Your Weakness Is My Pleasure

He ordered me to my knees to suck his cock. Hearing the authority in his voice made my mouth water and my cock spring to life. I hated my wife for being so weak.


Gerald woke with a start. His mind full of dark dreams. A throbbing erection reminding him of the potent source and he cast a sly glance at his sleeping wife, disregarding the brief impulse to satisfy the urge on her. Tonight, he needed something much harder than she could ever give him. Satisfied she wouldn’t wake, he slid from the bed and made his way into the bathroom. Carefully he switched a light on over the mirror, illuminating his flushed face. ‘Disgusting’, he thought, ‘you’re a middle-aged man, respectable, married. Go back to bed before it’s too late!’ He knew he couldn’t do that, his hard-on was too persistent to allow him any rest. It demanded satisfaction of his darkest desire. Gerald sighed, splashed a little cold water on his face to bring himself awake and ran a hand through his hair, pasting the thin strands to his head like spaghetti. He rubbed his thin erection hopefully, trying to release the pressure in the knowledge that it wouldn’t let him off that easily. He sighed again and bowed to the inevitable, letting it go to switch off the light.

His wife, Linda, slumbered on in her own dream-world, unaware that her husband of 22 years was silently dressing in an old pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt that proclaimed the wearer had enjoyed a ‘wild time at Longleat’. He took one last look at his wife and slipped from the room, down the stairs and out the back door like a shadow into the warm night air.

The park was only 15 minutes walk from his house where he’d lived for the last 14 years. He’d only been aware of the nocturnal activity that went on there for the last two, an accidental discovery made when searching for his lost dog. He’d stumbled through some bushes and interrupted two men engaged in something he’d considered perverse; oral sex. Something even his wife would never do. He’d stammered an apology and beat a hasty retreat before they took exception to his presence. The dog had turned up while he’d been out looking and he’d often wondered whether fate had led him to that spot. Gerald’s dream’s had been full of that scene for a long time afterwards. In them he did things his conscious self wouldn’t dream of doing, but in the privacy of his mind, nothing was taboo. After several months of these dreams, he couldn’t shake the image of an aroused penis coming closer and closer to his mouth and woke one night with a throbbing erection that he usually masturbated to sleep, following swiftly into a dreamless state. That night he didn’t and made his way to the park where a fit young man gave him his first taste of sperm and hooked him for good. His mouth watered in anticipation as he quickened his pace, drawn on by the hot promise of tasting the forbidden elixir once more.

Gerald paused on his second circuit of the park as a light flickered in the moonless dark, illuminating a rugged face. A cigarette flared between full, thick lips, white teeth gripping the filter shone like a row of tombstones as smoke drifted between them, reminding Gerald of an old horror movie. The image sharpened his fear and, perversely, his excitement.

“Lookin’ for somebody?” The Man said in a husky voice, redolent of rum and spice.

Gerald nodded, realized he may not see the gesture and said, “yes,” in a timid whisper.

“Maybe I can help you find what you’re lookin’ for.”

I hope so!” Gerald breathed, stepping into the undergrowth towards the glowing red flame, using it to guide him into the presence of a tall man, standing under the shade of a Yew tree.

“What will you do when you find this somebody?” He asked, blowing sweet smoke in Gerald’s face.

“Anything he wants!”

The Man laughed and walked nonchalantly away, calling over his shoulder for Gerald to follow. With a pounding heart and panting breath, he did so, stopping after a dozen paces beside a large bush.

“First of all,” the man said, taking Gerald in a powerful embrace, “I want a kiss.”

“Oh…” Gerald gasped, feeling a man’s lips on his for the first time in his life. None of the others had gone in for such subtlety, preferring to go straight to it. Hesitantly he returned the kiss, shocked to discover the man was as hairy as a bear and, if the semi-hard bulge sticking into him was any guide, hung like a horse too. He moaned as the man’s tongue thrust into his mouth and sucked on it, a strong taste of rum making him gag slightly. Gerald didn’t particularly like alcohol, but consoled himself with the thought of washing it away with the salty flavor of one of his most piquant fantasies; black man’s cum!

“If that make you choke,” the Man said as he pulled away to unzip his fly, “then you in real trouble now!”

Gerald shucked his tracksuit, enjoying the sensual feel of the warm air on his skin without a word about his alcohol aversion. “Why’s that? What do you want me to do?” He knew perfectly well what the man wanted, but wanted to hear him say the words.

“I want you to suck my cock.”

Gerald got on his knees and moaned in delight. Hearing such an explicit command like this never failed to enhance his arousal, something his wife could never understand or would ever do, her talk limited to thanking him after the deed was done. A hot, musky odor filled his nostrils moments before the hard cock slapped on his face. He grabbed it with a trembling hand, the other busy stroking himself, and opened his mouth, groaning as the large head filled it.

“Suck it good,” the Man growled, holding the back of Gerald’s head, “suck it…yeaaahh, stroke it…squeeze my balls.”

Gerald stroked the large, hairy sacs, feeling them swell tight in the confines of a leather ring and felt puny by comparison. ‘O sweet Jesus’ he prayed, ‘he’s built like a bull!’

“Look up” he now ordered, “lemme see the whites of your eyes…am gonna fuck your mouth!”

Gerald realized he probably could as his sight had adjusted to the gloom. He could discern the muscular bulk before him, towering above his head as it was tilted back to admit more meat than he’d ever taken. To stop himself cumming too soon he left his erection alone and wrapped that hand around the root of the man’s enormous cock. The longest cock he’d had was about six inches but this was far larger and thicker. He tried to relax his throat and squeezed harder on the big balls, bringing a groan of approval from above.

“That’s right, squeeze my balls…pull ’em hard…like pickin’ apples from a tree. Yeah! Keep suckin’ my fuckin’ cock…harder! Come on, suck that cock…eat it. Fuck yeah! You mine now, bitch!”

Gerald had never been so aroused and so frightened at the same time. He felt himself falling back as the hard tool pummeled his mouth and winced as he sat on the grass with a bump. Sharp twigs dug into his buttocks and back as he was ground down before the primal energy of this force of nature.

“Stick your tongue out,” came his next demand, “lick the crack of my arse!”

Before he could move, Gerald felt his mouth smothered in hot flesh, a firm slap on his cock demanding he got on with it. Hesitantly he ran the tip of his tongue along the funky cleft, thick hair tickling his lips as he licked. Hating himself for enjoying this lewd act, he dug his tongue between the muscular cheeks, slipping it around the puckered hole then inside to their mutual pleasure.

“Oh yeah! Right there! Stick your tongue in…wiggle it up…all the fuckin’ way bitch…fuck it with your tongue…suck that hole!”

Gerald writhed ecstatically in the grip of the man’s hand, obscenely probing his arsehole deeper and kissing it each time his cheeks bounced down, rubbing the hairy chunks of flesh in both hands. He breathed a sigh of relief as it left his aching cock waving in the air and slid off his face, pushing the horny length into his mouth once more with a grunt. In this position he could take more of the thick, meaty girth past his gullet without gagging and swallowed it almost to the root, twitching his nose as a curly tuft of hair tickled him.

“Fuck me, that’s so good!” The Man sighed, leaning forward to take the weight on his elbows and lick Gerald’s stiff cock. “Yeah! Slap my big arse,” he said, feeling a hand smack down and grip a chunk tightly. “Finger it you dirty bitch!”

‘I hope you cum before I choke!’ Gerald thought, roughly shoving a couple of fingers into the pungent hole and smacking the hairy cheeks. The cock in his throat forced a groan of pleasure to take the long way round, bursting from his distended nostrils that urgently sucked air into his burning lungs. It felt more likely that he’d cum first. His feet drummed on the grass as he felt himself taken whole in a wet embrace, thick lips sucking him with rhythmic insistence. He gurgled hysterically around the thick, black cock that fucked his throat…and beat at the mans buttocks as his air supply was blocked in a thicket of hot, hairy flesh. From far away, the last words he heard before passing into the abyss were: “Come on baby! Cum for the daddy…”

Several drops of white spunk splashed on the full, black lips, followed by a thicker stream that streaked over his face and clung there like icing on a chocolate cake. A long, pink tongue licked up the drops, savoring the fresh taste before letting them drip onto Gerald’s crack that hung limply between two large, black hands. The long, ebony rod slid from his slack lips with a smack and slapped his face, dripping pre-cum and spit in a thick rope that stretched up, and up until it slopped back down with a lewd splat.

“You a good cock sucker…let’s see how you take it in your arse. Hey! You want to be awake for this.”

Gerald’s head lolled limply from a light blow to his cheek, deaf to the mocking laughter at his plight.

“Well now. I need to get off and you ain’t goin’ nowhere. so…”

In the dim recess of his primal mind, Gerald felt the long, wet tongue slither inside his arsehole. Subconsciously he felt moist lips caress him, kissing, sucking hungrily at his ring. His limbs twitched, stimulated by the nervous energy flowing through his body, sparking along the neural network into his brain, stirring him into semi-consciousness. The lips flowed up his crack, along his depleted penis to flutter over his torso, pausing only to play around his navel before continuing the journey up to his nipples, sucking them into erect awareness. Gerald groaned, becoming aware that something was pushing at a tender spot, probing firmly. He opened his eyes and faintly discerned a pair of eyes staring down at him.

“…” he said, as his lips were parted by a tongue that reeked of his spunk and; ‘Oh shit,” he thought, ‘he’s not going to…?’ A burst of pain suggested he most certainly was. He whined pitifully, his nipples chafing under the man’s thick carpet of chest hair as they jostled for position. His feet scrabbled to give him enough grip and aid any possible escape, but was thwarted in this by a pair of strong hands gripping his buttocks, pulling him firmly onto the brute force between his thighs.

‘Rape!’ The word flashed red in his mind like a broken bar sign, crackling discordantly on and off as the hot beast probed his inner defenses, prowling around the tight muscle with every intention of going further.

‘Well, what did you expect?’ The part of himself that Gerald recognized as his everyday persona, chided. ‘You come here cruisin’ for an amusin’ encounter and get surprised when you meet a bull instead of one of the herd. You asked for it…now it seems you’re getting it!’

Gerald whimpered like a whipped cur around the tongue in his mouth and beat his puny fists ineffectively at the big man’s back. In response, the prowling beast sensed a weak spot in his tight defense and pushed hard, filling his broken ring with its hot head. His scream was smothered under a triumphant groan and a hot mouthful of spit as the tongue withdrew.

Through a blinding burst of pain, Gerald heard a mocking whisper; “Who’s the daddy now, bitch? Your cherry white ring is mine!”

“Please…don’t…oh shhhh…”

Another hot kiss broke his protest short. Another hard thrust smashed his resistance. Now, there was no stopping this black beast in full rut and with a hammer head blow it split his ring apart and kept going, inch by inch, stretching his defenseless hole open wide. Firm hands pulled his cheeks, spreading his crack, smacking his flesh, stroking and lifting his legs up high to assist the beast in its inexorable progress.

Gerald took a deep breath as the weight on his chest eased off slightly as the man drew back to alter the angle of attack, forcing his bowels to accept even more meat. The breath whooshed from his lungs, leaving him no energy to cry out although his lips were free of their crushing burden, and his arms fell limply over his head as in surrender to the inevitable.

A deep groan came in recognition of the gesture and the beast throbbed in approval, burying its head deeper. “Yeah, bitch! I know you want it…” Gerald’s head shook weakly from side-to-side. “I can feel it,” he went on without seeing the negative motion as his eyes were closed in pleasure; “your tight, white hole craves black meat…it looooovves it! Oh yeah…dig your heels in my arse…pull me in deep…all the way…nearly there…Fuck! Oh fuck, yeah…tighten up that pretty little hole…squeeze that cock up there…all the fuckin’ way! Ssssswwweeeeeeet!”

The beast sank into the nether reaches of the fleshy tunnel, paused to gather its strength after the arduous ascent, drooled in anticipation of what was to come, and uncoiled its full length whence it came, sliding more easily in the moist passage.

“Fuck! You filthy animal!” Gerald moaned defiantly, despite his vulnerable situation. The obscene sensation of taking a giant dump made him feel nauseous, although his flaccid penis took a different attitude, stirring curiously as the big, black beast ventured in once more.

“I’m gonna fuck you like an animal!” The beastly man promised, pinning his prey to the earth with one hand on his chest, the other lifting his arse to stuff his tender hole to the brim, relishing the way he squealed like a girl as he felt the unleashed power overwhelm him. “Yeah, bitch! Fuck you…like an animal…just the way…you want it…need it…you love it…right up your arse, bitch! Don’t you?”

This time he saw Gerald shake his head and he laughed. “Oh yeah? This part seems to,” he said, flicking Gerald’s stiffening cock contemptuously. He slid his hand back up to pinch Gerald’s nipple, rutting him with long, deep strokes that made him gasp each time he felt his cock bounce balls deep up that juicy fuck hole.

‘Is it rape when even a small part of you enjoys it?’ Gerald’s everyday self sneered.

He was in no fit state to analyze his reaction to the extreme situation. If he’d passed the man in the street he wouldn’t have given a moments thought to giving him oral sex, let alone his anal virginity. However, he couldn’t deny that his cock was now fully erect as a hot thrill sizzled through his balls, stimulated by a particularly virulent thrust that lifted him higher, leaving only his shoulders in contact with the earth below.

The beast paused, radiating intense heat in the snug home it had made, waiting for its master to brace himself, sensing him lift the prey up, impaling the succulent flesh in a deep embrace.

“Come on now,” the big man grunted, pulling Gerald up into his lap, embracing him in a parody of affection, “tell me. Who’s the daddy?”

“You are!” Gerald felt the intense pain spread through his body as he hung like a rag doll in the muscular arms and fly screaming from his lips to be quickly smothered with a deeply erotic kiss. He trembled at the awesome display of raw power, returning the kiss with a languorous moan as he felt a pleasant warmth tingle along his spine.

The man hugged his fresh conquest tighter, grinding his meat between the cheeks that nestled on his thighs and felt his balls swell in the sticky crack.

“Ride me,” he grunted, bucking his hips to encourage Gerald onward and upward. “Tighten that arse and ride me.” He slid his tongue down to take a nipple between his teeth, nipping it sharply as he pulled Gerald up and pulling it as he let him fall back onto the lecherous beast far below. “Yeah bitch, like that…take it deep in your fuckin’ hole!”

“Oh, fuck!” Gerald hissed through clenched teeth. The big, black balls he’d sucked on so eagerly felt twice the size, smacking his arse each time he slid down the ravening beast in his battered hole. His cock rubbed sensually through thick hair that drove him wild. He held on tight and moaned like a cheap whore, reveling in the final degradation.

If someone had walked by at that moment, they would’ve thought some wild animal, a Gorilla perhaps, had escaped and was in the process of devouring its unfortunate victim. However, nothing disturbed them as they fed off each others lust, consuming the sound and sensation of hot, wet, flesh-on-flesh.

“You dirty fuckin’ bitch. Ride that cock like you want it!”

“Oh God! Fuck me!”

“I ain’t your God…you know who I am. Don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! You’re The Daddy!”

“That’s right bitch…now you’re gettin’ it…take it all!”

“Fuck! You’re so big!”

“You love it…”

“Fuck me, yessssssss!”

“…Yeah, you fuckin’ love my big, black beast in your arse…tighten up that hole, bitch!”

“O Go…Oh Daddyyyy…fu-fuck mmmmmmeeeeeeeee!”

“Fuck you hard…just how you want it.”

“Yes! Oh, so hard!”

“Deep in that dirty fuck-hole!”

“So deep…so good…sooooOHoooo…”

Gerald cried out in surprise as the stars reeled through ninety degrees in the heavens above, his back hitting the ground with a sodden thud. He felt the beast spit playfully and leap through his ring with a savage thrust. Hot, panting breath caressed his face, his lips, filling his mouth with fresh drool as the tongue licked him roughly. “…Ooooohhhhh…FUCK ME!”

“Yeaaaaaahh! FUCK YOU!” The Man agreed, pulling Gerald’s legs apart like a wishbone for beast to feed freely. “Scream bitch! Nobody hear you but me…you’re mine…aaaalllll miiine! Beg for it, bitch! Scream good an’ loud…then maybe I’ll cream aaaalll over your cherry arsehole!”

A high pitched screech flew from Gerald’s lips like a frightened bird, over the tree tops and into the sky, shattering far above where the red-eye to New York flew by in starlit tranquility.

The Man growled approvingly and drove the beast harder, pounding it relentlessly. “Again bitch! Scream for my spunk! Beg for it bitch, beg!”

‘You heard the man, scream! That’s what you really want, isn’t it?’ His libido insinuated, rising from his body like a shadow. His everyday persona slunk back into the night with a parting shot of; ‘you’re disgusting!’

Too far gone to care what he thought of himself, Gerald yelled like a lunatic and gave his libido full control. “Please,” he gasped through trembling lips, “cum!”

“Pathetic!” The Man spat, pushing Gerald’s legs back. “Tell me again, bitch,” he demanded, soothing the beast in his hand while turning its prey over, “with feeling!”

“Oh Fuck!” Gerald muttered as he felt himself twisted, rolled and pulled up onto his hands and knees – like the bitch he felt himself becoming. “Oh, yes-yes…yessssss,” he panted, feeling lips brush onto his arse cheeks, kissing, licking, searching and finally finding the red-raw ring between his cheeks with a primitive sound of satisfaction. “Oh! Yes, my God, yesssssss…I mean, yes, you the daddy,” he amended as a stinging rebuke cracked on his left buttock.

“Don’t you forget it,” the man growled, turning the other cheek and splitting them both with a violent thrust. “Now lemme hear you lewd an’ clear!”

“FFFUUUUCCCKKKK!” Gerald yelled, arching his back in a futile attempt to prevent the beast rampaging through his bowels. “Fuck me, you…!”

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8 thoughts on “Your Weakness Is My Pleasure

  1. Lonewolf69 says:

    What ever happened to the “Gay Werewolf sucks cock series” that published June 6th . it was a 9 part series Had it all Paranormal , love, Intrigue , Plot twists, … very well written… but it disappeared. WTF!

  2. Billy says:

    I thought it was hot! Dig the rough interracial aspect- I didn’t think it was racist at all. Sure the gorilla, thing can be construed as such, but in context? They were rutting and screaming like animals- of course that’s the perfect animal for the analogy. Hairy white guy fucking me like that, I’d call him a Vanilla gorilla!
    No need to stress.

  3. Buddy says:

    Love the idea of this story. The racism really ruined it for me. Referring to the Black man as a “beast” even comparing him to a gorilla…really?
    We can do better.

  4. Robbie says:

    Your not going to post this but please stop with these fantasies the white authors have of being concurred by a big dicked Black Man m. Have stories about love between a black and white man like you had at the very beginning last year PLEASE!

  5. Justjackinit says:

    I remember being in Boy Scouts and my Scoutmaster taught me to “Respect” an “Obey” my elders. I found bi respecting and obeying my elders they knew what was best for and gladly submitted. Later on in life being a supervisor of many I related to my submission to others. Over the years and on several occasions I was tired of managing and would gladly submit to the desires of others. It was great to relinquish the power to others and serve them as directed. And at 71 I still love to serve others.

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