Fuking My Dad’s Best Friend Pt 2

Noah realized that he had one chance with Ben and that was tonight. He had to do something or he’d never get to have the man, even if it was just for a single night.

Part 1


He felt weak but in a good way. He could still see Benjamin, who he kept catching looking over at him. Noah felt like he’d probably noticed how many glasses of wine he’d snuck while Ben was talking and he knew he’d probably get scolded when he got over there. Ben made a gesture and started over towards him, making his heart race. Ben came over and offered him his hand. “Would you like to dance?” Ben asked, and Noah looked around.

Other people were dancing around to songs, in the large room he figured was probably some sort of theater or dining hall with an entertainment stage. “Sure.” Noah relented after a moment’s hesitation. He wanted to feel the man closer to him, and he was just tipsy enough to be okay with the fact that they were in such a public place.

He didn’t care at the moment what anyone would think of him, he was just focused on feeling the man’s hard, warm body against his. The clothing was an unfortunate side effect of the public being there but he didn’t figure he’d ever get the chance again so he was not about to miss out on it. He let Ben pull him out into the room where the others were dancing, and felt the man pull him closer to him. He found a momentary sense of comfort in the man’s arms. They slow danced for a few minutes in silence.

“How long have you known?” Benjamin asked him curiously, leaning down to whisper the words in his ear.

“Known what?” Noah squeaked a little, startled at the warmth of his breath on his ear and the sense of ecstasy that washed over him. He had never been that responsive to someone’s touch before and he was sure that he was going to lose his footing if it wasn’t for the man holding him up by his waist as they moved together.

“Known you were gay,” Benjamin asked, and Noah pivoted out of the man’s arms immediately shocked. “Settle down, I’ve not told your dad anything else have I? Why would I start now?” Noah bit his lip and glanced down at his arm.

“I’ve known since I was like thirteen I guess,” Noah said, thinking back to the first time he’d found himself attracted to another guy and actually realizing what it meant. “Why?” He asked the man.

“I knew around then too, I’d say. At least, from what I remember.” He said, and Noah jumped for a minute and his head shot up to look into the man’s eyes. He never thought that he would see the day when Benjamin was whispering about being gay into his ear, while wine coursed through his veins in nearly mind-boggling levels. He was on the verge of exploding, his cock had gotten so hard at the touch and closeness of the man.

“Irreconcilable differences?” Noah ventured.

“Well, it’s pretty irreconcilable, isn’t it?” Ben teased. Noah shrugged a little and wrapped his arms around the man’s neck as he pulled him a little closer to him. “Your dad knows why we broke up,” Benjamin said after a moment.

“What did he have to say?” Noah asked hesitantly, unsure if he even wanted to know.

“Well, he’s letting me stay with him and your mom, isn’t he? So I’d say pretty accepting. He understands. Not to the same degree I do.” Benjamin said. “Don’t spend your whole life worrying about appearances, spend your life finding happiness.”

A couple of minutes of silence encompassed the pair, the silence actually giving them a moment to think–gather themselves. For a moment, Noah realized that he had one chance with Ben and that was tonight. He had to do something or he’d never get to have the man, even if it was just for a single night. He needed him, and he had to have him at least once–just to get a taste. He was curious about the man, and how he’d feel pressing against him. He needed to know what he was going to spend his life wanting.

Noah started to ask for another drink, but Benjamin smirked a little bit and shook his head. “I won’t touch you with someone else’s dick if you have a single glass of wine.” He whispered heatedly into Noah’s ear and his face flushed brightly and he looked around. He saw a couple of people staring at him and Ben, but he found that it really didn’t bother him as much as he expected it to in the beginning. He didn’t care.

“But you will if I don’t?” Noah asked, his voice coming out a little more husky than he’d intended for it too. The combination of the wine and the sheer amount of hormones racing through his body was enough to make his whole body tingle in anticipation and he was so ready to stop playing cat and mouse. He wanted the man, now.

“I may,” Benjamin said into his ear, letting his lips trace the shell of his ear. Noah squeaked and pulled away from the man.

“I need a bathroom, then,” Noah said, and Ben smirked a little. He pulled him by his hand to the exit and led him down the hallway. When Ben finally led him to the bathroom, he pushed him into the room and pressed him firmly against the wall, every inch of their bodies touching in the most delightful way that made Noah absolutely melt into the touch. He’d been so desperate for anything the man had to offer that he couldn’t help himself as he let the man kiss him.

Their lips danced slowly, in a quick and needy kiss. They were breathing each other’s air, hands trailing all over each other’s bodies, not a care in the world. Benjamin’s hands started pulling at the buttons on Noah’s button-down shirt and Noah whimpered. Ben’s cool hand reached into his shirt and teased his nipple a little bit, making Noah whine loudly.

“Is this a good place to do this?” Noah asked, his own hands desperately pushing at the buttons on the older man’s shirt. He was so ready for this he didn’t care if someone caught them, at least not at the moment. He may feel differently if they were caught. The threat of being caught though gave him a rush as he would never have imagined. He was so ready for the man to touch him, skin to skin. The feeling of the man pressing against him while they were dancing was almost too much before, and now the man had his hands running over his chest and his lips making tracks down his neck.

He moaned quietly, opening his eyes to look up at the man. Benjamin was staring right back at him, and he paused for a minute. “I’ll get a hotel room.” Benjamin panted, breaking their contact. The loss of contact made Noah feel cold, but the thought of what could happen in the hotel room was enough to keep him ready to go.

Benjamin quickly buttoned their clothes up, going as fast as he could before ushering the eighteen-year-old out of the bathroom. He headed straight for the exit, being stopped by a beautiful woman who was holding an envelope. “Ben, you missed the calling. Here’s your check.” The woman said, and Ben smiled and grabbed it.

“Thanks, Jen, you’re a gem! See you Monday.” Benjamin said, ushering Noah to move faster. The girl laughed a little and rolled her eyes. By the time she’d stopped laughing to respond, Ben had pushed Noah out of the building and was heading straight for his car. The pair hopped in and Ben sped to the closest hotel he could find.

He got a room from the first one that he found, and pushed Noah into it, slamming the door behind them. “Are you sure?” Benjamin asked one time, just to make sure. Noah nodded his head and glanced over at the man, taking off his shirt and toeing off his shoes. He sat down on the bed and stared at Ben. Ben smiled a little bit and took his own shirt off, walking towards Noah. It was a deliberate walk, and Noah found it attractive as hell. Ben sat down on the bed and pulled Noah over to him, making the boy straddle his hips. Noah moaned quietly and rubbed instinctively against the erection underneath him.

Ben grabbed his dick through his underwear and slowly ran his palm up and down his length, making Noah shiver and let out a moan. Their lips connected once again and they started rubbing against each other, desperate to feel skin contact anywhere they could. It didn’t take long for Ben to start running his hands over the boy’s warm body, slipping his hands into his underwear and grabbing his ass.

Noah found himself with his pants around his thighs, anxiously thrusting his hips in time with the movements of Ben’s body, loving the feeling of his dick rubbing against the man’s chest. He was borderline going insane, he couldn’t stand the feeling of pure lust and adrenaline eating him up from the inside out. He was unable to think–all Noah knew at the moment was he wanted more. And more, and more. Until he’d taken everything the man had to offer.

“Fuck.” Noah whined, shifting up a little so that he could grab Ben’s dick out from behind his pants, and gasped when their dicks touched. It felt so much more erotic than Noah had imagined it to feel. He hadn’t known what it felt like to have another man hold you, rub against you, and completely control everything just about, until the moment that he felt their members rub together in the most erotic way he thought possible.

Years of sex with his girlfriend had left him almost remiss about the whole thing. He wasn’t impressed, so he didn’t even think about sex unless it involved Ben. And he guessed he knew why now because the man was utterly breathtaking.

It didn’t take long for Ben to throw the boy onto his back, leaving Noah gasping and panting, shocked at the change of position. Ben stripped off his own pants, and reached for Noah’s, giving him a minute to decline before he pulled them off without a sound. Noah blushed as his whole body was bared to the man, but he didn’t mind the attention given the way the man was staring at him.

“You’re so fit,” Benjamin said, crawling between his legs and leaning down to kiss him. Noah blushed for a moment and lowered his eyes in embarrassment. He’d always felt like he looked gay, in some aspects. He’d seen the way gay guys were portrayed in movies, and he felt like he looked like most of the actors who played the roles. He knew it was silly, but up until that moment he’d been self-conscious of his appearance because of it. Under the heated eyes of the man he’d been lusting after for the longest time, he was ready and willing to do just about anything to have the man on top of him.

“You are too,” Noah gasped out, feeling the man rub against him. He was so horny, he just needed everything the man had at the moment right then. He wasn’t able to think about anything other than their intertwined bodies.

Noah had never seen a more attractive man in his life. The man reached into his wallet and pulled out a condom and a little packet of lube. Noah watched him anxiously, spreading his legs in anticipation. He’d never been this ready before in his life, nor had he been this horny before. Ben opened the pack of lube and grabbed the condom, opening it too. The man sat the condom down by Noah’s head, and put the lube on his fingers, and massaged it into his asshole.

When Noah felt a finger pushing at his asshole, he relaxed immediately and breathed through the feeling of discomfort that he’d come to expect. He’d masturbated plenty of times with his fingers–and some really nice dildos that he’d spent a fair bit of money too. He knew to just smile through the discomfort because it felt really good when you finally got adjusted. He was so tired of masturbating though, he was ecstatic that he was finally getting what he wanted with the man he’d been fantasizing about doing it with.

One finger quickly turned into two, and then three. Noah wasn’t even upset that the whole thing felt pretty rushed, he was just ready for anything and everything. He wasn’t willing to waste a moment of his time with the man. He was beyond ready to feel every inch of their bodies touching, and he was not about to beg for more foreplay. Sometimes he loved foreplay but right now, it just felt like it was something unimportant to him. The moment was already amazing, he didn’t need anything else to make it better.

Noah grabbed for the condom and put it on Benjamin’s dick, marveling at how amazing the man’s body looked up close and naked like this. He wasn’t sure how the man made forty look like nothing, but he really did. The only thing he’d noticed about the man that was ‘older’ was his hair, and that just made him sexier somehow. He wanted the man, with every ounce of his being.

His age was part of the appeal, he wasn’t quite sure why. Perhaps it was based on his deep-rooted need to please his father or have a father-like figure in his life. He didn’t really think the moment was right for contemplating why.

The man’s dick was pulsing in his hand, thick and hard, but velvety smooth to the touch, and his hair was shaved close at the base so it wouldn’t get in the way. It was the most amazing groom-job he’d ever seen. His own came out pretty good himself but he figured the man would be unshaven, for some reason. It was a nice surprise, that the man had trimmed everything up. It somehow made him seem more masculine almost, to Noah. Benjamin smirked and pressed the head of his dick to his hole.

Benjamin hesitated for a moment. “You’re still okay with this?” He asked one final time, and Noah nodded his head. Benjamin raised an eyebrow clearly indicating he expected words from Noah and not just a nod.

“God, yes. Just fuck me.” Noah moaned finally, deciding to just let go of his inhibitions. If he did something too embarrassing or out of line, he could always just claim he was drunker than he was to keep from humiliating himself. At least if he was drunk he wouldn’t be a complete disaster. Benjamin smirked a little, just a half of a smile that made Noah’s heart race.

Benjamin didn’t waste another second waiting for Noah, he started pushing into him slowly but surely. Noah gasped, the feeling of fullness beginning to overwhelm him. He loved this feeling so much, he wasn’t sure he could ever go back and do it any other way. He just loved the feeling of the man pushing deeper and deeper inside of him. Every slight movement made Noah’s body feel hazier than before and he wasn’t able to focus on anything but the feeling of Benjamin’s dick.

When he felt Benjamin’s hips press against his ass he sighed, not quite from pain but he wasn’t sure really how to describe it. It hurt a little bit, that was undeniable. However he wasn’t bothered by the pain, it felt good enough that it didn’t bother him. He wasn’t sure, really. It felt fucking spectacular though.

After a moment, Noah started whimpering and wiggling his hips in desperation. He just wanted Benjamin to move–to feel his dick move inside of him. He couldn’t stand the anticipation. He was breathless from the heat. It surrounded him, he wasn’t sure if it was coming from him or Benjamin, but Noah knew that it was all-encompassing. He was lost in the feeling of lust and desire that were taking over him.

Benjamin started moving in and out of him. A wave of pleasure washed over him with each movement of the man’s hips. He was going at just the right speed, just the right amount of pressure behind each thrust, and it was amazing. The man really knew how to move his body, and it was astoundingly pleasurable. He highly doubted he’d ever made his girlfriend feel this way before because he never really put that much effort in with her. It felt like Benjamin was playing his body like a violin. It was like the man had memorized every inch of Noah’s body, and he wasn’t sure how he could do that in just a few minutes but he had.

Noah felt like his body was on fire, it felt so different than he’d ever felt. he wasn’t forcing enjoyment, he just was feeling it. It was an earth-shaking pleasure, completely overwhelming in all of the best ways, and he was on the brink of cumming and they’d only just started.

Benjamin was keeping a steady pace, switching where he was aiming every couple minutes to gauge where the boy’s prostate was. He knew when he found it because Noah cried out loudly and dug his nails into his shoulders. Noah was shaking all over and he was hanging onto his orgasm with a very thin string, one that he was on the verge of losing hold of very quickly. He was overcome with pleasure, he could barely see.

His whole body was awash with passion and lust, his mind completely unfocused on anything other than the feeling of Benjamin’s body moving against his. He was lost, consumed in the fiery touch of his lover’s touch and body. He wasn’t sure how more he could take, he was getting closer and closer to cumming that his body was just about to self-destruct if he didn’t cum. He groaned loudly, looking up at the man desperately.

He was immensely glad that they’d taken things to the hotel room instead of going at it like idiots in the bathroom. He loved the feeling of being held into a bed, feeling the man’s weight trapping him down and keeping him from escaping. He felt like the sexiest thing in the world with Benjamin’s hands on his body. He needed every single moment of contact he could get. “Please, Ben, I’m fucking close…” Noah cried out as he felt his limit being reached, and he was cumming. He found himself screaming–at least he thought he was screaming. He may have been saying something, but he wasn’t sure what.

It was the most amazing feeling he’d ever felt, and he couldn’t have thought up this feeling because he didn’t know how amazing it could feel to orgasm until that moment.

Benjamin was still moving on top of him, his movements getting more steady and harder as he chased his own orgasm. He loved the feeling of excitement that washed over him when he realized the man was about to cum. Noah started wiggling his hips, pushing them back into the man’s thrusts. He had been so consumed with lust at first he hadn’t even thought of doing anything to pleasure Ben, but now that he was thinking clearly he fully planned to help the man orgasm as he’d never orgasmed before.

Benjamin buried his face in Noah’s neck, moaning softly and biting down on him. Noah whimpered at the feeling, surprised at how amazing it felt to have the man sink his teeth into him. He moaned softly, moving his body in time with Benjamin’s. At this point he was desperate to feel the man cum, he wasn’t ready to cum again. He needed to feel Benjamin cum, he needed to know that he’d caused the man to lose complete control.

It only took a couple more minutes for Benjamin to finally cum, burying himself inside of Noah and cumming for all he was worth. He was biting down on Noah the whole time, keeping his noises quiet and personal between the two of them. He found it much more pleasurable to keep things between him and his partner than to make loud noises, however, he loved for his partner to be loud and voice their opinions.

Benjamin found himself settling into place on top of Noah, exhausted and thrilled at the fact that he’d finally gotten the boy. He noticed him when he turned eighteen, and he hadn’t been able to think about anyone else but him. He was enchanted with the boy’s subtle and shy brilliance and self-consciousness. He loved to see the blush spread up his cheeks and to hear him stammer anxiously over what to say when he didn’t know. It was incredibly fascinating to Ben that Noah was the smartest, most sophisticated man he’d ever met and he was still so young. Benjamin hadn’t connected with someone else so completely in a long time and he loved it. He settled into bed beside Noah, slipping his eyes shut and sighing deeply.

Noah found himself shuffling closer to the man and resting his head on his chest. He was incredibly satisfied and pleased, laying there in the room with the man he’d finally gotten to have sex with. Somehow he knew once would never be enough for him, and he hoped Ben felt the same way.

* – * – *

When Noah crawled into bed that morning, he was exhausted and ready to sleep for the next six years. He and Benjamin had spent the whole night with each other, taking time to explore each other’s bodies to the fullest. Noah was surprised that he felt like he needed to go do something to let lose because he had been so high strung the entire night.

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    Please, Bring on following chapters! I see Ben and Noah, being accepted by his parents and also getting their place together!

  2. Alex says:

    Think it’s probably finished, but…..I hope Ben is not just using him for sex. That would be a disaster! Plus, I hope they have some foreplay next time. Some hot blow jobs, some hot nipple play and definitely so hot ass eating before getting fucked. That is mandatory.

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