You Won’t Believe What My Brother Gave Me On My 18th Birthday

“Come here bro,” Jake said, pulling me over to his side of the couch. We hadn’t cuddled in ages, but with the weed and the beer it felt nice. Jake put his arm around my shoulders and I leaned into him.


“Happy Birthday!”

I woke suddenly with my face feeling cold and wet. I was disoriented for a second before I snapped back to reality. My older brother was standing over me with a cup in his hand, smiling wickedly.

“What the hell Jake!” I yelled. My brother had obviously thrown water on me. I was furious. What a piece of shit! Why couldn’t he just leave me the fuck alone? Why couldn’t I get any privacy from him?

“You’re eighteen bro! Time to be a man,” he said laughing.

I ignored him and got out of bed to grab a towel and wipe my face off. I looked back to see my pillow and sheets were wet. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, so I just stripped off the pillowcase and bed sheet so the mattress and the pillow would dry by that evening. I started to strip off my pajamas. The only way to deal with Jake was to ignore him. He only annoyed me to get a reaction.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Jake asked, no longer smiling.

“I’m taking off my wet clothes so I can get dressed” I said, neutrally, and I pulled down my pants. I was now standing in my boxers.

“Gross! I’m right here!” Jake protested.

“Yeah, well, you’ll survive, and you chose to come in here and throw water on me. Not my problem.” I kept my responses terse and unemotional. Don’t feed the bully right?

“Whatever,” Jake said, no longer having as much fun. He looked nervous. “I was just trying to be funny, and it’s your eighteenth birthday. You don’t have to be such a baby about it.”

I sighed. It was always like this with Jake. He obviously loved me as his brother, but he couldn’t just be nice to me. He had to annoy the shit out of me until I lost it. I never understood why he was like this, but I loved him too.

“All right, good prank” I said wearily, pulling on some jeans. “You really got me,” I said sarcastically. Like throwing water on a sleeping person is some sort of genius prank.

A smile flickered back onto Jake’s face. I turned away to grab a shirt, and he suddenly grabbed the back of my jeans, pulled them out, and dumped the rest of the water down the back of my pants.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” I spun around, and he ran out of the room laughing before I could do anything. I went over to my bedroom door and closed it hard, just shy of a slam. Our mom would get mad if we started slamming things this early in the morning, no matter who did what. That’s why Jake could always get away with this bullshit. I pulled off my wet pants and underwear, fuming, trying to calm down. At least he hadn’t used something sticky.

Finally dry and dressed, I went downstairs for breakfast. Mom was there finishing up making pancakes, and Jake was at the kitchen table, looking innocent. He was only a year and a half older than me, and he was home for summer break from college. I would be heading to college also in the fall, and I was looking forward to it.

“Happy birthday Dan!” My mom said, turning off the stove. She walked over to me and gave me a big hug.

“Thanks mom,” I said, hugging her back.

“I have to go out for some errands but I’ll be back later to celebrate of course! Do you have plans with your friends for today?” She asked.

“Not until later mom. They were hoping I could go hang out with them after dinner,” I looked at her hopefully.

“Of course you can hun! That sounds so nice. Enjoy breakfast, I’ll be back in a couple of hours!”

Mom was a great cook, but she didn’t usually eat breakfast with us. She would have some sort of juice or smoothie concoction even if she made pancakes, bacon, and eggs for us.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll keep him company!” Jake said.

“Oh that’s so nice Jake. Dan you’re so lucky to have a brother who loves you,” Mom said as she gathered her purse and keys. “Be back soon!”

I rolled my eyes at Jake’s angel act. Yeah I was so lucky. Mom left and I ate my breakfast in silence, scowling. I was still in a bad mood from my rude awakening.

“Hey Dan,” my brother said. “Let me make it up to you.”

I ignored him and focused on my pancakes. Jake left the room and came back with a paper bag, putting it down on the table with a clunk. He pulled a six pack of beer and a small box out of the bag. He opened the box and pulled out a joint.

“Are you serious?” I asked. “Where did you get that? Mom would kill you if she found out.”

“Oh buddy,” Jake replied. “You have a lot to learn about college.”

I was usually a pretty good kid, but I had been to a couple parties and smoked a little bit of weed before. It was just like Jake to do something so annoying and then follow up with something cool. I breathed a sigh of relief. If he was going to chill with me and some beers, I could probably expect no further “pranks” at least for a couple hours. Jake took his chilling very seriously.

“All right, cool. Thanks man,” I said.

“Let’s go to my room and watch a movie,” he suggested.

We went up to his room and both sat on his couch, and cracked a beer. We started watching one of the superhero movies that had recently come out. Jake cracked a beer and handed it to me. Then he opened a window, lit the joint, took a big hit, and passed that over as well. I took a long draw of the marijuana and then a swig of beer. It didn’t take long for the weed to hit me, and I began to feel much better.

“See?” Jake said, observing my change in mood. “Maybe your brother isn’t so bad,” he teased, obviously feeling good himself.

I didn’t say anything, but I chuckled a bit. In my altered state, I had to admit that throwing water on me was a little bit funny.

“Come here bro,” Jake said, pulling me over to his side of the couch. We hadn’t cuddled in ages, but with the weed and the beer it felt nice. Jake put his arm around my shoulders and I leaned into him. He smelled good, like fresh laundry and soap, and his solid muscular build was warm. We watched the movie for a while in silence.

A sex scene came on screen. The superhero was boning his hot girlfriend, and since this movie was not made for kids, she had her breasts out. My dick started to harden, and I started to feel a bit uncomfortable with my brother so close. I didn’t want to pull away though. The weed made me worry that he’d realize why. But if I didn’t do something soon, he’d notice the tent in my pants. I tried to adjust myself surreptitiously, but Jake noticed.

“Oh hello Dan! Got a hardon there in your pants?” He asked, laughing again. His laugh didn’t seem malicious.

I blushed. “Shut up” I said, embarrassed.

“Oh don’t worry man, I’ve got one too,” he said, adjusting his own crotch. His arm was still around me, and I felt uncomfortable, but also excited. “We’re a couple of men right? What else is gonna happen with some weed, beer, and breasts?” He laughed.

I felt a little more comfortable and laughed too.

“Hey it’s your birthday! We should do something special.” He grabbed the remote and paused the movie. He went back into the menu and put something else on. I realized immediately it was porn.

“Dude!” I gasped. Was this another prank?

“Hey man, once you get to college you’ll discover guys watch porn together all the time. If you don’t get used to it you’ll have a hard time making friends,” Jake said.

“Seriously?” I asked. This seemed a little weird to me, but my cock was still hard in my pants.

“Seriously,” Jake said, no hint of joking in his voice.

“Do they cuddle while they’re doing it?” I asked, wickedly.

Jake turned bright red and pulled his arm off of me. I guess I wasn’t the only one affected by the drugs and alcohol. I laughed.

The movie had a hot woman sucking the big hard cock of a very muscular guy. My cock began to twitch in my pants, straining against my jeans. I was nervous, but I didn’t want to be a loser in college, so I took a deep breath and unzipped my pants, freeing my cock to spring out.

“Dude!” my brother protested.

“What?” I said, dismayed. “You said guys do this together in college all the time!”

“Yeah they watch porn together, but they don’t jerk off together! You think me and my buddies wanna see each other cum?”

I turned bright red with embarrassment, my hard cock still exposed and pointing upward. My anger from this morning came back, and I resented Jake for putting me in this position. It was my god damn birthday, and he would not stop fucking with me!

I guess in my slightly intoxicated horny state, I had more courage than I usually did. I looked right into Jake’s eyes, reached down to grip my erection firmly, and started stroking it.

“Well you’re free to leave” I said, still stroking my cock. “It’s my birthday.”

“You can’t kick me out of my own room!” Jake protested. He seemed shocked that I had the gumption to pull something like this.

“Suit yourself,” I said, turning back to the TV. The muscular dude was licking the woman’s pussy and she was moaning. My dick was so hard, and my hand felt so good. I was shocked at myself too, but also satisfied that I was finally the one making Jake uncomfortable.

Jake fidgeted next to me. I saw him squeezing his cock through his pants in my peripheral vision. He seemed at a loss for how to react, but I ignored him and concentrated on jerking my cock. I wanted to hold out until the man started fucking the woman on the TV. I liked to blow my load when he first put his dick into her pussy and started fucking in earnest.

I’m not sure what motivated Jake to do what he did next. Maybe he just couldn’t stand that I had the upper hand for once. He leaned down, grabbed the wrist on my stroking hand to stop me, and put his lips around the head of my cock.

I froze. I didn’t make a sound. I couldn’t process what was happening. My brother was sucking my cock, and it felt so good! I didn’t know what to do, and Jake decided for both of us. He pulled my hand off my cock, and slid the rest of it into his mouth. I moaned in spite of myself, and just closed my eyes. This had to be a dream. A weird fucked up hot dream.

I heard a slapping sound and opened my eyes to see Jake had pulled his own cock out and started jerking himself off. He was still sucking my cock steadily, putting my whole six inches down his throat, pulling back to the tip, flicking his tongue around my cockhead, only to put the whole thing back down his throat again. My knees were trembling from the pleasure of it. My thoughts were hazy from the weed, and I stopped watching the sex on TV and started watching my brother jerk his cock. His dick looked just a little bigger than mine, but mostly I was struck by how similar it looked. Almost mesmerized, I reached down and grabbed his cock clumsily. He pulled his mouth off my cock and looked at me in the eyes, shocked. He let his own hand fall off his hard dick and I started stroking, staring back in his eyes. We looked at each other for a moment that felt like an eternity, and then he leaned in and kissed me, hard. My hand stopped stroking him and wrapped around his body as we pulled each other in firmly and he stuck his tongue into my mouth. I felt him swirl around my tongue and my whole body shivered with pleasure. He pulled away from me, and stood up in front of me, his cock right at eye level, pointing at me. He quickly pulled off his pants and shirt until he was standing in front of me naked, muscular, with his big cock twitching. I held me breath, unsure what was going to happen next.

He grabbed a bottle from his dresser and came over to me, squirting something into his hand. He ran his hand over my dick, covering it with a clear slippery jelly. I moaned again, it felt so good. He reached back and wiped the rest behind him. I realized in an instant what he planned to do, and I froze again. I was so horny now, but was I really going to fuck my brother?

I didn’t have to do anything. Carefully, Jake turned me on the couch until I could lie down and he climbed on top of me. He pulled my pants down, and my shirt up, exposing my stomach. He grasped my cock in his right hand and lowered his ass down until the top of my cock touched the middle of his ass crack. I felt resistance, but he lowered down a bit more and I felt my cock pop into his hole.

“Oh my god!” I gasped. “Fuck! fuck fuck fuck!” I whispered. I couldn’t believe my cock was inside Jake’s ass, even just the tip. Jake released my cock from his hand and grabbed his own hard dick right in front of my face as he lowered the rest of the way down.

“UGGGhh yes,” he moaned now, stroking his dick with his lubed up hand as the rest of my manhood slid into him. He leaned forward and kissed me, his hand still around his cock as it ground into my stomach.

I let go at this point. Dream or not, this was the best feeling I had ever had. I had never felt pleasure like this before with anyone. My cock throbbed inside Jake, and my tongue pushed into his mouth now. I pulled his hand off his cock so I could feel the entire hard length pressing into my stomach. I wrapped my arms around his back and began to buck my hips, fucking into his hole. I wasn’t going to last long.

Jake and I stayed that way for a minute, his hard body and hard cock against me, our tongues wrapped around each other, moaning and groaning into each others mouths. His ass felt so tight and hot. I could feel him pushing back against me in rhythm, fucking my cock into him as hard as he could with each of my thrusts. I felt my orgasm building, my balls tightening, and my whole body tingling.

I ran my fingernails down his back like I would in the normal way brothers might touch each other, just scratching each other’s back. In this context it was the most erotic thing I could imagine. Apparently the same was true for Jake, because he broke our deep kiss and turned his head to the side to cry out in pleasure. I felt his cock suddenly throb against my stomach and hit hot wet cum started to pump out of his dick to coat both of us as I kept fucking him. Our stomachs were both wet and sliding against each other now, his hard throbbing cock between them, still twitching and oozing cum.

I felt his asshole tightening and pulsing at the same time, and it pushed me over the edge. With a final loud moan I shoved my cock deep into Jake and felt it explode in orgasm. My whole body shook and pulsed as I thrust into him again and again, shooting my load deep into my brother, my arms wrapped around him, and his cum in between our bodies, gluing us together. He lifted his head up and I looked into his eyes as I continued to gasp, moan, and thrust into him. It felt like forever that we looked at each other, cumming simultaneously, both feeling the intense pleasure of the fuck pulsing between his body and mine. After what seemed like an eternity, my cock stopped twitching, and Jake collapsed onto me, my dick still buried deep inside of him.

We lay there like that for a long time as my dick slowly softened, just holding each other. Our normal antagonism was gone, burned away by our incestuous fuck. What was a little cold water now, when I had felt Jake throb and cum against my skin with my dick buried deep in his ass. Finally he pulled off my cock, and grabbed my hand to lead me to the shower. Without a word he pulled off the rest of my clothes and I turned on the shower. We got in together and washed each other off. He soaped up my dick and kissed me again. My cock twitched but I wasn’t ready for another session yet. Plus mom would be home soon.

We finished cleaning up, I grabbed some clothes from my room, and we went back to his to get dressed and finish the movie. We cleaned up the beer cans, and my brother put away the weed box, spraying something lemon scented around the room.

A half hour later my mom opened his bedroom door without knocking, to see us still cuddling on the couch as the movie credits rolled.

“Aw look at my boys,” she said. “I’m glad you guys are getting along today!”

“Of course we are mom,” I said. “I love my brother.”

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  1. Phillip says:

    WOW!!! I’m standing here with a hardon pressed out in my scrubs. Damn such a hot story. A follow up would be the icing on the birthday cake for sure. WOW!!!

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