Game Of “Who Can Lasts The Longest” Pt 1

I resisted the urges for as long as I could. It seemed ridiculous, but the feelings kept swallowing me up inside. The temptation seemed to whisper suggestions in my head, telling me it would all be fine.


I pushed myself away from the desk. I could now feel the aches in my lower back from sitting for so long. Staring at the results on the monitor, I should have been satisfied. That had to be the tenth straight match, and I was at the top of the leaderboard again. I glanced down at my phone and sighed. It was getting a bit late, but nowhere near time to truly call it a night on a Friday evening.

I tapped a few keys and the game closed away to my desktop. I sat for a few minutes and felt the boredom begin to settle in once more, glancing around the room as if an idea were going to leap into my head. The dorm room was neat and tidy, lit only by the colorful lights from my desk. I started to regret not accepting the invitation to go out.

For a moment I considered finding my books and studying. I scoffed at myself. Any work I had to do for my classes was already completed. The thought of being a bookworm on a Friday night was depressing anyhow. I could go out somewhere alone, which was equally exciting, but looking down at the cozy set of sweats and the tank top I wore reminded me that lounging in my dorm room was more appealing.

I glanced at the door. The room was dark. I was alone, wearing only a simple pair of sweats. I was seated at my computer. For some reason, this mental checklist began taking my brain toward a devious place in my mind, like it was conditioned to go there. I checked the time. I had no idea how long Dalton and the others would stay out.

I resisted the urges for as long as I could. It seemed ridiculous, but the feelings kept swallowing me up inside. The temptation seemed to whisper suggestions in my head, telling me it would all be fine. Before I even consciously made the decision, the web browser was open and I was pecking away into the search bar.

Thumbnails were blasted onto the screen. Suggestive images and sweaty flesh filled my monitor and a wave of satisfaction flooded my body. It smothered any feelings of regret until they were gone. My hand drifted over my sweats to my crotch instinctively.

I never heard the door open, but I heard it shut.

White hot panic shot through me. In a fraction of a second I only had time to click once, and the window on the screen was minimized. I didn’t even have time to curse myself.

I spun in the chair to see Dalton enter the room carrying a bag.

“Hey man,” he greeted me.

“Hey,” I said.

Dalton looked at me, then a smirk formed on his face.

“Am I interrupting something, Ian?” He asked.

I gave him a bored look, hoping to deflect the question.

“Hey, you know there’s no judgement from me,” Dalton said chuckling.

I shook my head. “Just finished binging Atlas Peak. Pretty sure I just swept about fifteen straight matches.”

Dalton reached into the bag and offered me an energy drink. I watched his eyes to make sure they didn’t drift to the monitor, or the open tab near the bottom of the screen.

“You’re still playing Atlas?” He shook his head as I took the can. “There’s better things to do with your life, man.”

“Well, I definitely need something better to play,” I added.

Dalton smiled and made a face as he crossed the room to the mini-fridge near the bunks.

“You should’ve went with us man,” Dalton told me. “You gotta get out of this room sometime.”

“Was Jessie with you guys?”

Dalton rolled his eyes at me. “Yes.”

I shrugged. “Then there’s no chance I would go anyway.”

My roommate laughed.

“Dude, it was four cards, man,” Dalton said. “Two of them weren’t even good cards.”

“Yeah, and two of them were rare cards,” I added. “Which he lied about taking. Which he used in a tournament that he won.”

Dalton looked up from the mini-fridge and gave me a face. He went back to restocking the fridge with drinks but kept shaking his head.

“Still pretty dumb if you ask me,” I heard him say.

“How was the movie?” I asked, tired of talking about Jessie.

Dalton’s expression told me all that I needed to know.

“Well, I wouldn’t say it was bad,” he said, “I just don’t know that I’d recommend it. Basically all the good parts were in the trailer. Chase even fell asleep. I’d be surprised if they still do a sequel.”

I eased my hand toward the mouse, shifting the cursor toward the bottom of the screen. Two clicks would be all that was needed. Two seconds, if I did it right. Just as I built the courage to do so, Dalton stood up and shut the door to the mini-fridge. My hand jerked away.

“Are you still coming to the tournament tomorrow?” Dalton asked me.

I nodded. “I guess. As long as Jessie doesn’t try to play those cards again.”

Dalton snickered. “It’s his uncle’s computer store, dude. He’s letting us use the space as long as we clean up. Whole place is ours for the day. He said we can set up tables and everything. It’d probably be a bad idea to make a scene there.”

“I’ll be fine,” I said.

Dalton opened the wall locker in corner and pulled off his shirt. I respectfully spun away from him when he changed out of his jeans.

“Hey, Shadow Hunt is coming out next month,” Dalton said as he kicked his jeans away. “That’s the like… stealth shooter multi-player thing I was telling you about? It should be right up your alley.”

I glanced at him. “A stealth shooter? How does that even work?”

Dalton crossed the room to the computer where I sat. He still wore only his briefs.

“It’s the one I was telling you about the other day,” Dalton said.

Before I could react he was already leaning over the desk and reaching for the mouse. I froze, unable to think of anything to say that would stop him.

“There’s a release trailer,” he said as he took the mouse. “Let me pull it up.”

The browser window filled the screen again. The thumbnails flooded the monitor. I tensed up but said nothing. My eyes shot to Dalton. Recognition immediately lit his eyes, and a smirk crossed his face.

Dalton glanced down at me in the chair.

“Atlas Peak, huh?” He teased.

I hid my grinning face by rubbing my forehead. A warm sensation washed over my skin. Shifting in the chair, I tried to organize my words before they left my mouth, but I couldn’t get rid of the quiver in my voice.

“Well… I was actually playing… b-before–“

“Right,” Dalton said.

His eyes bounced from the screen back to me, letting me wallow in the embarrassment. It was awkward enough being caught, but Dalton stood there in only his briefs. He motioned to the door with a smile.

“Do you need me to leave so you can finish?” He asked.

I rolled my eyes.

“Shut up, dude,” I said with a chuckle.

“That’s kinda messed up, Ian.”

I looked up at him, waiting.

Dalton shrugged. “You skip out on the movies and stay here to watch porn?”

I shook my head. “I did not skip out on the movies–“

“You were just gonna do it without me?”

I watched his face. Dalton was trying to keep his expression blank and serious, but I could see the smirk hiding near the corners of his mouth. I could feel my hands and knees start to tremble. A silent part of me hoped that he wouldn’t go there.

A bigger part hoped that he would.

I lifted my hands and let them fall. I glanced away, unable to look him in eye. I shifted in the computer chair again as things inside of me began to stir and flutter.

“I didn’t even… I mean I thought y-you’d be gone….”

The thought never fully formed into a complete sentence.

Dalton shifted his weight and rubbed his hands down his briefs. I tried to keep my eyes away from there.

“Well?” He said. “Would you… want to?”

I looked at him. He was grinning now. I could see a sparkle in his green eyes.

I delayed further. “Tonight?”

Dalton slumped his shoulders and rolled his eyes yet again.

“Well what else were you going to do?” He protested. “Clearly you were just whining about being bored.”

Of course Dalton was absolutely right. I felt cornered. I also felt a tiny thump against the inside of my sweats near my leg. The familiar feeling flooded back into my veins, the same feeling of anticipation and excitement that had overtaken me before Dalton had walked in. It was embarrassing to even consider, which only made it so much more appealing.

“I… I guess so,” I answered weakly. “If you w-want to.”

I saw the flash of energy behind Dalton’s eyes. He stared at me for only a second longer before he crossed the room to the door. I stood up on weak legs and ran my hand through my hair. I tried to take in a breath to steady myself. It came out across trembling lips. I couldn’t deny the rush that was already filling my every limb. And I certainly couldn’t ignore the blood that was beginning make me throb.

I heard the lock on the door click as I made my way to the large bunk beds. I sat on the edge of the bottom bunk, rubbing my clammy palms on the legs of my sweat pants. Dalton was already at my PC, clicking and typing away. The multicolored lights from my desk gave his nearly bare body a shimmering aura as he leaned over the monitor. I tried not to look at him. He was only wearing his briefs this time. My eyes kept darting back, but I thought if I didn’t look, I could deny the reality of the situation a bit longer.

When Dalton stepped away from the monitor, the entire screen was filled with a video. The speakers were turned low, but I could still hear the music filling the quiet dorm room. Dalton flopped into the bunk next to me. I couldn’t even look over at him, even though my body was brimming with excitement.

“So,” he began, “what are the stakes, then?”

My mouth opened but all I could really do is shrug.

“I… I don’t know,” I answered.

Dalton paused for a minute. The two of us watched the dark haired woman on the screen. Her voluptuous body was barely clad in clothing that revealed bulging pillowy breasts. The camera slowly panned down her body. The edits of the video jumped and traveled over every inch of her pale flesh, framing her as a goddess and hypnotically teasing the reveal of her body.

I swallowed. It still felt so weird watching something like this with Dalton in the room, right beside me. I debated on climbing up into my bunk. Something kept me glued to the bed where I was.

Dalton licked his lips and spoke again.

“It has to be something worth winning,” he told me. “Nothing stupid like buying lunch or something like that.”

I nodded, pretending to think it over. In reality, I couldn’t think straight at all.

“So what about….” Dalton paused again. “Servant for a week?”

I glanced at him, but quickly looked away. He was still just in his briefs. That made it so different. I thought about what he said.

“A week?” I asked.

“Nothing crazy, just gotta do what the other person says for an entire week,” Dalton said. “Seven days.”

I made a face at him. “Isn’t that a bit much?”

Dalton grinned. “I don’t mean being a slave, or anything weird or freaky. I just mean what I say goes. Which means if I say you go see a movie with us next time, you have to.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him. “Oh, so you’re going to win then?”

Dalton snickered. He couldn’t look at me either, it seemed.

“Of course I’m going to win,” he said. “You blow first every time.”

I ignored the fact that he was right. I could already feel my dick pressing forth against my sweats, begging for attention. It made me think of Dalton, and if his was the same way. I could not bring myself to look. He didn’t even have pants on. I wondered how long I could even last. Dalton being right there apart of all this made things so much different.

I scooted back into the bunk, piling covers behind me to recline into. The excitement was too overwhelming.

“Fine,” I said. “Whoever goes first. Servant for a week.”

Dalton smiled at me but looked away. He scooted deeper into the bottom bunk beside me, careful to keep himself a few feet away. The two of us settled in, our attention turning fully toward the vixen on the computer screen.

“No stopping,” Dalton added. “No getting up to use the bathroom. No cheating off your neighbor.”

I let myself snicker, but the quip wasn’t enough to dampen the reality that was setting in.

I wondered who would start first.

I wouldn’t allow myself to glance over and see. I was here already. It was decided. I made my peace with that and gave in. Watching the video ahead of us at the computer, I slid my clammy hand under my shirt and found the waistband of my sweats. My stiff cock actually jumped when my fingers eased against it. I couldn’t believe how hard I already was. I felt so dirty even being this way, with my roommate right there. It only added to the atmosphere, making everything seem so much more forbidden and tantalizing.

I closed my fingers around my swollen shaft and tried to focus on the video. I started slowly stroking my loose fist up and down the length of my firm and sensitive skin. I needed to take this slow. Regardless of how absurd the whole thing was, I did not want Dalton to know just how aroused I really was by finishing so soon. Even the slightest graze against the head of my dick was unbearable though. I focused my attention on my stiff shaft instead and tried to keep my eyes on the video.

The raven haired woman on the screen was already pulling her enormous fleshy tits free of the skimpy bikini top, and allowed spit to drool from her glossed lips to fall toward her nipple. My cock grew even firmer in my hand watching the video, unable to deny any base need that crawled forth. I’d seen her before. I’d watched so many clips with that same voluptuous woman as the star of the action. I’d even lost this very little challenge watching her incredible work.

Maybe Dalton knew that.

I tried not to think about it. As gorgeous as the woman was, what made things so exciting was Dalton. Even being in his proximity, doing what we were doing, was insane. It gave things an edge. He was beside me in a dark room, watching porn, with his hand doing exactly what my hand was doing.

Except he was only wearing briefs this time.

I was fixated on that detail. He never even made the attempt to put on a pair of shorts or a set of sweats. Dalton was beside me with his hand stroking slowly in his underwear. He might as well have been naked. One simple garment was the difference. Even as I watched the dark haired beauty squeezing her tits on my computer screen, I thought of my roommate beside me in the dark, with only a simple pair of underwear on.

Dalton might as well have his cock out.

I chased the thoughts away. They left a sting in the swollen tip of my dick before I could shut them out. That wasn’t what this was about. I needed to focus on the video. To slow my strokes any more would mean to stop stroking. That wasn’t allowed. I breathed deeply and relaxed. I couldn’t bring myself that close to the edge yet.

“She’s so ridiculously hot, man,” Dalton said in a hushed voice.

Just hearing Dalton shattered what immersion I was trying to build with the video. Normally we didn’t say much at all. Not this soon. Why was he saying anything?

I ignored Dalton as best I could, but he shifted on the bottom bunk, sliding lower and adjusting his hips. I didn’t look. He was in my periphery though. I saw him lift his hips and settle back in. Gravity tugged at the corners of my eyes. I forced my gaze to remain on the woman on the screen. I could see it though. I could just see the pair of briefs bulging forth over Dalton’s fist, and the fabric stretching each time he stroked in the shadows.

The woman in the video was squatting now. A huge erection appeared from the side of the shot, jutting forth from a man’s hips right beside the woman’s face. Her shadowed eyes glared seductively back through the screen at me, at both of us. Her fingers took the dick in her hand and she stroked it just beside her face, teasing the camera with her facial expressions.

I couldn’t take my eyes away from the cock. Even worse, it made me more aware of Dalton beside me in the bottom bunk. I studied the huge hunk of flesh in the woman’s hands, the way it filled her grip, the lines of flesh glistening as stroked it. The man’s dick was displayed front and center as her plaything in high definition, forcing me to examine every inch of it in the frame.

And I couldn’t stop thinking of Dalton. I was trying not to. I was jerking off, Dalton was the last thing I wanted to focus on. But I couldn’t silence my own thoughts. I wondered if the dick in Dalton’s hand right now was like the one on the screen. Of course Dalton wouldn’t have a giant porn star cock, but I found myself wondering if his looked anything like that. Was the head the same? The same color? Was he circumcised? Was it bent or straight? I caught myself thinking these things and tried to steer my mind back to the beautiful woman and her enormous breasts. Every time I succeeded in clearing my head, I would hear sounds of Dalton stroking in his underwear beside me and my mind would drift again.

I felt as hard as the dick on my computer screen. The swollen cock was being smeared with saliva now by the porn star’s glossy lips. I breathed out a little sigh. I had no idea how long this video was, but I knew that Dalton tried to pick videos that lasted a while. I knew I was already too excited. Every time I thought my dick could grow no stiffer, it would swell in my loose fist. I’d have to edge myself if I wanted to last. I couldn’t stop stroking though. That would get Dalton’s attention. Part of me wanted to squeeze myself and finish it, to be done with it.

I didn’t want that. It’s why I agreed to do this to start with.

It felt wrong to even be doing this. I was right next to my roommate jerking off. The video wasn’t even the point anymore, even if I tried to tell myself it was. I admitted to myself in that moment that the kinky nature of what we were doing felt incredible. No matter how hard I tried, I kept looking at the dick in the video and thinking of Dalton. I wrestled with confusion, but I couldn’t lie to myself.

Then, Dalton made things so much worse.

I couldn’t help but glance over when he did it. Dalton lifted his hips, then shoved his briefs over his knees and down to his ankles before kicking them to the floor. When he did, I saw something bounce free at his upper thighs.

My eyes darted away. What the hell was he doing? We never did that!

Dalton was naked. That made it incredibly difficult to focus on the computer screen. I wanted to protest or say something, but instead I remained silent and slowly moved my hand up and down my shaft, mostly giving the illusion that I was still stroking. My dick was surging with energy, ready to shoot out of my hand. That familiar warm sensation blanketed my entire body. If I were to cut my eyes over, I’d see it. Dalton’s naked body tugged at my periphery, begging me to look.

I was too petrified to even move my eyes. He would see me if I did. Or would he? The room was only lit by the RGB lights from my desk. We were both tucked away in the shadows. He would only notice if I turned my head to look. Did he want me to look? Why the hell else would he take off his underwear?

I could hear that he was still stroking. The sounds of the friction of his hand moving up and down his dick painted the image in my head. I stared ahead at the woman on my computer, who was now wiggling her head with the fat slimy cock in her lips, forcing it deeper into her face. My own dick jumped in my loose grip. I now had a new problem, aside from being overwhelmingly aroused and confused, lying in the bunk next to my naked friend. The swollen tip of my dick was brushing against the inside of my sweats, and I could already feel the unbearable sting of an approaching orgasm.

I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t finish. He would think it was because —

“How can she fit that thing that deep in her mouth?” Dalton said suddenly.

I fought the urge to glance over at him. I hadn’t expected him to say anything at all, but it broke my trance.

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4 thoughts on “Game Of “Who Can Lasts The Longest” Pt 1

  1. Alex says:

    Obviously Dalton wanted to suck Ian’s dick. I think Ian was shocked but really would have liked to have done more himself. He just wasn’t dominant enough to take that step. After Dalton started sucking Ian’s dick, he should have ordered Ian to suck his. Poor Dalton is now feeling humiliated and Ian is probably too weak to make him feel easier about it. He should have gotten into Dalton’s bed, under the covers to show him all is good. Cuddling would have made things far easier, even if in underwire, shorts or ever your sweats.

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