to look away from the man, so he forced his eyes over to his dad again and sighed deeply. “That’s all son, just wanted to let you know. You can go back to bed now. I’ve got to get to work before I’m late and miss this meeting. Don’t forget to eat. Just because you need to sleep doesn’t mean eating should be neglected.” He said and grabbed his briefcase, and started out the back door. “Oh, and tomorrow your sister has a doctor’s appointment so I have to take her to that. Don’t park in the garage in the morning when you get off work.” He said, and he groaned and nodded his head. He was not exactly thrilled about the fact that he had to park out in the cold Wisconsin air in the middle of winter, but he accepted it. He wasn’t able to complain too much, he was much older than his sister and could tolerate the weather better than she could. And she had an immune disorder that made it easier for her to get sick. He couldn’t argue about that.

“Okay dad, have a good day at work,” Noah said and waved to his dad as he stepped out the door and waved a bit before shutting it. Noah sighed deeply and looked at Benjamin confused as hell at what to say to him. He didn’t even know what kind of breakup he and his wife had so he couldn’t really comment on that, but he’d never been alone with the man before. It was anxiety-inducing.

He wanted the man so much and he didn’t even know how to say hello to him when his dad wasn’t around. It was disconcerting, to say the least. He felt almost hopeless and unsure standing in his parent’s kitchen with Benjamin standing on one side of the island and him on the other. He felt suffocated by the closeness and the knowledge of being alone with him made his blood rush in his veins. He wasn’t sure what to do, so he squeaked out goodbye and ran back down to his room in the basement.

He ran down the stairs, running into a clothes basket and toppling over it, hitting his face on the floor a little bit. He groaned and facepalmed himself, rolling his eyes at the stupidity of his actions. He hated that he acted so silly in front of Benjamin. He hoped greatly Benjamin hadn’t heard him wipe out. He was embarrassed by the fact that he acted like such an idiot in front of Benjamin. He sighed deeply and crawled into bed, pulling out his THC pen and taking a hit, blowing the smoke out of the window by his bed.

He was pretty sure that he will be crazy by the time that Benjamin gets his own place back. He wasn’t sure what to do. He was sure that he was crazy, already. The thought of seeing Benjamin every damn day made him anxious as hell. He could already imagine what kind of thoughts living with the man was going to bring up given what he imagined currently with him living in another city about fifteen minutes across town.

He was pretty sure he was fucked. Unfortunately not the way he wanted to be fucked.

* – * – *

Noah was sitting by the pool, his THC vape in his hand and a miller light sitting on the table beside the lounge chair. He was kicked back under the umbrella in his mom’s chair, just enjoying the day and smoking up. It was getting close to night time now, and he wasn’t sure exactly how much longer he had until he had to go to work, but he knew that this time would be appreciated later because he was working after the assistant manager today and he was not the most hard-working employee there. He only wanted to be on second shift so he could go home and play video games all night and eat Cheetos and drink mountain dew by the twelve pack.

Just before he’d leave for the night he’d spend like fifteen bucks a night on bags of Cheetos, and a twelve-pack of mountain dew. Every single night. And if he didn’t work one day, he’d come by and get Cheetos and mountain dew. Once in a while, his girlfriend would come in with him and she’d look around the store and grab a candy bar. She always looked really happy to be with him, but he didn’t much see the attraction.

He wasn’t unfit, or ugly by any means but he was just regular and she was spectacular. It was like seeing Kim Kardashian with some regular dude she met at McDonald’s. It just didn’t seem likely or make much sense but if they were happy together it wasn’t his place to judge.

When the alarm for him to get ready for work went off he heaved himself up out of the chair and sighed deeply, looking back with a feeling of mourning for the comfort of laying there. He momentarily considered calling out but he decided he better not because he didn’t want to get into trouble for a late call out. Or have them make him visit a doctor just to find out that low and behold he is fine and healthy. And doesn’t need nor deserve a doctor’s note. He sighed again and walked down to his separate entrance straight to his bedroom and left the door open.

He hardly bothered to close the thing, even when he was getting dressed because honestly it never mattered much. His parents barely came out the back door if they were home, and his sister played in the front yard because she couldn’t swim yet and they didn’t want to risk her falling in and hurting herself. The only door any of them ever use is the basement door that leads down to his room, and they know to knock first for that one.

He flew out of his bathing suit, put on his uniform, and straightened his hair. He then put his sneakers on. He had showered when he first got up that morning–or well afternoon, he guessed, because it was his morning but everyone else’s afternoon. He smirked a little and grabbed his wallet, pushing it into his back pocket and grabbing his keys. He grabbed his backpack and flung it onto his shoulder and started his way up the stairs.

He was anxious to get out of the house before Benjamin had gotten home. Dammit, he thought, glancing down at the door. He ran down the stairs, nearly running straight into his television stand but catching himself at the perfect moment. He sighed deeply and shut and locked the door. He then ran back towards the stairs straight up them, and out through the living room. He nearly plowed right into Benjamin who was walking in from the front door. He wasn’t initially sure why the man wasn’t using the garage entrance but then he’d remembered that he parked in the garage, therefore the man couldn’t park his car there. He felt guilty for a minute and then realized he was about to leave.

“Here, I’m leaving you can have my spot.” He offered quickly.

“Oh, it’s fine I’ve got somewhere else to go a little later on anyway, so it’s fine where it is. Have a spectacular night at work, Noah.” He said, and Noah’s heart raced at the sound of him saying his name. Noah’s cock immediately jumped to attention and it drew a blush to his face and gave him a sense of urgency to flee, so that’s just what he set out to do.

“Ummm… you too. Goodnight Benjamin!” He said, heading out the garage exit and shutting it quickly behind him. Though he heard a muffled response, he wasn’t sure what it was and in his mind, he could pretend it was the guy talking to someone else so that if his dad said something to him he could claim he just hadn’t heard the guy say anything to him, and it’d be technically true.

He breathed a heavy sigh of relief as he tossed his backpack in the passenger seat and started his car. On his way to work now, he could finally relax a little because Benjamin didn’t know where he worked, so it was the only time that he didn’t have to worry about seeing him. He grinned as he pulled out of the driveway and hit the play button on his car’s radio, starting up the song he’d had playing when he was in his car last.

He glanced at the clock and saw that he was going to be like thirty minutes early so he could hit his vape pen a couple of times before going in and then he’d have a great night because he could stay high the whole time and just work his ass off so when he went home he could pour himself into bed and be too tired to think about anything other than watching the back of his eyelids.

Three hours into the night disaster happened. Some idiot drove off with the fucking hose and dispenser in their car and when they drove off they pulled the damn hose and carried it with them. So gas spilled everywhere under the carport where people pumped their gas. As if that wasn’t bad enough Noah had to put “Please don’t dispose of cigarettes on the ground” signs around where the spilled gas was and people kept throwing their cigarettes on the ground so he spent the next two hours anxiously staring out the window at the gas. He’d already poured the kitty litter on the gas, but it was still slightly flammable and right beside four gas pumps… explosions seemed like a really plausible thing to worry about.

The best part of the night was that it was pretty slow up until that point, and after midnight it’s usually hours before anybody else ventures in. He spent half the night doing his daily things–cleaning the cooler, stocking the coolers and shelves, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, and just keeping an eye on everything. Sometimes he would have to sweep the parking lot, but most of the time he didn’t really have to. It was a whole lot easier to handle all the things he had to do on third than on any other shift because there were just so many people in and out.

It was a constant on weekday day shifts. He had hated that shift so much, just because he couldn’t stand just standing in one place for hours and hours checking people out. The hardest part was standing still on busy shifts while checking people out. He wasn’t sure why it was so horrible, but it really was.

A quiet ding sounded when the door opened, and he looked up and started to say hello when he saw Benjamin step into the gas station and pull down the hood of his jacket. His mask covered most of his face–damn pandemic was ruining his eye candy, he grouched to himself. He smiled a bit and realized that behind the mask he couldn’t be seen so if it was obvious he smiled he looked stupid. “I thought you worked at the other one on Maple.” He stammered, glancing around the store uncomfortably.

“I told dad that’s the one I work at because it’s safer. This one is what dad would call a ‘death trap’ because it’s off the highway.” Noah explained cautiously, glancing around. He really didn’t want to keep having this conversation but he was at work and couldn’t escape the conversation. He was so frustrated with himself because he just needed to get a grip. He’d never acted so silly and childish around anyone before, there was no reason to start now. Benjamin put his hands in his pockets and sighed deeply.

“Well, okay then.” He said and started to turn around.

“Wait, what?” Noah questioned. “Why are you leaving? You came here for something.” Benjamin turned back around and shrugged a bit. “I don’t think you need to be ashamed about buying anything, it’s a gas station, not a drug store.” Noah joked a little.

Benjamin smiled a bit. “Drug stores do feel a little more… judgemental when you’re coming in at three AM.” He responded, taking a step towards the condoms section. Noah sighed deeply and followed the man with his eyes. He couldn’t help himself, the man was so attractive he couldn’t help but stare. He wanted that man to fuck him, he couldn’t help it. It was almost like he just had to have him. Everything about Benjamin made him nervous, but he craved him so much. He felt a moment of helplessness and confusion.

He just wanted to cry sometimes, he didn’t understand his own emotions sometimes. He always felt so confused, and now that he was standing in front of Benjamin while he purchases condoms, he didn’t really know how to feel. He was curious about the kind the man would prefer, or if he preferred none at all. Noah found himself leaning forward on the counter a little, sighing deeply as he pictured the taller man holding him flush against his body, grinding their bodies together in a mess of sweat and skin. He could practically feel the breath on his skin and smell the overwhelmingly sexy scent wafting off the man when he got too close.

He couldn’t help himself, he wanted him. He was old enough to satisfy some part of Noah that he didn’t want to process at the moment, but he was fit enough to still look really good. He definitely wasn’t a bodybuilder, but Noah didn’t really want that type of guy anyway. He wanted someone real.

He blinked suddenly as a palm waved in front of his face and he jumped back. He was startled, not only because Benjamin was standing two feet away from him, nothing keeping him from being judged but a mask, and nothing protecting his ego but the flimsy plastic sheet they put to “help limit the spread of germs” or something stupid like that, but because it was the first time he’d ever thought of the man as more than just a sexual conquest and that was very frightening. Noah really didn’t understand what they think a plastic sheet is gonna do though, but whatever he guessed. It wasn’t his money.

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7 thoughts on “Fuking My Dad’s Best Friend Pt 1

  1. darryl gupton says:

    Alex, they always drag. It’s bullshit. These stories are never going to change. They want you to come back 12-17 times to read the end which could have ended within these two chapters. This is such crap. Drives me insane. I that these stories and as go on and on and on. Who cares about the details of (his blue soaks, tighty whites). Just boring shit.

    • MJFnSC says:

      I agree with the comments here as this and others can be read every 100 words realizing there will be no action until the next chapter.

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