Why This Well Hung College Jock Prefers To Bottom

He was taking his time, sensuously sucking and swirling his tongue over the head, slurping, and savoring the heft of what he held.


It was late fall during an unusually warm Indian Summer, and the drive was beautiful. It wasn’t a long drive either, but both of us were excited to get there…we knew the guy’s vacation was exactly what we needed.

We lost our clothes very shortly after getting to the cabin, and rarely had them on when we were at the cabin. It seemed like the only time my dick wasn’t hard at work was when we were eating, drinking or hiking (with one noteworthy exception).

Anyway, I started the fire, and Marty finished getting things in from the truck. He was enthralled by the fire, and yelling at me from the main room, “Your fires are amazing! You are like the King Woodsman…the sexiest, too!”

He was on his knees in front of the fire, and I handed him a beer, “Thanks, I’ll take it…King Woodsman sounds good.

He took a couple sips, sitting the beer aside and rubbing his hand over the rise in my jeans. He looked up, “Can I help you with that wood…and make it feel really good?”

Nodding with a big grin, “If you can help me with that wood, I think you deserve to be called King Woodsman, too.”

“Bribery is gonna get you far…or deep…really deep,” he kissed the bulge, grinding it with his lips.

“Fuck yeah…hold this beer, and I’ll get out of these jeans.”

He took a quick swallow before handing it back and helping me slip them off, with the underwear. I dribbled some beer in my hand, just enough to wet the shaft, “Well, this round is on me.”

I stood there in front of the fire, sipping beer, as he started working my dick…it was like the opening scene for a movie, or a cover shot. He was taking his time, sensuously sucking and swirling his tongue over the head, slurping, and savoring the heft of what he held.

He looked up and our eyes met, “You wanna sit down and…um,” he grinned, “and let me suck you dry?”

I sat back with my boyfriend between my legs, still sipping my beer. The crackling fire cast a warm glow over the room, and I tipped my head back, savoring the pleasure Marty could deliver.

With my mind wandering from Marty to boyfriends and girlfriends of the past, I thought about how they all spent hours on their knees, or between my legs. Even Marty, a handsome, hunky jock, submitted; he bottoms (most of the time), and he’s got this insatiable appetite. That’s just one of the many things that makes us so compatible…Marty could suck cock or ride cock for hours…day or night.

Then he got into position, with his head hanging off the edge of the couch; he could easily swallow it to the base, burying his nose in my balls. He loved to have me fucking his mouth, giving him everything and grinding deep. I loved it, too…feeling his throat work my dick, and with all the moans and grunts vibrating through the shaft…it was amazing.

At one point I slowed, gently pumping deep into his throat…going super easy, and just enjoying how it throbbed against his throat. I watched him wrap his hand around his own dick, and start stroking……his focus was still on me, but he was all erect…crazy hard…and like he was ready to explode…but so was I.

Eventually, it got to be too much for me, and I started humping his face, driving it deep, as I felt those telltale pleasured waves. My fingers gripped his head tighter and my thrusts grew more urgent.

Marty’s fist was a blur, pumping that big, beautiful dick of his. I was nearly ready to lean down and grab it between my lips, but I was too fucking close…already.

I was on the brink and ready to explode, fucking his mouth till my balls contracted and I was painting his tongue. “Oh, fuck…ahhhh, take it…take it…fuckkkkkk…all for you…all for you…alllll for youuuuuu!”

His tongue, swimming in seed, caressed the swollen shaft, and slowly swallowed the warm release. He pulled off to savor the trickle of the last drops, slurping them up, and licking the tip clean. He got it all, gently stroking the base, to milk it dry.

He looks up into my eyes, as he takes it back into his mouth, quickly working it back to rock-hard status. Never wanting it to end, he loved to have it in his mouth, and I certainly couldn’t turn down an encore.

Since I’d been crouched over the couch, “Let me sit back down…change thinks a little.” I sat back down and took sip of my beer, as he rolled over and immediately went back at it.

He’s totally into it, his head bobbing up and down the shaft. I knew he wanted seconds, because we’d done this a time or two, but he was taking his time. Savoring every detail of his man’s cock…he’s not just sucking it, he’s worshipping it, licking it, from the tip down to the balls.

Then he backs off to admire the spit-drenched shaft. He strokes it slowly, watching the girth slide through his fist.

I took over, jacking it in his face, while he worked his cock, and watched. I slapped it against his cheek, smearing him with drool.

Shoving his tongue out to snag some, he moaned, “Mmmm, wet cock…my favorite kind.” He looks up at me and asks, “Think you can you cum again?”

“Hell yeah…keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll give you another one!”

He grinned, “I leave it up to you…where do you want to put it…your call.”

I pondered that while he started kissing his way up to the head and licking the underside. I feel his mouth wrapped around the tip, working it with his tongue and stroking the base.

“Don’t stop…suck me off more…I wanna cover your face…but I wanna fill that hot ass, too!”

He looked up, “That’s what I was hoping for…all the above.”

Slowly pumping deeper, he was going to deepthroat it, again, but we usually do it, when he was on his back. “Oh fuck…Marty…oh Marty…deeper…deeeeeper!”

When he was close, he held it deep inside his mouth, and grabbed my ass, pushing it all the way. “Fuck! Fuck! Marty, take that cock…yeah…yeah…you got it all!”

Smothering his face in my pubes, he was grinding it deep; when he started fucking his throat, my head tipped back, with loud, pleasured howls. I couldn’t believe what he had done…but the sexy gurgles and slurps melded with the warm glow of the crackling fire.

I held his head, pushing him onto my dick, and pumping my hips. Slow and steady, I was fucking his mouth just like a pussy. His mouth was doing all the work, but every muscle in his body was flexing, as if it was a pussy…a hungry pussy. I reached down to grope his ass…and it felt so good, warm and firm in my hand. My fingers dug in, but I wanted to grab it with both hands. You name it…I wanted to play with it, swat it, hump it, and fuck the hell out of it. I just needed his ass, swatting one cheek then the other, “Damn that ass is hot…hot as fuck!”

I was getting closer, but still working my hand over his body, savoring his broad, muscled shoulders. “Mmmm…you are one hot guy.” I swatted his ass again, “You ready to get fucked?”

With a dick in his throat, he looked up and nodded. When he pulled off, the strand, leashing his lips to my cock stretched and snapped. Off course, he jumped up to lay in front of the fire, pulling his legs way back, “I’m ready and you’re the one hot guy for the job.”

I stood over him, stroking on lube, teasing his hole…and slapping it against his dick…mmmm, that soft thump when two dicks collide is priceless…fucking priceless.

He moaned as my dick disappeared, pushing inside, “Ohhhh fuck! Shitttttt…that feels sooooo gooooooooood!”

I watched that gorgeous ass, with all that muscle, swallow it, over and over. I kept all eight inches moving sensuously within his masculine embrace, teasing and satisfying him at the same time. Gently bouncing my balls over his ass, I gripped his legs, gradually pumping faster.

His voice wavered with my thrusts. “Fuck me…Rob…Rob…Rob…ahhhh…oh god…oh god fuck meeeee…use meeeee…use my pussy…use my pussy like a…like a girl’s…fuck me…fuck meeeeee!”

With one manly thrust after another…long, greedy, rhythmic thrusts…I kept fucking Marty the way he loves being fucked…the way he needs to be fucked. He was jacking his big dick…the ecstasy was mounting and he could hardly speak, “Fuuuucck my a…assssss…ahhhh fucckkkkkk!”

“That’s it…cum for me…yeah…yeah…yeah…cum…cum hard for meeeee!”

He moaned, “Mmmm…yeah…yeah…feels like it’s gonna split me…fuckin’ split me in two…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s good…yeah, love it!”

When his dick exploded, I kept pumping into the waves that carried ecstasy through his body…the first rope splashed across his chest…the second his belly and the last bit trickled down over his hand.

From being fucked and stretched wide, his ass felt amazing, but he just wanted to feel my cock slide into his ass, over and over…all night long. As if, to give me room, he pulled his legs back further, “Gimme that load…gimme all that load…yeah…yeah…yeah, gimme that load…and fuck me with it!”

He moaned, “Mmmm…keep it up…keep fuckin’ me…dump in me…gimme that load…dump in me and fuck me with it!”

He laid there in the clouds, watching me pound his ass. I slammed forward, over and over, as deep as I could, till I finally felt my balls tighten. A powerful release surged up the shaft, as I slammed forward, “Fuckkkkkk! Yer gettin’ it…yer gettin’ it all…oh yeah…yeah…yeah…fuckkkkkk…fuckkkkkkkk!”

I groaned and grunted, slowing my hips, but pumping as deep as I could, with each thrust.

“Don’t stop…yeah…yeah…yeah…keep fuckin’ me…fuck me with it.” He tipped his head back, “Mmmm…yeah…that’s…that’s it…yeah…yeah…yeah…just fuck me a little longer…yeah, fuck me longer!”

When he opened his eyes, I had slurped some seed from his chest, and was pressing my lips to his. I was still pulsing inside, and gently pumping him, but I felt his tongue…it was still hungry.

Eventually we came up for air, and I leaned back, grinning, “Well, that was a good start to the weekend…and we still got a couple days ahead of us.”

“Mmmm…thank god for that…we’re gonna need a whole weekend,” he grinned, “But we could use a whole month!”

He started laughing, “One minor problem…I can see the underwear that seems unnecessary, but where’s my beer?”


It was late afternoon and we’d gotten back from rock-climbing. Marty slipped and got a little bruised-up…nothing major, though.

I was coming back with a couple beers, as he was coming out of the hot tub. I watched him lift himself from the water, flexing his handsome, glistening body. He ran his hand through his hair, as though he was a studly, male model.

Mmmm…the shiny, dripping wet, muscle is incredibly sexy…and it makes me crazy, fucking horny. My eyes slid down over Marty, and I pictured him in a pair of speedos, straining to contain his manly attributes…but here, it was even better…there was nothing…no suit, and his attributes were growing.

I kissed my way down over his muscled chest and teased his nipples. With pleasured moans, he responded, “Yeah…that’s good…keep that up…right there,” as I reach down to stroke him.

That’s where he gripped my shoulder, pushing me to my knees for something more than a hand job. Of course, I didn’t resist, admiring his gorgeous cock, close-up. Eight thick inches and throbbing for my lips, I had to have it…it’s just beautiful…and Marty was just a beautiful man.

With my hand wrapped around the shaft, I brought it to my lips, bathed the crown with my tongue and rewarded my lips with the warm shaft. I took it up to my throat, straining my lips, and savoring its sexual power; I felt his veins throb against my lips, pulsing with manly need.

When it poked at my throat, my mouth was filled solid, and the pulsing warmth of all that meat was beyond euphoric. I worked my lips up and down the shaft, and he moaned, “Oh fuck…fuck, that’s good…yeah…yeah…yeah” He gripped my head and met my lips with gentle thrusts, “Mmmm…fuck…fuck Rob…oh yeah…you can suck dick…suck dick better than any…anybody!”

I ran my tongue over the head, down the veiny shaft, and back up to the ridge. HIs cock bobbed and danced over my tongue, and I gave it a few long, savoring licks, while cupping his eggs with my hand. Gently, I rolled them over my palm, lusting for a precious load, and to feel their hefty fullness against my tongue. He breathed heavier, when I swirled my tongue over the sac and closed my lips around one.

When I slid my lips back down over that beautiful manhood, his moans were loud and intense. I took it as deep as I could, savoring every pleasured utterance.

I remember the head started to throb, as I brought him closer and closer, and he tightened his grip to wildly fuck my mouth…exactly what I wanted.

The pleasured moans and grunts, melded with the rich chatter of the forest. Satisfaction was close, and he kept humping till he was groaning, “Ohhhh Robbbbb…fuck!”

Fuck yeah…ohhhh…fuccckkkkk…yeah…yeah…yeah…like that…yer gonna make me…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…make me cum…yer gonna make me…ahhhh…ahhhh…oh god, that’s it…fuckkkkkkkk!”

I could feel the thick shaft pulse, as it flooded my tongue with steamy, creamy warmth. His hands held me tight, while he drained his balls. I moaned with him, but mine were lost in the thick, male flesh, that I yearned to satisfy.

I swallowed the precious mouthful, savoring the taste of my boyfriend, as my eyes wandered over his hunky body. There was a pause while he caught his breath and pulled out, grinning, “Fucckkkkk, that was hot!”

With Marty, the slightest thing would cause an erection, and it stayed that way. I couldn’t resist, replying, “Not done, yet!” I shook my head, taking it back into my mouth, where it throbbed in the lingering fertile warmth.


The next day we went hiking after breakfast. There was a trailhead, just across the road from the cabin, that was an entry into the state park. It was maybe a mile out from the park’s lodge and visitor center, and we decided to go away from the lodge, where the hiker traffic would be lighter.

As we ventured deeper into the forest, the trees were showing the first hint of color, and a rich scent of pine, and autumn filled the air. Despite the Indian Summer, there was a backdrop of frenzied activity, as nature prepared itself for winter.

The sun was very bright and filtering through the canopy, bringing a sparkle over the forest floor. It was late September, but it was hot enough that we pulled our shirts off…I had mine tied around my waist.

There were some topography/moisture-driven changes in plant communities, with Chinkapin on the hillsides, and Bur Oak, Pawpaw and Jewel Weed in the valleys. Of course, I was geeking-out over the differences in oak populations.

Marty impressed me by recognizing a wild ginger, “There’s that ginger we saw in Michigan.” He kneeled to lift up the leaves to check out the flowers, and I said, “Good eye…bet it’s got mature seed now.”

“I think it is…it’s sort of dried up now.”

It was completely accidental, but when he looked up, he was eye to eye with my crotch and couldn’t help but grin, “That’s a nice tree you got there…and it’s always got mature seed.” Again, remembering the Michigan vacation, he identified the dick print, “Penis erectus, right?” He started rubbing it, “But I need to do this to make sure I’m right.”

“You know…the best way to confirm that it’s Penis erectus, is to use your mouth.” Of course, he’d just pulled it out, before we heard voices coming up the trail, and I whispered, “Shit!”

We hadn’t seen a hiker for nearly an hour or so, and now it had to happen. I quickly shoved it back in, while Marty jumped up to stand in front of me while I zipped up. The young couple, just coming around a bend in the trail, greeted us…and we tried to smile and greet them calmly. They asked where we had been and said they were headed to one of the waterfalls. Marty rattled off our itinerary, and I acknowledged that waterfall was a popular hike, and they’d love it.

When they passed by, he grinned, “Guess we should confirm things, when we get back to the cabin.”

I grinned, and teased him, “Definitely…it’s nice that you share my love for botany…and reproductive organs.”

As we headed down toward one of the canyons, he laughed, “Love it…reproductive organs…we do have a lot in common.”

It was couple hours later when we got back, and I’d sank into one of the chairs on the deck, when Marty walked over and rubbed my shoulders, “That feel good?”

“Mmmm…yeah…you can keep that up.” Then he worked my chest, digging in and leaning down to kiss my neck. I tipped my head back and closed my eyes, “And that feels even better…you can definitely keep that up.”

Of course, it had an effect on things, and I felt his hand rubbing me through the pants. Closing his hand around bulge, he started stroking it, and looked up with big grin, “I think we got some confirmation to finish up…and you said the best way was using my mouth.”

He helped me pull the jeans and underwear off, “Wow…it looks like Penis erectus!” Then I watched his lips move up and down the shaft, “Yeah, there it is…that’s definitely Penis erectus, in its mature state, ready to produce seed.”

He pulled off and stroked it; I could almost see his heart racing faster, and thoughts running through his brain, when I said, “Dude, I’ll give you some seed…get on it…ride my dick!”

He was quiet, but totally mesmerized, licking his lips and gazing at my thick, Penis erectus…he was anxious to impale himself again, and have it molding his insides. I held it upright, while he straddled to get on top of it, “Ohhhh…yeah…looks like yer ready for it…go slow, just let it slide in….yeah, that’s it…take it…take it all the way.”

“Ohhhh…yeah…yeah, that’s fucking awsommmmme!” He moaned, “It’s only been two days, but feels like it’s been two long months since I’ve had some!”

Gazing into those deep, brown eyes, his manly lust was veiled with a sexy smile and quiet tone, “Two fucking days…I guess that’s too long for me to go without dick.”

“Ahhhh…ahhhh…no need to go that long…ahhhh…so tight…so fuck’n tight!”

“Tight for you…all yours…uhhhh…uhhhh…it’s all yours! Mmmm…yeah…let me just ride…ride it…uhhhh…uhhhh…ride it hard!”

The girth stretched him wide open, and I loved seeing the pleasure wash over his face…but then intensify when he got into it, riding faster. It was just like he said…it had been too long, and he was desperate for a good, hard fuck, clenching my cock like he hadn’t gotten it in ages.

Incoherently moaning and grunting, he rode it hard, with his own big dick, bouncing in a breathtaking fuck-dance. Seeing it hard as a rock and bobbing like that made me wanna pound him even harder…I wanted to make it flop all over, smacking his belly and slapping his thighs. It always scrambles my brain…I don’t know a better way to say it.

“Oh god…I need the cum pounded out of me!”

“Yeah…yeah, ride it…ride that dick!”

My head tipped back, basking in the warm sunlight, slipping through the trees. With my eyes shut, I savored the warm intensity of our bodies moving together, effortless and fluid, yearning to satisfy each other.

I felt him picking up the pace, wildly fucking himself, and that felt even better; despite his tight grip, my cock slipped out at one point, and Marty groaned, “Hold it up…hold it up…and put it back in!”

He sank back down, moaning, as I started ploughing his ass, “Oh fuckkkk…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yessssss!” He threw his head looking into the trees, “Oh my god…fuckkk…yeahhhhhhh! Please…please keep…keep fucking meeeeeeeee!”

He rode with the same intensity as before, but when he started leaking, he stopped and I said, “You okay?”

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4 thoughts on “Why This Well Hung College Jock Prefers To Bottom

  1. MJFnSC says:

    This story could have been so much more than just fucking. The scenario of being out in the woods could have included meeting a hot guy or 2 in the woods or along the trails. The “oh we have girlfriends” was amusing to avoid a threescore with the girl.

  2. Jay says:

    Hmm, very interesting and immersive story. I can’t recall the last story i read that never told the main characters ages, nonetheless, the scenes were amazing in their description.

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