Undercover Woman Pt 2

Paul came down my throat but never softened. I bobbed my head stimulating His hyper-sensitive cock. He was recovered within a minute and became flat out violent and He went back to facefucking me.

Part 1


My asshole and throat hadn’t fully recovered yet from the 3some spitroast that turned into a public gangbang with what had to be a dozen black men.

The 3 Wives and I met for lunch. It was a nice lunch…just ‘Us Girls’. We hashed out all the specifics for the gangbang. Maria gave me a blowjob in the Ladies room in front Natasha while I ate out Samantha.

I was dressed in the prostitute outfit from Pretty Woman…I didn’t have HER body, but I definitely pulled it off. My large fake boobs were real looking and made the outfit over the top.

I got more than a few looks going through the hotel. I was felt up and propositioned in the elevator. Knocking on the door, Paul answered. He escorted me in and introduced me.

Paul was Natasha’s Husband.

Nate was married to Samantha.

Maria and Kevin had brought Kevin’s Brother Kyle.

Randy was Nate and Paul’s Boss.

The room was set up like a pro porn shoot. Extra lights everywhere, a few cameras mounted on tripods, and each of the Wives had a handheld video recorder.

Kevin and Paul were the first to start on me. The Wives buzzed around constantly. Paul’s tongue and mine danced. I could feel Kevin’s cock growing as I massaged it through His jeans.

Randy knelt down in front of me. He lifted my skirt and untucked my cock from my panties. Mine was not the first cock in His mouth for sure.

Kyle moved behind me and pulled my panties to my knees. Spreading my asscheeks His tongue worked my asshole. My got my cock even harder.

Kevin and Randy took turns sucking my cock while Nate and Paul to turns making out with me.

Kyle stood end slid His ample cock into my saliva-lubed asshole. He was slow and methodical as He fucked me. Randy pulled me slowly on top of Him and Kyle never withdrew from my ass. I was now facefucking Randy as Kyle fucked my ass. Paul knelt in front of me. I took His cock down my throat.

It was a soft and sweet fuck and suck session…until Kevin decided my ass needed a 2nd cock. As one Brother rose above me, the other Brother tried adding His cock to my ass. It took a bit of work, but eventually both Brothers had their ample cocks in my ass at the same time. They abused my asshole in unison. They fucked harder and harder. My cock was driven deeper into Randy’s mouth. Paul facefucked me like the whore I was.

Kyle was the first to cum, after 20minutes. He withdrew and Kevin kept pounding. Soon, Nate drove His cock into my ass with Kevin’s. I came in Randy’s mouth, and randy never quit. He just kept sucking. Paul was bordering on violence as He fucked my face. Nate and Kevin were nearly as rough with my asshole.

I caught glimpses of the Wife’s as They continued to buzzed around recording everything.

I came a second time in Randy’s mouth as Kevin came deep in my ass. He remained in me as Nate continued fucking. Within minutes, Kevin got hard again and rejoined the asshole abuse.

Paul finally came down my throat but never softened. I bobbed my head stimulating His hyper-sensitive cock. He was recovered within a minute and became flat out violent and He went back to facefucking me.

Nate and Kevin came at almost the same time, deep in my bowels.

As they stood, Randy slid from under me, leaving my spent cock hanging cold and wet.

Randy slid 4 fingers into my cum-filled gaped asshole. He worked my prostate. Soon His entire large hand slid into my ass. The pain was satisfying. Making a fist to large for my asshole to release. He stroked my cock, rubbed my prostate, and tugged his fist against the inside of my asshole.

Paul blasted down my throat again. He remained pressed deeply down my throat until I lost consciousness.

I woke on one of the beds. My legs were strapped back my hands bound to the side. Each Man was taking turns fisting my ass. The Wives were naked and still recording. I had cum on my face and tits. Maria stood straddling me as She recorded.

Randy stood and slammed deep into me. As stretched as I was, His cock still gave me great pleasure. He was rough and steady. The Wives filmed close. Maria now squatted above my face. I seized the opportunity to tongue Her pussy. As Randy came in my ass, Maria came on my face.

Nate stepped up and slammed into my ass. Maria repeatedly came on my face as I was fucked. It was 15 minutes before Nate came deep in me.

Paul took Nate’s place, Samantha took Maria’s place on my face. Paul slammed as Samantha came. Paul came twice in my ass in the 20 minutes He fucked me. Maria came countless times.

Paul and Maria swapped for Kyle and Natasha. Kyle fucked my destroyed asshole like mine was the last ass on earth. Natasha rode my drenched face like no other. She slid and came on every inch of my face. Kyle also came twice. Once on my cock that He was constantly stroking, and the other deep inside me.

Kevin took Kyles place after He came. Natasha took my cock down Her throat as Kevin pounded my ass. As I continued to tongue Natasha’s pussy, Paul stepped up and pushed His cock into Her ass. I felt Kevin cum in me and another cock take His place. Natasha was cuming harder and faster with both my tongue and Paul’s cock working on Her. Another load of cum was shot into my ass. As the next took its place, Natasha got a mouthful of my cum and an ass-load of Paul’s. Paul withdrew and drug His cock across my face. Cum dropped from Natasha’s asshole as She repositioned. She brought Her mouth to mine and We kissed. Our tongues danced as Our mouths shared my load.

It was Randy cuming in my ass for the last time. Another did not replace His.

I was untied and helped into the bathroom, Still dressed as an abused and not-so Pretty-Woman, I was laid back into the tub.

One by one, Each Man jerked off onto me at least twice. Then, everyone, including the Wives, took turns pissing on me.

After-words, each used the separate shower and got dressed.

I was too sore and exhausted to move.

Everyone had left except for Kyle. He placed a small bag on the bathroom counter.

He walked up, pulled out His cock, Jerked off on my face, then pissed on me one more time.

When I finally regained enough strength to move, I turned on the water and got cleaned up.

I put my boobs back on. A new wig was required. I got dressed and did my make-up. I looked in the bag Kyle left. It held $5000, a hard-drive, and a note stating the hard-drive was uncut footage of the day. They would also send me a few edited versions.

Undercover Woman Pt 3

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