Used At Gay Fetish Bar

I’ve had a lifelong attraction to leather and latex and for as long as I can remember I have had a craving for cock and cum. More recently I found I also love being fucked. It’s been too long since these interests, desires, cravings were satisfied. I am new to the area so I hadn’t met anyone in the community to share and explore these interests. I found a local venue that should be just the ticket. The event is titled L.U.R.E, leather, uniform, rubber, etc. It’s held at a gay bar in a town not too far away. It’s held every Thursday and the posting says that the lights are dimmed at 8 pm. I love the thought of public play and am hoping I’ll have a night of service to a group of horny men dressed in latex and leather.

Thursday evening arrives. I’m excited with anticipation. What should I wear? How do I go out in public so as not to draw attention but also wear clothing that will allow me to fit in at the event. I would love to wear my favorite catsuit but I’m concerned it might be over the top. I look through my closed and decide on my favorite latex jeans and shirt. With this outfit I can just put on a jean jacket without drawing too much attention to the latex underneath.

I shower and clean myself inside and out. I want to be ready for whatever might happen. I first put on a pair of latex undershorts. These are my favorite, they cup my cock but the rear is open. I love being bend over and fucked wearing these as my cock rides against the latex as my ass is being pounded. Next I put on my chlorinated latex jeans. They feel so wonderful, almost like butter. Lastly I put on a favorite shirt. It has a series of buckles up the front that give that sexy bondage look. The final touch to this look is my leather color with its silver ring. I love it when someone slips their finger or a leash into the ring and directs me to whatever it is that they want to have me do.

The time has come. I have a mixture of feeling, excitement, nervousness, horniness, cravings, desires to be used, and anticipation. I head out and find my way to the bar. It’s dark and not too many people around. I don’t want any attention to come my way before I’m inside.

I’ve made it. I enter. Fabulous, there are lots of delicious looking men there, men in leather pants and nude on top with their straps, men in various military uniforms, and a few men in latex. I approach the bar and order my drink. I look around and see this sexy hunk wearing a latex catsuit. Our eyes lock. I’m curious. I turn around to see who else might be here. As I turn back the hunk is standing next to me. There are no words exchanged but he quickly hooks his finger into the ring on my collar and tugs me to a dark secluded spot in the bar. He pulls my head close to his and gives me an incredibly passionate kiss. His tongue enters me and does a delicious dance. I meet his passionate greeting. Once we disengage he slips a rubber bondage hood over my head and zips it shut. The only opening is for my mouth. I am deprived of my sight and can hardly hear. The evening is starting better than I could have ever hoped for. I am his object, under his control, for his use and desires. I am where I love to be, an object for the control and use of others, for their pleasure, to meet and satisfy their desires. I wonder “what will he do with me, how will he use me, what is about to happen?”

I waited for his next move. Suddenly I’m feeling hands caress my latex encased body. A mouth covers mine. Passionate, deep probing kissing begins. I feel hands all over me. There’s more than one person. Hands are pinching my nipples, rubbing across my cock, running up and down my ass, stroking my legs and head. I wonder how many people there are playing with me but I’ll never know. I am mesmerized, taken to a trance like state, being given incredible pleasure, and taken to a state of ecstasy. My breath quickens, my heart is pounding, my cock is hard. I didn’t expect this. I thought I’d be being used by others rather than being used as an erotic toy being played with and being taken to the edge of pleasure by others.

Suddenly as quickly as it started it stopped. No more hands, no more touching, no more kissing. I want to scream out “don’t stop” but I can’t. Someone has buckled a dildo into the mouth of the hood. I can’t see, I can’t hear, and now I can’t speak. I’m lead across the bar. All of a sudden I can feel that there is an object in front of me. It meets my body just above my crotch area. Someone is unbuckling my belt, unzipping my jeans, taking my pants down. I am forced to bend forward, across a table. I feel cuffs being buckled to my wrists and ankles. They are being locked in place so that I have little room to move. I think finally the time has come for what I desired, for what I wanted, for what I craved. I was about to be used as their toy, their object for their pleasure. My submission for anyone to use me in any way they choose.

My ass is exposed and feels cool to the air. My cock is still hard and straining against the latex cup of my shorts. The dildo is being unstrapped from the hood. Hands and fingers are rubbing and probing my ass. My mind is racing with anticipation. I can’t wait, I want to be penetrated, used, fucked long, hard and deep, be filled with and covered in cum. That’s what I crave. I open my mouth and flick my tongue. I invite someone, anyone to give me a cock to lick and suck. Likewise I push back against the hands and fingers probing my ass. I just want to be fucked. I didn’t have to wait long. Someone approaches and I feel a cock against my lips. I kiss it and lick its head. I take it into my mouth. I have no idea of its size. As I work my magic it continues to grow harder and harder, longer, thicker, with the taste of precum as I suck him deeper. He enters my throat and is thrusting in response to my efforts. My desires and cravings are being fulfilled. He is thrusting now, fucking my face, feeding me his delicious cock. He pulls out. I want to scream put it back but he is quickly slapping my face with his hard instrument. He presents his balls to my mouth. I take them, one at a time, and suck them. I have them deep in my mouth. He pulls back again and then his huge cock enters my mouth again. He’s there. His desires are out of control. He fucks my mouth and throat for all he is worth. His hands are behind my head, holding it, fucking me. I feel his cock pulse. It’s time. He begins to fill me with his cum. I swallow over and over as fast as I can but I can’t keep up. He pulls out and rubs his cock over my rubber encased face.

While my mouth has been being ravaged someone else has been using my ass. I had been fingered and stretched. I had been lubricated with spit or something else slick. While I was being fingered I pushed my ass against the hand. I needed a cock in me. I needed to be taken. I needed to be fucked. His fingers were removed and I was empty, no fingers, no cock. Please dear god just fuck me. I need to be filled. Finally someone stepped behind me. I could feel a cock as it slowly slid between my cheeks and rubbed against my hole. I could feel the head of his cock as it pushed against me. I pushed back and he was in me, finally. He went slow, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. My ass wrapped around him, sucking him in, as I pushed against him. His body began slapping against me as he pounded harder, faster, deeper, fucking me now for all he was worth. He had taken me, made me his bitch, used me and made me is instrument of his pleasure and I loved it. It’s what I wanted, what I loved, being used for the pleasure of others. I was being spit-roasted a cock fucking my face and a cock pounding my ass. The intensity was over the top. I had never been at this point of complete submission and pleasure. Now the cock fucking my ass was moving like the piston of a steam engine going at top speed. I could feel his urgency. I could feel him unleash a torrent of cum. My ass clamped down on his spewing cock milking every last drop from him. He filled me.

The evening went on like this. Cocks using my mouth and ass were replaced with more needy cocks wanting to be serviced, needing to be pleasured, having to be used and emptied. At some point my mind was out of my body. I was in a state of pure pleasure. As always the night had to end. I was uncuffed from the table. The hood was removed. There he was, that beautiful hunk of a man in the latex catsuit. He kissed me again, more passionately than the first time. He told me to follow him. Of course I did. And that is the beginning of something amazing that I never thought I could find.

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8 thoughts on “Used At Gay Fetish Bar

  1. Jason says:

    As a totally submissive bottom myself, I am extremely jealous of this guy. I’d be in power bottom heaven if I found myself tied down over a bench and used at both ends like that. Definitely on my sexual bucket list.

  2. Walter Kallenback says:

    Sounds like some nights I observed and participated in when I lived in San Francisco in the 70’s and 80″s, fun times and lots of cocks and cum

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