What To Do If You’re Alone On Easter

I was getting skull fucked by a rather large ebony cock and on the couch next to me the guy had collapsed and was now laying down on the couch getting his cock sucked.


Being Easter Sunday and just dropping off the wife at the airport for her week away and all the kids having plans of their own that didn’t include me left me a little alone. So what does a man do when left all alone on a holiday…of course, you go to the local adult theater.

I paid my admission to the theater and upon entering I stood against the wall until my eyes could adjust. (No more sitting on a mans lap just because I can’t see. I should wait until I’m invited). After a short time I noticed that there were three men already in the theater.

One of which was in the seat I was going to sit in. (See told ya.) I found a vacant seat and sat down after scanning all the men to see what they were doing and if they had pulled anything out. Nothing. I sat there for a while and watched the gay movie on the screen. It was definitely a hot movie and the actors well endowed which is always exciting. Two of the guys in the theater got up at different times and left which meant that there were only two of us still there watching the movie. I would check him out periodically to see if he was going to pull out his cock or make a motion of some sort or make a sign that he was interested in anything other than the screen. But no, he was watching the screen very intently and wasn’t even rubbing himself.

We watched the scene before us in. I had pulled my cock out and was rubbing life into it and just as it was showing promise the door buzzer would sound which would allow me to stuff it back into my pants as the next patron entered. I saw that the other guy had also done some stuffing as he apparently was also gaining some courage to play in the theater. This happened perhaps four more times as some guys would come in, and others would leave.

The set up for this particular theater is two chairs against the back wall, three chairs running down the wall on the right, and two chairs and a three man couch against the wall on the left. I was sitting in one of the chairs against the back wall where I could get a good view of everything in the theater. Just to my left was the couch where a slim good looking man had come in and sat by himself. On the right was the other original patron who like me had been playing hide and seek with our dicks every time the door buzzed. He was sitting in the middle chair of the three that were there. Finally a black man came in and sat in the chair just to the left of him.

After a short time it seemed that the influx of patrons had stopped and all of us had our cocks out and without reservation was jacking them off to the action on the screen that is until the black man and I made eye contact and I smiled and motioned him over. He got up from his seat and came right over to me with his nice big ebony cock jutting out in front of him. I grasped his cock and stroked it a couple of times as he just stood there and rested his hand on top of my head. He gently pulled my head closer to him and I started to lick and kiss his cock head. He apparently appreciated the attention because I felt him put his other hand on my and gently started to fuck my mouth with earnest. I reached around and kneaded his ass as his thrusts became more intense.

Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed that the guy on the couch had taken his pants right off and had spread his legs wide and was stroking his engorged cock. Apparently that was enough for the other guy who was still there to get up the courage to get out of his chair and kneel in front of the couch and suck the other guys cock right into his mouth. He was a noisy cocksucker too…..the slurping sounds he was making only heightened the level of excitement in the room.

I was getting skull fucked by a rather large ebony cock and on the couch next to me the guy had collapsed and was now laying down on the couch getting his cock sucked by the other guy….the guys laying down was moaning and his cocksucker asked him if he was okay and he just replied, “Yes….please don’t stop sucking….Oh God…..Someone fuck me.” That was all my partner wanted to hear. He pulled out of my mouth and within a few seconds was kneeling at the end of the couch. He looped his arms under the guy’s knees and lifted him slightly. Quickly he removed the other guy’s sweats and had pulled his own pants down to his ankles. He quickly shoved his hard black cock into the mans ass and starting slowly at first started pumping his cock in and out. Gaining rhythm and speed he continued to fuck the guys ass as the other man continued to suck his cock. I was left to my own ministrations until the guy that was getting fucked reached up and started stroking my cock and alternately rubbing my balls. The only sound that could me heard was the loud sucking noises of his cocksucker and the moans and groans of getting his ass plowed mercilessly by the large black cock.

The only sound the black guy made was the grunting and heavy breathing he made as he pumped his Easter seed into the guys ass. The cocksucker received his Easter seed from the mans engorged cock as it spurted into his wet mouth and I could see it drip out from the corner of his lips….after which he retired to an empty chair and pulled his cock out once again and jacked off a healthy amount of Easter Cream all over the floor….what a waste. I would have gladly milked that from him and swallowed it eagerly. We all sat there with our pants off or down to our ankles for what seemed like a full two minutes.

Finally the black man got up and pulled his pants up and quickly left the theater followed shortly by the original man that was there with me. That left just me and the guy on the couch with his ass full of hot cum. He asked me if I had had a chance to finish and told me that I hadn’t. He apologized and said to give him a minute and he would help me. I told him that it wasn’t necessary but he was rather insistent. He slid down the couch right next to my chair and started to rub my cock back to life.

After a short time he got up to get closer to me and that is when I noticed his cock had come back to life and I reached for it and gently placed it into my palm and rubbed it back and forth. He stood there and enjoyed the rubbing I was giving him and he said that he wanted to help me and I told him that I would prefer to play with him at this time. I leaned forward and slipped his cock into my mouth and started to suck him deep down my throat as best as I could. I took my right hand and slipped it around to his ass and I could feel the hot cum as it was leaking from his hole. I gently pulled on his hips and he took the hint and turned around so his ass was even with my face. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and drove my tongue into his freshly fucked ass. Tasting the hot cum on my tongue and lips was so hot. While tongue fucking his ass I reached around and started to stroke his cock in rhythm with my tongue fucking. He was moaning all over again and as he was getting close to his orgasm I asked him to turn around and took his cock back into my mouth as he shot his first load. I pulled his cock out so that only my lips were touching it when his second shot came and sprayed all over my face. He shot one more string of cum onto my tongue so I could taste his Easter nectar.

I never did cum at the theater….the couch man thanked me and pulled his pants up and said he had to get back to reality and he left the theater. I sat there as a few more men came and went with out any action at all. I took a small break from the theater as it was empty and went to the restroom. When I returned there was an older guy sitting there hiding his cock as I entered. After sitting down and allowing him to get comfortable I was about to make my move when the same black guy came into the theater and apparently these two knew each other because the black guy just dropped to his knees in front of the guy and sucked him dry, spit out his cream and then they both left. I was amazed that I had lost my chance to get fresh cream.

I sit here now trying to remember all of the details and it occurred to me that I had yet had a discharge of my own. Guess I will have to take care of that. Until next time.

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