Young, Gay And In Prison Pt 23

He slid the head of David’s cock into his mouth, and was running his tongue around and under the foreskin, and with a little action of his hand around David’s shaft, David was going crazy. It felt funny to Jeremy, having an uncut cock in his mouth for the first time.

Part 22


Chapter 23 – W4 Monday evening

(Just to catch you up – at the very end of Chapter 22, Luke had received this letter)

“Mike,” Luke said, “I received a very disturbing letter today from Sylvia.”

“Sylvia? Who is Sylvia?”

“She is—was my girlfriend. Mike,” Luke sobbed, “I don’t know what I should do. She wants to make amends, here, just read it!” Luke handed the letter to Mike so he could read it.

My Dearest Luke,

I think you knew that my daddy never liked you, but I love you, and I still do.

I was only 16 when we had sex. Daddy suspected that we had done something together, sexually. He pushed me into testifying against you. If I didn’t go along with him he threatened to take me to a gynecologist and have me examined, to see if I was still a virgin and I knew what the result would be. So I let him have his way, and we sent you to prison.

He made me lie, and say that you forced me to have sex, but you and I both know it was consensual, and something we both wanted to do.

I am 18 now, and I talked with the judge last week. He told me that I could file for an appeal, as I was coerced into lying by my father. It would erase the felony from your record, and you would be released immediately. Unfortunately, it would not undo the pain you and I have suffered for the last year and a half, and the wasted time you spent incarcerated.

If you still love me, as I love you, just give me the word, and I will file the appeal, and when it is over, we can be together again.

I am so sorry I did you so wrong, please forgive me.

I love you,


“Wow!” Mike exclaimed, tears running down his cheeks. “This is heavy, Baby! What are you going to do?”

Chapter 23 – W4 Monday evening continues

“Honestly, Mike,” Luke responded, “I don’t know, and I don’t have any idea what I even should do. This is tearing me apart!” Luke is sobbing, trying to talk in between the sobs and tears.

“On one hand, letting Sylvia go ahead and file the appeal would get me out of here with no felony record, but so much is different now.” Luke went on, “Back then, I thought I was straight, and I loved Sylvia. I never realized, I did, and still do, love Sylvia. But I never was ‘in love’ with her. But now, I am ‘in love’ with you!”

“I totally understand you, Baby,” Mike responded. “I’ve been with some guys that I loved, but you are the first and only one that I have been in love with. And I damn sure don’t want to lose you! So what are the options?”

“Well, option one is to do nothing. Let Syl know that I appreciate her willingness to help me get out of here, but I would also have to let her know that I have someone here that means the world to me. That what she and I had together is in the past, and can not be revived.”

“The second option, I suppose, would be to let her go ahead and file the appeal, and get out of here with no record. I would no longer receive the training from here, and Sylvia would soon find out that I just used her, because my heart is with you, and I definitely would wait for you! Even though I’m not in love with her, I don’t think I could do her that way.”

“Which option are you leaning toward?” Mike asked.

“Actually, I’m kind of thinking option three, which is a combination of both one and two. Let her know that I would very much appreciate her helping to get me free, but also, that I am in love with you. That would allow her to do the right thing, helping me get out, and still leave me with some integrity as she would not be expecting us to get back together.”

“I don’t envy you baby, at this point. It’s one hell of a hard decision to make. Whatever you decide, I hope you know I support you, 100%. It would be hard on me, if you get free, but I would handle it.” Mike, starting to choke up, “That’s quite a few months without your love, and your touch.”

“Mike,” Luke said quietly. “I wouldn’t blame you, if you hooked up with some guys in here for some sex, but please, keep your heart for me.”

“Baby, you’re talking like it’s already happening. I don’t want anyone else. I’ve used my hands before, and I know they will help me out again, when I have the need.”

“If I do get out of here,” Luke stated, “I will not receive any more carpentry training. I might be able to hook up with a contractor, as an apprentice, and still work toward the certification.” Otherwise, maybe just find a job somewhere to earn a living.”

“Luke,” Mike queried, “Have you told your family anything about us?”

“Only that I have a new ‘best friend’ and that you and I are very close. For the time being, I think it best to keep it that way. I may need to live with them for a while, once I get out of here, even if it is after completion of training and I finish my time of incarceration.”

“Well, there is no possible way that I would be able to get out early. I would also need to stay with my family for a while, till I can get on my feet. At least I will be a certified chef, and there are usually some good jobs available for qualified chefs. My family knows that I am gay, and that I now have a boyfriend, and they are okay with that.”

“Mike,” Luke commented, “I think I just need to ponder these options for a couple days. I don’t dare rush a decision. I might even discuss it with Ivan, and get his opinion.”

“Hey baby, do whatcha gotta do.” Mike stated, “you bout ready to hit the sack? I have to help open in the morning.”

Luke, as both men started to undress for bed, “Why does life sometimes have to be so complicated? I am tempted to wish we had never met, or gotten so close. I would jump at this opportunity to get out of here, still thinking I was straight.”

“If it is what you want,” Mike responded, “I can act as if we’ve never been close. I can go sleep in my bed again, and we can just forget we were ever lovers. I’ll try to ignore the fact that we were boyfriends at one time.”

“No Mike!” Luke stated, “That is not what I want, in fact, right now I need you more than ever!” Luke is crying again. “With you by my side, Mike, I–-we will get through this crises. I love you, unconditionally. You are the most important thing in my life!”

“I hope you know how much I love you.” Mike said softly, “And I am standing here for you. You don’t have to go through this alone!”

The two men slipped into bed, Mike spooning Luke. Neither man really saying anything, just thinking and trying to go to sleep.

After about a half-hour, Luke softly spoke, “Mike, thank you for loving me.”

There was no response, as Mike had already drifted off to sleep. Luke also finally went to sleep, wrapped in Mike’s arms.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tuesday morning at 4:30 AM, and Mike is awakened by a naked Troy, sporting morning wood. “Shorty asked me to come down and get you up.”

“Thanks Troy,” Mike responded, quietly, trying not to disturb Luke, “Be with you shortly.” Mike playfully slapped Troy’s rigid cock, causing Troy to grin.

Mike attempted, unsuccessfully, to slip out of bed without waking Luke.

“Leaving already?” Luke questioned.

“Yeah, it’s 4:30 already,” Mike responded, “Got to leave you Baby.” As Mike leaned over to kiss Luke goodbye, he noticed that Bryan was in Darin’s bed, along with Darin and smiled to himself.

Most of the time on weekdays, James gives the keys to Vern, and has Vern open in the mornings, getting Vern used to being the new CA trainer, as James is leaving in 3 weeks. Troy slipped into Dorm 1 to wake Stephen and Jeremy, while Vern and Mike went on to the cafeteria to start coffee.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At 6:00 AM, the CA crew has everything ready for the influx of hungry men that will be arriving shortly. They are surprised to see Ruben walking in the door ahead of anyone, grabbing a tray and filling it with his choice of food, including, of course, biscuits and sausage gravy, the Tuesday tradition. He sat at a table where he could keep an eye out for Ivan and Mitch when they came in.

When Ivan and Mitch arrived with their respective groups, Ruben asked them to join him at his table when they got their food. Both of the trainers did as Ruben asked, and sat at Ruben’s table.

“Somehow,” Ivan commented, “I feel we have a problem, just looking at the expression on your face.”

“It’s a little worse than that,” Ruben nodded. “I have new orders from the state. They are going to transition us from the prison school to a detention center for wayward teenage boys, ages 14 to 17.”

“Do you know when this switch is going to happen?” Mitch asked.

“As I stated,” Ruben continued, “It is going to be a transition, and will happen over a period of several months. Some of the changes will start happening next week.”

“What happens to the students we have now?” Ivan inquired. “Will these young boys be arriving as early as next week?”

“I’ve been informed, that the trainees we have in the program now will be allowed to finish their training, and the new kids will start to arrive in about 2 months. You two will be heavily involved, as you and your trainees, will be used to make the physical transitions to the dorms, primarily Dorm Two.”

“Some areas will be shared by the men and boys, mainly, the cafeteria, gym, swimming pool, and the rec room in dorm 1. This will mean no more nude swimming, and no more nudity in the rec room.”

“This is where both the carpentry and electrical training groups will be involved. The present rec room in D2 will be partitioned, to make a CALL or Computer Assisted Learning Lab, and the other part will be a somewhat smaller TV room. The pool table and some of the larger furniture will be placed in storage”

“In Dorm one, there will be a new partition, separating the rec room from the bathroom and shower area, which will then only have access from the sleeping area of the dorm. When one enters D1, the rec room will be immediately to the right, as it is now. Straight ahead will be another door into the sleeping area, which will be off limits to the youngsters.”

“Another change we will be doing, sometime within the 2 months ahead, is adding a changing room to the swimming pool, as swimming trunks will be required. This addition will involve the masonry group as well as the carpentry group.”

“Over the period of the next 2 months, as students get their certifications and cycle back into society, remaining students will be required to move from D2 into D1, as D2 will become the living quarters for the boys coming in. We are required to try and isolate, as much as possible, the adult men from the teenagers. Especially in areas where either might be seen naked, such as in the showers and sleeping areas.”

“Once all the trainees have left, Dorm One will also become home for some of these detained juveniles.”

“Looks like we’ve got some work cut out for us.” Ivan commented, as he and Mitch both rose to turn in their trays and prepared to head for the bus.

“Hey guys,” Ruben added, “Please don’t say much of anything to the trainees. I will have a big meeting again this Friday, and break the news to everyone.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the bus Luke asked, “Ivan, could I ask you to give me a few minutes sometime today, privately?”

“Sure Luke, something to do with the training?”

“Not really, I need your opinion on a personal matter.”

“If it is about a love issue with your boyfriend, I’m probably not going to be very helpful.”

“No, it’s more of a question of ethics, and trying to do the right thing.”

“Can it wait till suppertime? We’ll have more time then, and we can find a quiet place to talk.”

“Thanks, Ivan, I’ll appreciate your advice. Catch you tonight.”

Ivan knows Luke well enough to realize something has really upset him, and is really curious as to what it may be.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“You’re really out of sorts today Mike,” said James, “Did you and Luke have a fight or something?”

“I wish that’s all it was. We’ve so far never had a fight.” Mike responded, tears filling his eyes. “My baby got an upsetting letter yesterday. He needs to make an extremely difficult decision on what to do. As close as we are, I feel his pain, I think, as strongly as he does.”

“Can you elaborate?”

“Not really. It’s kind of personal, but I have told him, whatever he decides to do, I will stand beside him. Whatever decision he makes may affect me somewhat, but it won’t tear us apart. Our love is too strong for that!”

“I sure hope this crisis doesn’t last too long, Mike, I hate to see you like this,” James said, putting his arm around Mike’s shoulder and hugging him.

Mike thought, this is the first time James had ever shown any emotion toward him. I guess James has a heart after all.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

5:00 PM and the bus arrived on campus right on time. All the trainers and trainees exited, running to either Dorm 1 or Dorm 2. Luke and Ivan headed for D2, along with several other men.

“Do you want to talk first, while the others shower, and then we can go to chow?” Ivan asked.

“If that works for you,” Luke answered, “I’m easy.”

“Let’s take a walk, then.”

“Hold one,” Luke answered, as he went to his locker and retrieved the ubiquitous letter, slipping it in his back pocket.

Ivan led the way, Luke following, as they headed away from the buildings and toward the woods, but not into the woods, just about 100′ away, and both men sat on a bench.

“OK, what’s the deal?” Ivan prompted.

“I received this letter yesterday,” Luke stated, pulling the envelope from his pocket, and handed it to Ivan. “Read it.”

Ivan read the letter, shaking his head. “But I thought you were gay?”

“I am now,” Luke responded, “but back when I dated Sylvia I thought I was straight. Mike helped me find myself, and finally realize, and accept that I am gay. And then Mike and I fell in love.” Then, tears falling, “Ivan, Mike is everything to me. I loved Sylvia, but I never was ‘in love’ with her. I am ‘in love’ with Mike.”

“I see,” Ivan nodded, “So what are you thinking of doing?”

“I’m thinking, tell her I would greatly appreciate her filing the appeal, to get me released without the felony, but also let her know that I am gay and very deeply in love with Mike. And that there would be no way for us to get back together, at least as lovers.” Then added, “That gives her the option to do what’s right, without me taking advantage of, and using her.”

“In my opinion, Luke,” Ivan responded, “I believe that what you’re thinking is a very honorable and ethical choice, and I highly respect you for that. Depending on what she does, it could work either way, but that places the ball in her court.”

“Ivan, I have to respect you, as you are about twice my age, you’ve been around, and you’re also a very responsible and effective trainer. You’re almost like a father to me. I asked your advice, and I’m going to accept it.”

“Luke, son, I am honored,” Ivan replied, a couple of tears escaping his eyes. “If I had a son, I would hope that he would have the integrity that you possess.” Ivan wrapped his big arms around Luke, giving him a warm hug. “What you say we go get some dinner before they shut down!”

The CA crew was just about ready to shut everything down when Ivan and Luke showed up. Mike was holding up, knowing that his boyfriend had not yet shown up for dinner.

As Mike was dishing up the evening meal for Luke and Ivan, Ivan stated, smiling, “Mike, I think you picked yourself a winner!” and pointed at Luke. Mike smiled, knowingly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s about 8:00 PM, the kitchen crew have cleaned up and are leaving. Luke was, as usual, waiting on Mike to finish, so when Mike was finished, he and Luke went off together. James had already left earlier. Vern and Troy headed to Dorm 2 while Jeremy and Stephen headed to Dorm 1.

David was in the rec room, kinda sorta watching TV but more closely watching the door to see who was entering. When he saw Jeremy enter, he was on his feet instantly, coming to the entrance from the rec room to see where Jeremy went. Jeremy headed straight to his bed immediately stripping off his clothes and throwing them on the bed. Then he opened his locker, grabbing a washcloth, towel and soap, ready to head for the shower.

Jeremy was completely unaware that David was following suit, and was in the shower for just about 1 minute before David also entered, somewhat surprising Jeremy. Jeremy liked to shower alone and later like this, as it gave him privacy to masturbate in the shower.

“Hi Jeremy, David greeted, “How is everything?”

As Jeremy washed his head and face, “Not bad, David, you doing ok?”

“Couldn’t be better,” David replied. “Gimme that wash cloth a minute.”

Jeremy handed the wash cloth to David, and he soaped it up then started to wash Jeremy’s neck and back, pushing under Jeremy’s arms, which instinctively raised up, allowing David to wash his underarms and arms.

“That was a pleasant shock!” Jeremy exclaimed. “And it felt really nice.”

“Not done yet”, David returned, as he dropped down on one knee, lathered the cloth up again and washed Jeremy’s cheeks and crack, spending an extra minute being certain that Jeremy’s pretty little rosebud was squeaky clean, then on down to his thighs, legs and ankles.

Then, standing up again, he turned Jeremy around, soaping and washing his chest, nipples, tummy, and abdomen. He gazed at Jeremy’s face a minute, observing the red hair on his head and chest, and the freckles on his face.

“Damn, you’re cute!” David blurted, causing Jeremy to blush.

David dropped back down on his knees, washing the front of both thighs and down to his feet, then back up, tenderly cleaning his scrotum, perineum and beautiful little, but extremely hard erection, which was sticking almost straight out. David couldn’t resist pushing down on the head of it, then letting his finger slide off the end and it sprung back up like a steel spring, causing Jeremy to snicker.

Of course, by this time, David’s own uncut cock was out at its full 6 inches, the head peeking through the foreskin, and David caught Jeremy observing his manhood.

“Would you like for me to return the favor, David?”

“What I would really like, Jere, is to suck that beautiful little hard pecker of yours.”

“So, who is stopping you?”

That’s all David needed. He had that super hard 5½ inches nearly tickling his tonsils, bobbing back and forth, tasting the delightful flavor of Jere’s precum. David never thought it could be so exciting to suck a dick as small as Jeremy’s, but he was enjoying it, immensely. He was really anxious to get the taste of Jere’s milk in his mouth.

“I need to warn you David,” Jere said, “I cum hard and heavy, so be prepared.” David nodded his head, not wanting to lose his rhythm.

David was so hot, giving service to this little cock, he knew it would take little more than a touch on his own cock for his own pent up release.

Jeremy’s skinny little body was starting to tremble, and Jere grabbed the back of David’s head, holding him while he started to fuck David’s mouth a little.

“I’m gonna cum David, gonna cum soon, I can feel the pressure rising, it’s it’s oh shit, get ready! AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”

David felt the tremendous pressure behind Jeremy’s climax as the first 3 or 4 spurts slammed the back of his throat. He pulled back a little, as 2 or 3 more shot onto his tongue. He rolled those last few, plus what he could milk out of Jere’s cock, around on his tongue, savoring the flavor of Jere’s sweet cream.

“You weren’t kidding about cumming hard. I’ve never felt a guy shoot so hard in my mouth before. Usually, most of it lands on my tongue, but most of yours hit the back of my throat before I had a chance to taste it, except the last 2 or 3 spurts, and you taste sweet. I loved it.”

“Gimme that wash cloth,” Jeremy demanded, now I’m gonna wash you down.

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