Would You Help This Runaway Teen?

He came right in Troy’s mouth. Troy’s mouth kept going up and down, with Dustin’s cum trickling out of the sides of his mouth and into Dustin’s pubes. It was only when Dustin was spent and limp did Troy finally raise his head.


Plattsburgh, New York, in the summer of 1970…

It had been a rough couple of months for Dustin Wood, and his life seemed to fall apart in every way imaginable. First, his mother passed away in the spring, and with her gone, Dustin’s father seemed to change into someone unrecognizable, drinking heavily and taking all of his frustration out on his only son.

The final straw was shortly after Dustin had graduated from high school in June. He had invited a friend over to hang out, since his father was at work. Troy wasn’t all that close a friend, but they had begun to get better acquainted after working together at the local market.

A couple of days earlier, Dustin had gone to Troy’s home after work, and after swiping a few bottles of his father’s beer from the refrigerator, had taken Dustin down to his cellar. They had to be quiet, because Troy’s parents were sleeping, but Troy wanted to show Dustin something incredible.

It seems that Troy had unearthed some porn magazines that his old man thought he had hidden away, and these magazines weren’t like Playboy, Dustin noticed. These magazines showed everything, with guys and girls doing stuff with each other, and even though they could read the foreign language the magazine were printed in, that didn’t bother Dustin.

“Can I take a couple of these home?” Dustin had asked, but Troy said no, there was no way he was ever going to part with any of them.

“Read them here,” Troy said, “Or were you going to jerk off at home with them?”

“Thought so,” Troy chuckled when Dustin blushed. “Hell, you can do it here. Fuck, I do it all the time. Come on.”

Troy brought Dustin over to a couch in the corner, turning on a lamp and started to drop his jeans. Dustin followed, carefully watching Troy as they slowly undid their jeans and lowered their briefs. They checked each other out as subtly as possible before siting on the sofa and started to leaf through them.

“You ever get laid? Troy asked, and Dustin said that he had a couple of times, and when Troy asked him how many girls had give him head, Dustin claimed four had.

Dustin had doubled his actual number of sexual encounters, and he suspected that Troy had probably exaggerated his alleged conquests too, but he was too busy looking at the porn, occasionally glancing over at Troy stroking his cock.

“You ever do anything with a guy?” Troy asked.

“No, why?”

“I dunno. I saw you looking at my stuff.”

“No, I mean yeah, I guess I was,” Dustin admitted. “Never saw an uncircumcised one this close before.”

“Want to touch it?” Troy asked, sliding over toward Dustin. “It’s okay.”

“Feels weird,” Dustin said as he wrapped his hand around the shaft and pulled down a bit, skinning the foreskin down and exposing the conical glans below.

Dustin jumped when he felt Troy’s hand land on his cock, and then he realized that those rumors about Troy were right. He was a homosexual.

“Feels better when somebody else does it for you, doesn’t it?” Troy said as he began jerking Dustin off with slow and strong pulls.

“Yeah,” Dustin admitted, and he discovered that he not only didn’t mind holding Troy’s cock, he was enjoying it, and started to mimic the way Troy was masturbating him.

“Yours is bigger than mine,” Dustin said as he pulled on Troy’s cock, which was fully engorged.

“Not by much,” Troy said. “Yours is thicker. Here. Why don’t you lay back and let me get you off, and then you can do me.”

“Lokk at the pictures while I do you,” Troy said as he knelt next to Dustin and worked his hands over Dustin’s cock and balls while Dustin looked at the Danish girls and guys fucking and sucking.

Five minutes later Dustin was drenched in sweat, as Troy kept bringing him to the brink of orgasm before slowing down. Dustin’s cock had gone from beige to beet red, and pre-cum was drooling out of it like a leaky faucet.

“I have to cum, man,” Dustin said. “You’re driving me crazy.

“I know. Better this way. When you do cum, you’ll really get off good. Look at the magazines Dustin. Don’t look at me.”

Dustin raised the magazine up, but all of a sudden he felt something wet and warm around his member, and when he lifted the magazine up he saw Troy bending down and putting his dick in his mouth.

Dustin sat frozen as Troy’s head bobbed up and down, his lips sliding down the entire 6″ organ right to the stump before pulling back up, his hand kneaded Dustin’s balls all the while.

Dustin came, the magazine long forgotten and discarded, and he came right in Troy’s mouth. Troy’s mouth kept going up and down, with Dustin’s cum trickling out of the sides of his mouth and into Dustin’s pubes. It was only when Dustin was spent and limp did Troy finally raise his head.

“Was it good for you?” Troy asked, and after Dustin nodded Troy asked, “As good as the girls that did it to you?”

“Yeah,” Dustin sighed, and that was a lie, because this had been so much better than the other times that it was laughable, and Dustin was still feeling chills going down his spine from the force of his orgasm.

“You don’t have to – you know,” Troy said. “I mean, if you want to that would be great. I wouldn’t tell anybody or anything if you gave me head.”

Dustin took a deep breath as Troy leaned into the back of the sofa, and as he reached for the slender prong that curled back onto Troy’s stomach, he wondered if he could.

“Maybe,” Dustin said. “Let me just…”

Dustin had just pulled the arching 7″ tool upright and had begun to stroke it, trying to work up the courage to do it, and after deciding it would try it for a little while and then finish Troy off by hand, the sound of a creaking door opening and a light went on in the stairway that led to the upstairs.

“You down there, Troy?”

Dustin and Troy froze when they heard Troy’s mother calling down the stairs, thankfully out of sight.

“Uh – yeah Mom.”

“What are you doing down there at this hour?”

“Looking for something – the air pump,” Troy said.

“Do it tomorrow honey,” his mother said. “Get up to bed.”

“Coming,” Troy said, and after the door closed, they stood up and pulled up their pants.

Dustin felt a twinge of regret when Troy’s prong disappeared from view, and after Troy led Dustin to the back entrance of the cellar, Troy said with a grin, “You owe me one, man.”

“Want to come over to my place tomorrow?” Dustin suggested. “We don’t go to work until 3. You could come over and we could – you know – mess around. My father works until 4.”

“I’ll be there. Noon okay?”

“Yeah,” Dustin said as he left with a magazine in his back pocket.

At home, Dustin went up to his bedroom, locked the door behind him and took his clothes off before climbing into bed with the magazine. It was about 50 pages, many in color, and had three people in it, a girl and two guys.

One of the guys reminded Dustin a little of Troy, because his cock was long, thin and uncut too. Dustin studied the pictures that showed the other guy sucking that cock while the girl sucked his, and soon his hand was down stroking his boner.

Troy was right, Dustin thought. It did feel better when somebody else did it, but it felt good nonetheless, and he wished that Troy was there with him now, because he the way he was feeling he would definitely suck on Troy’s cock now, even though he might not be too good at it.

Dustin came while imagining it was Troy’s and him in those pictures, and even after he turned out the light to go to sleep, he thought of nothing else, even sucking on his thumb to get used to what he was going to be doing tomorrow.

Troy came over at 11:30, and they wasted no time getting to it. They went right to Dustin’s bedroom, and after Dustin put a Jimi Hendrix album on the turntable, they got undressed.

“You took the magazine with you last night?” Troy said, laughing when he saw it on the night table. “How many times did you jerk off?

“Just once. This guy looked a little like you,” Dustin said, showing his favorite picture, where the Troy look-alike was getting sucked by the other guy. “At least that’s what I was imagining.”

“Were you imagining that the other guy was you?” Troy asked, and when Dustin nodded Troy pulled him down to the bed.

“Don’t be scared,” Troy was telling Dustin as he knelt next to Troy, holding his stiff rod upright while he started to bend down but stopped short both times. “It’s okay. You’ll do great.”

Dustin nodded and bent over again, sliding the foreskin down and pressing his lips to the tip of the cone before taking a deep breath and opening his mouth.

“Yes!” Troy sighed as Dustin’s lips went halfway down the shaft before sliding back up, and when Dustin looked up at Troy for approval his friend nodded.

This isn’t so bad, Dustin thought, and after he figured out how to keep his teeth off of Troy’s cock he started to get more confident and better at it.

“Gonna cum man,” Troy was saying, and while Dustin had heard him he kept going, and although he gagged a bit when the spunk first hit his throat, Dustin didn’t stop.

Dustin didn’t mind the taste, and the sensation of feeling Troy’s cock throbbing in his mouth had sent shivers down his spine.

“That was so good man,” Troy said, leaning up and kissing Dustin, his tongue savoring in the taste his own spunk, and although that was a bit off-putting to Dustin, he was so happy that he didn’t mind.

They spent the afternoon sucking each other off nearly non-stop, and only with great reluctance did they get dressed for work.

“Did you see the last picture in that book?” Troy asked Dustin as he grabbed the magazine before they left, and Dustin nodded as he looked at the full color photo. “What do you think?”

“You mean – doing that?” Dustin asked, looked back and forth between Troy and the photo of the Troy look-alike, who was kneeling behind the other guy, and while you couldn’t see what was doing, the expression on the face of the guy Troy was behind made it clear where he had put that cock of his. “That must hurt.”

“I’d be gentle, I swear to you man,” Troy said. “You could do it to me too.”

“I dunno,” Dustin said as they left for work. “Let me think about it.”

Troy was very persuasive, using his oral skills in the bathroom at work on Dustin, and then again on the way home. When Troy asked him before they parted for the night whether he had thought about it, Dustin nodded.

“I just don’t want it to hurt,” Dustin said, and Troy was overjoyed.

“I’ll be over early tomorrow, Troy said. “I swear it will be so good for you. I’ll make it the greatest day of your life.”

The greatest day of Dustin’s life started at 9 the next morning. After they got each other undressed, Troy gave Dustin a massage with some oil he had brought with him. Dustin was nervous, but Troy was so gentle and the massage was so soothing that Dustin found himself relaxing despite his fear.

“Get up a little,” Troy was saying as he positioned Dustin on all fours.

Dustin glanced over at Troy, and when he saw that long arching manhood slick with oil his heart started racing, the thought that somehow Troy was going to put that thing inside him making him tremble.

“It’s okay, man,” Troy was saying as he sensed Dustin’s fear. “Let me get you ready.”

Dustin nodded, and then felt something slick rub his anus before slipping in, Troy’s fingers lid slowly in, causing Dustin to gasp in response to the probe.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” Troy said. “You’ve got such a great ass. So tight and warm. I want to taste you.”

Dustin felt his ass cheeks being spread apart, and then felt Troy’s breath down there.

“Ooh!” Dustin gasped when he felt Troy’s tongue work into his anus. “Oh man!”

It was as if Dustin had gotten an electric shock, his entire body tingling as Troy pushed his tongue as far into his anal cavity as she could while his hand reached down between Dustin’s legs and grabbed his erection, milking him with a greased first while he rimmed him.

Dustin came fast, his cock spurting cum all over the sheets while Traffic played Dear Mr. Fantasy on the stereo, and for a while Dustin thought he would never stop cumming.

Then the tongue left his anus, and Troy was climbing behind Dustin, pressing the tip of his cock at the pink puckered ring. Troy had just slipped the head of his member into Dustin’s virginal orifice when the world as Dustin knew it ended.


The two of them had been so into what they were doing, that along with their lust blinding them, the stereo had managed to mask the arrival of Dustin’s father, but his bellowing as he stood in the doorway seeing his son getting a cock stuck up his ass made his entrance a dynamic one.

“FUCKING FRUITS!!!” Bob Wood screamed, and that was the nicest thing that came out of his mouth in the next 45 seconds, but the screaming was nothing compared to the mayhem that followed. Dustin got punched in the temple, sending him flying off the bed head first.

Troy made out worse, getting his nose broken from one of the several punches he got in the face along with a kick in a very private place, and he got thrown out of the front door of the house naked and bloodied.

Dustin jumped on his father’s back in an attempt to stop his assault, but his father was too stoked up on anger and bourbon and threw his son off with ease. Dustin scrambled back to his room and pulled on a pair of pants, and after grabbing everything he could of Troy’s, scrambled out his bedroom window just as his father was coming back in to kick his ass some more.

It was almost noon, so the sight of a naked guy and a nearly naked one out on the street did not go unnoticed. Dustin caught up with Troy, whose nose was leaking blood like a faucet and seemed in a daze, and managed to pull him off the street and into clothes before the police car arrived.

Someone had called at some point, and when they went into Dustin’s house it took four of them to restrain Dustin’s father, and only after they cuffed him and got him into the police car did the police talk to Troy and Dustin.

Dustin’s father was arrested and would end up going to jail for six moths for the assault. It had not been a good day for Bob Wood, who had been fired that morning from his job after continuing to spiral downward after his wife’s death and had it rock bottom.

The story behind the assault got out, and that made Dustin’s life a living hell. He lost the job that he was using to get money for college textbooks for the fall, and was harassed and ridiculed constantly. With his father in jail, it fell upon the eighteen year old to somehow keep paying the bills, and he soon learned that there was little money after the expenses that went will his mother’s passing.

No one would hire him, since he was something of a local celebrity even though he was one of the victims in the affair. Troy wanted nothing to do with him anymore, and then the bank started foreclosure on the house. The utilities were turned off for non-payment, and after all the food in the pantry was gone Dustin gave up.

He packed a duffel bag with some clothes and slipped out of the house in the middle of the night, leaving most of his life behind because there was nothing much he wanted to remember.


Dustin was originally going to hitchhike to California, but after six days he had only managed to make it close to Buffalo. At this rate, he thought, it would take a year to get there. He was broke and tired, and reeked even though he had been taking whore’s baths in public restrooms and going through all of his changes of clothes in an effort to stay fresh.

It was while he was on a road near Buffalo, with the sun starting to disappear and a light rain beginning to fall, that a car that had just passed Dustin stopped. Dustin ran up to the car and when the man inside told him to hop in, he did so without hesitation.

Earlier in his trip Dustin had been cautious and selective, but not any longer. He just wanted to sit down in a soft seat and close his eyes, and as the driver started to engage him in some casual conversation Dustin began to relax.

The man said his name was Frank, and was driving back to Cleveland after a business trip. He explained to Dustin that he was going to be stopping soon to check into a motel before going on in the morning.

“That’s okay, mister,” Dustin said. “As far west as you can get me is good.”

“I’d be glad to keep driving you tomorrow,” Frank said. “Nice to have company on these long trips.”

“I don’t money for a…”

“We can share a room,” Frank said, and as he spoke he put his right hand on Dustin’s knee. “I can usually read people pretty well, and I get a sense from you that you’re a open-minded guy.”

Dustin looked over at the man, who was old enough to be his father, and as he hand went from his knee to his thigh, Frank added, “What do you say? You and me?”

Dustin started to sob, and then the dam broke and the tears started to flow. The man’s hand jerked off of Dustin’s knee, and after Dustin cried for a while he started telling the man everything. He had held it in for all these months, and now he let it out, leaving out nothing.

It wasn’t like Dustin to open up, especially to a stranger, but he did nonetheless. From the initial contact with Troy, the moment when they were about to make love, and on through his father’s attack and the ensuing humiliation and eviction from his house that let him to the front seat of the car, the man heard it all.

“I’m sorry son,” the man said softly, and it was then that Dustin noticed that the car had been pulled over to the side of the road. “I can’t imagine how horrible you must feel, and then I go starting to paw you.”

“It’s alright,” Dustin said. “Maybe your hand – maybe I’m just so lonely and hurting, that I need someone – something.”

“I know the feeling,” Frank said, not wanting to burden the lad with the story of his wife passing a year ago, and now his life becoming an endless series of motel rooms in strange towns while trying to sell his company’s products in an economy that was in the crapper.

Frank leaned over and put is arms around Dustin, and although it was awkward and cramped, the managed a very warm embrace, with Dustin putting his head on Frank’s shoulder while hugging him hard.

“Thank you.”

“The offer – about the motel room?” Frank said. “I want you to stay with me. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you, I promise. We’ll get you cleaned up and you can get a good night’s rest.”

They ended up at a Super 8 just off the Thruway, and after they got to the room Frank suggested that he could take Dustin’s clothes across the street to a laundromat while Dustin took a shower, Dustin reluctantly agreed.

“I don’t have – I don’t know when or if I can ever pay you back for this.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Frank said. “Why don’t you go into the bathroom and get those soggy things off too? Toss them outside the door when you do.”

In the shower, as Dustin scrubbed off the evidence of his time on the road, he started to feel alive again. Being with somebody that seemed to like him and care about him was something he hadn’t experienced in months, and it felt good.

Dustin knew what the man wanted, and what he had in mind when he put his hand on his knee in the car, but Dustin didn’t care, and he would do whatever Frank wanted. It was a small price to pay to spend time with someone decent.

After Dustin dried off and brushed his teeth, he wrapped the little motel towel around him as best he could and went out to the room. Frank had come back, explaining that the clothes would be washed and folded and ready for him around 9 the next morning.

“Thanks,” Dustin said. “Hope I didn’t use all the hot water.”

After Frank went into the bathroom, Dustin sat on the edge of one of the twin beds, feeling awkward because he had nothing to cover his except the damp towel. Dustin dimmed the light and climbed into the bed next to the wall, wondering what this would be like.

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  1. Thomas says:

    I think I’ve read this before, or one very similar, but I really enjoyed it. I hope there is another chapter

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Not a runaway youth but this grandpa owes my training to my youth minister at church summer camp and my scoutmaster and his wife who were both home nudist and swingers

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