Welcome Home Son!

“Look at you,” his dad said proudly, resting the same hands that once had held him as a little kid on his bare thighs. “Only a little push and you’re already an eager little faggot sitting on my cock and waiting for a prize.”


“Welcome home, son,” James stood at the door with open arms, giving his oldest son a massive bear hug.

Chris had been in college for the past six months. He knew his absence had had as much of an impact on his forty-three-year-old dad as it had on his two younger brothers. It was good to be finally back. Even if it was just a sudden and short vacation. He needed some space after a fairly big fight with his girlfriend.

“Hi, dad,” Chris squeezed his father affectionately, breathing in his cologne, which always made him nostalgic for something he could never quite put his finger on.

“They’ve been waiting all day for you,” James whispered into his son’s ear as they let go of each other, and he moved to the side to reveal Chris’ siblings.

Evan was the first to greet him. The kid was nineteen now, already showing a very promising body, with enough definition in all the right places, even through baggy clothes. As Chris gifted him the second hug, he could feel the hardness of his brother’s body against his own.

It all began with their dad. His entire life, James had been an absolute gym rat. Even now, in his middle age, his six-foot-frame sported an impeccable build, with massive arms connecting to bulging pecs and the cleanest six-pack Chris had seen on any man. The oldest son had followed in his dad’s footsteps first, though Chris preferred to stay slightly leaner, favoring his narrow waist.

“Been hitting those arms, huh?” he congratulated Evan as they separated, and he squeezed his younger brother’s biceps.

“I’m bulking!” He told Chris excitedly.

“I can see that!” Chris chuckled and turned to the last member of the family.

There was an entire decade and a half between Chris and Mason. The boy was only ten, but in his smile, one could easily see the similarity between him and the other three men. He ran excitedly with arms reaching out to jump into his older brother’s arms. Chris lifted him and spun him around a few times.

“I’m working out too!” He exclaimed excitedly as his older brother put him back down. He flexed his arms proudly for Chris to see.

“Wow! That’s awesome! You’re huge!” the oldest sibling congratulated him, squeezing his thin arms with an amazed expression.

“Alright, let’s go inside, boys,” James declared, guiding the boys in and closing the door.

“Let me just drop my bags and I’ll be right back,” Chris said, grabbing his things and heading towards the stairs.

“You’ll have to leave it in my room,” James informed him with an apologetic tone. “I’m afraid Mason has taken over your room. He’s a big man now, so he can’t keep sleeping with his brother.”

The younger one swole with pride, and Chris decided not to fight it.

By the time he came back down the stairs, they were all sitting at the table, ready to eat. Luckily for them, their dad had always been a master of the kitchen. They all managed to grow tasting amazing food.

“Son, I didn’t ask you. How long are you planning to stay with us? We’re having a barbeque tomorrow.”

“Oh, I’ll definitely stay here for that. Probably for a week, if that’s okay with you guys.”

“Yes!” Evan and Mason said at once.

The conversation then turned into more mundane topics, like school, gym gains, and even Chris’ new girlfriend. They stayed up fairly late, catching up after six months. Even Mason was allowed to stay, even though he naturally got sleepy after a while and voluntarily went to bed. The other three men shared a beer, making a one-time exception for Evan.

“What about you, dad? You definitely must have a few soccer mom’s on your tail with that sleeper build of yours,” Chris asked.

Evan looked at both of them and let out a laugh; his cheeks had turned quite red, adorning his sharp features. He had more of his dad’s genes than their mom’s, while Chris was quite the opposite. Whereas Evan had a sharp jaw that squared his face, Chris had inherited more of his mom’s thinner features. A “pretty boy” face, as their dad used to call him, with big eyes and deep dimples.

“There’s nothing out there that can interest me,” James admitted nonchalantly. “I’m happy with my boys.”

The wound from their mom’s passing appeared fresh in Chris’ eyes, even after ten years. He had to give a lot of thought to his decision to leave for college, feeling guilty about leaving his dad with one less son to take care of. Thankfully, it looked as if though everything had turned out quite well.

“Alright, I think it’s time to call it,” James announced, pushing himself off the table with a grunt.

“Dad, I’m going out with Jack,” Evan said after checking his phone. His green eyes were wide with pleading.

“Fine, but take condoms with you. And stay the night because the truck has a flat tire, and I’m not picking you up at 4 a.m.”

“Woah, woah! Who’s Jack?” Chris interrupted their exchange.

“He’s my boyfriend!”

“Really? Who would’ve thought?”

Evan smiled and threw a furtive look at his dad before getting up.

“Are you gonna bring him for a barbeque tomorrow?” Chris asked.

“Sure!” The middle sibling shouted back, as he was already at the door, and a honk could be heard outside.

“He came out while you were gone. He’s been dating that guy for a couple years,” James explained under his oldest son’s inquisitive stare.

“Huh,” was all Chris said as he followed his dad up the stairs.

“Do you want a shower before hitting the bed?” James offered once inside the room.

“Yeah, I could really use one.”

“Well, you’re a big boy now, so you can use dad’s shower.”

They shared a laugh, and Chris took a long, relaxing hot shower, thinking about everything that had happened in the past six months. He remembered he was supposed to text his girlfriend, but his phone had been dead since about an hour before getting home, and he’d forgotten his portable charger at the dorm. Quite a series of unfortunate events, but he was sure he could still remedy the situation before it became too late. Trish wasn’t a particularly easy-going girlfriend, and she was already upset that

“The right has been my side since the day I met your mother, so you’re stuck with the window side,” James declared as he watched his son come out of the bathroom with only black boxer briefs on.

Chris’ dad had the sheets covering him up to his waist, with his laptop resting on his lap. The upper part of his body was exposed as James sat against the back of the bed. His pecs were big as mountains, covered in a sheen layer of black hair. His arms were each the size of both of Chris’ put together. The eldest son had always admired his dad’s dedication to sculpting himself.

It was very easy to see why his mom had fallen for such a man. He had a chiseled jawline covered in a 5 o’clock shadow, with a strikingly defined facial structure. As far as Chris could remember, his dad had always kept his thick dark hair short and clean; keeping his intensely green eyes perfectly clear for the view. James was one of those men who didn’t need to say a word when walking into a room to inspire respect.

As Chris made his way to his assigned part of the bed, he couldn’t help but see himself reflected in a mirror next to the bed. He was the only one of the three boys that had been lucky enough to inherit their mother’s tanned skin tone. And though he wasn’t within a mile of a chance of being as big as his dad, he was far from what people would consider a twink.

Pulling the sheets back, Chris climbed into the massive bed alongside his dad, who turned off the lights from his phone before shutting his laptop and leaving it on the bedside table. As he did, Chris managed to catch a glimpse of some woman with short hair, strikingly similar to Evan’s, stuffing her mouth with a massive cock.

“Dad, you could’ve done that while I was in the shower.”

“Don’t worry about it. I was just… reminiscing.”

With those cryptic words still hanging in the air, they each slid under the sheets, laying their heads on fluffy white pillows.

“Hey,” James spoke after a few seconds of silence. “I missed you, my boy.”

“I missed you too, dad.”

“Why don’t you come here? Remember when you were as young as Mason and you came running at night because you wanted me to cuddle you?”

“Dad, it’s been like fifteen years,” Chris turned to look at his dad with a nostalgic smile.

“So? Who says you’re too old? Com’ere.”

Feeling only slightly ashamed, Chris obliged. He pushed himself backward until he felt his dad’s massively firm chest press against his back. They still fit just as perfectly as they had back in the day.

Meanwhile, James pulled over a leg, wrapping it around both of Chris’. The oldest son could feel just how enormous his dad’s thighs were only by the weight of one of them. One of James’ arms slid under the side of his son’s torso while the other let a rough hand rest gently on Chris’ hip.

“There you go,” James’ hot breath brushed against the back of his son’s neck, making Chris shiver as he felt a sudden rush of adrenaline course through his body. “Now tell me, how are those college parties going?”

“They’re– they’re fine,” Chris answered with a frown, confused as to where this was going.

“Yeah? Have you fucked a lot?” James’ tone was perfectly calm as if he was talking about the warm weather. It unnerved Chris.

“Not as much since I met Trish–” that reminded him. “Fuck! I forgot to text her.”

Just as he attempted to move and get out of bed, he felt his dad’s grip tense all over him, keeping him in place. Chris knew damn well there was no escaping that man’s colossal muscles.

“You can do it in the morning,” James assured him, and suddenly, he moved closer to his son, lifting his head to press his lips against Chris’ soft neck.


“Have you been fucked by a man, son?”

The sudden question knocked the air out of Chris.

“Dad, what the fuck are you saying?” a mix of fear and confusion was slowly creeping into him.

“I’m asking if my son is a fag,” James replied, still perfectly calm.

“I’m straight. You know I’m straight.”

“Yeah? Alright, fine. There’s no need to get upset, then.”

His words sounded reasonable, but Chris knew something was off.

“You’ve been keeping yourself well,” the remark came with a hand sliding from the son’s hip to the hard abs made even harder by Chris’ entire body becoming tense under his dad’s attention. “Are you thinking of bulking?”

“N– no, I’m maintaining.”

“Makes sense. Boys your age worship that inverted triangle figure, don’t you? You like your tight little waists with big chests.”

Chris was becoming increasingly alarmed, though he was convinced there was little he could do about his dad’s hands getting closer to his chest.

“You know, the problem with that is that it makes you look like a woman,” James continued. “And you become very desirable for actual men like me.”

“Dad– hmph!” a soft whimper was barely suffocated at the entrance of Chris’ throat as he felt two pairs of rugged fingers closing around sensitive nipples and pinching harshly.

Up to that point, his hands had been uselessly limp to the side, knowing full well he could not fight against his dad’s strength. Now, out of sheer instinct, they shot up to close around James’ hands, but this only managed to make his dad twist harder, filling Chris’ eyes with painfully pleasurable tears.

“You know son,” his mouth was now right under Chris’ ear. James’ breath was hot, and he was becoming agitated. Likely not due to the same reason as his son. “When I was young, I used to look hopelessly at my high school’s swimming team. They all flaunted the exact same build as you, and they looked so fucking pretty. I wanted to fuck them so bad. But I was a skinny nobody. No one would even look my way.”

“Dad, why are you telling me this? I didn’t even know you were bi,” Chris managed to exclaim through gritted teeth and ragged breath.

“Because, son, imagine my surprise when my boys turned out to be pretty little sluts, too.”

Only at this point did Chris feel his dad’s leg, still wrapped around both of his, tighten to drag his body and press him hard against James’ massive build. A cold realization washed over the son as soon as a warm rod, ten inches long and thick as his forearm, lodged itself between his ass, throbbing eagerly through the thin fabric of the boxer briefs.

“This is so fucked! What the hell, dad?” There was noticeable panic in Chris’ words.

“Shh, you’ll wake Mason up.”

The words didn’t carry a threat with them, but a warning. What would happen if the youngest sibling walked into the room only to see his older brother in bed with his naked dad?

“That’s better,” James whispered. “You’re lucky I sent your other brother and his faggot of a boyfriend away. If he so much as suspected I was in the mood, he would’ve kicked you out already.

“What? Evan?” Chris needed to remind himself not to shout.

“Yeah, he’s probably not gonna tell you the actual story of how he came out…”

James’ callous hands relented on their attack against Chris’ chest, opting instead to slide down his son’s firm torso, leaving a burning trail that felt hotter the more the oldest brother realized the situation he was in. And not only him, it turns out, but also the middle sibling.

“…I found him in his room with his boy-pussy up, offering himself like a whore to that boyfriend he has. The other boy is cute but isn’t meant to fuck like a man. I’ve been feeding both of them since. And now it’s your turn.”

“Dad, stop,” he managed to push the words out through a beating heart lodged in his throat.

“There’s nothing to worry about, son,” James reassured him. “We’re both men. You’re my blood. This is never leaving this household, and you can go back to your pretty princess of a girlfriend. It’s your duty as the eldest to give your old man some relief.”

“But I’m not gay,” Chris pleaded. “I’m not even bi like you.”

By now, the older man’s hands had reached his son’s hips, taking them with an iron grip. James held tight to make sure Chris would stay firm as he grinded his enormous meat stick against his kid’s firm ass.

“So what? It’s just a little fun with daddy. You’re telling me you don’t want to know what it’s like to be under an actual male? That’s why all the little faggies like you shape yourselves like that, isn’t it?”

Chris had no response as every inch of his mind was entirely focused on resisting his father’s advances. Thankfully, James hadn’t yet noticed how spectacularly successful the seduction of his own blood was going. Explaining the reason why the oldest son felt so incredibly allured by his parent’s morbidly perverse desires was out of the question for now. The truth was, Chris’ dad had awakened something strange inside of him. As if the words the older man had spoken rang true. Like he had been working his entire life only for this purpose.

“I’m not gonna do it for you, boy,” James was losing control with every thrust against Chris’ firm ass. His voice had become low, husky with lust. “Pull your panties down for daddy.”

The rough hands on his hips, the hot breath on his neck, the sheer size of the meat stick sliding against him over and over. Those were all things Chris could’ve withstood; he could’ve still said no. But then again, there was a dark allure to letting go and allowing his dad to take control again, the way he did when he was little. No, he wasn’t gay, but why would that matter if it’s only with dad? He could release some of that pent-up lust he’d been accumulating for the past two weeks. No one would ever know the popular guy dating the College’s most popular girl was getting railed by his own dad.

With trembling hands, Chris reached down, slowly pulling down the thin fabric of his boxer briefs, the last barrier separating him and his dad. As he leaned forward to pull them all the way out, he had to forcefully push his ass harder against his dad’s bare cock. He could feel throbbing, wet with precum as if it was slobbering over the idea of fucking him already.

Now entirely naked, the son returned to his original position, feeling his dad’s thin chest hair brushing his back, and shaking with adrenaline as he felt James slide his hands lustfully on his toned body.

“Look at me,” he ordered, and Chris could do nothing but obey.

Neither of the three sons had had the fortune of inheriting their father’s piercing blue eyes. Instead of receiving their mom’s brown color. Chris wondered if that was what James was thinking about when he leaned forward to connect his mouth to his oldest son’s. It was an awkward position for a kiss, with Chris having to strain to look back, but the passion they shared more than made up for it.

There was no time wasted as the older man slid his big tongue into his son’s mouth, violating society’s taboo even further as he tasted Chris for as long as they could hold their breaths against each other. Before it happened though, James pulled his thigh off his son’s legs, certain now that Chris would not run away anymore. He replaced it instead with his hand, sliding it down to the inside of the younger one’s thigh and lifting it so that it was now Chris was the one with his leg over his dad’s. This meant his hole was wide open, a virgin entrance for his dad to take. He could feel the way that monster of a dick poked and prodded, eager to slide in. It made him moan in a way he’d never done before.

As soon as their lips parted, he received his next order:

“Go get the lube, quick.”

Chris hurried to do as he was told, slightly afraid that leaving his dad’s touch might work as a cold shower, suddenly making him aware of what they were about to do. Thankfully, no such thing happened. As the moon’s light invaded the room through the window, he could clearly see himself reflected in the mirror he’d seen himself in earlier. He had a raging hard-on, and with good reason. He was so eager to finally get release. It was probably affecting him enough to cloud his thoughts and enjoy the lust he was feeling at that moment.

“It’s in the closet. There’s something else there for you, too,” his dad informed him.

Curious, Chris opened the door in front of him to find the lube lying on a shelf on top of what looked like his high school letterman jacket. Pulling both out, he turned to look at his dad in confusion.

“Put it on,” was all James said. “I want to fuck you in it.”

Still confused, but without saying a word, Chris did as told once again. The jacket still fit, though it was a tad tight on the back due to all the new muscle mass he’d added over the years. Judging by the clean white and bright red on it, he could tell it had been recently washed. His dad had planned all this in advance. Immediately recalling the words James had said earlier about the swimming team in his high school, Chris realized he was now fulfilling one of his dad’s fantasies.

“Come here,” James said.

Chris climbed back on the bed, looking intently at his dad, who was stroking his huge member in one hand while staring at his son with a mix of sadism and lust. The other one couldn’t help but stare at that meat stick, wondering in silence.

“No, you’re probably gonna make a mess. I’m too big for your first one. I’ll make you practice with your brother tomorrow,” James replied to the quiet question. “Come.”

With a slight sense of relief, Chris was on the move again. This time, he managed to straddle his dad, putting one leg on each side of the other man’s hips and placing his eager, puckered hole on top of James’ thick member.

“Look at you,” his dad said proudly, resting the same hands that once had held him as a little kid on his bare thighs. “Only a little push and you’re already an eager little faggot sitting on my cock and waiting for a prize.”

Throughout his entire life, Chris had never heard his dad use such vulgar language. Not even once. It was all the more intriguing and enticing to hear him direct such words specifically to him now.

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10 thoughts on “Welcome Home Son!

  1. David says:

    I thought all the degrading language was super hot and integral to the story, but I didn’t see the point of the eldest son dropping out of College. I’d love a Part 2 and 3

  2. Alex says:

    I agree with you all. You want to fuck me, ok. But get it straight, you are fucking my ass, not a pussy. And degrading your son by calling him a fagot, I would say “fuck you. You are the faggot”. And lastly, what a shame he would crop out of college to be his daddy’s sex toys, or one of them. Pretty warped

  3. Bucky says:

    I agree … don’t like him degrading his sons like he does. Nothing HOTTER than the ALPHA spending sexy & dirty while still respecting his BOYS while complimenting them in being the BEST COCKSUCKERS & who have the most BEAUTIFUL HOLES I would luv to show off with his alpha buddies who wish they have what he has. … who would only share his BOYS if his BOYS want to show off their talent & be the SLUTS “ SO DADDY CAN BE PROUD “ of his BOYS in every way but always ends up in DADDY’s BED with each BOY suckling DADDY’s BALLS till they fall asleep.

  4. Robbie says:

    If a man called me an disparaging name or call my ass a pussy I’ll get up and leave after I explain to them b4 we ever had sex about the name-calling and if they wanted a pussy, they need to go to a woman and get one, goodbye dude‼️

  5. MJFnSC says:

    The story could have been written without the crude language of calling his sons faggots. And yet again men do not have a pussy! This story could have been really good without the crude words and actions from the father.

    • Steve says:

      It was ok till he called his son hole pussy if that what you want go get it ant finish college the stupid dadd won’t live for ever

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