Undercover Woman Pt 1

I had been living as a Woman for 2 months. I had only gone out in public 4 times, 3 of which in the past week. Even the few people I saw that knew me, didn’t know me without facial hair and dressed as a Woman. I had known David for nearly 20 years and He didn’t recognize me. Mostly because He was staring at my ‘tits’ while We talked. I WAS dressed pretty slutty and it was only a minute in the bread isle in the store. They WERE nice artificial DD-cup breasts, if I do say so myself.

I decided to reply to some of the quality responses to my online post.

2 black Guys wanted to spitroast me in a public park.

3 Wives wanted to film Their Husbands and 2 other Men gangbanging me.

2 18 year old High Schooler Boys wanted me to blow them and let them come on my face.

There was a group of cross-dressing Men that wanted me to go out with them bar-hopping.

The last was really interesting…it was from an individual in Texas. They wanted to fly me down to Texas to live with them for a month. They claimed everything was legit and that they would pay me $1000 a week. They even wired me $1000 as a token of ‘good-faith’

The 2 black Men were relentless. It was just after dusk. There was really nothing said. As I approached, one pulled out His cock. I grasped it and bent over. It was rock hard, just over 8 inches, and nearly 2 inches thick. He immediately grabbed my head and began facefucking me. Thankfully I could deepthroat. The other wasted no time, pulled up my skirt, ripped my panties down, and started pushing against my asshole. After spitting on my asshole a couple times, the head popped in.

Now I have put a few pretty big things in my ass…His cock was nearly the biggest. I would have never got Him down my throat, and I could barely fit Him in my ass.

There was no sweetness…I truly didn’t expect any…and it took a minute before He was all the way in my ass and pounding like a dog in heat. The pleasurable pain my asshole was enduring was interrupted by the cock down my throat erupting. He nearly ripped the long brunette wig off my head from the slamming He did before He came. I could feel the massive amount of cum shoot into my stomach.

My ass was still being rapidly pounded as the cock was pulled from my throat. I opened my eyes and saw a third black cock come at my face. Pushing into my mouth, it was thinner, but longer. He was more gentle, but still not gentle.

I WAS there as a fuck-slut, after all. Did I expect romance?

The fat cock in my ass started filling my bowels with cum. Half a minute later, it was pulled from my ass. It was immediately replaced with another. As the new cock started fucking my cum-filled ass as fast as the first, my arm was pulled and my hand met yet another cock. I began jerking while repeatedly nearly suffocating on the long cock down my throat.

The cock was pulled from my throat and I caught a glance of it before I closed my eyes and it shot all over my face.

Still jerking the one cock, my ass was filled with a 2nd load of cum.

Before He pulled out, the cock I was jerking moved in front of me and shot its load on my face.

I was moved to a picnic table and laid on my back. I couldn’t see much with the cum on my face, but I could make out about 8 dark silhouettes.

My legs wore raised and spread and another large cock slammed into my ass. Cocks were taking turns in my mouth. A couple came within a minute, others just came on my face.

The large cock was pulled from my ass without cuming and replaced by another. That one fucked me for a few minutes and it was replaced by yet another.

My own cock wasn’t small, and was rock hard and oozing precum. Hands would clumsily stroke my cock briefly, then stop.

There were 8-10 loads of cum shot onto my face. I swallowed another 6 loads. at least 12 filled my ass. While the last cock was still fucking my ass, a mouth engulfed my cock. I shot my load into that mouth at the same time the last load was shot into my ass.

Suddenly I was alone. My face covered in cum. Gobs of cum stuck in my wig. My legs were shaky as I stood. huge globs of cum ran from my ass as I cleared the com from my face. There were people scattered nearby, including a few couples. Most of which had their cameras out and had apparently been recording my gangbang in the dwindling light.

I pulled up my panties, tucked my junk, and pulled down my skirt. Adjusting my minidress and big-ol-boobs, I composed myself and began my glorious walk of shame. Most kept filming. Some even walking next to me for a short distance. Most just turned and walked away.

Undercover Woman Pt 2

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