Wife Found Man-Cum On My Shorts

I thought for a long time that you might be bisexual. The thought of you having homosexual sex drives me crazy with lust.


I got back to my house. My wife was outside waiting for me. She was mad because I was gone for so long and dinner was cold. She looked at me. Her facial expression showed how irritated she was with me. When I got closer to her her expression went from anger to puzzlement.

She scanned me up and down and said, “What do you have all over your shorts?”

She stepped closer and said “What is that…It looks like… what? This is…”

She reached out and touched the substance, rubbed it between her fingers, brought it to her nose and smelled it. Her expression turned to disgust, and she quickly wiped it my shirt.

She exclaimed, “This is semen! What are you doing with cum all over your pants?”

With her discovery of my cum soaked shorts I knew I was busted. I had to explain somehow. Do I say I beat off in the woods by myself? Do I tell her what I really saw and that I jack off watching two men fuck? I had to think of something fast because just thinking about it got me hard again. Soon I had a full hard-on. She saw my cock straining at my shorts and looked me in the eyes.

She said, “What the fuck is going on? You were gone for so long I began to worry, but here you are with cum all over. Oh my god it’s even on your legs. Why do you have an erection and semen all over your shorts?”

I said, “Let’s go into the house and I’ll tell you everything.”

We entered the house through the back door which led into the laundry room. She told me to take my dirty shorts off and throw them in the hamper. I pulled them off revealing a raging hard-on. She saw my cock standing straight out with precum dripping out of it.

She looked at my cock then looked at me and said, “That’s not your cum, is it?”

“No, no its mine.”

“Then why is your cock so hard and dripping? If you ejaculated that much, you’re covered in it, how is it you’re still hard? You haven’t been gone that long.”

“I said I’d tell you. Let me get dressed and we can talk.”

“You don’t need to get dressed you can stay like that and tell me what the hell you were doing.”

I stood there naked. I told her everything. She listened intently with very little expression. Telling her what I witnessed got me even more aroused. Unconsciously I would touch my erection. Once I realized where my hand was, I’d take it away. After several minutes and right when I was describing the one guy inserting his cock in the other guy’s ass, I realized my hand was on my cock again.

I started to take my hand away when my wife said, “Don’t stop I want to watch you. I like seeing your reaction. Keep going with your description.”

I continued to touch myself. As I went on with the narrative, I instinctively went from touching to stroking. I slowly stroked my cock. I watched her reaction to the picture I was painting. I could tell from the look on her face that she was getting aroused. I thought I’d give her a complete re-enactment of everything I did. I reached up to my cock, took precum from the tip, and inserted my finger into my ass. She watched me intently while I masturbated, and finger fucked my ass as I described to her the incredible gay sex encounter I saw.

She said, “Are you imagining that your finger is one of their cocks in your ass?”

I moaned, “Yes, I wish one of them was here right now fucking me in front of you.”

Having her watch me stroke my cock while listening to my account of the two guys fucking was erotic. I was pounding on my cock hard. When I got to the point of the story where I was describing to her how the guy’s ass flex repeatedly as he jammed his cock in into the other’s ass, and I knew he was ejaculating, I shot a stream of cum across the space between us and it splatter on my wife’s leg. I nearly collapsed as my legs weakened. I leaned against the wall. I looked at my wife. She had lust in her eyes.

She said anxiously, “You didn’t join them? You just watched? You could have joined them. I wouldn’t be mad it’s not like cheating. I’m envious you got to watch without me. I would love to see something like that. Would you do something like that? I’d love to see that happen?”

“I’m serious, how are we going to make this real? Clean up and we can talk about this.”

I said, “We do need to talk.”

I pulled off my wet shirt. I got a towel from the cabinet, and we cleaned up the cum I shot on both of us. We walked out of the laundry room, and I turned to head upstairs.

She said, “Where are you going?”

I said, “I’m going to the bedroom to put something on.”

She said, “You don’t need to do that. You can stay the way you are while we discuss your gay proclivities. Besides I like watching your reaction since your penis is like a lie detector.”

I turned and followed her into the family room. I sat on the couch, and she sat in a chair opposite me. She turned the TV off. This was going to be a serious conversation. She turned and looked me up and down. Her eyes pause on my penis for a moment then she stared into my eyes.

I was completely naked and felt a little exposed sitting on the couch that way in the middle of the living room. My limp dick was lying to the side still leaking semen on my leg. She kept the eye contact for a long time then finally started to talk.

“We have been role-playing this fantasy for a long time, and I think it’s finally time we stop playing. When I first told you that I fantasized about you having gay sex I had a good idea that you would like the idea. I had been thinking about it for a long time before I told you. There have been occasions where I wondered about your sexuality. I thought for a long time that you might be bisexual. The thought of you having homosexual sex drives me crazy with lust.”

She continued, “I first started to have these thoughts when you told me of your homosexual behaviors when you were younger. At first, I thought it was youthful curiosity. However, since you have been telling me more details these last few years, I realized it was more serious than you let on. You were almost 19 when you stopped, and you were doing it, according to you own accounts, about once a week for at least three years. That was a lot of blow jobs. That was a bit more than just casual sex. You were having sex with your friend when we were dating weren’t you? You told me you stopped after he moved away. Would you have stopped if he hadn’t moved?”

“When we first dated, me and him were still blowing each other regularly. Me and you weren’t having sex, so he and I kept doing it. We used each other as a sexual outlet. He moved away that first year we were dating. I remember because he asked me once if you sucked my cock as good as him. I told him we weren’t having sex yet. He made fun of me because I hadn’t got past second base with you. Once we hit the home run together, I was satisfied. I felt I didn’t need the homosexual outlet anymore.”

“But if he hadn’t moved away, would you have kept it up even after we started doing it?”

“I really don’t know. It would have been hard to just shut him off. He was having sex with girls, but we continued sucking each other off. He said he wanted to keep doing it because I sucked him better that any of his girlfriends. Once we started having sex, he had already moved, but I didn’t think I needed the gay blowjobs anymore.”

“Do you consider yourself Bi?”

“That’s a tough question. I haven’t indulged in any homosexual activity since I was 18 except for what we have done recently. If you asked me that question ten years ago, I would have said no. I have to admit that now the thought of having a nice cock to suck and to fuck me intrigues me. When I was watching those guys go at it in the park, I wanted to be one of them so bad. I thought about taking them both one after the other. I wanted the first guy to cum in my ass then have the next penetrate my cum lubed ass immediately after.”

“Why didn’t you? You could have its not the same as cheating with a woman.”

With that question my cock started to stir. I could sense that unique feeling when the first signs of arousal occur. I looked down at my cock and it started to grow in short incremental lurches on pace with my pulse. Soon it was at full erection. It was unusual for me to get it up twice, and that’s with a long rest time in between. I’ve had two record sized ejaculations in the last 30 minutes and here I was getting a third full hardon brought on by a conversation.

Layna noticed my erection and said, “I know you want it. Your cock tells me. You’re getting excited just speculating about it.”

“I wish I would have had the courage to approach them, but what was I supposed to do just butt in and say who wants to fuck me. I couldn’t intrude on them. It was bad enough that I watched them from behind a tree like some perverted peeping creep let alone ruin their intimate act.”

She responded, “I suppose you’re right. Ok let’s talk seriously about how we can make it happen?”

My mind started to race with the thoughts of having approval from my wife to have real homosexual sex again. My balls were pulling up into my body and the intensity I felt in my crotch begged for me to start stroking. I took hold of it and slowly stroked my cock in front of my wife again. I didn’t think I could cum again, but it felt good none the less.

I said to her, “Oh baby I do want it so bad. Are you sure? This is a big step, but I don’t think I can let this craving go unsatisfied any longer.”

“Yes, I’m sure, I crave it too, but there is one condition. I must be present when you do it. If you do it, I want to be there. I don’t want you doing it on the sly and experiencing it without me. Can you promise me that?”

“Yes, having you watch would be fantastic.”

With both of us in agreement I became more excited and started pumping my cock harder. She told me to slow down, and she would be right back. She left the room quickly and hurried upstairs. I was amazed as I was close to climaxing again, but when I slowed it subsided. I continued to slowly stroke myself reliving what I witnessed less than an hour ago.

How do I make this happen? Layna wants to watch me with another guy. I want to suck a cock again and have anal sex with a man. It has been decades since I have had any homosexual sex. I’ve already made a connection with the guy I saw fucking. I’ve seen him down in the park while jogging and riding his bike with his wife and kids. Next time I see him I’ll start up a conversation, make a connection, and figure out how over time to approach the subject of me sucking his cock. That time we talked there was something about him that I found alluring. He was very friendly, and we talked for a long time. If I would have known that he was gay I might have propositioned him then. After what I saw him doing there is no reason not to try. I’ll do it. Next time I see him in the park I’ll approach him. I’ll start a conversation then I’ll have to figure some way to maneuver the conversation towards sex. That’s it I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to do it… HOLY SHIT… my wife was standing in front of me completely naked with her strap-on dildo hanging in front of my face.

She stepped toward me and told me to suck her cock. I took it into my mouth and sucked her while looking up at her face. She started rocking her hips back and forth moving her cock in and out of my mouth. Her cock had big balls and I took them in my hand while simultaneously putting my finger up her soaking wet pussy. Her knees buckled when I put my finger in her.

She said, “Deep throat me take all my cock.”

I swallowed her cock. My lips were touching the base of it. It was more than six inches, but I took it all. I had been working on taking all her cock for a few years and I’ve been able to work myself up to getting her seven-inch dildo down my throat. I pulled off then plunged down on it taking the entire shaft again. I did this several times and she watched me with intense lust in her eyes. She talked to me about how hot I looked with a cock going in and out of my mouth. She said she loved to watch me envelope her whole shaft. She held the back of my head and forced me down on her shaft. She didn’t let go. She grabbed some hair and pumped her cock into my mouth as she pushed her pelvis back and forth. She fucked my mouth while I sucked her until my jaws started to cramp. My chest was wet with the saliva that was leaking out of my mouth. Her cock was invading my throat with each plunge. The last plunge she shoved her cock all the way in and held it there. I had to struggle to breathe through my nose to get air, but I took all of her. She held my head tight against her mound, my lips pressed against her pubic bone, she made several rapid small jerks with her hips. She started moaning and saying that she was cumming. She pretended she was shooting cum down my throat. I love it when she really gets into the play acting. She really gets into it.

She took a handful of my hair pulled my head off her. My finger popped out of her vagina when she kneeled between my legs, leaned in, and started kissing me hard. Her cock was against mine and she started moving it back and forth on my dick. We made out furiously while she continued to hump on my cock. Her tongue plunged deep into my mouth, and she swirled her tongue around the inside of my mouth. She was pretending that we were sharing her cum. She started kissing my neck and moved down to my nipples. She pressed her tongue into my nipple and moved it around. She lifted off and rapidly flicked her tongue on my erect nipple then bit it. It felt like an electric shock shot straight to my balls. I started going wild grinding my cock on her.

She continued going lower kissing and licking my abdomen. She got down to my cock and to my surprise she took it in her hand and started licking the shaft and kissing the head. This was different than all the blow jobs she has giving me before. Usually, she will fully envelope it and start sucking hard to get me to cum fast. I don’t think she liked blowing me all that much and wanted to get it over fast. This time it seemed like she was taking her time and savoring my cock.

She looked up at me from between my legs with her deep brown sultry eyes as she worshipped my cock with her lips and tongue. She took her time. She slowly licked the shaft from my balls to the head. Her tongue slid up the shaft with her hand following behind squeezing it tight. When she got to the head, she lifted her tongue off and brought her hand right to the tip which forced out a large amount of precum. She took the tip of her tongue and licked up the precum. She lifted her head and a large string of precum spanned the gap between my cock and her tongue. She swirled her tongue around the sting wrapping it around her tongue until the string broke then she lowered down and lick the head of my cock clean. While she was worshipping my cock, she was talking to me.

She was saying, “Close your eyes and pretend it’s one of those guys playing with you dick. It’s not me its him. It’s his tongue. It’s his mouth. It’s his hand pinching your nipples. I know you want it. You want his cock don’t you. You want him to fuck you don’t you. You want my cock in you now.”

I said, “Yes, I want a real cock in my ass. Please I can’t wait any longer put your cock in me, quench my thirst, my lust, my craving for a hard cock.”

With that she got on her knees and moved up closer to my ass. I had slumped down so my ass was on the edge of the couch. She grabbed my legs under my knees and started to lift my legs up. She was struggling so I pulled my legs up toward my chest and held them there. My legs were spread wide, my raging cock was pressed between my legs leaking precum into my belly button, and my ass was totally exposed. I could feel the cool air on my sweaty asshole. Then I felt her hot breath on my hole the feeling was incredible. She licked my ass. She has never done that. I was shocked. It was a wonderful feeling. She lapped at it for several minutes and I was in ecstasy. It got even better as she shoved her tongue up my ass and started wiggling it around. She plunged it in deep then pulled out and swirled around my anal ring. My cock was ready to explore.

She stopped eating my ass. She left my hole wet with her saliva. She pushed herself up pressing her hands on the back of my thighs which pushed my legs harder against my abdomen and chest exposing my ass even more. She was in and upright position kneeling before my exposed hole. She grabbed the pillow off the couch and put it under her knees. This raised her to the perfect height to align her cock with my asshole.

She moved forward, pressed her cock against my hole, and started pushing it in. I could feel my hole begin to expand. She steadily pressed ahead, and my anus began to open. She wasn’t in a hurry but kept constant pressure and gradually her cock began to enter me. It was past the first resistance with no pain or anal spasms. She continued pressing. It was going slow. I could feel her pressing harder. She grabbed my hips and pulled them into her cock. I held my legs behind my knees and pulled them into myself as hard as I could. I felt her cock starting to move past the final resistance. From the way it felt she must have had at least three inches in me when it worked through the inner ring and quickly slid all the way in. I felt her course pubic hair pressed against my ass as it slipped in all the way to the base. I took all her seven inches with no pain.

She was in me. Her mouth was wide open tilted down watching her cock penetrate me. A string of drool dripped from her mouth and landed on my stomach. It looked like she was in an erotic trance. She started pumping into me. She used long slow deliberate movements, and I could feel every inch of her shaft as it pulled out then slowly re-entered me. I wanted to jack off so bad, but I wanted the feeling of her exquisite cock penetrating me to last. I didn’t want to cum. I wanted her to fuck me like that slow and steady for the whole night. She continued that way holding my hips and pulling me onto her cock with each thrust in. She didn’t tire. She steadily pumped into me longer that she ever had.

She said, “I want to watch you cum. I want to see if you’re aroused enough to cum again.”

She grabbed my cock and started stroking it. She picked up the pace and began plunging into me faster. She had been fucking me for over ten minutes and my cock was ready to burst the whole time. Once she grabbed my cock that was it.

I said, “I love your cock. It feels so good to have you fucking me. Give it to me harder pound my cock I’m going to cum.”

She was jacking me furiously and started plunging into me as fast as she could. I let out a loud groan and shot cum all over my chest. This was the third time in a little over an hour. That’s the first time I came that may times in such a short period of time.

She pulled her cock out of my ass. It looked clean, but she wiped it with a towelette (which she always had nearby when we have anal sex). She moved up to my chest and rubbed her cock in my semen. She scooped some up with her fingers and place it on the cock. She covered her cock with cum and moved up to my mouth and tapped it on my lips. I opened my mouth and she slip her cock into it. I savored her cum coated cock while she told me to swallow all of it and lick her cock clean. I did as she told me and sucked her cock for a few minutes. She pulled out and laid on the couch next to me.

She told me to hand her the vibrator which she brought down when she came down with her strap-on. She undid the lower straps of her harness so she could get her vibrator on her clitoris. She started vibrating herself. With the cock still attached and standing straight up.

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  1. Steve says:

    I wish my wife was that understanding.I would love to suck a dick while my wife watches me and another man please each other. Would be so hot!!!!

  2. Robbie says:

    I liked this story Udatz, but most of the readers will dislike it because there is a woman instead of two men.

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